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Nanimok - Bother With Me
"Don't go to Ethiopia," the boy repeats. "Please don't go there. Don't try to find your mom–"
Jason stops tugging. "Wait. What do you mean by that? My mom is dead. She died of an overdose."
The boy gapes, only for a second, before slamming his mouth shut. "I've said too much."
"No," Jason says, voice low in warning. "You haven't said enough."
fandom:DCU  year:2019  Rating:Teen-and-Up  canon-divergence  dimension-travel  comedy  fluff  pre-relationship  hurt/comfort  fix-it  words:10.000-15.000  complete  gen  family  friendships  chosen-family 
5 days ago by hear-the-rain
GoblinCatKC - Alligator Turtles
April has been rescued from Baxter's terrible mousers by three friendly turtles under the sewers. But who will save her from the fourth brother?
fandom:TMNT  year:2019  Rating:Teen-and-Up  gen  horror  dark!fic  murder  cannibalism  one-shot  words:3.000-3.500  complete 
28 days ago by hear-the-rain
Kereea - Surprising Aftermath
Furuichi is in for a few surprises after the Upstarts are fully dealt with. Spoilers for chapter 218 and prior.
fandom:Beelzebub  year:2019  Rating:Teen-and-Up  gen  ensemble  comedy  friendships  chosen-family  words:1.000-1.500  complete 
4 weeks ago by hear-the-rain
sweetgums - Afraid
It had been two days since Beel had disappeared, and Oga hadn't said a single word yet.
fandom:Beelzebub  year:2019  Rating:Teen-and-Up  gen  friendships  PTSD  hurt/comfort  bonding  words:2.000-2.500  complete 
4 weeks ago by hear-the-rain
Kirche - What ifs
Just random drabbles occuring around ch219 that will never actually happen in canon.
fandom:Beelzebub  year:2019  Rating:General-Audiences  gen  missing-scene  collection  words:1.000-1.500  complete  !to-read  ff_net 
5 weeks ago by hear-the-rain
silverbluebaka - Even if it's not in his body, so long as his soul is intact he'll live
Ch 208: Furuichi is dead! Defeat Takamiya, collect the soul, save with his friend… but is a soul in 6 pieces still intact?

(because I re-read 208 yesterday and panicked over the definition of 'intact')
fandom:Beelzebub  year:2019  Rating:Mature  gen  death!fic  angst  tragedy  unhappy-ending  words:3.000-3.500  complete  heartbreaking 
5 weeks ago by hear-the-rain
Fluff Inc - Reassessment
Or 5 people who sort of realize the merits of having Furuichi Takayuki around.
fandom:Beelzebub  year:2019  Rating:Teen-and-Up  gen  5_times  friendships  words:1.000-1.500  complete 
5 weeks ago by hear-the-rain
Thecurtaincall - Deconstructed
Sequel to "Speaking a dead language"
Oga must get his act together before he loses Furuichi. He'll do anything to help, even if that means… expressing his feelings.
fandom:Beelzebub  year:2019  Rating:Teen-and-Up  gen  friendships  chosen-family  angst  PTSD  panic-attacks  anxiety  vomit  mental-instability  words:5.000-5.500  complete  series  sequel 
5 weeks ago by hear-the-rain
Thecurtaincall - A Wake
From the chaos of the fight between Takamiya, Furuichi develops a few odd habits. All linking back to his comatose state. None of which are appreciated by Oga or the others.
fandom:Beelzebub  year:2019  Rating:Teen-and-Up  gen  friendships  chosen-family  hurt/comfort  angst  temporary-character-death  heartbreaking  words:2.000-2.500  complete 
5 weeks ago by hear-the-rain
Thecurtaincall - We're gonna die young
He was on the verge of breaking down. Death was breathing down his neck and he couldn't run fast enough. Looking at the chaos, he knows he's going to die here. But when he sees someone else hurt, he'll push down the panic to help the other. Because he can't stand there while his best friend breaks down in front of him. He'll stall his own death if it means he can help Oga.
fandom:Beelzebub  year:2019  Rating:General-Audiences  gen  friendships  death!fic  apocafic  hurt/comfort  angst  tragedy  words:1.000-1.500  complete 
5 weeks ago by hear-the-rain
Thecurtaincall - Speaking a Dead Language
It's been a whole week since his soul was torn out of him. Six days since Lamia had declared him fully healed. When Lamia asked how he felt, he said with a smile "Great." With only a scar over his heart to show that night's events really did happen, he was transported to his home.

