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Jayce il cavaliere dello spazio contro i carciofi malvagi
Ché come fai a non apprezzare le storie che si chiudono con un BEL CALCIO IN CULO?
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april 2019 by herinanth
Centurions, la serie animata
Quanto ti piacevano i Centurions. Questo cartone americano dell'86 - noto negli States anche come Centurions - Power XTreme - andato in onda da noi nella seconda metà degli anni 80 su Odeon, e oggi dimenticato da tanti, quanto e forse più di Sport Billy, il precisino dello spazio.
march 2019 by herinanth
X-Men: The animated series. Don't call me Insuperabili
Nasce L'audacia degli X-Men (Pryde of the X-Men), pilota commissionato a Toei e con la voce narrante di Stan Lee.
january 2019 by herinanth
Daria transcripts
These transcripts of the cult classic MTV animated sitcom were produced by fans, many of them, back in the last years of the twentieth century and the first years of the twenty-first, patiently transcribing their VHS off-air recordings.
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august 2018 by herinanth
What DARIA Means to the Show’s Creators 20 Years Later | Nerdist
The very first time the world saw Daria Morgendorffer belatedly, barely move an arm for an incoming volleyball during her show’s opening sequence, the unmistakable teen showed the world she was too smart for its trivial games.
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august 2018 by herinanth
You’re Standing On My Neck: The Life and Death of The Music of Daria :: TV :: Features :: Daria :: Paste
Daria Morgendorffer was a smart, misanthropic outsider, trying to deal with the various trials and tribulations of teenaged life in the suburban sprawl of Lawndale. However, this is not where Daria began. Her beginning happened on a little show called Beavis and Butt-head.
cartoni  daria  mtv 
august 2018 by herinanth

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