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Cutie_chan - Going Home
'Every man for himself'. That was the rule Oikawa always lived by, even before he ran away from home, and he knew that the only way to survive was to stick to that with firm belief.
But then he meets a boy with no words, and he finds out that love can flip your whole world upside down.
fandom:Haikyuu!!  year:2019  Rating:Mature  pairing:Kageyama/Oikawa  attempted-rape  child-abuse  AU  road-trips  violence  disabled-character  mute-character  hurt/comfort  angst  words:2.000-2.500  WIP 
18 days ago by hear-the-rain
AuthorInDistress - The Games Are Never Over
Iwaizumi, Oikawa and Kageyama are Victors and live in an apartment in the Capitol, but life after the Games isn't easy and Oikawa's patience with the world begins to break.

Especially when it comes to Kaeyama Tobio being hurt.
fandom:Haikyuu!!  fandom:The_Hunger_Games  year:2019  Rating:Mature  pairing:Kageyama/Oikawa  violence  child-abuse  sex-work  heartbreaking  aged-up-characters  words:7.500-8.000  WIP  fusion 
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Yazmineruby - Fool for you
"Holy fuck," the words slipped out of his mind as he waved his hand at Kageyama, to show him which table he had snatched for the two of them. He looked at the tall glass of cold (it was extremely hot outside today) milk he had ordered for Kageyama, to the plate of pastries that he didn't even like, but hadn't questioned for a second before ordering them because they were Kageyamaäs favourites. "I'm in love with him."
fandom:Haikyuu!!  year:2019  Rating:Not-Rated  pairing:Kageyama/Oikawa  never-met  pre-relationship  aged-up-characters  getting-together  cute  podfic_maybelist  words:2.500-3.000  complete 
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chiptrillino - Pocket Call
It is important to check your phone display when calling someone in the middle of the night.

Oikawa didn't and now his feelings are a mess.
fandom:Haikyuu!!  year:2019  Rating:Teen-and-Up  pairing:Kageyama/Oikawa  future-fic  aged-up-characters  misunderstandings  WIP  words:5.000-5.500 
june 2019 by hear-the-rain
lilvamp23 I Just Wanted You to Want Me
Toru spent his life pining after his best friend. A friend that didn't feel the same way no matter how much Toru wanted him... Tobio had only ever had eyes for one guy.

... The problem with Tobio's life though, was that it usually didn't go the way he wanted. At least when it came to Oikawa Toru
fandom:Haikyuu!!  year:2019  Rating:Mature  pairing:Kageyama/Oikawa  angst  pining  first-time  misunderstandings  happy-ending  words:15.000-20.000  complete 
june 2019 by hear-the-rain
DeadFreckledBoys - Undercurrents
Kageyama was supposed to join the Navy. Oikawa was supposed to sink a ship. Becoming a pirate wasn't on either of their agendas. A tale of hunting for treasure, seeking revenge, and falling in love along the way.
fandom:Haikyuu!!  year:2019  Rating:Teen-and-Up  pairing:Kageyama/Oikawa  au  pirates  comedy  enemies-to-lovers  chosen-family  violence  slow-build  WIP  words:20.000-25.000  !fav-fics 
february 2019 by hear-the-rain
DeadFreckledBoys - I will always come back (to you)
Oikawa is helpless, stuck in Tobio's gravitational field, a meteor burning along the edges and waiting to crash land, destroying everything in its path.