And didn't step out for the next four days.
fandom:Beelzebub  year:2019  Rating:Teen-and-Up  gen  angst  hurt/comfort  injury  mental_health_issues  panic-attacks  open-ending  words:6.000-6.500  complete 
5 weeks ago by hear-the-rain
Thecurtaincall - Broken words from a broken soul
It hurts.
Every thing hurts and this time he can't hide it. He's broken and as much as he tried to fix himself, he failed. But this time he won't try to put himself back together.

He just can't do it anymore.
fandom:Beelzebub  year:2019  Rating:Teen-and-Up  gen  angst  character-study  words:500-1.000  complete 
5 weeks ago by hear-the-rain
Thecurtaincall - In My Veins
Takamiya killed Furuichi. And though Oga tried to save him, he failed. He failed to protect his best friend not only from death, but from a plan that would reveal Furuichi's true nature. His death has caused severe consequences no one was prepared for. And everyone realized a little too late just how crucial Furuichi Takayuki was. But someone did notice his importance and acted.
fandom:Beelzebub  year:2019  Rating:Teen-and-Up  gen  quasiplatonic  friendships  temporary-character-death  hurt/comfort  angst  surviors-guilt  unfinished  words:15.000-20.000  ff_net 
5 weeks ago by hear-the-rain
Mistclaw - Damaged
Sequel to "Captured"
Even after all the horrors are long gone and dead, they can still resurface in ways unknown and unseen.
fandom:Fullmetal_Alchemist  year:2019  Rating:Teen-and-Up  gen  chosen-family  human-experemintation  PTSD  hurt/comfort  words:15.000-20.000  complete  series  sequel  !to-read  ff_net 
5 weeks ago by hear-the-rain
Mistclaw - Captured
What happens when Shou Tucker's apprentice takes over his unfinished work and plans to use Ed as his next experiment?

A re-write of "Dog of the Military"
fandom:Fullmetal_Alchemist  year:2019  Rating:Teen-and-Up  gen  chosen-family  bonding  hurt/comfort  human-experemintation  animal-transformation  body-modification  injury  words:20.000-25.000  complete  !to-read  series  ff_net 
5 weeks ago by hear-the-rain
Blownwish - He's a Miracle
Edward gives the Colonel a Valentine, after he (finally) realizes how amazing Roy Mustang is.
fandom:Fullmetal_Alchemist  year:2019  Rating:Teen-and-Up  gen  one-sided  fluff  bonding  words:1.000-1.500  complete  pairing:Ed/Roy 
5 weeks ago by hear-the-rain
Sanowa - To the Night Sky
They tell him he lost his mind. He doesn't remember anything else, so he believes them. But if that's the case, then why does he sometimes feel like he doesn't belong here… and neither does that little, annoying, blond kid named Ed?
fandom:Fullmetal_Alchemist  year:2019  Rating:Teen-and-Up  gen  torture  mental-abuse  hurt/comfort  non-consensual  drug-use  words:200.000-220.000  complete  AU  !to-read  amnesia-fic 
5 weeks ago by hear-the-rain
Ranowa - The First Flame Alchemist
Out of all the times that Roy had called himself a monster, Hughes had never figured he'd meant it quite so literally.
fandom:Fullmetal_Alchemist  year:2019  Rating:Teen-and-Up  gen  human-experemintation  non-consensual  body-modification  torture  hurt/comfort  sick-fic  angst  AR  dragons  words:70.000-80.000  complete  !to-read 
5 weeks ago by hear-the-rain
A Wish On the Moon - danger, deception, disregard
You can't ever escape the shackles of your past. The past, it eats away at you, guilt and pain and sadness, until eventually it rules you, and becomes your God. But what if your God falls? What's left then, Kida Masaomi? Who is your God?
fandom:Durarara!!  year:2019  Rating:Mature  gen  character-study  canon-divergence  words:500-1.000  complete  death!fic 
5 weeks ago by hear-the-rain
TheSevenSeas - When Two Banes Cross Paths
Arthur meets a murderous clown in the train station. They walk into a train with three rich men who turn out to be astonishingly rude.

