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Inch of Skin - the_ragnarok - Bandom, Fall Out Boy [Archive of Our Own]
8k words -- In his interviews, Pete Wentz likes to joke about the soulmark. He went on a talk show once with his right wrist bared to show a temporary Care Bear tattoo. There was kind of a media uproar about it, which is the only reason Patrick knows this—he doesn't even follow media for musicians he likes. He's not going to do it for a pop-punk teen heartthrob who sold his soul to MTV.
fandom:bandslash  pairing:pete/patrick  genre:rps  theme:au-intentional  theme:fame  theme:bond  theme:musicstar 
january 2016 by hermionemalfoy
And I'll Burn - Jiksa - Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, Bandom [Archive of Our Own]
25k words - IDK, I wanted this to be better than it was - or maybe I'm just not into MCR fic, I really only like FOB fic //

Pete’s been watching the boy everytime he drives past. He must know how beautiful he is, how tempting he looks to the nervous men driving 10 miles per hour in a 40 zone just to get a look at him.

He withdrawn $400. He doesn’t know if that’s too much or too little.
band:fall.out.boy  fandom:bandslash  pairing:pete/patrick  theme:hookerfic  band:mcr  theme:health.problems 
april 2015 by hermionemalfoy
Polyfandom Slut - Fic Masterpost: Soggy, Chapped, & Faded Yet Clawing Towards Daylight (MCR/FOB, Mikey/Pete, NC-17)
26k words //
Pete's plans for his near future boiled down to constant negotiations for time with his son, trying to spend more time with his boyfriend, and getting the Black Cards on tour. Those plans change dramatically when irregularities show up in a routine check up required for tour insurance and throw his life into danger. Now Pete's world is a lot smaller and revolves around doctors, hospitals, and treatments that hurt more than the disease.
pairing:pete.wentz/mikey.way  fandom:bandslash  band:fall.out.boy  band:mcr  theme:health.problems  theme:au-rendered 
january 2015 by hermionemalfoy
Of Moons, Birds, and Monsters - insunshine, sinuous_curve - Panic At The Disco, Bandom [Archive of Our Own]
30k words //
Brendon Urie shows up in Hollywood, gets lucky and lands a small part in a big ass motherfucker of a movie six months in and becomes the one in a million dark horse that takes the industry by storm.
fandom:bandslash  band:panic.at.the.disco  pairing:spencer.smith/brendon.urie  theme:alt.career  theme:fame  genre:rps 
january 2015 by hermionemalfoy
Ultimate Cross-Bandom Timeline
So here is a reference of what all the major bandslash bands and members were doing from (pre)-2001 - 2012. Organized by band and year. Uhhhh........wow. The amount of WORK that went into this document is deserving of me saving it here. It has Gerard playing Peter Pan in a school play in 1986. Again: a lot of work.
fannish:archive  fannish:meta  fandom:bandslash  fannish:primer 
january 2015 by hermionemalfoy
Faster Than A Speeding Bullet - TheWrongKindOfPC - Young Veins, Bandom, Social Network (2010) RPF [Archive of Our Own]
31k words locked to A03 //
Ryan Ross has a box of self-help books under his bed and a second imploded band in as many years. Jesse Eisenberg has a flourishing career and trouble dealing with being away from his cats. When they meet at an animal shelter, they are brought together by lost kittens and kept together by increasingly surreal telephone conversations.
fandom:bandslash  pairing:ryan.ross/jese.eisenberg  genre:rps  theme:au-intentional  theme:secretrelationship 
january 2015 by hermionemalfoy
This Seed Burst and Grown - Sena - Fall Out Boy, Bandom [Archive of Our Own]
11k words - HS!Patrick with messed-up!Pete is my fave //

Nobody's in a band, but Pete and Patrick meet in the Chicago music scene, anyway. Patrick's sixteen and mostly innocent and kind of confused and Pete's older and cooler and fucked up in ways that just make Patrick like him more.
fandom:bandslash  band:fall.out.boy  pairing:pete/patrick  theme:age.diff  theme:family  setting:high.school  theme:au-intentional  genre:rps 
january 2015 by hermionemalfoy
figuring on figuring myself out - Kevin Jonas/Mike Carden (Jonas Brothers/The Academy Is…)
11k words /

Summary: “It's Mike – there's been an accident.” otherwise known as the amnesia fic that has been eating my brain.

