GitHub - tourstream/typo3-redis-lock-strategy
The extension adds a redis lock strategy with priority 100. So the redis lock will be used instead of file base locking, especially useful in cluster with nfs.
typo3  redis  cluster  nfs 
6 weeks ago
Staggeringly powerful OS X desktop automation with Lua. Making the runtime, funtime.
mac  osx  automation  scripting 
6 weeks ago
Design Types
SAPR: The Construction Manager
12 weeks ago
The Directly Responsible Individual
In this post we explain the management technique of a Directly Responsible Individual or DRI. It's a management concept pioneered by Apple and the late Steve Jobs.
may 2018
How to Rands
Hi, welcome to the team. I’m so glad you are here at $COMPANY. It’s going to take a solid quarter to figure this place out. I understand the importance of first impressions, and I know you want to get a check in the win column, but this is a complex place full of equally complex… More
may 2018
Neuralink and the Brain's Magical Future - Wait But Why
Neuralink and the Brain's Magical Future - Wait But Why via Instapaper
february 2018
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