Oikawa Tooru is skilled at many things, but perhaps his greatest accomplishment is self sabotage.
fandom:Haikyuu!!  year:2019  Rating:General-Audiences  pairing:Kageyama/Oikawa  mutual-pining  insecurity  future-fic  aged-up-characters  happy-ending  marriage  one-shot  podfic_maybelist  words:2.500-3.000  complete 
january 2019 by hear-the-rain
AuthorInDistress - Five Weeks
"I want to have a baby."
Looking up from his computer screen, Dr Araya turned toward him with his eyebrows raised, "I was under the impression you were here to discuss general health." He stated and Kageyama took a seat.
fandom:Haikyuu!!  year:2018  Rating:General-Audiences  pairing:Kageyama/Oikawa  aged-up-characters  Alpha-Beta-Omega  mpreg  cute  one-shot  words:3.000-3.500  comedy  complete 
november 2018 by hear-the-rain
AuthorInDistress - Regret
The second Oikawa heard that the investigation was now closed, he stood and cleaned his entire house three times over before sitting back on the edge of his sofa and staring at the blank television opposite him.
fandom:Haikyuu!!  year:2018  Rating:Teen-and-Up  pairing:Kageyama/Oikawa  AU  soulmates-fic  kidnapping  death!fic  murder  hurt/comfort  angst  happy-ending  complete  words:6.500-7.000 
october 2018 by hear-the-rain
chronology, sumaru - because it's gravity (keeping you with me)
"Kageyama learns three different things very quickly in his first week.
One, that Oikawa's prime lettuce specimen is called Iwa-chan #1.
Two, that the Iwaizumi-san back on Earth is called Iwa-chan #2.
Three, that the moment he confuses these two will be, without fail, the moment Oikawa forgets to tell him /exactly/ how artificial gravity cycle is on the space colony."

Of all the things to come in between talented astrobotanist Kageyama Tobio and his petty, infuriating, ridiculously attractive senpai, he didn't quite expect space lettuce, even /more/ space lettuce, and the very forces of gravity.

Or: five times Kageyama and Oikawa almost kiss in space, and the one time they actually do.
fandom:Haikyuu!!  year:2018  Rating:Teen-and-Up  pairing:Kageyama/Oikawa  AU-space  5_times  cute  words:5.000-5.500 
september 2018 by hear-the-rain
sandersonsister - My What Now?
Kageyama wasn't sure how he ended up in this position. He was having a hard enough time with his new team. Why did Oikawa think it was a good idea to pretend to be his boyfriend?
fandom:Haikyuu!!  year:2018  Rating:Mature  pairing:Kageyama/Oikawa  canon-divergence  aged-up-characters  fake/pretend-relationship  bullying  unaccepting-parents  child-abuse  arranged-marriage  homophobia  happy-ending  words:45.000-50.000  complete 
august 2018 by hear-the-rain
atroxareia - sugar and spice (and all things nice)
"So, what do you want?" Hinata asks, his cold. reddened face still half hidden behind his scarf, grateful for the sizzling warmth of the coffee shop they have just entered.
"That one," Kageyama motions with his head towards what is clearly not a beverage.
fandom:Haikyuu!!  year:2018  Rating:Not-Rated  pairing:Kageyama/Oikawa  AU-coffee-shop  fluff  WIP  words:2.500-3.000  comedy 
june 2018 by hear-the-rain
sumaru - all the magic we gave off
Oikawa doesn't realize he keeps breaking the red string that binds them.

(Kageyama ties it back together again every time.)
fandom:Haikyuu!!  year:2018  Rating:Teen-and-Up  pairing:Kageyama/Oikawa  soulmates-fic  aged-up-characters  AU-college  pre-relationship  AU-coffee-shop  WIP  podfic_wishlist  words:2.500-3.000  complete 
may 2018 by hear-the-rain
sumaru - the sea sings them back to you
Kageyama nearly drowns in the summer of his twelfth year. But something throws him back up onto the sandbank, and then that something trows up a sea-smooth bottle after him, too. It hits the sand with a little plink.

/Get out of my ocean,/ the message inside the bottle reads.
/Please show me how you did that,/ Kageyama writes back.