Warnings: bad coming out and Mike gets walloped on the head.
fandom:bandslash  band:jonas.brothers  theme:secretrelationship  theme:fame  theme:family  theme:coming.out  theme:au-intentional  genre:rps 
december 2014 by hermionemalfoy
random ramblings of nothing and everything - FIC: Accidentally I Do - R - Kevin Jonas/Mike Carden
PAIRING: Kevin Jonas/Mike Carden
SUMMARY: “I got married to Mike Carden,” Kevin says.
“I asked you, like four times, if you were sure,” Nick says.
[+sequel: http://laniew1.livejournal.com/84272.html]
punctuation not great
theme:marriage  pairing:mike.carden/kevin.jonas  fandom:bandslash  band:jonas.brothers 
october 2014 by hermionemalfoy
picklefork: Summer League: A Baseball Story, Part One By: akire_yta and starflowers
this was weirdly unreadable
Word Count: ~24 000
The one with the summer of baseball and leaked sex pics and getting all the teenagers laid.
theme:homophobia  fandom:bandslash  pairing:mike.carden/kevin.jonas  theme:sports  via:savageneon  warning:unread-boring 
october 2014 by hermionemalfoy
Due for a Miracle - Chapter 1 - quintenttsy - Jonas Brothers, JONAS RPF, Bandom, The Academy Is..., Cobra Starship [Archive of Our Own]
22k words, locked to A03 //
Kevin’s given up on reconciling his faith and his sexuality, resigning himself to always being caught between the two. He’s okay, though; he has a system and it works and that’s all that matters, really. Until he meets Mike, that is. Mike, who is fierce and gentle and kind of wonderful, who wants to make Kevin see that he’s worth so much more than just okay. Kevin just has to let him.
pairing:mike.carden/kevin.jonas  theme:au-intentional  theme:homophobia  fandom:bandslash  band:jonas.brothers  band:the.academy.is  setting:college  warning:locked 
october 2014 by hermionemalfoy
to_say_nothing - Fic: The Truths We Make (Bandom, Brian/Gerard)
12k words -- you can really tell this was written in 2009 - being trans and trans bodies are sensationalized in a way (good) fandom doesn't write it anymore //
Summary: If it had been left up to him, Brian never would have told the band that he’s trans. But it’s not really up to him anymore, and now they all have to deal with it.
fandom:bandslash  pairing:gerard/brian  theme:transgender  theme:au-intentional  band:mcr  theme:coming.out  genre:rps 
october 2014 by hermionemalfoy
at some point it becomes true - sceptick, whatimages - Fall Out Boy, Bandom [Archive of Our Own]
53k words - I swear I had no idea what was going on through most of this fic. The author was snippy at people who didn't realize Pete was supposed to be trans, but I think they might just not be as good at writing as they think they are. lol

// @petewentz— reminder: you don’t always have to be what the world tells you that you are
fandom:bandslash  band:fall.out.boy  pairing:pete/patrick  genre:rps  theme:musicstar  theme:au-intentional  theme:homophobia  theme:coming.out  theme:transgender 
july 2014 by hermionemalfoy
artificial collision (of the mental variety) - Chapter 1 - orphan_account - Bandom, Fall Out Boy [Archive of Our Own]
31k words // Pete Wentz was never a famous bassist, or a musician at all.

Pete Wentz is a world-renowned 29 year old American soccer player, married to Ashlee Simpson-Wentz and father of their son, Bronx, as well a widely known philanthropist, writer, and poet. He has a dog named Hemingway, has homes in both Chicago and Los Angeles, and runs a successful journal-slash-blog.

(He also may or may not have been in love with Patrick Stump for eight years and counting.)

