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fmakinky: Prodigy
“But, brother,” Al had murmured quietly, sounding horrified, “It’s… it’s Nina. How can you…?”

Roy watched the brief frown of confusion and hurt that flitted across Ed’s features before they hardened grimly. “She’s dead, Al. At least this way it isn’t meaningless.”

Al had stiffened, armor rattling hollowly. “But Edward,” he whispered, “you’re the one that killed her.”
kinkmeme_fill  violence  creepy  horror  dark!fic  fandom:Fullmetal_Alchemist  pairing:Roy/Ed  meme_fill  year:2011  rating:Teen-and-Up  slash 
august 2011 by hear-the-rain
something's got to give: Amanuensis Noah-Lavi/Kanda
Response to the DGM kink meme prompt: 'Noah!Lavi/Kanda, with Lavi finally having the power to claim Kanda after becoming a Noah.'

Warinings: non-con, blasphemy, general bloodshed and nastiness like in canon.
violence  torture  horror  blasphemy  Noah-Lavi  one-sided  creepy  dark!fic  fandom:D.Gray-Man  year:2011  rating:Explicit  non-consensual  pairing:Kanda/Lavi 
june 2011 by hear-the-rain
tabaqui - 'Wolfpack'
Everybody called them the Wolfpack – every hunter, at least. Civilians likely called them trouble, Ellen privately thought they were more like a pack of feral dogs *shivers* OMG...this is too amazing for words!
creepy  horror  dark!fic  outside-POV  AU  pairing:Sam/Dean  fandom:Supernatural  year:2008  incest  words:25.000-30.000  unfinished  rating:Mature  violence 
february 2008 by hear-the-rain
fryadvocate: She said, don't scare the guests, that's what the dogs are for
Should have warnings for self harm and suicide!

The school sat at the edge of town. AU. Beautiful well written and really creepy
OMC  suicide  self-harm  death!fic  gen  angst  AU  fandom:Supernatural  year:2008  creepy  horror  words:7.500-8.000  amnesia-fic  rating:Explicit 
february 2008 by hear-the-rain
Zannes - Memories Deeper Than Bone
John has his own secret trapped in the storage locker. Really creepy!
fandom:Supernatural  pairing:John/Mary  creepy  one-shot  horror  dark!fic  year:2007  het  complete 
october 2007 by hear-the-rain

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