Charles/Erik, underage
Charles is a prince

Erik is his whipping boy.

Discuss. (Honestly anything goes)
!prompt  fandom:xmfc  pair:charles/erik  kink:underage  kink:painplay 
april 2013
f!Charles/Erik + Shaw, 3some, swingers, infidelity, dubcon, office kink, blackmail
Sebastian and Erik were rivals/frenemies since college. They compete in everything, even to see who could end up unhappily married first (Erik got his college girlfriend Magda pregnant, followed by a shotgun wedding. Shaw got drunk in Vegas and woke up married to Emma Frost, of all people). Now they're equal partners of a successful investment firm, equally rich, equally sexually frustrated. Erik's bored and frustrated by Magda's conservative lifestyle and generally depressed with how incompatible they are, while Emma's never pretended to care for Shaw, but won't divorce him because her life is so comfortable.

Things change when they hire Charlotte Xavier to be their secretary. Lottie is flirtatious and adventurous, with her 5 inch heels, short skirts, and serious office kink that she doesn't mind having her bosses fulfill. Want her to go commando? She's down with that. Punish her typos with a spanking? She's cool with that, too. In fact, she totally gets off on it. There's almost no kink she won't try and she likes it rough (all the plus ones for tie grabbing).

Lottie becomes an indispensable part of their office and sex lives, and Shaw and Erik end up sharing her, literally and figuratively. The unspoken rule of the office is that when she's with one of them, usually in their respective private offices, the other can't interrupt, and neither are allowed to ask about her time with the other as that's between them. The only time they break the rules is for celebratory, filthy threesomes on the conference room table after closing big deals.

Eventually, Shaw suspects that Charlotte prefers Erik over him. So he starts using blackmail and strong-arm tactics to spend more time with her at the cost of her time with Erik, and the sex he starts to inflict on her becomes Not Okay. When Erik tries to intervene, Shaw threatens to expose the affair to Magda, who would never let him see his daughter again. The entire game escalates as each side gets jealous and possessive, and when Shaw finds evidence that Erik is preparing to leave Magda for Charlotte, he unleashes his pent-up viciousness.

Bonus if you can include a scene where Charlotte is trying to tempt Erik, who's on the phone, by lifting up her skirt and rubbing her clit against the corner of his desk.
!prompt  fandom:xmfc  pair:charles/erik  pair:erik/shaw  pair:charles/shaw  pair:charles/erik/shaw  kink:office  kink:threesome  trope:genderbending 
april 2013
always-a-girl!Charles/Erik, dom/sub relationship, female submissive
When Erik Lernsherr (professor of engineering) picks up Dr. Charlotte Xavier (professor of genetics at the same university) for carpool, she slides into the seat, closes the door, then coyly lifts her skirt to show she's not wearing underwear, just the way Erik ordered her last night.

In short, Erik and Charlotte in a consensual dom/sub relationship and their sexy misadventures in the office and at home. Because sometimes a good spanking mid-day in Erik's office helps relieve the stress.

Bonus for Charlotte not putting up with any shit from her skeevy colleague Sebastian Shaw, because there is only one man she trusts and loves enough to submit to, and it sure the hell ain't him.
!prompt  fandom:xmfc  pair:charles/erik  trope:genderbending  kink:d/s 
december 2012
Charles/Erik, Wreck-It Ralph AU (SPOILERS)
(Guys this movie is almost as good as Toy Story, if you haven't gone to see you really, really ought to.)

Erik has spent the past 30 years playing the villain and losing every. single. day. to that goody-two shoes Charles. And he's tired of it. He's tired of spending every single day getting defeated and every single night alone and ignored by everyone else in the game. So he goes off on a quest to the game Hero's Duty, to get a hero's medal and finally turn his life around.

Meanwhile, Charles never knew what he had until the day Erik didn't show up for work. Charles immediately sets out to find him, and has a big gay epiphany about how much Erik means to him.

Also starring Moira as Calhoun and Raven as Vanellope.

(OP would also like to request that should a filler decide to cast Shaw as the main villain, please don't make the fic any angstier than the movie Wreck-It Ralph.)
!prompt  fandom:xmfc  pair:charles/erik  trope:fusion  trope:humor 
december 2012
Now And Then by luninosity
All dialogue, total fluff, fix-it fic with Charles and Erik baking cupcakes.
podfic:to.record  fandom:xmfc  pair:charles/erik  kink:fluff 
november 2012
Alex/Armando, Ghost AU
Inspired by this prompt:

Alex and Armando are married-- Alex is an artist, Armando is a big name in the financial industry. One night while they're walking home, Armando is killed, but of course that's not the end of the story! Armando comes back to Alex as a "ghost" (with the help of reknowned psychic Charles Xavier), and together with Charles, Alex solves Armando's murder. (Probably by Shaw, or one of Shaw's goons working for Shaw?)

Find a way to bring Armando back after that, pleeeeease (permanent character death: DO NOT WANT) -- doesn't matter how, it could be his ability or it could be some other kind of ghosty-power-thing, but definitely want a happy ending with Armando alive and safe and together with Alex. :)
!prompt  fandom:xmfc  meme:xmen_firstkink  pair:alex/armando  trope:fusion 
october 2012
Squid And Hogwarts (They Are The Happy)
The squid swished its tentacles around in the lake and gazed soulfully up at the hulking shape of Hogwarts, wondering if it felt the same way.
@backfromspace  fandom:harry.potter  pair:squid/hogwarts  trope:humor  trope:crackfic  trope:crossover 
october 2012
Charles/Erik, Old Love Rediscovered
Charles and Erik have been lovers for a short while when they were young, but it didn't last long (philosophical differences) and they went their separate ways.

When they finally meet again by accident, Charles and Erik are old men with grown-up children (Charles has loads of adopted ones, Erik has the twins). And both are single - because Charles can't keep a relationship going for long and Erik is a widower with no interest in dating.

They're happy to see each other again, more than they thought they would be, and they don't even think about getting back together. Just old friends sharing stories. But then it happens anyway.

Bonus: If their children are totally for them getting together.
Bonus bonus points: *Loads* of UST building up that neither of the two dares to break because, "We separated up for a reason, right? What was that reason again...."
!prompt  meme:xmen_firstkink  fandom:xmfc  pair:charles/erik  trope:au  trope:kidfic 
october 2012
Charles/Erik AU (self-induced) mind-control, self-induced dub-con
A new dating-service has developed: Telepaths sell not only their bodies, but also their minds. If a customer chooses an "escort" they discuss their conditions and come to an agreement, taping the contract on video.

Then the telepath erases his and the customer's memory of their contract and the two fall in love, have a relationship, whatever is in the terms of their agreement. Everything is controlled by the agency of course. After the set time has finished, the memories are retrieved, the telepath is paid and all go their separate ways, until the next customer comes along.

Charles is one of those telepaths. And then he meets Erik.

Take it how you want, either Erik is a customer, or he isn't, feelings get in the way... run with it.

