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Select or Die
「yet another jQuery plugin to style <select> elements」
jquery  javascript 
september 2015 by hiro_y
「The mobile-friendly, responsive, and lightweight jQuery date & time input picker.」
javascript  jquery 
june 2015 by hiro_y
「an image pixelating filter jquery plugin」
jquery  javascript  image  canvas 
june 2015 by hiro_y
jquerymy.js - How it works 
「A lightweight jQuery plugin for complex two-way
data binding in real time.」
jquery  javascript 
may 2015 by hiro_y
「Touch enabled minimalistic slider written in vanilla JavaScript

Hardware accelerated transitions

Usable as a jQuery plugin」
jquery  javascript 
april 2015 by hiro_y
「Manages multiple screens with mobile-friendly transitions」
javascript  backbonejs  reactjs  jquery 
february 2015 by hiro_y
ScrollMagic - Demo
「The jQuery Plugin for magical scroll interactions.」
jquery  javascript 
november 2014 by hiro_y
Purplecoat.js | Simple Labeled Overlays
「Purplecoat.js lets you create labeled overlays that can be triggered with a click. And you don't need to write a single line of Javascript.」
javascript  jquery 
november 2014 by hiro_y
drawer | blivesta · drawer
「jQuery plugin for displaying the drawer menu using CSS animations in the event of a trigger. Setting the position can be selected either the right or left. And also supports Responsive design.」
javascript  jquery 
august 2014 by hiro_y
「Vex is a modern dialog library which is highly configurable, easily stylable, and gets out of the way. 」
javascript  jquery 
august 2014 by hiro_y
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