Oikawa is a mermaid, Kageyama has only ever had eyes for the vast impossible blue of the ocean, and drowning is probably just like kissing, maybe.
fandom:Haikyuu!!  year:2018  Rating:Teen-and-Up  pairing:Kageyama/Oikawa  AU-magic  mermaids  drowning  blood  teeth  one-shot  podfic_wishlist  words:1.500-2.000  complete 
may 2018 by hear-the-rain
atroxareia - Romantically Challenged
Oikawa never imagined his less than eloquently given chocolate which he had been sure to be ignored by the recipient could ever cause this.
fandom:Haikyuu!!  year:2018  Rating:Teen-and-Up  pairing:Kageyama/Oikawa  canon-compliant  holidays  fluff  comedy  words:5.000-5.500  WIP 
april 2018 by hear-the-rain
wleeorr - The Art of Breaking
Just what the hell was going on?! What were they thinking forcing Oikawa into retirement when all the other third years were still allowed to play?! Nothing about that mad any sense! Had he injured himself? Maybe that was it? But, even then, he found it difficult to believe that his stubborn senpai would willingly give up the sport. Especially when he'd always been so adamant about defeating him. There was no way he'd miss out on a setter battle unless he hand no choice in the matter. Was that it, though? Was there really no other choice?

(Written off-canon starting wfter the Karasuno x Wakunan match)
fandom:Haikyuu!!  year:2018  Rating:Mature  pairing:Kageyama/Oikawa  pairing:Iwaizumi/Hinata  canon-divergence  sick-fic  slow-build  hurt/comfort  WIP  words:25.000-30.000 
april 2018 by hear-the-rain
sumaru - till the gravity's too much
"Pay up or get out, Tobio-chan," Oikawa snaps, but his tongue flicks out fast, presses against his upper lip like a snake's, adn the hot air moves between them as Oikawa starts to lean over the kissing booth table anyway.

Kageyama can't stop staring at Oikawa's mouth
fandom:Haikyuu!!  year:2018  Rating:Teen-and-Up  pairing:Kageyama/Oikawa  aged-up-characters  podfic_maybelist  words:1.000-1.500 
march 2018 by hear-the-rain
chronology, horcata, sumaru - face the music
"So, you have to mentor an underclassman?" Iwaizumi asks.

"Yeah, and get this - it's /Tobio/. Tobio!

Oikawa feels exactly three different feelings when violin prodigy Kageyama is assigned to him in his graduating year of the conducting program: incredible amounts of salt, alight with challenge, and deeply, horrifyingly gay.
fandom:Haikyuu!!  year:2018  Rating:Teen-and-Up  pairing:Kageyama/Oikawa  AU  AU-college  confessions  words:2.500-3.000 
february 2018 by hear-the-rain
emblems - stripped down
You know, Oikawa says, I had a lot of the same problems you did, at first. I thought I could pilot a Jaeger well even if I wasn't great at drifting. But then Iwaizumi taught me that a Jaeger is only as strong as the bond between pilots–not the strength of the pilots alone.

Kageyama can't drift with anyone-but then Iwaizumi Hagime gets injured, leaving the /Grand Kind/ short one pilot.
fandom:Haikyuu!!  year:2018  Rating:Teen-and-Up  pairing:Kageyama/Oikawa  pre-relationship  words:1.000-1.500  fusion  crossover 
january 2018 by hear-the-rain
eleasofia - The best thing you (n)ever had
When Oikawa is asked out by Kageyama for the first time, he turns him down, saying he wouldn't date someone who is so clearly inferior to him. Three years later, after Seijou's loss to Karasuno, Kageyamas asks again, and despite not really (read as: absolutely not) wanting to, Oikawa somehow ends up agreeing nevertheless. It might really be time to forget about old ridges and move on.
Turns out, it's even harder than he thought it would be.
fandom:Haikyuu!!  year:2017  Rating:General-Audiences  pairing:Kageyama/Oikawa  jealousy  canon-compliant  love-hate  words:6.000-6.500 
december 2017 by hear-the-rain
sumaru - you get two moves
"The taste-smell of the kill shot lingers on Oikawa's hands fort-seven stories above the city.

