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agentsimmons - put on your cape; I need you
"You know," Barbara says as she picks through her carton of Chinese take-out, "I always assumed that Kon was your personal Superman."

Tim Drake is having a Lois Lane kind of month and Jason seems to think he's Superman.
fandom:DCU  year:2020  Rating:Teen-and-Up  pairing:Tim/Jason  attempted-rape  violence  getting-together  protective-behaviour  language  words:10.000-15.000  complete 
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firefright - By Your Words
It's just Jason's luck that his attempt to take a night off from crime fighting results in an assassin coming to kill him in his own home. What's a little more surprising, though, is that assassin turning out to be his soulmate.
fandom:DCU  year:2019  Rating:Teen-and-Up  AR  spies-and-assassins  soulmates-fic  violence  angst  words:6.500-7.000  complete  pairing:Dick/Jason  blanket-permission 
5 weeks ago by hear-the-rain
ItsjustMads - Please Start Over
In which Shizuo actually kills Izaya in Ketsu, but goes back in time to their first meeting and gets a chance to redo things.
fandom:Durarara!!  year:2019  Rating:Mature  pairing:Shizuo/Izaya  time-travel  fix-it  violence  unfinished  words:5.000-5.500 
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tastewithouttalent - When I've Got You series
"You'll find another meister partner. I'm sure there's someone better suited to your weapon type than me anyway."

After Shinra unexpectedly finds a different weapon partner, Izaya is unwilling to even consider the possibility of working with someone new until latecomer meister Heiwajima Shizuo joins Shibusen in search of a partner.
fandom:Durarara!!  fandom:Soul_Eater  fusion  year:2019  Rating:Teen-and-Up  pairing:Shizuo/Izaya  series  angst  happy-ending  violence  blood  domestic  Dom/sub  hurt/comfort  words:60.000-70.000  complete 
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kornevable - It starts as
Haizaki is being pulled, pulled, pulled deeper into Kise's claws, into this mad world that surrounds them, as if it were normal for him to fall into it in the first place as nobody acts, nobody attempts to pull them /apart/ and not together.
fandom:Kuroko_no_basket  fandom:Durarara!!  fusion  year:2019  Rating:Teen-and-Up  pairing:Haizaki/Kise  organized-crime  violence  words:1.500-2.000  complete  !fav-fics 
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TheSevenSeas - When Two Banes Cross Paths
Arthur meets a murderous clown in the train station. They walk into a train with three rich men who turn out to be astonishingly rude.

What if Heath Ledger's Joker was in the Subway when Arthur was surrounded by the Wall Street guys?
year:2019  Rating:Not-Rated  gen  mental-instability  life-imitates-art  imaginary-friends  podfic_maybelist  words:2.000-2.500  complete  murder  violence  blood  gore  fandom:DCU 
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Drag0nst0rm - For the City Sweetly Whispers
The first time Bruce hears Gotham whisper into his mind, he thinks he's going mad. By the time Gotham's killed Dick's parents and forced a child into the Robin suit, he only wishes that were true.
year:2019  Rating:Teen-and-Up  gen  family  chosen-family  adoption  horror  mythological-creatures  mystery  angst  death!fic  violence  injury  temporary-character-death  !fav-fics  happy-ending  words:10.000-15.000  complete  ff_net  fandom:DCU 
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Cutie_chan - Going Home
'Every man for himself'. That was the rule Oikawa always lived by, even before he ran away from home, and he knew that the only way to survive was to stick to that with firm belief.
But then he meets a boy with no words, and he finds out that love can flip your whole world upside down.
fandom:Haikyuu!!  year:2019  Rating:Mature  pairing:Kageyama/Oikawa  attempted-rape  child-abuse  AU  road-trips  violence  disabled-character  mute-character  hurt/comfort  angst  words:2.000-2.500  WIP 
october 2019 by hear-the-rain
langelos - Redirecting Fate
"Ah, I guess you could say I'm your older brother. Nice to meet you. From now on, please call me 'Amai-nii."

Rin meets his first demon when he is seven years old.
fandom:Ao_no_Exorcist  year:2019  Rating:Teen-and-Up  gen  cute  angst  kid-fic  panic-attacks  blood  family  bonding  violence  words:15.000-20.000  unfinished 
september 2019 by hear-the-rain
AuthorInDistress - The Games Are Never Over
Iwaizumi, Oikawa and Kageyama are Victors and live in an apartment in the Capitol, but life after the Games isn't easy and Oikawa's patience with the world begins to break.

