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Charles/Erik, No Shame
Like Brandon and the married woman in Shame, Erik sees Charles sit across from him in the New York subway.

Only in this case, Erik doesn't lose Charles, but follows him, and fucks him wordlessly in an alley or a public toilet.
!prompt  meme:xmen_firstkink  fandom:xmfc  fandom:shame  pair:charles/brandon  kink:anonymous  kink:first-time  kink:public 
august 2012 by helens78
Charles/Erik Tea Room/Cottaging TW Public Sex
Erik and Charles both go to the local park's rather notorious public toilet for quick, anonymous sex. Charles has been hanging out in the park all day casing the toilet but so far nothing has happened. Just as he is about to give up he notices someone else is also hanging about…
!prompt  meme:xmen_firstkink  fandom:xmfc  pair:charles/erik  kink:public  kink:anonymous  kink:first-time 
april 2012 by helens78
Charles/Erik, Sex in public bathrooms
Charles and Erik, standing at the urinal of a notorious public toilet at night.

They share a glance, Charles turns towards Erik to show off his erect cock. Erik nods appreciatively, then turns to show Charles his own rigid member. Charles' eyes widen. They don't waist any more precious seconds and make their way into one of the stalls, hands on each other's cocks.

They don't talk one word to each other until after, when one of them is almost out of the door already and the other shyly says, "Wait! Here's my number... you don't have to call! But you can, you know, if you like."
!prompt  meme:xmen_firstkink  fandom:xmfc  pair:charles/erik  kink:first-time  kink:public 
march 2012 by helens78
Charles/Erik, nude model!Erik has an incident
Erik is a nude model at an art school. It's one of his more enojyable jobs, he doesn't get payed much but also he doesn't have to scrub endless dishes or lift heavy mailing bags.

And then one day a new student walks in. And he's gorgeous. And he looks at Erik much more intently than the other students, or so it seems to Erik anyway.

Erik's lower region starts noticing this new guy's delicious red mouth... and all the students start noticing his lower region in return.

Girls take out their camera phones. One dude starts applauding. Charles blushes furiously. It's like he knows what he's looking at was ment for him.

Powered AU.
!prompt  fandom:xmfc  meme:xmen_firstkink  pair:charles/erik  trope:au  kink:public  kink:nudity  kink:cock.size 
march 2012 by helens78
Alex/Hank | public masturbation
I read a news article about prison that said because there was no privacy the prisoners had totally lost societal taboos about masturbating in front of other people. Alex was in prison for a while. So.

Alex at the mansion still hasn't gotten used to this taboo and tends to stick his hand down his pants whenever he gets horny. This happens a lot but it happens even more often when he's around Hank. Maybe they're even roommates, who knows. Eventually Alex persuades Hank to help him take the edge off.
meme:xmen_firstkink  pair:alex/hank  kink:public  kink:masturbation  !prompt 
june 2011 by helens78

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