What if Heath Ledger's Joker was in the Subway when Arthur was surrounded by the Wall Street guys?
year:2019  Rating:Not-Rated  gen  mental-instability  life-imitates-art  imaginary-friends  podfic_maybelist  words:2.000-2.500  complete  murder  violence  blood  gore  fandom:DCU 
5 weeks ago by hear-the-rain
IcyPanther - Loyalty
"You've always protected me, Tsume," Toboe said softly. "It's time that I protected you. We're a pack and that's what packs do. We look out for one another."
fandom:Wolf's_Rain  year:2019  Rating:Teen-and-Up  gen  chosen-family  injury  minor-character-death  words:4.000-4.500  complete  ff_net 
5 weeks ago by hear-the-rain
WargishBoromirFan - Flower of Ishvala
Before the Ciil War, Ishval was a paradise in the eyes of its children. Now, with a little help from some familiar faces and a mystery from Drachma, two Ishvalan orphans must try to become the change that will bring a new form of paradise to Amestris.
fandom:Wolf's_Rain  fandom:Fullmetal_Alchemist  year:2019  Rating:General-Audiences  gen  crossover  unfinished  words:6.000-6.500  ff_net 
5 weeks ago by hear-the-rain
WargishBoromirFan - Fallen
Canon-friendly oneshot: Gehl fell in with the wrong crowd at an impressionable age. Then he met Tsume.
fandom:Wolf's_Rain  year:2019  Rating:General-Audiences  gen  pre-canon  character-study  outside-POV  words:500-1.000  angst  complete  ff_net 
5 weeks ago by hear-the-rain
Drag0nst0rm - For the City Sweetly Whispers
The first time Bruce hears Gotham whisper into his mind, he thinks he's going mad. By the time Gotham's killed Dick's parents and forced a child into the Robin suit, he only wishes that were true.
year:2019  Rating:Teen-and-Up  gen  family  chosen-family  adoption  horror  mythological-creatures  mystery  angst  death!fic  violence  injury  temporary-character-death  !fav-fics  happy-ending  words:10.000-15.000  complete  ff_net  fandom:DCU 
6 weeks ago by hear-the-rain
Bookwrm389 - Likeness
One morning mere hours before an inspection, Roy is amazed to receive absolute proof that his young subordinate is growing up.
fandom:Fullmetal_Alchemist  year:2019  Rating:General-Audiences  gen  family  bonding  chosen-family  cute  heartwarming  coming-of-age  words:4.000-4.500  complete  podfic_maybelist 
6 weeks ago by hear-the-rain
Bookwrm389 - Tempest
Ed is adamant that he doesn't need a father. And it's only when he's about to lose the closest thing he has to one that he understands how very wrong he is.
fandom:Fullmetal_Alchemist  year:2019  Rating:Teen-and-Up  gen  violence  injury  hurt/comfort  angst  chosen-family  words:15.000-20.000  complete  !to-read 
6 weeks ago by hear-the-rain
Bookwrm389 - Your Son
"I'm not your father. It's not fair that you can affect me this much." A military function becomes a nightmare when Ed accidentally takes a poisoned drink meant for Roy.
fandom:Fullmetal_Alchemist  year:2019  Rating:General-Audiences  gen  bonding  chosen-family  poison  hurt/comfort  heartwarming  words:8.000-8.500  complete 
6 weeks ago by hear-the-rain
kakkoweeb - Shorts
A cross-post of short (?) stories from tumblr. Specific tags will only be for the latest chapter.
fandom:Haikyuu!!  year:2019  Rating:Teen-and-Up  pairing:Kageyama/Oikawa  pairing:Multiple  gen  cute  comedy  domestic  collection  WIP  words:6.000-6.500 
7 weeks ago by hear-the-rain
kenmagoesblep - human manners 101
Being an uneducated feral boy, Inosuke gets thrown off, confused and overwhelmed over the smallest, stupidest things. It's really embarrassing. So, while they're not obliged to do any of this, Tanjirou and Zenitsu have this nonverbal agreement that they'd do their best to teach Inosuke some basic human knowledge.

