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Consistent Hash Rings Explained Simply
- you may want to take a URL and get back the server the website is hosted on.

- The problem of mimicking a hash table when the number of locations are constantly changing was exactly why consistent hashing was invented.

- For 2,000 keys spread across 100 locations, you now need to move only 20 keys to a new location if 1 location with only 20 keys goes down.

- This is the main benefit of consistent hashing: you now no longer need to move so many things just because one location has disappea...
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pHash.org: Home of pHash, the open source perceptual hash library
Potential applications include copyright protection, similarity search for media files, or even digital forensics. For example, YouTube could maintain a database of hashes that have been submitted by the major movie producers of movies to which they hold the copyright. If a user then uploads the same video to YouTube, the hash will be almost identical, and it can be flagged as a possible copyright violation. The audio hash could be used to automatically tag MP3 files with proper ID3 information, while the text hash could be used for plagiarism detection.
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