Matt Colville’s Questionnaire for The Chain
Questionnaire for players at the start of a campaign.
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14 days ago
AgeofChaos.gif 1,452×2,121 pixels
Matthew Colville’s Hexographer Map
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5 weeks ago
Microscope and Kingdom Games
These games give you a structured way to set up towns and regions in D&D.
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8 weeks ago
Welcome to Airspace: How Silicon Valley helps spread the same sterile aesthetic across the world
Among the phenomenon’s consequences is depersonalization, in the psychiatric sense: "a state in which one loses all sense of identity." I personally like the AirSpace style. I can’t say no to a tasteful, clean, modern life space. But thinking through its roots and negative implications makes me reconsider my attachment. It’s hard to identify with something so empty at its core.
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8 weeks ago
Mithril and Mages
Good for treasure and loot items, as well as random names
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11 weeks ago
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