Waiting on the Wise - rhymer23
Gapfiller: after Boromir gets to Rivendell, but before the Fellowship leaves. Bookverse.
resource:fic.rec  fandom:Tolkien  character:Boromir 
may 2018
Friendship!!! Is Magic - afrai
Haruhi meets Yuuri and they become friends. VIctor gets jealous.
resource:fic.rec  fandom:Ouran.HSHC  fandom:Yuri!!!On.Ice  au:crossover 
may 2017
Calm Waters Run Deep - MaryDragon
Pre-canon BotW fic that explores the memory cut-scenes and fills in the gaps between them. Lovely slow-burn Zelda/Link.
resource:fic.rec  fandom:Zelda  ship:Link/Zelda  character:Link  character:Zelda 
may 2017
und wenn ein lied - scheherazade
Unrequired/unresolved Fips/Bastian that works in actual quotations about their opinions on being an out, gay footballer. Not very happy.
fandom:Football.RPF  team:Germany.NT  player:Lahm  player:Schweinsteiger  resource:fic.rec 
may 2017
We May Be Great, but We're Not Very Good at It - Ferritin4
Gloriously awkward fail!sex between Leo and Neymar. They figure it out eventually, hero worship aside.
fandom:Football.RPF  team:FCBarcelona  player:Messi  player:Neymar  resource:fic.rec 
may 2017
Rounding Out Family - luxover
"Cristiano looks at Mesut and he thinks about how nice it could be, not doing all of this alone, and that just comes out of nowhere, because Cristiano is fine on his own, isn’t looking for anybody to round out his family when they’re doing just fine, just him and his son."
fandom:Football.RPF  team:Real.Madrid  player:Özil  player:Ronaldo.C  resource:fic.rec 
may 2017
If you should ever need my life, come and take it - wh-mermaid
"If there is one person on the team Edin is apprehensive about meeting, it is Aleksandar Kolarov. It’s weird and uncomfortable in his mind to think that when they were born, they were both Yugoslavian. But now, nineteen years later, they are a Serbian and a Bosnian."
fandom:Football.RPF  team:Manchester.City  player:Dzeko  player:Kolarov  resource:fic.rec 
may 2017
into the sun - brojan
Messi and Higuain know each other from national team call-ups but aren't really close, until they run into each other during a break and everything changes
fandom:Football.RPF  team:Argentina.NT  player:Messi  player:Higuain  resource:fic.rec 
may 2017
we are we're not - brojan
Kun Agüero and Leo Messi deal with the impact of transfer drama on their friendship
fandom:Football.RPF  team:Argentina.NT  player:Agüero  player:Messi  resource:fic.rec 
may 2017
mess up my bed with me - thesilverwitch
Everyone thinks Marco's moping because Mario left Dortmund, including Mats who's been nursing a crush for years.
fandom:Football.RPF  team:Borussia.Dortmund  player:Reus  player:Hummels  resource:fic.rec 
may 2017
In Bond and Blood - thehoyden
Kaka/Iru marriage of convenience; great characterization and spot on character voices (even Gai!)
resource:fic.rec  fandom:Naruto  ship:Iruka/Kakashi  trope:marriage.of.convenience 
may 2017
neyvenger ficlet
Rafa and Marc go through doping control together after the comeback vs PSG
resource:fic.rec  ship:Rafinha/terStegen 
april 2017
Waking Up Dead - ChibiObiwan (araedan)
Obi-Wan's in the caves of Ilum when he falls 30 years into the past.