A small series of Secret Agent Training Coninues To Be The Actual Worst, or: the two times Kageyama gets tied to a chair by his mentor Oikawa, and the one time they get to see the city lights together. This is probably some kind of romance.
fandom:Haikyuu!!  year:2017  Rating:Mature  pairing:Kageyama/Oikawa  AU  spies-and-assassins  blood  violence  drug-use  crossdressing  dubious-consent  power-imbalance  words:1.500-2.000 
september 2017 by hear-the-rain
sumaru - fatty tuna
"Kageyama didn't dare touch Tooru then. He only came back with a makeshift garden cart and a tarp, and had listened to Tooru's beautiful voice needle at him the entire way back to Kageyama's little apartment."

There's a mermaid that lives in Kageyama's bathtub. This is probably a fairy tale.
fandom:Haikyuu!!  year:2017  Rating:Mature  pairing:Kageyama/Oikawa  AU  mermaids  mythology  fairy-tale  blood  cannibalism  words:1.000-1.500 
august 2017 by hear-the-rain
FairyLights101 - The Rhythm of You
In the four years since he's seen Oikawa, Kageyama has changed a lot. Transferred to a new school, found a new boyfriend, started training kids and playing more instruments. But it's only when he sees Oikawa again that he realizes how much the rhythm has changed - in Oikawa and himself.
fandom:Haikyuu!!  year:2017  Rating:Mature  pairing:Kageyama/Oikawa  post-canon  abuse  hurt/comfort  non-consensual  AU-college  self-destruction  words:25.000-30.000 
july 2017 by hear-the-rain
RykRae - Fidget Spinner
Kageyama Tobio just wanted to play volleyball and live a simple life. Though, simple is far from close for a simple minded king who can't find what's been infroont of him his entire life.

Soulmate AU whwere soulmates possess traits the other has when you make contact with them.
fandom:Haikyuu!!  year:2017  Rating:Not-Rated  pairing:Kageyama/Oikawa  AU  soulmates-fic  slow-build  enemies-to-lovers  angst  fluff  WIP  words:15.000-20.000 
july 2017 by hear-the-rain
kakkoweeb - the time someone did die
Giban Kaleidoscope AU.
It's not everyday that Tobio finds the true meaning of living for someone else.


"While one person hesitates because he feels inferior, the other is busy making mistakes and becoming superior."
fandom:Haikyuu!!  year:2017  Rating:Teen-and-Up  gen  death!fic  pairing:Kageyama/Oikawa  future-fic  post-series  heartwarming  words:5.000-5.500  fusion 
june 2017 by hear-the-rain
kakkoweeb - the time their age gap got wider
Kageyama can be such a baby sometimes.


"I want the fact that i existed to mean something." - Chapin
fandom:Haikyuu!!  year:2017  Rating:Teen-and-Up  pairing:Kageyama/Oikawa  gen  magic-spell  de-aging  crack!fic  AU  words:5.500-6.000  comedy 
may 2017 by hear-the-rain
sumaru - touch and go
"Kageyama remembers it all too well -- the pristine wood of the stadium floors polished to a high gleam, a vice-captain's number stretched across the proud, elegant breadth of Oikawa's back."

Four years into the future, and Kageyama once again meets Oikawa at the turning of the year.
fandom:Haikyuu!!  year:2017  Rating:General-Audiences  gen  pairing:Kageyama/Oikawa  future-fic  platonic  post-canon  podfic_maybelist  words:1.000-1.500 
april 2017 by hear-the-rain
eleasofia - 30 Day NSFW Challenge [OiKage]
Of course, he had expected that Oikawa would be persisted, but not that he simply decided to shut him up with a kiss.
fandom:Haikyuu!!  year:2017  Rating:Explicit  pairing:Kageyama/Oikawa  WIP  words:2.000-2.500 
january 2017 by hear-the-rain
eleasofia - The Point of No Return
"I think I should go or else he's going to kill me," Oikawa said with a sigh and ran his fingers through his mussed up hair, "But I absolutely wouldn't mind seeing you later again." He winked at him, and Kageyama felt like the protagonist of some bad American romcom movie, but he couldn't deny that it was somehow attractive nevertheless.
fandom:Haikyuu!!  year:2017  Rating:Mature  pairing:Kageyama/Oikawa  canon-compliant  fluff  angst  getting-together  slow-build  WIP  words:2.000-2.500  comedy 
january 2017 by hear-the-rain
bystander - pretty boys and coffee shops
Oikawa Tooru is a good person that did not sign up for this.