(Who may or may not hate his entire being.)
fandom:bandslash  band:fall.out.boy  pairing:patrick.stump/ryan.ross  pairing:pete/patrick  theme:sports  theme:musicstar  theme:fame  theme:internet  theme:au-intentional  genre:rps 
march 2014 by hermionemalfoy
House of Cards - boxparade - Panic At The Disco [Archive of Our Own]
44k word series //

The one where Brendon is a music major that works at a diner and Spencer is the culinary arts major that thinks he’s cute. Ryan is all philosophical and kinda creepy (duh) and Jon works for Spencer’s dad, who happens to be the President of the United States.
fandom:bandslash  theme:au-intentional  theme:fame  theme:coming.out  theme:secretrelationship  theme:politics  theme:alt.career  genre:rps  pairing:spencer.smith/brendon.urie 
january 2014 by hermionemalfoy
Wherever It Goes - ruintooeasy
[20,545 words] // Rookie pitcher Spencer Smith has a lot on his mind. His baseball team, the Cincinnati Reds, have made it to the post season, and reporters keep asking about his 'good friend,' singer Brendon Urie. All Spencer wants to think about is getting his team through nine innings... but the past keeps creeping in.
fandom:bandslash  band:panic.at.the.disco  theme:sports  theme:alt.career  theme:homophobia  theme:coming.out  genre:rps  theme:au-intentional  theme:fame  theme:musicstar  pairing:spencer.smith/brendon.urie 
january 2014 by hermionemalfoy
Pennies and Dimes for a Kiss - girlpearl - Fall Out Boy, Bandom [Archive of Our Own]
4k words, but it's well-told and I cackled //

There aren't a lot of jobs that an 18-year-old high school dropout is qualified for, especially if he's trying to make rent and help get his band off the ground.
fandom:bandslash  pairing:pete/patrick  theme:au-intentional  genre:rps  theme:almost.hookerfic 
november 2013 by hermionemalfoy
A Little Infamy
32k words - way unrealistic, skimmed//

Summary: Patrick is a solo artist who's sunk his heart and soul into a second album that's failing to chart. Obviously what he needs to bump up sales and dirty up his nice guy image is a sex scandal. His music label hire amateur porn star and aspiring poet Pete to pose as Patrick's boyfriend and together they make one intimate video destined for infamy on the internet.

Patrick falling for Pete isn't part of the plan.
fandom:bandslash  theme:porn.star  theme:fame  theme:musicstar  theme:coming.out  theme:au-intentional  theme:alt.career  pairing:pete/patrick  via:concinnity  theme:almost.hookerfic  theme:homophobia 
june 2013 by hermionemalfoy
random ramblings of nothing and everything - FIC: Half A Jonas - PG-13 - Kevin/Mike, others
short, has sequel (click kevin/mike tag) //
SUMMARY: Where Kevin is only half a son, Nick has got Miley pregnant, Joe has chosen the wrong Taylor and Frankie is two years shy of a teen-age rebellion that will put everyone else’s to shame.
fandom:bandslash  pairing:mike.carden/kevin.jonas  theme:au-intentional  theme:fame  theme:family  theme:coming.out  theme:homophobia  band:jonas.brothers  genre:rps  band:the.academy.is 
june 2013 by hermionemalfoy
pants to match - new fic: Making Other Plans
Making Other Plans | PG-13 | 7400+
Kevin/Mike | Kevin quits showbiz, gets a divorce, goes to college, starts a band, and gets adopted by crazy people.

Kevin brought this on himself, though, he can admit that. He could have said no to the band and the house and the roommates and the mentally challenged cat. Kevin has made his bed, and now he must lie in it.
fandom:bandslash  pairing:mike.carden/kevin.jonas  theme:au-intentional  genre:rps  theme:musicstar  band:jonas.brothers  band:the.academy.is 
june 2013 by hermionemalfoy
A Mess Like You Wouldn't Believe
LOVE THIS FIC - 45k words that I often reread //