Especially when it comes to Kaeyama Tobio being hurt.
fandom:Haikyuu!!  fandom:The_Hunger_Games  year:2019  Rating:Mature  pairing:Kageyama/Oikawa  violence  child-abuse  sex-work  heartbreaking  aged-up-characters  words:7.500-8.000  WIP  fusion 
september 2019 by hear-the-rain
Butterfree - God of This World
Walking five steps forward, there's a spot in the grass that remained untouched in the chaos.. In the center, there's an unconscious Kamado Tanjirou. He's unhurt but not miraculously. After all, how else would Muzan have his fun if he killed him too quickly?

Written for the prompt: could you do protective Zenitsu?
fandom:Kimetsu_no_Yaiba  year:2019  Rating:Teen-and-Up  pairing:Zenitsu/Tanjirou  pre-relationship  injury  violence  gore  angst  canon-divergence  open-ending  words:500-1.000  podfic_wishlist  complete 
september 2019 by hear-the-rain
LinkedSou - Scaring darkness away
There's a corpse in Zacs dumpster – his usual hideout when he's chased. And he's chased, so no choice, he hidees in the dumpster with the corpse.
Who turns out to be a living girl called Rachel Gardner, whho comes from a fucked up place like him.
He should have killed her before, but he thought he was a corpse and now it's too late: he's already beginning to get attached to that brat.

What a mistake.

It might as well be Zack's most beautiful mistake.
fandom:Angels_of_Death  year:2019  Rating:Teen-and-Up  pairing:Zack/Ray  het  AU  slow-build  time-skips  child-abuse  attempted-rape  blood  gore  violence  bonding  chosen-family  hurt/comfort  mental-abuse  physical-abuse  character-development  coming-of-age  WIP  words:240.000-260.000  !fav-fics  !reading 
september 2019 by hear-the-rain
HomeForImaginaryFriends - See You Later
Kuroo has gone off on a suicidal mission to face the boss of a powerful crime syndicate and Sawamura tries to convince himself that it's time to let him go.
fandom:Haikyuu!!  fandom:Cowboy_Bebop  year:2019  Rating:Teen-and-Up  pairing:Kuroo/Daichi  angst  hurt/comfort  aged-up-characters  AU-space  violence  blood  happy-ending  open-ending  podfic_maybelist  words:5.000-5.500  complete  fusion 
august 2019 by hear-the-rain
SurelyHeavenWaits - Who's fooling who?
Bakugou Katsuki will do absolutely anything for his daughter, and not just because he promised her mother that he'd keep her safe. He loves her with every fibeer of his being.

And if that means fake-dating the man he's loved since high school to prevent his dughter from being taken away then he'll do it, no matter the consequences.
fandom:My_Hero_Academia  year:2019  Rating:Mature  pairing:Katsuki/Izuku  kid-fic  fake/pretend-relationship  mutual-pining  fluff  violence  aged-up-characters  words:10.000-15.000  complete 
july 2019 by hear-the-rain
RyMagnatar - Little Caesar
When the bucket comes spiraling out f the girl shaped hole in the universe, a little orange card comes tumbling with it. You, Eridan Ampora, are the only one who notices the card and the strange little egg that's trapped inside of it.

But you can't keep a secret that keeps on growing.
fandom:Homestuck  year:2019  Rating:Mature  pairing:Eridan/Dave  AU  hurt/comfort  violence  injury  imprisonment  happy-ending  words:10.000-15.000  complete 
july 2019 by hear-the-rain
jooheon - even if the skies get rough
Around the time Marowe stopped answering his texts, the sirens stopped, too. Jean was out of beer. He was sitting in the living room with a half-empty handle of vodka in his hand whn he heard a jarring screech of tires from the sidewalk. Lightheaded, stumbling, he made it to the window just in time to see a big black SUV roll to a shuddering halt on the lawn, and Eren Jaeger tumble out of the driver's seat.
fandom:Attack_on_Titan  year:2019  Rating:Mature  pairing:Jean/Eren  AU  zombies  violence  blood  injury  death!fic  minor-character-death  open-ending  words:10.000-15.000  complete 
july 2019 by hear-the-rain
Roquel - Boquet de Flores
Las flores brotan de la noche a la mañana como si fueran lunares aunque se asemejan más a tatuajes tenues.
Con dieciséis años Izuku no posee una flor, pero en su memoria destella el rofo de los gladiolos contra la piel de Katsuki. Es el recuerdo que tiene y con él se aviva su deseo de volver a casa; pero las cosas nunca son fáciles.
fandom:My_Hero_Academia  year:2019  Rating:Mature  pairing:Katsuki/Izuku  Spanish  Alpha-Beta-Omega  slavery  violence  kidnapping  imprisonment  tattoos  soulmates-fic  slow-build  mutual-pining  WIP  words:240.000-260.000 
june 2019 by hear-the-rain
guiltipanda - Safe House
Regardless of what his lifestyle might lead others to believe, Izuku really didin't have a death wish. On that note, he was painfully aware that he was lingering in an alleyway that was only growing darker with every passing minute, next to a murder scene, with a potentially very dangerous villain about whose crimes and quirk he knew absolutely nothing.