Building pillow forts, however, doesn't qualify as suck, yet here they are.
fandom:Kimetsu_no_Yaiba  year:2019  Rating:General-Audiences  gen  pairing:Zenitsu/Inosuke/Tanjirou  fluff  bonding  pre-relationship  mutual-pining  cute  words:1.000-1.500  complete  canon-compliant 
7 weeks ago by hear-the-rain
Chrome - (may the bridges i have burned) light my way back home
Since Bakugou Katsuki discovered the secret of One for All, he and Midoriya Izuku have been slowly repaiiring the friendshi they once had. They still haven't talked about it–but Izuku's certain that it's only a matter of time before they manage to lay the past to rest.

But when the League of Villains attack the Sports Festival and Bakugou takes a devastating blow meant for Izuku, the whole nation is suddenly paying attention to a relationship the two people involved barely understand. Izuku needs more than ever to figure out who he and Kacchan are to each other–preferably before the internet does.


"Fuck you," Bakugou said. "I don't need a whole face to kick your ass."
fandom:My_Hero_Academia  year:2019  Rating:Teen-and-Up  pairing:Katsuki/Izuku  gen  pre-relationship  injury  disabled-character  hurt/comfort  aged-up-characters  friends-to-lovers  slow-build  friendships  recovery  happy-ending  WIP  words:40.000-45.000 
8 weeks ago by hear-the-rain
Kinyve - the scent of burnt peaches
Tanjirou has only met one omega in his life and that's his sister.

Inosuke doesnt really know what the fuck an omega is.
fandom:Kimetsu_no_Yaiba  year:2019  Rating:Teen-and-Up  gen  pairing:Zenitsu/Tanjirou  chosen-family  bonding  cute  Alpha-Beta-Omega  pre-relationship  words:30.000-35.000  complete 
8 weeks ago by hear-the-rain
Allwalkfree - I'll Be There Because I Want To
Chuuya is late and Akutagawa wants to go look for him despite Dazai-san's disapproval.

In which Akutagawa is too worried about Chuuya to listen to anyone else.
fandom:Bungou_Stray_Dogs  year:2019  Rating:General-Audiences  gen  pre-relationship  pairing:Akutagawa/Chuuya  chosen-family  hurt/comfort  heartwarming  words:2.000-2.500  complete 
10 weeks ago by hear-the-rain
langelos - Redirecting Fate
"Ah, I guess you could say I'm your older brother. Nice to meet you. From now on, please call me 'Amai-nii."