Bonus for Emma, Jean and other telepaths.
!prompt  meme:xmen_firstkink  fandom:xmfc  pair:charles/erik  kink:amnesia  kink:mind.control  kink:dubcon 
october 2012
GEN Erik or Any/Erik or Charles/Erik, Assassin's Creed
Since it has been confirmed Michael Fassbender is going to star in Assassin's Creed movies, I keep thinking there should be AS MANY FILLS AS POSSIBLE for AC!AUs in XMFC before the next X-Men movie and the actual AC movie comes to mess up our vision introduce more canon to write around.

So, it's a free-for-all. Assassin's Creed with Erik, that's all I want.

BONUS (ideas if the bunny won't bite):
- AC with mutants. AC, Erik is the only mutant. AC, SOMEONE ELSE is the only mutant, and Erik has to fight with/against them.
- XMFC with assassins. Um.
- Fusion world with mutants and assassins (or mixed film plotlines), set in whatever era. If convenient, add D/s. If convenient, add alpha/omega.
!prompt  meme:xmen_firstkink  fandom:xmfc  fandom:assassin's.creed  pair:charles/erik  character:erik  trope:au  trope:crossover  kink:assassins  kink:danger 
october 2012
Charles/Erik, Charles/Other, friends with benefits
Erik and Charles both have busy lives and no time for relationships. They have a friends with benefits arrangement.

At some point, Charles decides to try going out with someone. Erik gets increasingly moody, feeling secretly possessive of Charles even though they never agreed to exclusivity and he knows he has no right to be, but why would Charles need anyone else when he has Erik?

Matter of fact is, while Charles thoroughly enjoys time spent with Erik, sex involved or not, it had never crossed his mind to consider a committed relationship with Erik simply because Erik had never shown interest in the idea.

Happy Charles/Erik ending please!

Bonus: Third party is Tony Stark. But of course, if filler doesn't write Tony, anyone else is good too.
!prompt  meme:xmen_firstkink  fandom:xmfc  pair:charles/erik  kink:friends.with.benefits  kink:jealousy 
october 2012
rule 63!Charles/Erik, dubcon, female submissive, humiliation, mutant supremacy
Charlotte has been desperately searching for her sister for years now, and she's finally managed (with great difficulty) to get a lead that takes her to the Brotherhood of Mutants. But once the mutants find this human at their door, they strip and parade her naked throughout the stronghold before their leader Erik appears to see what the commotion's about.

Erik of course knows Raven's whereabouts, and he just might be persuaded to let them meet. But first, he pulls his cock out to see just how serious this human is at seeing her sister again. Satisfied with her performance, he presents her with a challenge: she will be his submissive for one year. She's free to walk away at any time, but if she lasts, then he'll let her meet with Raven again.

At first Charlotte tells herself that she's martyring herself for Raven's sake. But the guilt of how much she's enjoying herself grows stronger, as well as her unexpected and genuine desire to please Erik. And she might just become a little undone by the way he looks at her as if she were the most precious person on earth, even as he matter of factly smacks her breasts.

Erik at first gleefully piles on the degradation and humiliation the puny human (rightfully deserves) can take, making her the entertainment of his gang's parties, every cock in the Brotherhood out and ready to be serviced by the human bitch. But he's impressed by her devotion to her mutant sister, and comes to respect her as she's genuinely good and kind, even as her need for defilement suggests she's not just the arrogant, naive professor he thought. And then feelings happen.
!prompt  meme:xmen_firstkink  fandom:xmfc  pair:charles/erik  trope:genderbending  kink:dubcon  kink:humiliation  kink:slavery 
october 2012
Charles/Erik, rage boner
Ran across this quote today:

"I'll force a smile, and maybe a little laugh, but I hate you so much I have a boner."

Some kind of AU where the two of them are really, really angry with each other, and this leads to epic sexual tension and boners? With or without some kind of grudge sex. (I'm not thinking dubcon/noncon here, though, for the record! Some kind of I-hate-you-but-I-love-you thing.)
!prompt  meme:xmen_firstkink  fandom:xmfc  pair:charles/erik  kink:anger  kink:grudgefucking  kink:ust 
october 2012
Cain/Erik/others, Charles/Erik, TW: noncon, gangbang, underage
TW for noncon/gangbang/underage

Non-powered AU: Charles and Erik are dating in high school. One day while they're at Charles's place, Cain and his awful friends stumble over Erik, and decide to take him to Cain's room and fuck him.

Bonus points if Charles comes looking for him and somehow gets involved too (Cain's friends tackle him? He joins Cain's friends, having planned this with Cain all along?)
!prompt  fandom:xmfc  meme:xmen_firstkink  pair:charles/erik  pair:cain/erik  kink:highschool  kink:gangbang  kink:noncon  kink:no.powers  trope:au  kink:dark  kink:danger 
september 2012
Alex/Armando, love at first sight
It seemed kind of obvious in the movie that Alex and Darwin really got along and liked each other right away.

What I would like to read is true love at first sight, where they're just both crazy about each other right away, maybe even sneaking off to fool around right after they meet each other because they're just so crazy about each other!

You could make it a soulbonding thing or a mutant powers thing or just regular human instant infatuation...I'd like it all!
!prompt  meme:xmen_firstkink  fandom:xmfc  pair:alex/armando  kink:soulbonding  kink:at.first.sight 
september 2012
Charles/Erik, bondage, feeeeeelings
I just want to see Charles holding Erik down during sex, and Erik completely going to pieces because it makes him feel safe. A thousand bonus points if he actually begs Charles to keep him safe and/or not let him go.
!prompt  meme:xmen_firstkink  pair:charles/erik  fandom:xmfc  kink:bondage  kink:telepathy 
september 2012
Charles/Brandon, Charles/Erik, marriage of convenience/deception
Oh please, can I have a marriage of convenience with deception involved? Erik and Brandon as twins: Brandon arranges a marriage of convenience with Charles so he can secure his inheritance/get a job with his fussy uncle/get a green card/whutever. But then he figures he can just use some handwavey blackmail to get his twin Erik to be the groom and buzz off doing his own thing for the necessary year.

So, instead of Brandon, Charles is 'married' to and living with Erik for a year. Which is fine, except... he's slept with Brandon a couple of times, is cordially indifferent to him and was okay with the arrangement. He's not okay with being 'married' to the twin he actually has a crush on and being at close quarters for a year.

Bonus: Charles thinks Erik despises him for fucking around with sleazy Brandon. (He doesn't. Feelings are mutual.)

I really despair and blame my stack of tattered old romance novels.
!prompt  meme:xmen_firstkink  fandom:xmfc  pair:charles/brandon  pair:charles/erik  kink:marriage  kink:strangers  kink:double 
september 2012
Charles/Erik, a/o, powers
Once, omega!Charles confessed to alpha!Erik that he has never actually had sex during his heat since his first heat. He has always taken suppressants, because being in heat makes him completely lose control of his telepathy and he would mindlessly summon alphas within range to fuck him (had done exactly that during his first heat, and horrified in the aftermath, had wiped the specific memory from all the schoolmates he had manipulated).