/I have to get out of here/
fandom:My_Hero_Academia  year:2019  Rating:Mature  pairing:Katsuki/Izuku  AU  violence  murder  stalking  mental-instability  eating-disorders  enemies-to-lovers  slow-build  character-study  bisexual-character  organized-crime  !fav-fics  WIP  words:25.000-30.000  !reading 
june 2019 by hear-the-rain
distortionist - corrupted
Akutagawa felt tears welling up in his eyes. The feeling of tears dripping down his cheeks and the pain in his throat were strange and unfamiliar; He couldn't remember the last time he had ever cried.
fandom:Bungou_Stray_Dogs  year:2019  Rating:General-Audiences  pairing:Akutagawa/Chuuya  violence  blood  angst  words:1.000-1.500  complete 
june 2019 by hear-the-rain
weilongfu - The moments after
Loosely based off of "A Moment"

Changcheng vows to himself that he would live one thousand times one thousand lifetimes in service, doing only good deeds if it meant that in each of those lifetimes Shuzhi was by his side. Despite his best wishes, the Wheel of Reincarnation is not that kind. (Un)Fortunately, he has his gay gods Zhao Yunlan and Shen Wei on his side. Da Qing just wants some more snacks damn it.
fandom:Guardian  year:2019  Rating:Mature  pairing:Shen_Wei/Zhao_Yulan  pairing:Chu_Shuzhi/Guo_Changcheng  reincarnation  violence  AU-Gods  post-canon  ensemble  words:15.000-20.000  complete 
june 2019 by hear-the-rain
midwich - The Nature of the Beast
It only took a second of further observation for McCree to realize that something was off.
Hanzo was slowly and meticulously licking the blood from his fingers.
AKA sometimes the dragons can take over Hanzo during intense battles and turn him into a savage animal, but McCree's the one who's losing his mind. Because Hanzo being extra scary makes him extra hot, apparently.
fandom:Overwatch  year:2019  Rating:Mature  pairing:McCree/Hanzo  violence  blood  danger-kink  words:5.000-5.500  complete 
june 2019 by hear-the-rain
Glenraven - Burn and Rise
Chuuya finds Akutagawa still bent over on the floor, panting and coughing, with blood dripping from his split lip.
"Are you gonna be okay, kid?" Chuuya asks, then mentally whacks himself for calling the other guy a kid. If Akutagawa's a kid, then so is Chuuya.

Akutagawa takes a rattling breath, pushing himself up so that he's still kneeling but at least his bangs aren't sweeping the dirty warehouse floor. His cravat and chin are blood-staned and there's a rather spectacular bruise forming on his cheek. Cuuya clenches his gloved hands into fists. If he didn't know that his interference will only make things worse, he would give Dazai a real beating for how he's treating his apprentice.
fandom:Bungou_Stray_Dogs  year:2019  Rating:Teen-and-Up  pairing:Akutagawa/Chuuya  pre-relationship  pre-canon  violence  abuse  human-AU  pining  words:2.000-2.500  complete 
may 2019 by hear-the-rain
zigur - what remains
Akutagawa doesn't know much about him, has only seen him in glances and blurs as he walks by or away, red hair stark agianst dark clothes.
fandom:Bungou_Stray_Dogs  year:2019  Rating:Teen-and-Up  pairing:Akutagawa/Chuuya  violence  hurt/comfort  pre-canon  abuse  dissociation  canon-compliant  pre-relationship  words:2.000-2.500  complete 
may 2019 by hear-the-rain
zigur - warm blood
He tries to forget about it, to respect the fact that it's none of his business, but that doesn't work either. Chuuya was always a mixture of overly stubborn and equally curious–the minute he feels the need to act, to know, to explore, it becomes impossible to ignore or to let go, no matter how hard he tries.
fandom:Bungou_Stray_Dogs  year:2019  Rating:Teen-and-Up  pairing:Akutagawa/Chuuya  post-canon  blood  injury  getting-together  fluff  cute  violence  words:10.000-15.000 
april 2019 by hear-the-rain
TheGreatCatsby - Fighters
The ways in which Chuuya and Akutagawa form some kind of relationship where they thought they couldn't have one.
fandom:Bungou_Stray_Dogs  year:2019  Rating:Teen-and-Up  pairing:Akutagawa/Chuuya  hurt/comfort  heartwarming  blood  violence  injury  words:6.500-7.000 
april 2019 by hear-the-rain
DeadFreckledBoys - Undercurrents
Kageyama was supposed to join the Navy. Oikawa was supposed to sink a ship. Becoming a pirate wasn't on either of their agendas. A tale of hunting for treasure, seeking revenge, and falling in love along the way.
fandom:Haikyuu!!  year:2019  Rating:Teen-and-Up  pairing:Kageyama/Oikawa  au  pirates  comedy  enemies-to-lovers  chosen-family  violence  slow-build  WIP  words:20.000-25.000  !fav-fics 
february 2019 by hear-the-rain
mugen - can't you see that she's danger
Sometimes Saeko brings her to places it's easy to never come back from, bars tucked away in alleyways, with cheap sake and imported liquor and songs that haven't been on the top charts for years playing in the background.
fandom:Haikyuu!!  year:2019  Rating:Mature  pairing:Alisa/Saeko  femslash  AU  violence  murder  podfic_maybelist  words:0-500 
january 2019 by hear-the-rain
Engineer104 - Dueling Hearts
The king of a planet that Voltron is attempting to sway to the Coalition misinterprets the nature of Lance's relationship with Pidge...and promptly challenges him to a duel for her hand in marriage. Lance accepts immediately, much to his teammates' (especially Pidge's) mortification. The only problem? Lance still hasn't figured out how to unlock his bayard's broadsword form at will.
fandom:Voltron:Legendary_Defender  year:2018  Rating:Teen-and-Up  pairing:Lance/Pidge  het  canon-divergence  aged-up-characters  mutual-pining  jealousy  blood  violence  kidnapping  imprisonment  words:35.000-40.000  happy-ending  friendships  complete  !fav-fics 
november 2018 by hear-the-rain
kylieno - follow the moon
Katsuki had told him not to come. Deku didn't listen, following him through the warp gate and straight into the heart of the League. Now, trapped and surrounded by dangerous criminals, Katsuki must find a way to protect both himself and his injured childhood friend.

