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The best email app for iPhone iPad and Mac | Spark
June 9 2017 - works fine on iOS but on the mac it just says "syncronizing" and goes nowhere. Also reports of battery use and some other things mean I would wait awhile before trying this again.

ALSO requires the app to be open to send snoozed emails back into the inbox so can't use it with the browser based gmail. (snoozed items are put into a "later" folder.)
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june 2017 by hilarybaumann
Discoverly (Discover.ly) - Put Social to Work
Note Oct 19 2016: not accurate - was bringing up the wrong facebook pages (old) and when on facebook it was bringing up twitter accounts that were clearly someone else and not the person I was on.
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august 2015 by hilarybaumann
EmailBee adds dynamic footers to your team's emails, helping to drive email contacts to view your content: latest blog posts, tweets, Facebook posts, offers, awards etc. - and to become your followers and evangelists on social media. The footers can be managed and created by one person but inserted into everyone's emails. A great way to start building your social media presence.
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july 2014 by hilarybaumann
AwayFind - Mobile notifications for priority messages. The email management solution for Gmail and Exchange.
Our unique value today is our advanced features--alerts for messages related to upcoming appointments, integration with Salesforce, expiring alerts, monitoring of emails from an entire domain, custom rules, advanced routing & delegation, voice call alerts, etc.
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december 2013 by hilarybaumann
Schedule Email Gmail Send Later Email Tracking
Schedule Email in Gmail To Be Sent Later. Right Inbox will automatically send your emails specified time. Track your emails and get notified when it is opened. Integrates seamlessly with Gmail.
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october 2012 by hilarybaumann
Gary Vaynerchuk - Thank you for the Email!
nice example of an elaborate autoresponse and other contacts depending on task
may 2012 by hilarybaumann
E-Mail Management and Analytics with Tout
Fix your business Emails with ToutApp's Email Analytics, Templating and Relationship Tracking. Integrates into your Email Client and CRM seamlessly.
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february 2012 by hilarybaumann
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