Later, when Erik as Magneto learns that Charles is in heat, he kidnaps Charles to somewhere where there will only be the two of them and does not allow Charles to take his suppressants, reasoning that his helmet will keep him unaffected even if Charles is unable to restrain himself. Charles is finally able to experience the enjoyment of sex during a heat, where he knows that the alpha also wants him and isn't just a body manipulated by his own mind.

Bonus: The first time Erik kidnaps Charles, the spot he chooses isn't isolated enough. Charles's considerable telepathic range still brings some alphas scrambling to them when he loses control, and Erik has to fight them off.
!prompt  meme:xmen_firstkink  pair:charles/erik  fandom:xmfc  kink:alphaomega  kink:powers  kink:kidnapping  kink:in.heat 
september 2012
Season's Edge by sageness
"That stupid man."

"Whom we're both carrying an inexplicable torch for."
@sageness  !fic  podfic:to.record  fandom:duesouth  pair:bob/caroline/buck  pair:bob/caroline 
august 2012
Charles/Erik, Magician AU
Charles Xavier is the Amazing Mindreading Magician - his tricks all center around the mind, and knowing what you're thinking. Erik Lehnsherr is your typical spoonbending type magician.

What annoys Erik about Xavier is that this guy doesn't say that he's a magician, he claims to be an actual mind reader. What rubs Charles up the wrong way is that this Lehnsherr fellow, who can pretend to make silver balls float around a bit, goes on chat shows, claiming that what he's doing is not a trick.

In an attempt of each to expose the other, they find out that they both have the abilities they claim to have, and that they're not alone with their special gift.
!prompt  meme:xmen_firstkink  fandom:xmfc  trope:au  kink:rivalry 
august 2012
Charles/Erik, Dark!Charles, Broken!Erik, captivity, bondage, dubcon/noncon
Sometimes I just want a creepy story where Dark!Charles has taken over the world, or maybe just Genosha, and he keeps a broken!Erik chained up naked to the foot of Charles' bed.

And when Charles is done with a long day of world dominating, he goes back to his chambers where Erik smiles adoringly to see him and calls him Master and sucks his cock. And Charles' favorite way to unwind is to use his favorite plaything. And Erik is broken and obedient and devoted and just wants to please his Master.
!prompt  meme:xmen_firstkink  fandom:xmfc  trope:au  kink:slavery  kink:mind.control  kink:d/s  kink:dark 
august 2012
Charles/Erik, No Shame
Like Brandon and the married woman in Shame, Erik sees Charles sit across from him in the New York subway.

Only in this case, Erik doesn't lose Charles, but follows him, and fucks him wordlessly in an alley or a public toilet.
!prompt  meme:xmen_firstkink  fandom:xmfc  fandom:shame  pair:charles/brandon  kink:anonymous  kink:first-time  kink:public 
august 2012
Charles/Erik, Erik would do ANYTHING to kill Shaw, dubcon, captivity, Grey!Charles, Slutty!Erik
This might work best in some kind of high fantasty AU world for later aspects of the prompt. I want a story where Erik, who is as always desperate to kill Shaw, knows he can't do it alone, and bargains with Charles for his help. Charles in this world is morally grey and some kind of powerful entity or ruler (wizard, fairy, demon, emperor, mage-king, etc.) And Erik signs a binding magical contract that basically states, Charles will help Erik destroy Shaw, and Erik will serve Charles for the next seven years -- sexually.

So Charles fulfills his end of the bargain, and now Erik has no choice but to fulfill his. Erik doesn't try to cheat Charles or anything, but Erik really just expects to lie back and think of Genosha and tell himself that Shaw is dead and everything is worth it.

But Charles, while not hesitant at all about making sure Erik knows who is in charge and taking his own pleasure, also likes to take care of Erik and see that Erik finds the experience pleasurable as well. Erik, his revenge fulfilled, his quest over, for the first time in his life can just relax and let go -- and he does. And he LOVES it. Erik loves every filthy, kinky thing Charles does to him, he loves it when Charles encourages him to be as slutty and shameless as he wants, he loves choking on Charles' cock while Charles pets his hair and calls him a good boy, he loves being spanked and tied up and made to come over and over and over again -- Erik can't get enough of anything Charles chooses to give him.
!prompt  meme:xmen_firstkink  pair:charles/erik  fandom:xmfc  kink:first-time  kink:slavery  trope:au  kink:d/s 
august 2012
So, I've poked around and haven't seen anything like this but it's possible I may have missed something, my apologies if I have.

I'd like to see a universe where soulbonds are real, but rare. There are movies and books, but having a soulmate isn't a sure thing, and the chances of meeting one are slim.

Cue Charles and Erik accidentally bumping into each other/brushing hands/whatever and suddenly they're bonded and have to adjust. What that entails is up to whatever kind anon fills this!

Powered or non-powered.

It involves the need to be close to each other, and some desperate sex for the first few weeks.
!prompt  meme:xmen_firstkink  fandom:xmfc  pair:charles/erik  kink:soulbonding 
august 2012
Charles/Erik, Nude Maid Erik
Erik has brought a great German tradition to New York; nude cleaning. He can be hired as a cleaner who does his job while naked. No sexual contact, just looking. Talking is allowed, too, but Erik rather works in silence.

He's also the most awkwardness-inducing birthday present Raven ever got for her brother Charles. And there's a lot of cleaning to do in a mansion...
!prompt  meme:xmen_firstkink  fandom:xmfc  pair:charles/erik  trope:au  kink:nudity  kink:domestic 
august 2012
[Crossover], Charles/Erik, [Firefly]
Erik is the bitter captain of firefly class ship Serenity and Charles is a well sought after companion who helps them with tricky jobs from time to time. They have feelings.

Bonus if you incorporate their mutations.

I've been watching Firefly again and I'm in need of a fusion so bad. Also, if anyone knows any firefly/x-men crossovers, preferably completed, I would love you forever if you can link me some.
!prompt  meme:xmen_firstkink  pair:charles/erik  trope:fusion  fandom:xmfc 
august 2012
Clone POV by Jedi Rita
This one is just an attempt to get into a clone's head. What would he think about? How would the great world seem different from Kamino? How would clones view sex? This one really isn't even a fic. It's just rambling thoughts, but I appreciate any comments, responses, disagreements, etc.

(Note from archivist: It's totally a fic and it's AWESOME.)
!fic  @jedirita  fandom:star.wars  character:clone 
july 2012
Vintage Phone Ringtones
Dozens of phone ringtones that sound like actual ringing phones! Could be useful for podficcers as well.
-notfic  -podficsupplies 
june 2012
Alex/Armando - posing as boyfriends
For some reason (handwave handwave), Alex and Armando go out somewhere and are forced to pose as boyfriends. Of course, Alex gets really handsy and Armando is really affectionate, and suddenly it doesn't seem like a game anymore.

