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EmailBee adds dynamic footers to your team's emails, helping to drive email contacts to view your content: latest blog posts, tweets, Facebook posts, offers, awards etc. - and to become your followers and evangelists on social media. The footers can be managed and created by one person but inserted into everyone's emails. A great way to start building your social media presence.
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july 2014 by hilarybaumann
Looks like a hootsuite alternative ... with added analytics (which would be useful.) Reachli - Amplifying your content reach online via, in-image, in-content, in-text and social (relevant ads). Reachli provides the easiest way to market your visual content online - Social Media Marketing, Advertising, Marketing Online, Advertising Online, Social Media Analytics - Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter
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february 2013 by hilarybaumann

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