The Real Cause of Prostate Cancer — And How to Stop It!
If you really want to cure a disease, you have to find the cause of it and fix the cause. Sometimes, finding the cause of cancer is very difficult. But I’d like to tell you about a preliminary report…
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3 days ago
Frontiers | Chinese Herbal Medicine Improves the Long-Term Survival Rate of Patients With Chronic Kidney Disease in Taiwan: A Nationwide Retrospective Population-Based Cohort Study | Pharmacology
Background and purpose: Chinese herbal medicine (CHM) is frequently applied in conjunction with western pharmacotherapy to relieve symptoms in patients with CKD. However, evidence-based research into the effectiveness of CHM use as applied to treat CKD is limited and warrants further investigation. The aim of this study is to assess whether adjunctive treatment with CHM affected survival rate of CKD patients undergoing conventional western medical management. Methods: A total of 14,7...
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8 weeks ago
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