Awkwardness ensues? Or they just admit they're madly in love and they live happily ever after? Or both!
!prompt  meme:xmen_firstkink  fandom:xmfc  pair:alex/armando  kink:first-time 
june 2012
Anyone/Alex (massage)
Alex gets all knotted up and someone (Darwin? Hank?) has to untie them. Cue Alex making all kinds of ridiculously sexy noises and eventually getting pounced when his masseur can stand no more.
!prompt  meme:xmen_firstkink  fandom:xmfc  pair:alex/armando  kink:massage 
june 2012
Charles/Erik, Intercrural Sex, Possibly Underage
Charles and Erik have been high school sweethearts / dating forever or even college roommates if the age squicks you. They've done the hand holding and the kissing. They've done the slow exploration of each other's bodies as they whisper sweet words of promise. They've done the mutual hand jobs in the shower. They've done the blow jobs in the locker room straight after phys ed class ends and they've got a free study period. They've definitely frotted when Erik goes over to Charles' to study. They just haven't quite worked up the courage to having penetrative sex. Yet.

The next best thing is intercrural sex, who someone reads about for their Ancient Greece assignment or whatever and decides to try it.

I want shyness, I want sweetness, I want FLUFF. I want the boys being teenagers and learning about one another.

+ Can be powered or no.
+ They switch it up a lot and love it.
+ If you write all of the above times they've done something sexual, I'm not going to say no.
+ Charles and Erik are studying in the library, working on a group assignment together. It's a quiet part of the library that no one ever ventures to and Charles is feeling particularly naughty.
+ Charles can never resist Erik in his soccer kit.
!prompt  meme:xmen_firstkink  fandom:xmfc  pair:charles/erik  kink:fluff  kink:intercrural  kink:romance  kink:underage  kink:college 
june 2012
Alex/Darwin, Alex is a failure at flirting, cracky
Alex really likes Darwin. And he knows that guys aren't supposed to like guys, but no one says anything about Charles and Erik, so he figures he's safe, and decides he might as well try and woo Darwin.

Except he has no idea how to do it. So he's creepy, then he's distant, then he's clingy, then he showers Darwin in presents. Darwin's confused, and somebody really should take pity on Alex and tell him he's failing, but it's way too fun to watch for someone to try and stop it.
!prompt  meme:xmen_firstkink  fandom:xmfc  pair:alex/armando  kink:flirting  kink:fluff  kink:humor  kink:romance  kink:first-time 
june 2012
Erik/Charles infidelity
Erik is married, Charles tries not to notice.

aka Charles is the other woman.
!prompt  fandom:xmfc  pair:charles/erik  meme:xmen_firstkink  kink:cheating 
june 2012
Charles/Erik/Other/Other - AU foursome
Charles and Erik both have twins, Wesley and Brandon. And they're all mutants (with Brandon being a touch-empath, please!).

And they all have sex. There could be plot, too, I guess.
!prompt  fandom:xmfc  meme:xmen_firstkink  pair:charles/erik  pair:wesley/brandon  kink:double 
june 2012
Erik/Charles, Michael/James, alpha/omega verse, character bleed issues
In this world, the relationship between Erik and Charles in the film was explicitly romantic. Charles, an alpha, imprints on Erik, an omega, while in the ocean and the rest is their epic love story.

In reality, Michael is an aggressive alpha and James an easy-going omega.

They imprint during the audition (let's pretend they never met).

It messes with their heads. James' instinctive need to arch his neck to Michael or Michael's difficulty orienting his body language to allow James to lead ruins many takes. In a society that's very open about sex scenes, the movie includes a love scene with Charles dominating both in emotion and quite literally by topping Erik. Michael does the scene like a professional, but afterwards, he has to drag James back to their trailer and assert his dominance to a very emotionally confused James. Things like this and whatever else you lovely writers can think of!

I don't even really RPF J/M very often, but this idea, I would totally read the heck out of it. The only thing I ask is that it's also AU in that they were single when they met.
!prompt  meme:xmen_firstkink  fandom:xmfc  fandom:xmfc.rpf  pair:charles/erik  pair:james/michael  kink:alphaomega  kink:first-time  trope:au 
may 2012
Charles/Erik, Steve/Tony, swingers (partner-swapping), powers
Charles and Erik and Steve and Tony are in established relationships. Any era is fine, but '70s would be awesome for swingers in particular. :)

Charles and Tony meet, hit it off, and really want to try swinging (partner-swapping). Erik and Steve aren't entirely sure about that! Erik is possessive! Steve is very wholesome!

Of course, when they meet, Tony has METAL IN HIS CHEST a;lskdf and Steve likes the way Charles seems to ~understand~ him right away. So it goes well. :)

Bonus points for toppy/bossy!Charles, bitchy/particular!Tony, shy!Steve, and/or voyeur!Erik, any or all of the above.
!prompt  fandom:xmfc  pair:charles/erik  pair:steve/tony  meme:xmen_firstkink  kink:swinging  kink:partner-swapping  kink:orgy 
may 2012
Erik/Charles, experienced!Charles, topping!virgin!Erik, big cock
Erik is a virgin to topping because every time he'd get a guy in bed, they'd balk at the size of his huge dick. He's been on bottom a few times, but he really just wants to be inside someone, mouth or ass, he's not too picky. To date, he's only ever managed to get a few messy blowjobs out of (gagging and complaining) dudes. So not sexy.

Then he meets and falls in love with Charles. He keeps avoiding sex because he's afraid Charles will see his dick and run screaming into the night and Erik really wants to keep Charles.

Eventually, a sexually frustrated Charles pins Erik down and gets him to the confess the problem.

"Your cock is too big? Oh darling, there's no such thing."

Charles is very experienced with taking cock, thank you very much and the second he sees Erik's mighty dong, he's determined to be the first man to bottom for Erik. After Charles manages to deliver an expertly performed blowjob and then come harder than he's ever come before by riding Erik's dick, Erik is absolutely certain he's chosen the right man.
!prompt  meme:xmen_firstkink  fandom:xmfc  pair:charles/erik  kink:cock.size  kink:first-time 
may 2012
Charles/Erik, murderball
When Erik meets Charles, he just knows him as a cute guy in a wheelchair. He had no idea he was a professional wheelchair rugby player.

But during the course of their relationship becoming more intimate, Erik sees quite a few training sessions, and gets to see Charles on the field being awesome at his job.

Bonus points: Erik feels protective when his beautiful Charles gets rammed and attacked in the game by other players. "Say, Raven, why is this sport called murderball aga- OH MY GOD, CHARLES!"

But also he feels pride and joy when Charles does the same to others. Cos Erik's a hypocrit like that.
!prompt  fandom:xmfc  meme:xmen_firstkink  pair:charles/erik  element:disability  kink:badass 
may 2012
Charles/Erik, Charles/Brandon, Accidental infidelity
When Charles sees Erik down at the shops, he thinks Erik is pretending not to know him for Charles' benefit.

You know, because in a weak moment he confessed to Erik that he's kind of into fucking a stranger, but not in real life, just as a role play. And now it looks like Erik surprised him with a little role play down at the shops. So of course Charles brings the "stranger" home immediately.

Charles doesn't know that the guy he picked up is really called Brandon, is always up for it when strangers want to sleep with him and also he could be Erik's twin.