Rin meets his first demon when he is seven years old.
fandom:Ao_no_Exorcist  year:2019  Rating:Teen-and-Up  gen  cute  angst  kid-fic  panic-attacks  blood  family  bonding  violence  words:15.000-20.000  unfinished 
11 weeks ago by hear-the-rain
manhattan - what a pleasure it is to be ignorant
No one thought it possible, but the new Royal Protector is even more mysterious than the last.
fandom:Dishonored  year:2019  Rating:Teen-and-Up  gen  post-canon  outside-POV  character-study  words:5.500-6.000  complete 
11 weeks ago by hear-the-rain
sandersonsister - He's Who?
Mello had never wanted to know about his parents but now, now that he knew the chances of his survival were lowering drastically, he thought it might be time. Searching for them didn't eexactly turn out as he expected.
fandom:Death_Note  fandom:Yuri_on_Ice  Rating:General-Audiences  gen  death!fic  canon-compliant  melancholy  family  heartbreaking  words:4.000-4.500  complete  podfic_maybelist  head-canon  crossover  !fav-fics 
september 2019 by hear-the-rain
Followingthestar, SilverWing15 - Moon Phantom
Out of costume, Phantom looks like a perfectly normal woman, her hair pulled back into a messy ponytail, wearing a loose-fitting sweater over simple black leggings. Without the cape, she seems smaller even. Her face isn't hidden behind the inscrutable mask and empty white eyes.

Somehow, she still looks dangerous.

Which is probably a good thing because the mask was never what made Phantom dangerous.
fandom:Original  year:2019  Rating:Teen-and-Up  gen  super-powers  AU-superhero  Dom/sub  one-shot  words:4.000-4.500  complete  female-pov 
september 2019 by hear-the-rain
ScribblesInTheMargins - Why is Yuri there?
After taking a second shot at marriage, Yakov and Lilia go on a cruise during the off season for their Honeymoon. Yuri goes with. The ship has wi-fi. Yakov makes questionable fashion decisions. The waiter is really cute. Lilia plays matchmaker. Who doesn't follow Yuri's social media?
fandom:Yuri_on_Ice  year:2019  Rating:General-Audiences  pairing:Lilia/Yakov  comedy  cute  fluff  chosen-family  words:1.500-2.000  podfic_wishlist  complete  gen 
august 2019 by hear-the-rain
tastewithouttalent - Immeasurable
"All the maybes count for nothing right now, with the iron fist of reality gripping to agonizing tension around Shizuo so he feels every second resonate in his head like a death knell."

Shizuo makes a greater misstep than he realizes and finds more than he expected in remedying it.
fandom:Durarara!!  year:2019  Rating:Teen-and-Up  pairing:Shizuo/Izaya  gen  pre-relationship  drowning  injury  hurt/comfort  podfic_wishlist  words:3.000-3.500  complete 
august 2019 by hear-the-rain
mysticflakes - Eyes That Glow
The frustration mounts with this ralization, then it consumes, chips away his patience, and evokes his indignation – because who does this fucking brat think he is?
fandom:Daiya_no_A  year:2019  Rating:General-Audiences  pairing:Eijun/Mei  gen  character-study  outside-POV  canon-compliant  podfic_maybelist  words:1.500-2.000  complete 
august 2019 by hear-the-rain
cheshireree (shyfoxes) - Shark bait
Corvo flops over onto his back and takes giant heaping breathes. Fuck the ocean, he thinks.
fandom:Dishonored  year:2019  Rating:Teen-and-Up  gen  comedy  mermaids  podfic_wishlist  words:500-1.000  complete 
august 2019 by hear-the-rain
Kasplode - Damn Idiots
Headache already building, Katsuki enters the kitchen and finds exactly what he expected: chaos.

OR: My response to the prompt of the bakusquad trying and failing to cook for Katsuki.
fandom:My_Hero_Academia  year:2019  Rating:General-Audiences  gen  cute  friendships  bonding  comedy  podfic_maybelist  words:0-500  complete 
august 2019 by hear-the-rain
Riona - Bad Habits
It's stress relief.
He'll come back.
(Hank has a lot of bad habits. Repeatedly murdering his partner is just one more.)
fandom:Detroit:Become_Human  year:2019  Rating:Mature  gen  temporary-character-death  suicidal-ideation  unhealthy-relaionship  words:2.000-2.500  complete 
july 2019 by hear-the-rain
Lisse - Equivalence
Thirteen years after his death at the hands of his own brother, a feared demonic cultivator crosses paths with two very confused Yunmeng disciples.