It's too bad everyone in the room wants him dead.
fandom:My_Hero_Academia  year:2018  Rating:Teen-and-Up  pairing:Katsuki/Izuku  canon-divergence  hurt/comfort  angst  injury  violence  words:15.000-20.000 
november 2018 by hear-the-rain
scribblscrabbl - General Relativity
This isn't a glitch, it's a reset, the second chance he knew better than to hope for but hoped for anyway like a fever he couldn't sweat out. It's the universe telling him that if he does it right, he'll pay his debts and then some, because he can keep the story from ending here. He can save the story. And to save the story, he needs to save the hero.
fandom:Inception  year:2018  Rating:Mature  pairing:Arthur/Eames  sci-fi  time-loop  violence  future-fic  aliens  words:10.000-15.000 
november 2018 by hear-the-rain
2degreesabouvefreezing - Luck
Katsuki Bakugou, a successful and solitary alpha, likes living alone. He has never really wanted to find a partner, omegas just annoy him... that is... until a badly hurt and memoryless omega is thrown into his life. Is this misfortune or a stroke of luck?
fandom:My_Hero_Academia  year:2018  Rating:Mature  pairing:Katsuki/Izuku  Alpha-Beta-Omega  aged-up-characters  drama  one-sided  pairing:Izuku/Todoroki  objectification  violence  WIP  amnesia-fic  words:90.000-100.000 
november 2018 by hear-the-rain
arifail - you said you'd keep me honest (but i won't call you on it)
Deku wasn't Katsuki's problem so there really wasn't any good reason for him to be standing outside the nerd's door, hollering loud enough to wake the dead.

Or for Deku to be opening the door looking like the dead Katsuki had woken up.
fandom:My_Hero_Academia  year:2018  Rating:Teen-and-Up  pairing:Katsuki/Izuku  AU-mundane  vampires  pre-relationship  violence  blood  injury  death!fic  art  happy-ending  words:10.000-15.000  complete  AU-school 
november 2018 by hear-the-rain
infectedscrew - Spider's Web
When a series of seemingly random attacks all over Musutafu leave civillians and herows alike Quirkless, Inspector Midoriya is put on the case. Little does he know, he'll be teaming up with the only person who has come out of an attack unscathed and Quirk intact--Katsuki Bakugou.
fandom:My_Hero_Academia  year:2018  Rating:Mature  pairing:Katsuki/Izuku  violence  aged-up-characters  AU  slow-build  adventure  case-fic  words:35.000-40.000 
october 2018 by hear-the-rain
keishn - mountain flowers
"Looking for something?" he asks, twirling the handle of Eren's dagger--Eren's favorite, most prized, enchanted Elven dagger--between his fingers.
fandom:Attack_on_Titan  fandom:Skyrim  year:2018  Rating:Teen-and-Up  pairing:Jean/Eren  fantasy  spies-and-assassins  violence  podfic_wishlist  one-shot  words:2.000-2.500  complete  fusion 
october 2018 by hear-the-rain
KateCake - You Make Me Feel Breathless
Bakugou's hanging out with friends at the mall when a little boy's quirk manifests. All he wanted was a new video game; now he's being forced to stand around with a bunch of extras while the rent-a-bops try to figure out how large the area of effect is. It's a pain in the ass really. It's not like he's coughing up fucking flowers.