An obsessively-close-to-canon!AU that is, at the same time, absolutely nothing like the real lives of any of these people. Otherwise known as the one where Kevin Jonas got lost in Chicago and ended up with a secret boyfriend. AS YOU DO.
fandom:bandslash  theme:secretrelationship  theme:fame  theme:homophobia  theme:coming.out  theme:first.time  theme:musicstar  via:luthien82  pairing:mike.carden/kevin.jonas  band:jonas.brothers  random:the.academy.is  genre:rps 
august 2012 by hermionemalfoy
The united minds of dr_jasley and gala_apples - You'll Be That Boy (1/3)
22.5k Summary: When well known horror actor Frank Iero stops to get coffee at the end of a con, he stumbles across Brendon Urie, barely known indie actor. Brendon's roommates have about as much confidence as Frank's best friends that the relationship will last; neither are good at long term. Frank and Brendon know this time will be different.
fandom:bandslash  pairing:frank.iero/brendon.urie  genre:rps  theme:fame  theme:alt.career 
july 2012 by hermionemalfoy
On the Midtown Direct - mistresscurvy - My Chemical Romance, Bandom [Archive of Our Own]
23k words // Gerard Way has a system: a system for managing his life as a city architect, a system for being a single man living in a house in Jersey he still thinks of as his grandmother's and not his own, a system for finding one of the four solo seats in each car on the train into Manhattan every morning. He likes his system. It works.

His system derails when Frank Iero sits across from him on the 7:59 Midtown Direct one sunny morning in May.
fandom:bandslash  pairing:frank.iero/gerard.way  theme:au-intentional  theme:alt.career  band:mcr 
march 2012 by hermionemalfoy
gonnafeelgood: music gave you back your beat so you could dream
~3700 words, set during Warped 2005. Everyone thinks that it is Pete-and-Mikey, Mikey-and-Pete, that the Summer of Like is a poorly-veiled metaphor for sex. They are more right than wrong, except about one thing: it is Pete and Mikey, that much is true—but it isn’t that Pete and Mikey are fucking.
fandom:bandslash  pairing:gerard.way/pete.wentz  genre:rps  theme:fame 
march 2012 by hermionemalfoy
No Object - jedusaur - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
under 5k / The first blowjob Pete gets from Ryan is startlingly mediocre, considering that it's the kid's job.
fandom:bandslash  pairing:pete.wentz/ryan.ross  theme:hookerfic  warning:dubcon  theme:alt.career  theme:au-intentional 
december 2011 by hermionemalfoy
Personal Fanon - Most Likely To Succeed
~7400 words. Spencer/Gerard. Warning: teacher/student
Spencer sits down at a desk in the first row, right in the middle. No way is he wasting a single bit of his field of vision on the backs of people's heads when he could be using it to look at this dingbat.
fandom:bandslash  pairing:gerard.way/spencer.smith  theme:age.diff  theme:au-intentional  setting:high.school  genre:rps 
december 2011 by hermionemalfoy
a teenage ftm and his soulmate
Trans man!Patrick, Patrick/Anna, Patrick/Pete | 24267 words |