Kageyama is an idiot, and really, Oikawa's just there to laugh at him. Or, you know, he would be there if he would ever willingly come within five meters of Kageyama Tobioi. Which he never, ever, will.

Also, Kuroo has awful hair and Oikawa's just trying to cope
fandom:Haikyuu!!  year:2016  Rating:Not-Rated  pairing:Kageyama/Oikawa  pairing:Kuroo/Oikawa  AU  slow-build  WIP  words:15.000-20.000  AU-coffee-shop  comedy 
december 2016 by hear-the-rain
eleasofia - Fate
If he was the protagonist of a love story, he'd probably say now that the first time he saw Oikawa, he had immediately known that they were meant to be. For what, he didn't know. If fated lovers really existed, there surely had to be fated rivals as well.
fandom:Haikyuu!!  year:2016  Rating:General-Audiences  pairing:Kageyama/Oikawa  soulmates-fic  post-canon  injury  angst  open-ending  words:1.000-1.500  complete 
december 2016 by hear-the-rain
kokkoweeb - Celebrations
There's always a reason to celebrate when Oikawa and Kageyama are within ten feet of each other. Watch as 'ten feet' becomes smaller with every passing holiday.
fandom:Haikyuu!!  Rating:Teen-and-Up  pairing:Kageyama/Oikawa  cute  year:2017  Rating:General-Audiences  series  misunderstandings  mutual-pining  first-kiss  confessions  time-skips  words:20.000-25.000  comedy 
december 2016 by hear-the-rain
Yrindor - Squirming at the Words
Oikawa nearly laughed when he realized just how woefully overconfident and unprepared a mage had summoned him. This was going to be fun.
fandom:Haikyuu!!  rating:Teen-and-Up  year:2016  pairing:Kageyama/Oikawa  AU  fantasy  consent-issues  one-shot  podfic_maybelist  words:500-1.000  complete 
august 2016 by hear-the-rain
12chii - A Fight for Survival
An Unwind Dystology AU
Kageyama Tobio, a 15 year-old kendo prodigy from a prestigious sports academy. Kageyama Tobio, an up-and-coming athlete, predictions put him in the national team y high school. Kageyama Tobio, with so much of his life ahead of him, would stop living by the end of the month. The Unwind order tells him so.
fandom:Haikyuu!!  rating:Teen-and-Up  pairing:Kageyama/Oikawa  AU  year:2016  words:15.000-20.000  gen  dystopia  unfinished 
august 2016 by hear-the-rain
chiiya - "...I would be completely worthless."
"Let's make a deal, Tobio-chan~"
Kageyama stops playing volleyball and Oikawa is surprisingly not ok with this.
fandom:Haikyuu!!  rating:Teen-and-Up  pairing:Kageyama/Oikawa  future-fic  canon-divergence  WIP  year:2016  words:10.000-15.000  AU-college 
august 2016 by hear-the-rain
floatingsumaru - salt in the wound
Did you think we'd be fine? Still got scars on my back from your knife
So don't think it's in the past, these kinda wounds they last and they last
--Taylor sWift, "Bad Blood"
Bad Blood AU. From "Welcome to New York" to, of course, "Bad Blood". Written for SASO2016
fandom:Haikyuu!!  Rating:Teen-and-Up  year:2016  pairing:Kageyama/Oikawa  rule_63  femslash  blood  AU  podfic_wishlist  words:500-1.000 
july 2016 by hear-the-rain
eleasofia - You're still the best more or less, I guess
"My my, Tobio-chan, is this how you talk to your senpair?" Oikawa replied, feigning to be offended. To his surprise, when Tobio turned his head back around his face had already changed back to its natural color and his gaze was firm. "No," he said confidently meeting Oikawas's eyes with a challenging look, "But it's how i talk to my fiancé."
Or the OiKage arranged marriage AU nobody asked for in which Kageyama suffers a lot because marrying the person you love isn't all that fun if they don't love you back.
fandom:Haikyuu!!  Rating:Mature  year:2016  pairing:Kageyama/Oikawa  AU  arranged-marriage  future-fic  slow-build  angst  happy-ending  fluff  one-sided  WIP  words:80.000-90.000 
july 2016 by hear-the-rain
emblems - complementary
Pacific Rim!AU
Envelope: manila, 9"x12", filled with papers
From:Pan Pacific Defense Corps
To:Oikawa Tooru
Note: A new partner has been assigned to you - Remport to the Kwoon Combat Room for compatibility testing.
fandom:Haikyuu!!  Rating:General-Audiences  year:2016  pairing:Kageyama/Oikawa  AU  character-study  podfic_wishlist  words:1.500-2.000  pre-relationship 
july 2016 by hear-the-rain
AuthorInDistress - White Blank Page.
It was common knowledge by now that, at birth, a mark would be placed upon the skin of each child in order to dictate their partner in life,