Delightful Obi-Wan/Qui-Gonn slowburn and kudos for being set during Xanatos' time as Qui-Gonn's padawan, but even at 44k important plot points can feel rushed. Fun read, but does get a little whump-heavy.
fandom:Star.Wars  resource:fic.rec  character:ObiWan  au:time.travel  character:QuiGon  ship:ObiWan/GuiGon 
february 2017
it can only shift the stone - ascience
"Even ignoring the snide remarks about Bayern buying powers instead of building football talent, Philipp can’t help wondering whatever more than the simple positional explanation might be to Xabi Alonso's transfer."
fandom:Football.RPF  resource:fic.rec  player:Lahm  player:Alonso  ship:Alonso/Lahm  au:superpowers 
february 2017
where the light won't find you - stickmarionette
Fips signs up to take Pep Guardiola's unpopular elective because the new professor intrigues him.
fandom:Football.RPF  resource:fic.rec  au:Hogwarts  player:Lahm  manager:Guardiola 
february 2017
gelände hinter mir - saltstreets
Fips, Bayern’s ultimate company man, tries to puzzle out Xabi, the smoothest mercenary in football who’s just signed for them.
fandom:Football.RPF  resource:fic.rec  player:Lahm  player:Alonso  ship:Alonso/Lahm 
february 2017
Walking the Fine Line - cupiscent
After being rescued from capture, Anakin's still feeling the effects of a drug that make people compliant and crave being dominated.

Tagged BDSM but it's very subtle.
fandom:Star.Wars  resource:fic.rec  character:Anakin  character:ObiWan  ship:Anakin/ObiWan  kink:d/s 
february 2017
Lightbearer - esama
Qui-Gonn dies, Obi-Wan falls to the Dark Side and Anakin's left to pick up the pieces.
fandom:Star.Wars  resource:fic.rec  character:ObiWan  character:Anakin 
february 2017
four times leo messi surprised cristiano and one time he didn't - stickmarionette
Set in the Samsung Galaxy 11 "Football Will Save the Planet" Commercial

The world is ending and Leo and Cristiano are teammates for the first time. And maybe also friends.
fandom:Football.RPF  resource:fic.rec  player:Messi  player:Ronaldo.C 
february 2017
in the wake of loss - luxover
Real Madrid lose 5-0 at Barcelona and Messi finds Ronaldo on his doorstep after the game. A great enemies to lovers to friends fic and my favorite Messi/Ronaldo fic.
fandom:Football.RPF  resource:fic.rec  ship:Messi/Ronaldo 
february 2017
Coping Mechanisms - sadlikeknives
set in Nike "The Last Game Commercial"

How footballers handle (or don't) being put out of a job by the clones.

n.b. this was my Yuletide gift
fandom:Football.RPF  resource:fic.rec  player:Iniesta  player:Neymar  player:Ronaldo.C  player:Rooney  player:Ibrahimovic  player:Luiz 
february 2017
When the Summer Day Is Over - DaughterOfKings
Stevie G transfer angst.

"Steview makes the decision to leave Liverpool. It happens two ways: slowly, and then all at once."
fandom:Football.RPF  team:Liverpool  resource:fic.rec  player:Gerrard  trope:angst 
february 2017
heart in a headlock - andromeda3116
//WIP// "Rogue One survives Scarif, limps to Tatooine, and meets A New Hope."

A gentler version of the 'not-everyone-dies' canon divergent track than floating, sinking.
fandom:Rogue.One  resource:fic.rec  au:canon.divergence  character:Jyn  character:Cassian  character:Bodhi 
february 2017
floating, sinking - shuofthewind
//WIP// Rogue One somehow survives Scarif and continues to take the Rebellion into their own hands. Really nice Rebelcaptain slowburn.
fandom:Rogue.One  resource:fic.rec  au:canon.divergence  character:Jyn  character:Cassian 
february 2017
And The Next - ienablu
//WIP// Jyn dies on Scarif and wakes up in her prison cell on Wobani.
fandom:Rogue.One  resource:fic.rec  au:time.loop  character:Jyn 
february 2017
The Lee Shore of the City - saltstreets
The Mou and Pep run into each other at Waitrose fic. Also the story of how they resume their complicated, not-quite-friends yet not-quite-enemies relationship. A+
fandom:Football.RPF  resource:fic.rec  ship:Guardiola/Mourinho 
february 2017
A Month of Sundays - Kelfin
The kind of internalized homophobia as barrier to slash fic that is so tough to read but so so good.

n.b. there's a lot of religion and religion as a source of homophobia in this
fandom:Hockey.RPF  resource:fic.rec  ship:Johnson/Landeskog 
february 2017
Shadows of the Future - stormqueen873
A little cutesy/schmalzy/glurgy at times, but ugh SO TROPEY AND DELIGHTFUL.