Notes: In this story, Patrick was assigned female sex and gender at birth, but chose to transition to male at adolescence--he is a trans man. [All celebrity voices are impersonated...poorly. The following story contains coarse language and due to its content it should not be read by anybody.]
fandom:bandslash  band:fall.out.boy  pairing:pete/patrick  theme:transgender  theme:coming.out 
december 2011 by hermionemalfoy
Pages In Your Passport - inlovewithnight - Bandom [Archive of Our Own]
Loved this! 15k words // Pete pursued soccer instead of music. He has a good long run in the game. Then in 2010, he meets this guy in a band.
fandom:bandslash  band:fall.out.boy  band:mcr  theme:au-intentional  theme:sports  pairing:pete.wentz/mikey.way  theme:fame  theme:alt.career  genre:rps  theme:injury 
november 2011 by hermionemalfoy
If It's The Drive Back Home - inlovewithnight
LOVED THIS. Wish there was more, but whatever. / Mikey nursing it up in Chicago during Pete's Arma days. // AU set circa late 2001. Pete's life is more or less on the canon timeline; Mikey's is not.
fandom:bandslash  pairing:pete.wentz/mikey.way  theme:au-intentional  theme:alt.career 
june 2011 by hermionemalfoy
turps33: Every Word Not Spoken To You Master Post
This fic is exactly the same as Wednesday Night Boys with different pairings. Seriously. // Frank/Mikey, eventual Jon/Ryan / Word Count: 56,500 /Summary: A Ryan and Mikey centric hooker AU. // When Mikey has to leave home Frank insists on going along too. Together they make a new life, until Frank gets sick and everything changes.
band:mcr  fandom:bandslash  pairing:frank.iero/mikey.way  theme:au-intentional  band:fall.out.boy  band:panic.at.the.disco  theme:homeless  theme:alt.career  theme:health.problems  theme:hurt-comfort  warning:abuse  warning:triggering 
june 2011 by hermionemalfoy
Away With The Boys In The Band - inlovewithnight - Bandom
My only problem with this is that it follows canon too closely to be truly entertaining (ie, no surprises). // word count: 69,162 // Behind the Music: My Chemical Romance, in the world where Mikey has always been a girl. // warnings: suicide attempt, self-harm (triggering)
fandom:bandslash  pairing:pete.wentz/mikey.way  pairing:mikey/alicia  theme:au-intentional  genre:rps  band:mcr  band:fall.out.boy  theme:family  theme:fame  warning:triggering 
june 2011 by hermionemalfoy
Master Post: It's Not A Side Effect of the Triple Axel (I'm Thinking It Must Be Love)
I'm a sucker for somewhat good OlympicAU fic of all kinds. // Word Count: 10,356 // Summary: If not for Alicia, Mikey never would have stepped on to the ice, let alone become a figure skater. Now, over 15 years later, Vancouver is Mikey's last chance for Olympic Gold. If he doesn't get distracted by snowboarder Pete Wentz, that is.
fandom:bandslash  theme:sports  genre:rps  pairing:pete.wentz/mikey.way  band:mcr  band:panic.at.the.disco  band:fall.out.boy  theme:au-intentional  theme:alt.career  theme:fame  fandom:figure.skating 
june 2011 by hermionemalfoy
no_tags: # 20 - Any Note You Can Reach (Gerard/Brendon)
Pairing/Prompt: Gerard/Brendon (Prompt #20: Frank or Gerard/any pre-split!Panic member, tour fic) // Notes: This probably stretches the prompt "tour fic" a bit far, for which I apologize to my recipient. Also, obviously neither of the tours mentioned here ever actually happened, though details were borrowed from real tours done at various times by both bands. Many thanks to my betas. <3
fandom:bandslash  pairing:gerard.way/brendon.urie  genre:rps  theme:fame  theme:au-intentional  theme:age.diff  theme:musicstar 
june 2011 by hermionemalfoy
okay, technically I'm a serial killer - Fic: The Prince and Me (Spencer/Brendon, R)
WC: 6,269 Summary: Modern Day Royalty in which there is (supposedly) some prince coming to Spencer's university, only no one ever seems to meet him, and Spencer's too busy focusing on that weird kid in his music history class, anyway.
fandom:bandslash  pairing:brendon.urie/ryan.ross  theme:modern.royalty  theme:au-intentional  setting:college  genre:rps 
may 2011 by hermionemalfoy
sunsetmog_fics: Author's Notes: You Can Sit Beside Me When The World Comes Down. Panic at the Disco, Brendon/Spencer
Really enjoyable, easy breezy read. // Spencer had barely even heard of rugby when he tried out for the team. It was just a way of killing time until Ryan was done with his stupid school magazine. Helping Ryan sift through the lame emo poetry submissions was only funny the first few times. But their west-coast prep school doesn't play soccer or football, so the rugby team turns out to be the coolest thing around, and suddenly Spencer's the school's most popular player. Then Spencer meets Brendon, and everything changes.