He just wishes his lungs would actually process oxygen so he can stop feeling so damn breathless all the time.
fandom:My_Hero_Academia  year:2018  Rating:Teen-and-Up  pairing:Katsuki/Kaminari  canon-compliant  hanahaki-disease  fluff  angst  vomit  injury  violence  blood  words:40.000-45.000  bittersweet 
october 2018 by hear-the-rain
DWcryptid - Sheep in wolves clothing
-don't go into the woods at night. It's a self explanatory warning but apparently not even passing near them in a vehicle is 100% safe. Especially not when all the news stations are warning of an unknown threat. Unluckily for Izuku it's the only route home.
fandom:My_Hero_Academia  year:2018  Rating:Mature  pairing:Katsuki/Izuku  AU  hybrids  werewolves  animal-transformation  shapeshifters  xenophilia  biting  violence  WIP  words:15.000-20.000 
october 2018 by hear-the-rain
mybrotherharry - Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful Boy
The first time Jarvis holds little Anthony in his arms, he is overwhelmed by emotion that is surprising in its intensity. When little Anthony's palm curves around his finger, Jarvis ducks his head to keep the others from seeing the wetness in his eyes.

"Hello Master Anthony," he whispers into the little ear, tugging the bundle of blankets closer to his heart.
fandom:Marvel_universe  year:2018  Rating:General-Audiences  pairing:Steve/Tony  pairing:Rhodey/Tony  family  chosen-family  hurt/comfort  coming-of-age  violence  bad-parenting  heartwarming  words:10.000-15.000 
august 2018 by hear-the-rain
KaedeRavensdale - The Wind and the Lion
There's more than one way to end a war, more than one way to protect your people, and wedged between a rock and a hard place--or,rather, the fact that the Horde possesses the potential to create super weapons--Anduin is forced to turn to an unconventional solution which may bring the warring Factions together but will tear the Alliance apart.
What do you get when never melting ice meets ever burning fire?
fandom:World_of_Warcraft  year:2018  Rating:Mature  pairing:Sylvanas/Anduin  het  arranged-marriage  chosen-family  slow-build  violence  death!fic  enemies-to-lovers  kidnapping  words:240.000-260.000  complete 
august 2018 by hear-the-rain
ProblematicPercival - Nebulous
"I was under the impression we were here to talk about our rescue, not Ground Zero and Deku's lack of a functional relationship." Of course, half-n-half managed to condescend to him through the TV, maybe he didn't have anything going for him.

Or the Au in which Katsuki and Izuku imprinted on each other as children and ti only makes things worse because Izuku seeks him out for nestings and Katsuki is a prickly boy.
fandom:My_Hero_Academia  year:2018  Rating:Mature  pairing:Katsuki/Izuku  AU  Alpha-Beta-Omega  fluff  angst  mutual-pining  misunderstandings  aged-up-characters  kidnapping  one-sided  imprisonment  attempted-rape  violence  obsessive-behaviour  WIP  words:20.000-25.000 
june 2018 by hear-the-rain
tommino - Fighting the Surface
"Humans have shown quite the impressive drive for survival," the Galra commander grins. "I want to see you fight against that. The druids claim drowning is quite the painful way to go." He tips Lance backward over the water, as Keith and Shiro struggle against their bonds. "If you surface, they die."

Lance's eyes widen and he's pushed backwards with a splash.
fandom:Voltron:Legendary_Defender  year:2018  Rating:Teen-and-Up  gen  pairing:Keith/Lance  pre-relationship  drowning  hurt/comfort  violence  words:15.000-20.000 
may 2018 by hear-the-rain
PitchGold - Monster with a Lovely Face
The first time Lance saw his face, all he could thing about was this must be a hell constructed just for him. Rejection still raw on his flesh, Lance was thrown into a cell with--an imposter. An imposter with glowing golden eyes. It's the only sign that convinces Lance for sure--it's a monster.