What happens when Erik comes home?

Bonus points: Charles is about to go through with accidentally cheating on his lover, when he rids Brandon of his underwear, "...when did you grow a foreskin, Erik?"
!prompt  meme:xmen_firstkink  pair:charles/brandon  kink:roleplay  kink:anonymous  kink:first-time  fandom:xmfc  fandom:shame  pair:charles/erik  kink:cheating 
may 2012
Charles/Erik, D/s verse, Sub!Erik likes to be forced down, consent play
In a D/s verse with equality, Erik is a sub who likes to fight, and to forced into submitting and/or down into subspace.

When he meets Charles, they hit it off as friends and/or romantically, but Erik doesn't think Charles has what it takes to put Erik down on his knees.

Charles, naturally, proves him very wrong.


- After Erik gets forced into submission, he becomes very eager and slutty

- Charles collaring Erik
!prompt  fandom:xmfc  meme:xmen_firstkink  pair:charles/erik  trope:au  kink:d/s  kink:collars 
may 2012
Charles/Erik, training, power dynamics, dirty talk/verbal humiliation
Got inspired by this:

"Look at you, down on your knees like that... my cock in your mouth... hands behind your back... you're perfect, God, you were absolutely made for this."

Made for it or trained for it, it didn't matter which; -- quote from helen78's that was called love (the workers in song remix)

Can we get the one where Charles trains Erik to be his perfect little cocksucker? With lots of praise and hair-petting and Erik choking on Charles' cock until tears stream down his face? And loving every minute of it?
!prompt  fandom:xmfc  meme:xmen_firstkink  pair:charles/erik  kink:training  kink:d/s  kink:oral  kink:humiliation 
may 2012
Charles/Erik, BDSM, dom!Charles, sub!Erik
So I was checking out this wonderful picture:

And I wanted to read a fic where dom!Charles and sub!Erik are spending their first night together as a married couple. It's an arranged marriage btw.

And then Charles sees his sub all tied and pretty for him. And then there's sex.
!prompt  meme:xmen_firstkink  fandom:xmfc  pair:charles/erik  kink:bondage  kink:d/s  trope:au  kink:marriage 
may 2012
Erik/Charles Avengers/XMFC If Erik was Hawkeye and Charles was Black widow
Basically what it says in the subject, Erik as Hawkeye who sent to kill Charles on SHIELD's orders but instead spares him and offers him a place as an agent.

It can follow the plot of The Avengers movie or something similar (either with x men characters factored in or the original cast) but I'd prefer if it was Erik goes against orders and goes to hunt down Shaw and Charles who feels he owes Erik goes with him. Take the plot from there but as long as there's a moment where one gets injured and they have to stop for the night and certain truths come to light and the sexual tension is addressed the only way it can be -- with sex.


Yes Charles wears a tight fitting suit which is very distracting.

Charles does the master thigh hold (it's Erik's favorite move)

Erik can shoot a target while looking in the opposite direction

Charles calls rematch on the fight with Erik in training and kicks his ass and the sexual tension doubles.

Everyone is BAMF in this.
!prompt  meme:xmen_firstkink  fandom:xmfc  fandom:avengers  pair:charles/erik  trope:fusion  kink:ust 
may 2012
Charles/Erik - imprinting
"Mr. Lensherr I presume?"

He nodded, "I work sub-level 9-1 janitorial."

"Ah yes. Well it seems we're in a bit of a predicament."

"How so?"

"The subject sprayed you with a mist-like substance, did it not?"

Erik nodded.

"It seems Subject X-163, or Charles as Dr. McCoy calls him, has decided you're his mate."

Well shit.
!prompt  meme:xmen_firstkink  pair:charles/erik  fandom:xmfc  kink:soulbonding  kink:mating  kink:possessiveness 
may 2012
Charles/Erik, Charles is a (fake) stage hypnotist, mind control, dubcon
In a powered AU, Charles' estate is all tied up in legal battles with his stepfather, and so Charles is making his living as a stage hypnotist, who puts on those goofy and comedic shows where volunteers cluck like a chicken on stage, or something. Of course Charles is just using his telepathy rather than any actual hypnotism.

So he's not the most morally upright guy. And so sometimes Charles nudges certain audience members he'd like to see come up on stage, such as any attractive German sharks who might have gotten dragged there by their co-workers. And then maybe Charles implants the suggestion to come back and visit his dressing room after the show. Cue sexytimes.

In fact, if any anons are inclined to only do a minifill, you can skip the stage show part and go straight to the bit where Erik is knocking on the dressing room door, wondering to himself why he came back stage, and how he knew exactly where the dressing room is.
!prompt  fandom:xmfc  meme:xmen_firstkink  kink:mind.control  pair:charles/erik  trope:au 
may 2012
Charles/Erik war of the loudest sex
Charles and Erik are roommates who don't want to admit they have feelings for eachother. One night somehow they wind up in bed together and Charles doesn't want a relationship (he broke up with his boyfriend a month ago and he's finally getting use to being single) and Erik is furious when Charles sleeps with his ex out of pity (maybe the poor guy is having a shit day, got fire or something, either way PITY SEX).

When Charles comes back to their apartment, Erik is having really loud and obnoxious sex with someone and despite having told Erik he didn't want a relationship, he's jealous.

Over the next week or so, both bring someone home and have ridiculously loud sex with them, trying to outdo each other.
!prompt  meme:xmen_firstkink  fandom:xmfc  pair:charles/erik  kink:jealousy  kink:casual 
may 2012
Where the Brave Dare Not Go by Telesilla
John Sheppard has had over twenty years to come to grips with the fact that every four or five weeks, he turns into a mountain lion. Like most Were, he accepts that that's just the way it is, and so he's not particularly interested when he learns that researchers at the local university are trying to to develop drugs that will help Were control their cycles. Then he meets Dr. Rodney McKay, a brilliant but irascible biochemist with reasons of his own for spearheading the university's Were research and John suddenly finds himself struggling with more than just his attraction to McKay.
fandom:sga  @telesilla  pair:john/rodney  trope:au  kink:were  podfic:recorded!  !fic 
may 2012
Slacker - padawanhilary, Telesilla - Star Wars Prequel Trilogy [Archive of Our Own]
Slacker is the story of Jon, a middle-aged high school teacher and Ben, one of his students. This work contains sex between an adult and a seventeen year old and descriptions of drug abuse, so if that sort of thing is an issue for you, please use your back button now.
!fic  fandom:star.wars  @telesilla  @hily  #20.000-50.000  pair:qui/obi  podfic:to.record 
may 2012
Steve/Howard & Steve/Tony
Steve and Howard hooked up during WWII and then, once Steve is in 2011, he hooks up with Tony. Tony already has a bunch of issues with his father so when he finds out Steve slept with his father, he's not happy. I want angst and emotion and preferably, not a fluffy, happy ending.
!prompt  meme:capkink  fandom:avengers  pair:steve/tony  pair:steve/howard  kink:angst  kink:substitute  kink:double 
may 2012
Steve/Tony, previous Steve/Howard
Steve and Tony are in the beginnings of their relationship (hot sex all the time, talking all night because neither of them sleep much), and the inevitable conversation about Howard Stark rolls around.