fandom:bandslash  pairing:jon.walker/ryan.ross  theme:au-intentional  setting:high.school  theme:sports  theme:coming.out  band:panic.at.the.disco  theme:internet  genre:rps  pairing:spencer.smith/brendon.urie 
june 2010 by hermionemalfoy
addandsubtract: 129 - a
MCR/Panic gen (some Brian/Gerard, some Ryan/Mikey)
21,642 words, third person, pg-13. This is, essentially, an alternate timeline au - what if, way back in the beginning, Ryan had gone to Gerard instead of Pete?
band:mcr  band:panic.at.the.disco  fandom:bandslash  genre:rps  theme:au-intentional  theme:musicstar  genre:gen 
june 2010 by hermionemalfoy
Saving the Vorwuls since 3289 - When Day is Night Alone - Master Post
Unnecessarily long, didn't particularly like it...saving anyway. Author feels immature to me. 70k words. // Summary: They're all running away, the problem is, can they survive until they get where they're going? An AU in which Mikey and Pete run a shelter, Spencer has Ryan, and Brendon has no one. At least not at first.
pairing:pete.wentz/mikey.way  pairing:spencer.smith/ryan.ross  theme:au-intentional  theme:hookerfic  theme:homophobia  genre:rps  fandom:bandslash  band:fall.out.boy  band:panic.at.the.disco  band:mcr  theme:homeless 
june 2010 by hermionemalfoy
If The World Is Ending, We're Throwing The Party
Huge amt of fics for bandslash. // bandom big bang. many are v v long, and generally MUCH better written than the spn_j2_bigbang.
fandom:bandslash  band:fall.out.boy  band:mcr  band:cobra.starship  band:the.academy.is  band:gym.class.heroes  band:the.used  fannish:archive  genre:rps 
june 2010 by hermionemalfoy
theopteryx: Master Post: Strange Steps
To-read 33k // Gerard wanted nothing more than to make it through the rest of the senior year of high school unscathed. He was fine with being invisible. Really. The only real highlights of his life were hanging out with Ray, working on the comic book with Mikey, and weekly dance lessons with his grandma and all of her crazy old friends. But then Frank Iero (popular, pretty Frank Iero with his stupid hair and stupid sunglasses who didn't even remember that they had gym class together Freshman year when they were both awkward losers) showed up at the studio one day. And then wouldn't leave him alone. Apparently there was one thing Frank Iero wasn't good at - dancing. And he wanted Gerard to teach him. Gerard wasn't sure his life could get any worse, but, well, this was coming pretty damn close.
fandom:bandslash  band:mcr  theme:au-intentional  setting:high.school  pairing:frank.iero/gerard.way  warning:unread 
june 2010 by hermionemalfoy
beggarsnotes: Miguel Sanchez's Grand Slam of Love [Master Post] 56,000 words
REALLY like this. Non-crack in Panic! fandom is a rare treat. Very similar to the J2 Tennis AU from a while back. // Word count: 56,000 Summary: Ryan Ross, the world’s number one tennis player, 8-time Grand Slam winner whose only true love is tennis, loses to an upcoming talent. What’s worse is that the kid just keeps smiling at him, trying to be Ryan’s new best friend, when all Ryan wants to do is punch him in his rather beautifully shaped face.
genre:rps  pairing:brendon.urie/ryan.ross  band:panic.at.the.disco  theme:sports  theme:fame  theme:au-intentional  theme:alt.career  fandom:bandslash  theme:secretrelationship 
june 2010 by hermionemalfoy
anytimeinmyhead: Master Post: Working for Joy on Overtime
45k words. A Pretty Woman AU. // Frank is a top player in the music industry, once the champion of the underdog, now responsible for manufactured pop on the radio. He's in Los Angeles for the biggest label showcase of the year when his star band turns supernova and completely implodes (possibly taking his job along with them). Frank's got no time and no options, but he does have a little bit of luck left in the form of a chance encounter with Hollywood Boulevard's own Gerard Way. But what happens when he mixes pleasure with business?
fandom:bandslash  band:mcr  pairing:frank.iero/gerard.way  theme:au-intentional  theme:alt.career  theme:musicstar  theme:hookerfic  theme:fame  band:fall.out.boy  genre:rps 
june 2010 by hermionemalfoy
Reni Days - Oh, like writing Harry Potter porn is SO MUCH COOLER...
Pete accidentally "outs" himself and Patrick on Good Morning America. Only problem? They're not gay. What now?
pairing:pete/patrick  band:fall.out.boy  fandom:bandslash  theme:au-intentional  genre:rps  theme:coming.out  theme:fame 
june 2009 by hermionemalfoy
just_katarin: the last good thing about this part of town | Fic | Bandom- Fall Out Boy part 1/2
Word Count: 15,333 - also on A03: https://archiveofourown.org/works/108815 //