Less poetically, Lance loves Shiro. But Shiro's fucking Keith-- it's a regrettable set of circumstances, at least up until Lance is captured by the Galra and thrown into a cell with a creature just human enough to appear like the love of Lance's life. But sometimes life takes a turn, and Lance finds himself less hating the monster.
fandom:Voltron:Legendary_Defender  year:2018  Rating:Mature  pairing:Kuron/Lance  violence  imprisonment  torture  blood  mental_health_issues  hurt/comfort  words:20.000-25.000 
may 2018 by hear-the-rain
GIOpet - (nkglasses) - I'm Friends with the Monster in my Closet
Denki hunched his shoulders as he got closer to the group. Everyone was leaning in to hear what he had to say

"So, what do you think his deal is?" He discretely nods to the blond leaving the lunchroom.
"He acts like a delinquent." Ochako says with a slight frown.
"Or maybe he's crazy." Mineta adds.
"Well, I think he's very cool." Kirishima joins in. He saw nothing wrong with the guy.
fandom:My_Hero_Academia  year:2018  Rating:Mature  pairing:Katsuki/Izuku  mystery  friendships  horror  death!fic  violence  blood  imaginary-friends  time-skips  words:50.000-60.000  WIP 
february 2018 by hear-the-rain
WithLoweredVoices - The Hunt
Because Tsukishima is Unseelie.
And the man with the wind-wild hair and the face of a beautiful demon is Seelie.
So Tsukishima throws his money on the table and flees.


In which everyone is a fairy and I don't mean the glittery kind.
fandom:Haikyuu!!  year:2018  Rating:Not-Rated  pairing:Kuroo/Tsukishima  pairing:Hinata/Kenma  gore  violence  blood  AU  magical-realism  death!fic  minor-character-death  angst  AU-magic  faeries  words:100.000-120.000  !fav-fics 
january 2018 by hear-the-rain
SharkbaitSekki - Twenty-Four
Izuku gets himself kidnapped, and Katsuki is dragged into it with him as they face villains with particularly terrifying illusion Quirks.

It ends up being a living nightmare, but Katsuki can't bring himself to regret following Izuku into it all. Because between the pain and the terror, between the lies and the illusions, between life and death, at least they can always hang onto one another. Even if everything else is fake, they know that they will always be real.
fandom:My_Hero_Academia  year:2017  Rating:Teen-and-Up  pairing:Katsuki/Izuku  gen  violence  death!fic  torture  kidnapping  words:15.000-20.000  happy-ending  complete 
december 2017 by hear-the-rain
cheshireree - Brace for Impact
"Not to be rude, my guy," Lanace said, "but you're wrong. You are worth it. I'm going to prove it to you."

"By doing what exactly?" Shiro asked, exasperated. "Standing outside Galra Techo with a sign? Spray-painting Zarkon's car? There's nothing you can do, Lance."

Lance held his chin up. "What if I fight you?"

Shiro blinked, jaw dropping. "What?"

"What if I fight you? What if I fight everyone on that list to get to you?" Lance explained. "if I win, you come with me. If I lose - I'll leave you alone, forever."

Or, underground fighter Shiro finally learns to hope again from a persistent guy need Lance.
fandom:Voltron:Legendary_Defender  year:2017  Rating:Teen-and-Up  pairing:Lance/Shiro  gen  pre-relationship  AU  violence  blood  friendships  heartwarming  words:15.000-20.000 
november 2017 by hear-the-rain
lalazee - Count of Three
"You asshole," Bakugou said, numb fingers fumbling as he shucked off his gloves and threw them aside. "Save two dozen people and then do this? Not on your -life-."

Quirkless Vigilante Deku AU
fandom:My_Hero_Academia  year:2017  Rating:Mature  pairing:Katsuki/Izuku  pre-relationship  violence  injury  blood  gore  angst  words:1.500-2.000 
october 2017 by hear-the-rain
GoblinCatKC - Bad Places series
Leonardo returns battered physically and mentally from a bad place. Tension builds between himself and his family as they realize that their brother has broken and become something much more dangerous.
fandom:TMNT  year:2017  Rating:Mature  gen  violence  blood  adventure  drama  angst  happy-ending  gore  words:120.000-140.000  complete 
september 2017 by hear-the-rain
sumaru - you get two moves
"The taste-smell of the kill shot lingers on Oikawa's hands fort-seven stories above the city.

A small series of Secret Agent Training Coninues To Be The Actual Worst, or: the two times Kageyama gets tied to a chair by his mentor Oikawa, and the one time they get to see the city lights together. This is probably some kind of romance.
fandom:Haikyuu!!  year:2017  Rating:Mature  pairing:Kageyama/Oikawa  AU  spies-and-assassins  blood  violence  drug-use  crossdressing  dubious-consent  power-imbalance  words:1.500-2.000 
september 2017 by hear-the-rain
ninanna - playing with fire
How things unfold and overlap, hurt and please between two people who do not see any potential in each other beside rivalry and occasional partnership.