Turns out Steve and Howard had a bit more going on than anyone realized, and Tony has no idea how to process the information.

How it all turns out is up to author!anon, but bonus points for angry sex at some point, and extra bonus points for a happy ending.

HELENS NOTE TO SELF: AU of the B&D Steve/Howard Steve/Tony 'verse
!prompt  meme:capkink  fandom:avengers  pair:steve/tony  pair:steve/howard  kink:angst  kink:double  kink:substitute  kink:anger  kink:in.heat 
may 2012
More Than I Can Stand by fengirl88
Logan's attraction to Erik makes Charles want to stake a claim.
!fic  @fengirl88  fandom:xmfc  pair:charles/erik  kink:jealousy 
may 2012
A Grain of Contempt (The Whatever Words We Have Remix) by Unforgotten
Charles says he won't respond to what he's not meant to hear - but he does, with every frown, with every sigh and change of subject. There are times when he hints around out loud too, for all he swears he won't. And he's not subtle about it either.
!fic  @unforgotten  fandom:xmfc  pair:charles/erik  #01.000-02.000  podfic:to.record 
april 2012
anatsuno's podfic
Podfic by the lovely and charming anatsuno!
!podfic  @anatsuno 
april 2012
Charles/Erik, D/s, modern AU
Dashing confident paraplegic Dom Charles sweeps quiet BAMF sub Erik off his feet.

World-building up to the authors, but a spot of action/adventure would be nice.

Bonus: with or without telepathy, Charles is actually unaware that he made that big an impression and that Erik thinks he is the most gorgeous thing since purple leather jackets.
!prompt  meme:xmen_firstkink  fandom:xmfc  pair:charles/erik  element:disability  trope:au  kink:d/s 
april 2012
Want Some, Get Some by airspaniel
Wesley and Fox, through Wesley's development in the movie. Also contains mindblowing het. Mmph.
!fic  fandom:wanted  pair:wesley/fox  @airspaniel  kink:first-time  kink:danger  kink:cunnilingus  element:het 
april 2012
Charles/Erik, Porn Stars
Erik actually takes his job as a porn star seriously - he keeps himself in peak physical condition, chooses his projects well, and is always interested in new experiences.

Which is why, against the advice of his manager, he shows an interest in disabled porn. And that's how he meets Charles, a gorgeous wheelchair user and fellow porn actor who explains to Erik what they're going to do in this video in great detail.

Bonus points: I would like this to be like a real porn shoot. So there's makeup people, camera guys and other people milling around, there's lunch breaks where the guys chat and bond, there's a generous amount of preparation before the actual scene begins and so on.
!prompt  fandom:xmfc  meme:xmen_firstkink  pair:charles/erik  element:disability  trope:au  kink:porn 
april 2012
Charles/Erik, Wearing Erik's Clothes.
Repost from Round 5:


I can't get enough of fills with Charles wearing Erik's clothes which results in Erik being all aroused and possessive, so really, any fill to do with this but I would kind of prefer it if there was no established relationship.

Perhaps whilst they are recruiting Charles' luggage gets misplaced at the airport/train station and he ends up sharing Erik's clothes for a day or two before he gets it back, unconsciously driving Erik mad as he flounces about the city and there motel rooms smelling like Erik 24/7.

Or perhaps a couple of nights into their recruitment Charles mistakes one of Erik's shirts as one of his night shirts and proceeds to wear it to bed every, single, night, with Erik sleeping on the bed near him knowing it's his shirt (I dunno, he sews flecks of metal into his clothes so he is never without a weapon?) that is wrapping around Charles' body every time he tosses in his sleep.

Basically this all accumulates to Erik's self control snapping and pretty much pouncing on an oblivious Charles who is more than happy to oblige Erik's intentions of defiling him (because he's a gentlemen like that)

Bonus if Erik makes Charles keep Erik's shirt/turtleneck/polo/whatever on while they have sex


The original OP's bonus: OP would also not say no to at one point for Erik to get ridiculously aroused at seeing the outline of Charles' nipples through one of Erik's shirts.
!prompt  pair:charles/erik  fandom:xmfc  meme:xmen_firstkink  kink:first-time  kink:clothes  kink:possessiveness  trope:meet-cute 
april 2012
Erik/Charles Spy AU BAMF!Charles BAMF!Erik warnings: Violence
Inspired by the quote - "It'd be a pretty cold bastard who didn't want revenge for the death of someone he loved." From the Quantum of Solace movie.

Agent Max Eisenhardt (Erik Lehnsherr) the best agent and assassin of the British intelligence goes rouge after Shaw kills his lover (Charles). While he's hunting Shaw, an alive and very much well Charles Xaiver is forced to get back in contact with the CIA and M (Moria) of the british intelligent to try and stop Erik. Charles is an agent of the CIA which Erik didn't know about.

Lots of angsty dark Erik please very much a mixture of the James Bond in Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace.

And I'd like Charles to be a mix of Vesper (Casino Royale) and Jinx (Day Another Day) at least the flirty element but can very much handle Erik.
!prompt  meme:xmen_firstkink  pair:charles/erik  fandom:xmfc  trope:au 
april 2012
Charles/Other (Brandon), Shame fusion. (spoilers for the movie Shame)
Note: If any potential author wishes, this can be Erik instead of Brandon.

During the scene where Brandon's sister is having sex with his boss in his apartment and on his bed, instead of going out for a jog to escape the noise, he ends up sitting just outside his apartment door on the ground, head in his hands.

Sweet natured Charles Xavier lives only three doors down and they are on friendly terms even if they don't talk much. On his own way to his apartment after a late night at the university, Charles sees Brandon sitting outside in the hallway and offers to let him kip on Charles' couch and Brandon agrees.

Neither of them gets around to sleeping as they end up talking through the entire night and enjoying each other's company.

From that point on, Charles apartment becomes like a refuge for Brandon every time he needs to get away from his sister/his life.

It's a perfect friendship for awhile, up until one day when Brandon finds himself wanking/having sex and realizes he's in fact fantasizing about Charles' ruby red lips wrapped around his dick, Charles who is on his hands and knees with Brandon balls deep inside him, Charles as nothing more than beautiful, whimpering mess splayed out on Brandon's sheets.

He's lusting after Charles; and Brandon knows this will fuck up everything, one of the only good things he thinks he's got going for him at he moment.

What happens next is up to whomever :D
!prompt  meme:xmen_firstkink  fandom:xmfc  fandom:shame  pair:charles/erik  pair:charles/brandon  kink:friendship  trope:crossover 
april 2012
Charles/Erik - watersports, exhibitionism
Charles takes over Erik's bladder control one day and enjoys watching him squirm as he becomes more and more desparate. Erik notices early on what's going on, but doesn't stop Charles. Gradually during the evening, Charles takes over all of Erik's muscle control, and back in their room that night, he gives it back one muscle/limb at a time, ending with Erik's bladder and Erik can do nothing but let go.