But other times, a bond cruelly broken because of the refection of the other half of the soulmate. If that happened, it was said to be a pain that was unimaginable and many would prefer it if their bond had been broken through death than through this emotional torture.
fandom:Haikyuu!!  Rating:Teen-and-Up  year:2016  pairing:Kageyama/Oikawa  Alpha-Beta-Omega  soulmates-fic  AU  angst  hurt/comfort  happy-ending  tissue-warning  WIP  words:180.000-200.000  !to-read 
may 2016 by hear-the-rain
MonaBee - These Words I Speak
Kageyama hates it. He hates how his mother always fusses and brushes his hair and buys those god-awful dresses for him all the time. He hates the ponytails, he hates the pink accessories and he hates being called a girl.
He's -not-.
Won't someone listen?
fandom:Haikyuu!!  Rating:Mature  year:2016  words:10.000-15.000  canon-divergence  trans-character  bullying  fluff  happy-ending  open-ending  pairing:Kageyama/Kindaichi  coming-of-age  friendships  pairing:Kageyama/Oikawa  complete 
april 2016 by hear-the-rain
iwaizumemes (skytramp) - You Told Me This is Right Where it Begins
"We've got enough history and it's been years side you've sen me, arre you -sure- there's nothing you're dying to tell me?" He smiles, all fake, and rubs the palms of his hands down the front of his black shirt. Maybe they were sweaty, or maybe he wants Kageyama to think that, he can't tell from the distance that they stand apart.
Kageyama remembers the first time he noticed Oikawa's hands. It was the first time they met, almost a decade before when Kageyama had been marched before his suprevisors, shoved into a chair in some dingy office, and offered a promotion.
fandom:Haikyuu!!  Rating:Mature  words:3.500-4.000  AU  violence  gun-play  power-imbalance  open-ending  death!fic  angst  bittersweet  year:2016  pairing:Kageyama/Oikawa  complete 
april 2016 by hear-the-rain
iwaizumemes (skytramp) - Promises are meant to be broken
"You can't rush perfection,Tobio-chan," He said over his shoulder, "I couldn't show up at a reunion looking like I just rolled out of bed! What would people think of me?!"
Kaggeyama said something else under his breath that he couldn't hear, and Tooru slid his hand down until he could wrap their fingers together.
fandom:Haikyuu!!  Rating:Explicit  words:2.000-2.500  breath-play  future-fic  fluff  angst  year:2016  pairing:Kageyama/Oikawa 
april 2016 by hear-the-rain
shilu_ette - so give the dead cat a name
Their cat dies, and ex-lovers bury the cat together. Tooru still does not know a lot of answers about Tobio.
fandom:Haikyuu!!  Rating:General-Audiences  angst  character-study  words:2.000-2.500  unhappy-ending  year:2016  pairing:Kageyama/Oikawa 
april 2016 by hear-the-rain
songs - part of your world
He remembers watching one player in particular: a fascinating boy, with a snub nose and an amazing serve. Kageyama had been enchanted at first sight.

