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Kalira - Tears
The story of Sokka and Zuko's lives together in moments.

(Or: ten things Zuo said while Sokka was crying.)
fandom:AtLA  year:2019  Rating:Mature  pairing:Sokka/Zuko  time-skips  hurt/comfort  fluff  minor-character-death  grief/mourning  family  words:8.000-8.500  complete 
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aoigensou - The Allergic's Guide to Dating a Cat Lover
Arthur sees Merlin while walking down the street one day and is struck by the need to meet him. The only problem? Merlin works in a cat cafe, and Arthur is highly allergic. What's a guy to do when pursuing the man of his dreams?
fandom:Merlin  year:2019  Rating:Explicit  pairing:Merlin/Arthur  AU-coffee-shop  AU-modern  mastrubation  fluff  words:8.000-8.500  WIP 
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enjolrasenthusiast - i'll be what you wanted (whatever you want me to be)
"Fyodor Dostoyevsky." There's a hand between them then, pale and elegant, long and delicate fingers extended for a handshake, and Nikolai shakes off the urge to bring them to his lips like some kind of medieval prince.
When Nikolai offers to crash a wedding as Fyodor's fake boyfriend, he doesn't expect to fall nearly as hard as he does.
fandom:Bungou_Stray_Dogs  year:2019  Rating:Mature  pairing:Fyodor/Nikolai  AU-modern  AU-mundane  comedy  mutual-pining  fake/pretend-relationship  WIP  words:8.000-8.500 
april 2019 by hear-the-rain
Tomohisa - borrow
Tooru's eyes shot open. Whoever he was spooning had black hair, but it was definitely /not/ Iwa-chan because /how could anyone have hair so messy?/
fandom:Haikyuu!!  year:2019  Rating:Not-Rated  pairing:Kuroo/Oikawa  flirting  tattoos  words:8.000-8.500  comedy 
january 2019 by hear-the-rain
dat_heichou - More than I could ask for
Izuku laughs in disbelief. Hell would freeze over before he'd ever think that Kacchan would think he of all people was hot. The more he laughs though, the more aware he becomes of the fact that Katsuki is just... staring at him, like it wasn't a joke. "That's because there's no way..." Slowly his laughter stops as his jaw falls open. "Wait... I've beaten you in a spar before... Does that mean...?"
"Unfortunately," Katsuki snorts. He shrugs lightly, as if the casual admittance isn't enough to cause Izuku's heart to stop.
In which the Wonder Duo agrees to release the stress of being pro--heroes together an discover that sometimes being friends-with-benefits can mean being better friends.
Part two of: The Benefits of Us series
fandom:My_Hero_Academia  year:2018  Rating:Mature  pairing:Katsuki/Izuku  aged-up-characters  future-fic  friends-with-benefits  hurt/comfort  mutual-pining  WIP  words:8.000-8.500  comedy 
october 2018 by hear-the-rain
bonnia - in the business of parenthood
"Oh," Todoroki says.

Unfortunately, he's noticed the lump in Katsuki's sweater and is openly staring. Mercifully, it's Todoroki, and he doesn't question it.

(or: Bakugou and Todoroki share joint custody over a cat)
fandom:My_Hero_Academia  year:2018  Rating:Mature  pairing:Katsuki/Todoroki  fluff  misunderstandings  gossip  canon-compliant  words:8.000-8.500  comedy 
march 2018 by hear-the-rain
voices_in_my_head - Grow Up
Ryota blinked again a few times, probably making some math, coming up with the realization that Shougo had a kid at eighteen.

Daiki had be recruited as a professional player, Akashi had become the youngest shougi champion, Ryota had participated in a film (although in a small part) and there Shougo had been, having a child. Well, in the long run, he was pretty sure he'd been the luckiest of them all.
fandom:Kuroko_no_basket  year:2017  Rating:General-Audiences  pairing:Haizaki/Kise  future-fic  post-canon  cute  words:8.000-8.500  kid-fic 
august 2017 by hear-the-rain
Farasha - Soft as Snow (But Warm Inside)
What should have been a ridiculous card from a fan turns ut to contain an unknown substance that is making it very hard for Yuri. In more ways than one.
fandom:Yuri_on_Ice  year:2017  Rating:Explicit  pairing:Yuuri/Yuri  drug-use  consent-issues  words:8.000-8.500  pairing:Yuuri/Victor  dubious-consent  sex-pollen 
june 2017 by hear-the-rain
Ravenesta - Three
The staff of Salt Middle School consider Kageyama Shigeo's third emergency contact.
fandom:Mob_Psycho_100  year:2017  Rating:General-Audiences  gen  outside-POV  chosen-family  canon-divergence  future-fic  injury  words:8.000-8.500 
may 2017 by hear-the-rain
voices_in_my_head - Is it like the Ocean?
God, he was Red Riding Hood except the wolf was probably veetarian and would more easily get scared of humans than the other way around.
Also known as: Todoroki Raichi is too precious for this world and Narumiya Mei has no idea what he's getting himself into.
fandom:Daiya_no_A  Rating:Teen-and-Up  pairing:Raichi/Narumiya  asexual-character  words:8.000-8.500  year:2016 
april 2016 by hear-the-rain
auzo - half remembered dream
Evangelion AU. [ Maybe I was born so that I would meet you. ] Another time loop, another dead end…
fandom:Daiya_no_A  fandom:Evangelion  pairing:Miyuki/Furuya  Rating:Teen-and-Up  time-loop  bittersweet  AU  words:8.000-8.500  year:2016  death!fic  podfic_wishlist 
march 2016 by hear-the-rain
ShanaStoryteller - Sins of the Father
Sequel to 'Son of the Desert,' part 2 of the Ishvalan AU series. Hoenheim has been gone for fifteen years. It's time for him to go home - his wife is waiting for him.
fandom:Fullmetal_Alchemist  pairing:Roy/Ed  pairing:Trisha_Elric/Van_Hohenheim  angst  Rating:Teen-and-Up  het  words:8.000-8.500  podfic_wishlist  AU  tissue-warning  year:2015  !fav-fics 
september 2015 by hear-the-rain

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