A week or so later, Erik decides to get back at Charles at some sort of public event (anything if AU, CIA or group mansion meeting if not). Charles is already clearly squirming and uncomfortable, so Erik just thinks of as many water noises as possible, how good it feels to let go, etc. Erik's got his hands down his pants under the table, getting off on Charles' face and their mental dialogue, and Charles tries to freeze everyone at the table when neither of them can hold back any longer.
!prompt  meme:xmen_firstkink  pair:charles/erik  kink:watersports  kink:exhibitionism  kink:mind.control  fandom:xmfc 
april 2012
minifill by anonymous (wip)
A high school AU, powered, with disabled!Charles. A meet-cute with Erik (prompter asked for asthma-attack!Erik). Nawww.
!wip  fandom:xmfc  pair:charles/erik  @anonymous  element:disability  kink:romance  kink:fluff 
april 2012
Charles/Erik, Misunderstanding and Prostitution, wheelchair sex
This is the first time since he got paralyzed that Charles gets chatted up, and by such a handsome guy as well. Charles is thinking about taking Erik home with him, when Erik starts talking prices.

Of course. How could Charles have been so stupid as to think that such a stunning man would be interested in him rather than his check book?

Partly because he's embarrassed to admit he didn't recognize Erik's flirtation as a business move, partly because he really hasn't had sex in ages and is getting a little desperate, he agrees to hire Erik.
!prompt  fandom:xmfc  meme:xmen_firstkink  pair:charles/erik  element:disability  kink:prostitution 
april 2012
Charles/Erik - masseur, non-con
Charles is a masseur and Erik is a regular client who always falls asleep on the table during massages. Charles takes more and more sexual liberties with Erik while he's asleep (hand on his cock, fingering his hole) and it escalates until one visit he drugs Erik and fucks him on the table.

OP doesn't care who the masseur is, tbh, as long as filler makes it extra hot and creepy. :P
!prompt  meme:xmen_firstkink  pair:charles/erik  fandom:xmfc  kink:noncon  kink:massage  kink:first-time  kink:unconscious 
april 2012
Charles/Erik, Logan/Wesley, Erik/Wesley, Charles/Logan, Twin Swap
Erik is dating Wesley. Logan is dating Charles. Soon they find out that twins aren't completely interchangeable, and that Erik is actually interested in Charles, and Logan has much more patience and good will towards Wesley.
!prompt  meme:xmen_firstkink  fandom:xmfc  fandom:wanted  trope:crossover  pair:charles/logan  pair:erik/wesley  pair:charles/erik  pair:logan/wesley  trope:au  kink:double 
april 2012
Charles/Erik Tea Room/Cottaging TW Public Sex
Erik and Charles both go to the local park's rather notorious public toilet for quick, anonymous sex. Charles has been hanging out in the park all day casing the toilet but so far nothing has happened. Just as he is about to give up he notices someone else is also hanging about…
!prompt  meme:xmen_firstkink  fandom:xmfc  pair:charles/erik  kink:public  kink:anonymous  kink:first-time 
april 2012
Charles/Erik, porn star AU (repost)
Charles has lost his longtime job, thanks to the recession, and if he can't find something to help make the rent he's going to loose his apartment, too. He's so desperate he's willing to do anything short of selling himself, and, he finds, even that point is negotiable.

When Charles finds out that a good friend is supplementing her income by stripping down in front of a webcam, he initially scoffs. But as the funds in his bank account dwindle down to almost nothing, he throws propriety (and his shame) out the window and asks his friend for help setting up his own web-porn business.

At first Charles keeps things strictly vanilla - just taking off his clothes and touching himself - but as he gets more and more viewers he gets bolder and starts introducing toys. Charles loves the money that's coming in but, if he's completely honest with himself, he loves the attention more. Of course he'd be completely mortified if he ever met any of his online paramours in real life.

It's not that Erik can't get dates, it's just that after a broken engagement and a string of enjoyable, but empty one-night-stands he just can't muster up the energy to get back in the dating scene. It's so much easier to open up his laptop and log on to his new favorite site. 'Professor X' is seriously hot, and the times when he's not doing wonderfully wicked things to himself, he's engaging the people in his chat room in honestly witty and intelligent conversation. Erik knows it's stupid, but he's smitten with the webcam guy. Of course it's harmless. And futile. After all, it's not like Erik's ever going to look up one day from a stall at the Farmer's Market and see 'Professor X' across the way carefully inspecting some tomatoes. Except he totally does. The webcam guy is nice, and sweet, and named Charles, and with one shy smile Erik is in way over his head.

Charles is amazing, but nowhere near as adventurous as his alter-ego, so Erik, while sweet Charles is in his bed, wild 'Professor X' is still on his computer. Erik thinks about coming clean, but chickens out every time.

Then, the inevitable happens. After another night of not being able to convince Charles to get a little kinky, Erik's frustrated - especially since just a few hours earlier he was watching 'Professor X' do absolutely filthy things to himself via instructions from the strangers in his chat room - he slips up and outs himself as one of Charles' clients. The fall-out's not pretty, and Erik tries desperately to convince Charles he's not some crazy stalker, even though he kind of is...
!prompt  meme:xmen_firstkink  fandom:xmfc  pair:charles/erik  kink:prostitution  kink:porn  kink:exhibitionism  kink:voyeurism 
april 2012
Charles/Erik, Round 3 Repost, Masturbation (warnings for hints of dub con)
Original Prompt:

It's a hot night in a hotel room during their cross-country mutant collecting montage and Charles is sleeping only a pair of boxers, tangled in his sheets.

Erik (who has been fighting his attraction for Charles since the get go) finds the sight far too arousing to pass up and indulges himself in a slow wank at the image from one bed over. Charles, even while asleep, is very susceptible to the minds around him and begins to caress his own body while unconscious due to Erik's arousal.

Author can choose to have Charles wake up or not, don't really mind just as long as their is a bulk of Erik eye-raping the shit out of Charles who is sleeping while Erik masturbates.

Also noting (for rather hot imagery) that another commenter on this prompt said that they would like "Charles not to wake up, but rather have a very hot wet dream that leaves him moaning and gasping and rutting against the mattress while Erik watches/masturbates"
!prompt  fandom:xmfc  meme:xmen_firstkink  pair:charles/erik  kink:masturbation  kink:sleepy  kink:dreams  kink:telepathy  kink:first-time  kink:exhibitionism 
april 2012
Charles/Erik .Charles afraid of commitment,UST.Top!Charles(please?)
annon/AU where Charles and Erik are obviously in love/want each other.

No one has maybe a move yet, clearly ,due Charles background and personality he iniciates the physical aspects on their "relationship", claiming to himself that eventhough Erik is a dear friend ,he is not in love with him, but wants to bed him so badly.