Summary: Fresh out of college, Pete Wentz is Patrick’s new Government teacher. That would be fine except they’re still Pete and Patrick.
pairing:pete/patrick  theme:au-intentional  band:fall.out.boy  fandom:bandslash  setting:high.school  genre:rps  theme:age.diff  theme:secretrelationship 
june 2009 by hermionemalfoy
throwing a line out to sea - Bob Will Never Hurt You
Bob gets turned into a vampire while touring with The Used. He’d like to say weirder things happened, but that pretty much took the cake.
genre:rps  band:mcr  pairing:frank.iero/bob.bryar  fandom:bandslash  theme:vampirefic 
january 2009 by hermionemalfoy
No Rhyme or Reason - And Away We Go....
"Dear Pete," he writes after filling in the age verification page, thereby confirming that he is far too old to be doing this. "Hi. Please stop being such a whiny emo bastard in public on the world wide web."
fandom:bandslash  fandom:btvs  genre:crossover  band:fall.out.boy  char:xander.harris  genre:humor  genre:rps 
january 2008 by hermionemalfoy
Find Out What It Means by Dira Sudis
Pete felt his eyes narrow as he mentally ran through the possibilities for part-time jobs Patrick could have that would make him that sensitive about hats. He hadn't gotten very far when Patrick blurted, "Sometimes I have sex with guys for money."
fandom:bandslash  theme:hookerfic  pairing:pete/patrick  genre:rps  band:fall.out.boy  theme:au-intentional 
september 2007 by hermionemalfoy
airgiodslv: The True Story of What Never Happened
“I got a review. 2/5, a ‘sweet story but Pete’s characterization was off.’ What the fuck is that?” Pete crosses his arms and glares as if Patrick is responsible for this turn of events.
fandom:bandslash  genre:rps  band:fall.out.boy  pairing:pete/patrick 
september 2007 by hermionemalfoy
seanarenay: the illustrated guide to seana's bandslash downfall, part 1
The one with the very special Gabe/William pics as well as the Gabe/Pete smoochy. And others. With fun commentary. I am always forgetting where I saw all of those... I would tag it RPS, but it's canon. Er. Reality!
fannish:picspam  band:the.academy.is  band:fall.out.boy  band:panic.at.the.disco  band:cobra.starship  fandom:bandslash 
august 2007 by hermionemalfoy
Weekenders verse - awesome Vampire!AU
104k words, really great/angsty series //