Along the way, emotions evolve beyond their expectations, intimacy is explored and learnt, in all its colours and confusion, with some mishaps and a lot of joy. Struggling the pains of adulating on the side, to boot; welcome to your early twenties, promising pro-heroes, Todoroki Shouto and Bakugou Katsuki.
fandom:My_Hero_Academia  year:2017  Rating:Mature  pairing:Katsuki/Todoroki  post-canon  future-fic  slow-build  slice-of-life  friends-to-lovers  violence  introspection  friends-with-benefits  hurt/comfort  pining  WIP  words:100.000-120.000 
august 2017 by hear-the-rain
Witness_ME_Losers - Tango
After Endeavor hurts Todoroki, the teenager flees to Midoriya's where he is taken in, but the longer he stays the more he begins to smell of Izuku which begins to raise questions amongst the students of Class 1-A. Especially Class 1-A's most explosive student, Bakugou Katsuki, who doesn't take to the recent development very well.
fandom:My_Hero_Academia  year:2017  Rating:Mature  pairing:Multiple  pairing:Katsuki/Todoroki  pairing:Izuku/Todoroki  pairing:Izuku/Shinsou  AU  Alpha-Beta-Omega  hurt/comfort  jealousy  possessiveness  slow-build  self-indulgent-reading  violence  words:50.000-60.000  heat/rut-fic 
august 2017 by hear-the-rain
DriftingGlass - The Rhythm of Fire and Wind
Izuku Midoriya has been raised to understand that magic is forbidden, a dark art reserved for practitioners of ancient, forgotten languages and forming a natural connection to the world. Here, science and magic are one in the same.

The sign of magical blood? Words of power written into their skin.

Izuku happens to be born with only half o fa phrase on his wrist, destined to never meet the other half. A cruel omen.

Though, Izuku's dreams turn upside-down upon rescuing a dangerous, volatile man with secrets of his own. A man whom he feels an unexplainable attraction to, and who carries a very similar marking on his skin to his.

"Teach me how to use your magic," Izuku says, breathless, "and I promise to set us free"
fandom:My_Hero_Academia  year:2017  Rating:Mature  pairing:Katsuki/Izuku  AU  fantasy  soulmates-fic  violence  fluff  angst  WIP  words:15.000-20.000  possessiveness  AU-magic 
august 2017 by hear-the-rain
Subtleladybird - Shattered & Healed
Tsukishima Kei, for once in a long time wanted to cry; the pain and the events were too much for his fourteen year old mind to process and it made him feel so small even as he stood at almost the same height as his brother. Presenting was supposed to be the start of his adulthood; but to the young omega, it felt like the beginning of his end.
fandom:Haikyuu!!  year:2017  Rating:General-Audiences  pairing:Kuroo/Tsukishima  AU  Alpha-Beta-Omega  arranged-marriage  enemies-to-lovers  historical-AU  angst  slow-build  unaccepting-parents  violence  AU-royalty  words:100.000-120.000  heat/rut-fic 
july 2017 by hear-the-rain
yabakuboi (awillingheart) - Mitsukeru
Izuku leaves Katsuki with One for All, knowing Shigaraki is going to capture him. Years later, Katsuki gets him back. But he's not really Izuku anymore.
fandom:My_Hero_Academia  year:2017  Rating:Mature  pairing:Katsuki/Izuku  torture  hurt/comfort  angst  happy-ending  violence  death!fic  WIP  words:2.000-2.500 
july 2017 by hear-the-rain
Noiz_Ratio - A New Fun Thing
Rin is getting by in life as usual (attempted) studying, test's, arguing with his brother and of course training to be an exorcist. When Yukio is on a mission and Rin gets a surprise visitor... Can there be a happy future for them or a horrific tragedy.
fandom:Blue_Exorcist  year:2017  Rating:Mature  pairing:Amaimon/Rin  spanking  bdsm  blood  bloodplay  rough-sex  breath-play  violence  gore  possessiveness  addiction  unsafe-practices  WIP  words:50.000-60.000 
july 2017 by hear-the-rain
Electro Dragonfly - The Effects of Special Relativity on Sublimation
When the Todoroki and Yaoyoruzu families arrange to marry their children off to strangers, the two students seek alternative solutions. Dealing with Endeavor, bratty basic white boys, teachers who assume the worst, and overly nosy classmates could eventually bring two people together pretty darn well.
fandom:My_Hero_Academia  year:2017  Rating:Teen-and-Up  pairing:Todoroki/Yaoyorozou  marriage-of-convenience  arranged-marriage  fake/pretend-relationship  slow-build  violence  blood  gore  WIP  het  words:25.000-30.000 
june 2017 by hear-the-rain
Linnet - Prince Yuri of Ruski
That's the thing about arranged marriages – push everything too fast, too intense. Even people that might otherwise just be friends, Yuri can't help but thing... what if? What if I spend the rest of my life with this person? What if I never see them again? There's no in-between, usually. This is the first time Otabek's been bak to Ruski in over a decade.
Everyone else wants to marry Yuri. Otabeck just wants to fight him.
fandom:Yuri_on_Ice  year:2017  Rating:Teen-and-Up  pairing:Otabek/Yuri  AU  fantasy  arranged-marriage  violence  blood  slow-build  WIP  words:80.000-90.000  AU-magic 
june 2017 by hear-the-rain
rinthegreat - A Very Stupid Decision
"This shows everybody here that you're mine. No one is going to even dare think of touching you. You're safe with me.!
Finally, Shiro's breathing calms down, Lance's voice tethering him to reality. "You just stand there and look pretty and let me do the talking, just like we discussed, okay?"
fandom:Voltron:Legendary_Defender  year:2017  Rating:Mature  pairing:Lance/Shiro  canon-compliant  accidental-plot  hurt/comfort  injury  violence  open-ending  words:5.500-6.000  complete 
june 2017 by hear-the-rain
ANekoForMe - Faulty Reasoning series
Rin has always been sick. He has always kept it hidden, never wanting his friends and brother to worry. As the symptoms get worse, only one person notices.
fandom:Blue_Exorcist  year:2017  Rating:Not-Rated  pairing:Amaimon/Rin  hurt/comfort  sick-fic  angst  fluff  violence  WIP  words:15.000-20.000 
june 2017 by hear-the-rain
Phantomrose96 - A Breach of Trust
10 year old Shigeo Kageyama has vanished, his trail instantly cold, and his case gathers dust in police archives as a kidnapping never solved. Four years pass before a chain of events causes his path to cross with that of the despondent, unfulfilled fake-psychic-turned-fake-investigator, Arataka Reigen. Reigen finds himself in over his head caring for an escaped victim of abuse who, for reasons unfathomable, has been taught to believe his very existence is a horrifically dangerous thing...
fandom:Mob_Psycho_100  year:2017  Rating:Teen-and-Up  gen  canon-divergence  AU  hurt/comfort  adoption  PTSD  abuse  child-abuse  kidnapping  recovery  angst  violence  WIP  words:120.000-140.000 
may 2017 by hear-the-rain
MindYourMind - Angel of Music and Ice
Times are changing at the Ice Castle Opera. Chorus singer and dancer Yuuri Katsuki watches with bated breath. He knows the mysterious Opera Ghost, Victor Nikiforov, will brook no cheek from new management. His best ally becomes new patron Yuri Plisetsky.