But Oikawa was far less enchanting up close. Which is another lie, because– despite Oikawa's petty words and snide remarks towards him, Kageyama was still all in. He still– wanted. To beat him. To be around him. To enter that starry, setter-orbit that somehow made Kageyama's eyes go wide and his fingers itch.
fandom:Haikyuu!!  Rating:Teen-and-Up  pairing:Iwaizumi/Oikawa  one-sided  pining  canon-compliant  relationship-study  podfic_wishlist  words:1.500-2.000  year:2016  pairing:Kageyama/Oikawa 
march 2016 by hear-the-rain
saigennaku - keep me young
AU in which Oikawa Tooru and Kageyama aren't soul mates, where you don't age past eighteen until you meet your soulmate, but they try to be.
fandom:Haikyuu!!  soulmates-fic  angst  pairing:Hinata/Kageyama  Rating:General-Audiences  words:2.500-3.000  WIP  podfic_wishlist  AU  year:2016  pairing:Kageyama/Oikawa 
january 2016 by hear-the-rain
roseknight - Anyone Else But You
After a career-ending injury, Kageyama doesn't think he'll ever see Oikawa on the court again, until he finds a familiar figure watching at practice one day.
fandom:Haikyuu!!  Rating:General-Audiences  future-fic  post-canon  angst  year:2016  words:3.000-3.500  podfic_wishlist  pairing:Kageyama/Oikawa  injury 
january 2016 by hear-the-rain
readerofasaph - Farsight
Four times Oikawa Tooru got dumped, and that one time he failed to do the dumping. "What works at fifteen and eighteen years of age doesn't work so well at twenty-one. A pity, because Tooru's first instinct as always when he sees Tobio is to pull faces at him."
year:2016  fandom:Haikyuu!!  slow-build  canon-compliant  Rating:Teen-and-Up  post-canon  coming-of-age  words:4.000-4.500  pairing:Kageyama/Oikawa  comedy 
january 2016 by hear-the-rain
sumaru - hold your head high
Fight Club AU. They're trying to work their way through this. It's not always successful. Prompt: "Coming in unannounced, drag my nails on the tile I just followed your scent, you can just follow my smile All of your flaws are aligned with this mood of mine Cutting me to the bone, nothing left to leave behind You ought to keep me concealed just like I was a wagon I didn't come for a fight but I will fight till the end... And I love the way you hurt me It's irresistible, yeah" – "Irresistible," Fall Out Boy
fandom:Haikyuu!!  fandom:Fight_Club  fusion  AU  violence  vomit  blood  Rating:Explicit  WIP  year:2015  words:1.500-2.000  pairing:Kageyama/Oikawa 
september 2015 by hear-the-rain
Belgium - funnily enough
"A rose by any other name would smell as sweet," according to Shakespeare, but Tobio really hates the way Oikawa-san says his name. Post-canon.
fandom:Haikyuu!!  one-shot  Rating:General-Audiences  words:3.500-4.000  fluff  year:2015  post-canon  pairing:Kageyama/Oikawa  complete 
september 2015 by hear-the-rain
serenedebeautea - an unconventional tale as good as any
Kitsune!Oikawa. He is eight years old when he first sees him; it wouldn't be for a couple more years before he actually meets him, but it doesn't take too long after for Kageyama Tobio to fall in love with the stranger who brought him home on that fateful starless, but bright moonlit night.
fandom:Haikyuu!!  AU  angst  unfinished  death!fic  Rating:Teen-and-Up  year:2015  words:6.500-7.000  fandom:folklore  fantasy  pairing:Kageyama/Oikawa  !fav-fics 
august 2015 by hear-the-rain

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