MCR are holed up in a school while the world falls to the vampires. Pete compares himself to Glinda.

on A03 here: http://archiveofourown.org/series/23123
theme:vampirefic  theme:au-intentional  band:mcr  band:fall.out.boy  fandom:bandslash  genre:rps  band:the.academy.is  band:cobra.starship  pairing:gerard.way/pete.wentz 
august 2007 by hermionemalfoy
sunday_porch: Both Sides Now
"Brendon?" one of the girls asked, and it took a second before Ryan realized she was addressing him. "You look sad, are you okay?" He mumbled something about being tired, and signed her purse.
fandom:bandslash  pairing:brendon.urie/ryan.ross/spencer.smith  genre:rps  band:panic.at.the.disco  theme:bodyswap 
august 2007 by hermionemalfoy
pants to match - New bandslash fic: Anywhere You Let It Go
The one where both pairings are broken up/not together for the majority of the fic, making it kind of ... boring. But the last part has the funny wedding scene(s)!
fandom:bandslash  pairing:pete/patrick  theme:kidfic  band:panic.at.the.disco  theme:marriage  genre:rps  band:fall.out.boy  pairing:spencer.smith/brendon.urie 
august 2007 by hermionemalfoy
Bandslash Mania - oh, my god. crack!fic
The game is fun, the game passes time, the game ends abruptly when Pete accidentally sends a picture of himself jerking off to Andy. // short
fandom:bandslash  genre:rps  band:fall.out.boy  pairing:pete/patrick 
august 2007 by hermionemalfoy
Hand gestures to accompany heartbreak
Very light and somewhat cracky. Multipart wip, but it's not like it's really going anywhere.
fandom:bandslash  genre:rps  band:mcr  band:panic.at.the.disco  pairing:spencer.smith/bob.bryar 
july 2007 by hermionemalfoy
untappedbeauty: FIC: Something Like a Mystery (Bandslash, Patrick/Gerard, NC-17)
The first time Patrick is ever alone in a room with Gerard Way, he ends up pressed down into a couch while Gerard pushes up Patrick's shirt and strokes his hip, licking his way into Patrick's mouth. What happens is this. (3.9k words)
fandom:bandslash  genre:rps  band:fall.out.boy  band:mcr  pairing:gerard.way/patrick.stump 
july 2007 by hermionemalfoy
62r6e6h.jpg (JPEG Image, 600x450 pixels)
How is this not included in every Panic! picspam ever? ... Okay, well, I really like ... Brendon's pants.
pairing:brendon/zack  band:panic.at.the.disco  genre:rps  fandom:bandslash  other:pic  filetype:jpg  media:image 
july 2007 by hermionemalfoy
MySpaceTV: frerard by merci pour le venin
Frank and Gerard continue to be affectionate. // ...Um, boys, WTFteasemuch? I love the audience reaction.
fandom:bandslash  pairing:frank.iero/gerard.way  band:mcr  genre:rps  fannish:video 
july 2007 by hermionemalfoy
iphignia939: fic: Catch (1/2, Patrick/Spencer, Pete/Ryan, AU, DYW ficathon)
"You're a host," Spencer said. "It's kind of – it's like speed dating and the escort service had a baby. Did you do the glamour shots yet?" // Host Club AU
fandom:bandslash  band:panic.at.the.disco  band:fall.out.boy  genre:rps  theme:au-intentional  pairing:pete.wentz/ryan.ross  pairing:patrick.stump/spencer.smith  theme:almost.hookerfic 
july 2007 by hermionemalfoy
ficbyzee -- fic: bandslash, fob/mcr, 1/2
Starring You Instead of Me // Summary: Pete thinks wistfully of his own body, and of the days when he didn't have morals. (LOVE THIS. They keep it a secret! Minimal crack--just the whole bodyswap part...)
fandom:bandslash  genre:rps  band:fall.out.boy  band:mcr  pairing:frank.iero/bob.bryar  pairing:bob.bryar/pete.wentz  theme:bodyswap 
july 2007 by hermionemalfoy
laniew1: FIC: P!ATD - A Life Alone - Gen!Ryan (Spencer/Brendon, subtexty Ryan/Pete) - PG
The one where the guys tell Ryan they want to take a break and he thinks it means they're breaking up. [[Author could use help with commas and some light betaing, but it's good otherwise.]]
fandom:bandslash  band:fall.out.boy  band:panic.at.the.disco  genre:rps  pairing:pete.wentz/ryan.ross  person:ryan.ross  pairing:spencer.smith/brendon.urie 
july 2007 by hermionemalfoy
airgiodslv: The genetic predisposition to love
Ryan drops the slip of paper onto the table in front of him and Spencer hears white, like silent static. Over the sound of it rushing through his ears he hears Ryan’s voice, flat and toneless. “Blue. It’s blue. Spence, you’re straight.”
theme:au-intentional  fandom:bandslash  band:panic.at.the.disco  genre:rps  pairing:brendon.urie/ryan.ross  pairing:jon.walker/spencer.smith 
july 2007 by hermionemalfoy
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