Will Yuri, now a rich gentleman, remember Yuuri, the little innkeeper's boy? Must Yuuri choose between pleasing his mentor and reconnecting with his childhood friend?
fandom:Yuri_on_Ice  fandom:Phantom_of_the_Opera  year:2017  Rating:Teen-and-Up  pairing:Yuuri/Yuri  pairing:Yuuri/Victor  AU  time-era!fic  slow-build  dark!fic  minor-character-death  manipulation  anxiety  abuse  mental_health_issues  mental-instability  mental-abuse  violence  stalking  aged-up-characters  fusion  open-ending  words:60.000-70.000  complete  crossover 
may 2017 by hear-the-rain
dizzyondreams - that golden rule
Eren shaved Jean's head on Wednesday night, both of them still exhausted from a late night and bruised from fighting. Eren's knuckles were scraped and bloody but his fingers were gentle as he ran his hand through the mop of hair on Jean's head.
fandom:Attack_on_Titan  year:2017  Rating:General-Audiences  pairing:Jean/Eren  AU  violence  hurt/comfort  words:2.000-2.500  AU-mundane 
may 2017 by hear-the-rain
Originia - Temporary Accommodations
Due to a matter of circumstance and some near-death escapades, Mob's body gets kidnapped.

...Without Mob himself in it.

(In which the great Reigen Arataka's body becomes a sort of temporary accommodation for Mob's soul, and Reigen quickly finds out he's not really built for this sort of thing.)
fandom:Mob_Psycho_100  year:2017  Rating:Teen-and-Up  gen  canon-compliant  violence  possession  sharing-a-body  blood  kidnapping  platonic  hurt/comfort  psychic-abilities  podfic_wishlist  words:30.000-35.000  WIP 
april 2017 by hear-the-rain
Anndramion, boxofwonder - Bare my skin and count my sins
Oikawa Tooru is a fan of plants. He really is. It's just that, when you open your shop and half of your merchandise attacks you due to a fairly persistent parasite infestation worsening their mood by the day, it kind of tones down that affection.


In which Oikawa finds the back room of his flower shop filled with things he definitely didn't leave there. A gun, for example, but the broken window and the bloodsplatters count too. His past is rearing it's ugly, ugly head and Iwaizumi? Iwaizumi is in trouble and needs his help ASAP.
fandom:Haikyuu!!  year:2017  Rating:Mature  pairing:Kuroo/Oikawa  pairing:Iwaizumi/Yachi  AU  soulmates-fic  violence  blood  words:5.000-5.500  injury  het  AU-magic 
january 2017 by hear-the-rain
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