Erik on the other hand doesn't what to screw this thing up, it has been so long since something this good has happened to him, so long story short he wants things with Charles to go well.
So after Charles iniciates the physcial aspect(i.e. kissing shoving against a wall, I dunno) on their relationship
confessions are giving and charles wants erik right in that moment(since Charles is so used to one night stands with both women and men), but Erik wants to wait to make things actually work.Charles is not used to
meaninful long relationship, and is afraid of commitment.
He is not stranger to loved ppl, but doesn't know how to mantain relationships. In reference of Raven's "I'm your only friend" ; and you know his relationship with Raven didn't go that well either..

fluff and UST all around! :'D
top!Charles(please?maybe?*big puppy eyes*)
!prompt  fandom:xmfc  meme:xmen_firstkink  pair:charles/erik  kink:ust 
april 2012
Charles/Erik - AU, Underage!Charles, Doctor!Erik, pining
Charles is 16-17ish, and has some kind of health problem (life threatening or not, up to the author), and can rarely leave the mansion. Erik is a young handsome doctor that is hired by the Xaviers to frequently visit and take care of him.
Cue: Charles falling in love with his doctor, awkward physical check ups, and Erik questioning his morals.
powers/no powers is up to the author :)
!prompt  fandom:xmfc  meme:xmen_firstkink  pair:charles/erik  trope:au  kink:ust  element:disability 
april 2012
Charles/Erik - Post divorce, total fluffy crack
Charles loves having sex with Erik. Erik loves having sex with Charles.
The problem? They now find themselves as leaders of opposing factions of an imminent human/mutant war, and sexual relations could hardly be condoned
The solution? Every few weeks Erik "kidnaps" a member of the X-Men and Charles is "forced" to have sex with him for their safe return

Bonus marks if Charles is the one to suggest this arrangement and Erik is a little slow on the uptake (i.e. 'Oh, you devilishly attractive fiend! I'd never have sex with you to ensure the safety of my team!' 'What? No, no, Charles! I would never ask you to do that!')

Extra bonus points for eye-rolling teammates and kinky metal bondage.
!prompt  fandom:xmfc  meme:xmen_firstkink  pair:charles/erik  kink:roleplay 
april 2012
Charles/Erik + Darwin - Modern Powered AU - Awkward Roommate
Darwin is a college freshmen who ends up being roomed with a senior, Erik Lensherr. The man and his powers are pretty intimidating, but Darwin is a pretty relaxed guy. Erik doesn't bother him and he tries not to bother Erik. Then Darwin finds himself being introduced to his roommate's grad student boyfriend, Charles.

Darwin can adapt to many things, but over the months he is learning way too much about his roommate's love life.
!prompt  fandom:xmfc  pair:charles/erik  character:darwin  kink:voyeurism  kink:college  trope:au 
april 2012
Charles/Erik, self-arranged marriage
When they were children, Charles and Erik promised to marry each other when they're grown up. Now, Erik is grown up, and no thought of Charles has entered his since elementary school.

So imagine his surprise when suddenly this British guy turns up, hugs him and goes, "Good, I thought you might already have someone. But you don't, so we can proceed as planned. I think a ceremony at the mansion would be nice, the kids would be thrilled! Oh, yes, I run a school now, what do you do?"
!prompt  meme:xmen_firstkink  fandom:xmfc  pair:charles/erik  kink:marriage 
april 2012
Erik/Charles , drunk!Charles makes Erik jealous
Erik is sure that there's something going on between him and Charles but whenever they go out drinking, Charles gets drunk and starts flirting with everybody else which makes Erik extremely jealous. At first Erik thinks he was wrong about their realtionship but after so many evenings spent drinking and playing chess, he decides that he simply cannot take it anymore.

Basically, I want to see him jealous and possessive!
fandom:xmfc  meme:xmen_firstkink  !prompt  pair:charles/erik  kink:jealousy  kink:first-time 
april 2012
Alex/Darwin, D/s with Darwin as Dom and Alex as sub, with powers
Darwin makes Alex feel safe to be with someone and that he's safe for someone to be with him.

Can be an occasional addition to their sex life, lifestyle BDSM, or one of those AUs where everyone is either a Dom or a sub. I would prefer a modern-day AU, but it's up to the author! I have no real squicks when it comes to kinks.
!prompt  meme:xmen_firstkink  fandom:xmfc  pair:alex/armando  kink:d/s  trope:au 
april 2012
Charles/Erik, fisting
I would vastly appreciate Erik Lensherr bent over the furniture of your choice, groaning incoherently, with Charles Xavier's fist up his ass.

Post-Cuba is quite welcome but not necessary.
!prompt  meme:xmen_firstkink  pair:charles/erik  fandom:xmfc  kink:fisting 
march 2012
Charles/Erik, driving
Erik is driving on the Epic Bromance World Tour. Charles finally makes a move WHILE Erik's driving.
!fic  pair:charles/erik  fandom:xmfc  kink:vehicles  kink:first-time  kink:oral  @anonymous 
march 2012
Erik/Charles noncon/rape that turns consensual
What the title says. Erik raping Charles and it turning consensual at some point. Would rather it be some kind of AU (maybe Charles is bought at a slave market or something) but anything works.
!prompt  meme:xmen_firstkink  pair:charles/erik  fandom:xmfc  kink:noncon 
march 2012
Charles/Erik, Sex in public bathrooms
Charles and Erik, standing at the urinal of a notorious public toilet at night.

They share a glance, Charles turns towards Erik to show off his erect cock. Erik nods appreciatively, then turns to show Charles his own rigid member. Charles' eyes widen. They don't waist any more precious seconds and make their way into one of the stalls, hands on each other's cocks.

They don't talk one word to each other until after, when one of them is almost out of the door already and the other shyly says, "Wait! Here's my number... you don't have to call! But you can, you know, if you like."
!prompt  meme:xmen_firstkink  fandom:xmfc  pair:charles/erik  kink:first-time  kink:public 
march 2012
Alex/Darwin, sex with powers
What it says on the tin: Alex and Darwin bring their powers to bed, deliberately or accidentally. Do they have sex in a fireproof room? Or in a cave somewhere? (Long-term readers of old school X-Men comics fanfic, take a bow.) Whatever works. Painplay, toys, temperature play -- bring it. That split second of adrenaline-fueled rush just before Darwin's mutant power adjusts to Alex's plasma beams, mmm.

I would prefer Darwin to top, but have absolutely no objection to them switching. I don't care if it's a modern-day AU or an AU where Darwin doesn't die in XMFC, I just want powered kinkiness. XD
!prompt  meme:xmen_firstkink  pair:alex/armando  fandom:xmfc  kink:powers 
march 2012
Modern AU Erik/Charles High School bet
Erik and Charles are the ultimate couple they've been together since the last year of high school when Charles came to live with his cousin Raven and her family due to problems at home with Kurt, Erik even followed Charles to Oxford.

They are deeply, deeply in love and are even in the process of adopting baby Jean.

So it comes as a huge shock to Charles when he's told at their high school reunion that his and Erik relationship is based a drunken bet of how long it would take Erik to bed him.
!prompt  fandom:xmfc  meme:xmen_firstkink  pair:charles/erik  trope:au 
march 2012
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