Obi-Wan dies on Mustafar and wakes up on the ship transporting Queen Amidala to Coruscant to plead Naboo's case in front of the Senate.
fandom:Star.Wars  resource:fic.rec  au:time.travel  character:ObiWan 
february 2017
Ouroboros Series - bedlamsbard
Pt. I - Wake the Storm, complete 75k

Pt. II - Queen's Gambit, complete 354k

+ two other incomplete side-stories

These are officially complete, but probably would nto be satisfying for fans of neatly tied off storylines. In Wake the Storm, Anakin from the Clone Wars travels 20 years into the future and Darth Vader from A New Hop/Empire Strikes Back travels 20 years back in time. In Queen's Gambit, the same device that originally sent Anakin forward in time, sends him, Obi-Wan, Padme, and Cody to a universe where Qui-Gonn never picked up Anakin on Tatooine and after his death Obi-Wan left the Jedi Order and became Queen Amidala's lover and bodyguard.

Incredibly tightly written, plotted, and characterized. The sort of fic you don't even notice being 350k.
fandom:Star.Wars  resource:fic.rec  au:time.travel  au:parallel.universe 
february 2017
Reprise Series - Elfpen
Pt. I - Reprise, complete 95k

Pt. II - Reprise II, complete 135k

Pt. III - Reprise III, WIP 61k as of 2/11/17

My favorite Obi-Wan dies on the Death Star and travels back in time fic. It's well-written and so emotionally satisfying.
fandom:Star.Wars  au:time.travel  resource:fic.rec  character:ObiWan 
february 2017
Lions and Tigers - Starlingthefool
Inception/Calvin and Hobbes crossover where Eames is grown-up Calvin. It's amazing.
fandom:Inception  au:crossover  resource:fic.rec 
october 2016
look back in anger - neyvenger
Carra wakes up in his younger body and tries to do things better this time around
fandom:Football.RPF  player:Carragher  player:Neville  ship:Carragher/Neville  au:time.travel  resource:fic.rec 
october 2016
Sentiment - kaixo (ballpoint)
Fernando Torres leaves Atletico Madrid. (Diego Simeone lets him go.) Nando comes home to Atleti years later. (Cholo brings him back.)
fandom:Football.RPF  team:Atletico.Madrid  player:Torres  manager:Simeone  resource:fic.rec 
october 2016
Second Hand News - saltstreets
ESPN add Fips to their World Cup 2018 analyst pool. He and Micha learn to work together.
fandom:Football.RPF  player:Lahm  player:Ballack  team:Germany.NT  resource:fic.rec 
october 2016
I tell my sorrow to the stones - thelastfig
Aleks Kolarov, the aftershocks of the breakup of Yugoslavia, and football. So incredibly well-written.
fandom:Football.RPF  player:Kolarov  resource:fic.rec 
october 2016
untitled Thierry Henry/Robert Pires - thedevilchicken
Titi was injured before his career took off and owns a cafe in Paris. Robert is a lawyer.
fandom:Football.RPF  player:Henry  player:Pires  ship:Henry/Pires  resource:fic.rec 
october 2016
the edge of everything - luxover
Villa transfers to Barcelona and he and Leo need to get used to each other. They start sleeping together and Leo thinks is just sex but Villa thinks/wants it to be more.
fandom:Football.RPF  player:Messi  player:Villa  ship:Messi/Villa  resource:fic.rec 
october 2016
Good Timing - Ferritin4
future!fic: Stevie's a pundit and Xabi manages RM. Xabi wins the CL and they celebrate by banging. Great dialog.
fandom:Football.RPF  player:Alonso  player:Gerrard  ship:Alonso/Gerard  resource:fic.rec 
october 2016
This Bitch of a Country - Rave
"Stevie doesn't even know about the visit until they smack into each other on the stairs during halftime."

lovely and hot but still bittersweet because this is Gerlonso
fandom:Football.RPF  player:Gerrard  player:Alonso  ship:Alonso/Gerard  resource:fic.rec 
october 2016
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