Alternativelty: In which golden core roulette goes a little differently.
fandom:Mo_dao_zu_shi  year:2019  Rating:Teen-and-Up  gen  role-reversal  unreliable-narrator  outside-POV  canon-divergence  complete  podfic_maybelist  words:6.000-6.500 
july 2019 by hear-the-rain
dapatty - The One With Dragons
The one where Frank was a dragon.
What t says on the tin. Frank is a dragon and he hasn't told anyone. Well, at least until he absolutely has to.
fandom:Bandom  year:2019  Rating:Teen-and-Up  gen  animal-transformation  shapeshifters  fluff  mythological-creatures  AU  chosen-family  blanket-permission  podfic_wishlist  series  WIP  one-shot  words:3.500-4.000  comedy  dragons  complete 
april 2019 by hear-the-rain
tommino - Starsong
The paladins are crewmates aboard a mercenary space vessel, sent to the outer reaches of the system to investigate the recent disappearance of Empire ships. Keith discovers that the ship's captain, Sendak, has actually been hired to capture a different prize: /mermaids./

With siren calls that interfere with ship scanners and songs that mimic the distress beacons of friendly crafts, astral mermaids are a threat commonly believed to be myth among most spacefarers. But when lives are at stake, the crew is soon to discover that one among them is not quite as human as he appears to be...
fandom:Voltron:Legendary_Defender  year:2019  Rating:General-Audiences  gen  AU  mermaids  AU-space  one-shot  podfic_wishlist  friendships  chosen-family  words:3.000-3.500  complete 
april 2019 by hear-the-rain
Saysi - Sexism? Not on my watch!
Katsuki overhears some sexism from a bunch of dumb kids. He's not having that.
fandom:My_Hero_Academia  year:2019  Rating:Teen-and-Up  gen  one-shot  words:1.000-1.500  complete 
april 2019 by hear-the-rain
4seasons - Sleepwalker
Of course, the one time nearly every one on the Seidou team gets sick is when the stupid zombie apocalypse starts.
fandom:Daiya_no_A  year:2019  Rating:Mature  gen  zombies  horror  death!fic  suicide  heartbreaking  open-ending  words:40.000-45.000  complete 
april 2019 by hear-the-rain
Kasplode - my heart is gold (and my hands are cold)
Hitoshi is just a kid. He's a hero, yes. Legally, an adult. But really, he's just a kid. And right now, he's so mad, he's so damn mad. Words fail to describe the fury that burns in him, as he works to repair the neglect of this patient, polite, lovely, innocent child.
He finds the boy crying.
fandom:My_Hero_Academia  year:2019  Rating:Teen-and-Up  gen  age-swap  child-abuse  neglect  angst  hurt/comfort  chosen-family  bonding  podfic_maybelist  words:7.500-8.000 
april 2019 by hear-the-rain
Noip13 - the family skeleton
Five ways Miguel stays connected to the dead side of his family, and one way he learns to be close to the living.
fandom:Disney  year:2019  Rating:General-Audiences  gen  family  heartwarming  bonding  post-canon  podfic_wishlist  words:3.500-4.000  complete 
march 2019 by hear-the-rain
4seasons - Get a Clue (Afraid)
"This story is not about the birth of a monster. It's a story about two idiots an the bullheaded team that refused to get even a single clue."


How no one else on this team can figure out that Sawamura and Furuya are switching bodies during the day is something that Kanemaru has long stopped wondering. They don't care enough to see something so obvious? Then he has no obligation to help. But if they make Sawamura make that sad face one more time, so help him...
fandom:Daiya_no_A  year:2019  Rating:General-Audiences  gen  bodyswap  canon-divergence  angst  bittersweet  hurt/comfort  words:50.000-60.000  !fav-fics 
march 2019 by hear-the-rain
tabulaxrasa - Honey to the Bee
Dean is not a farmer's market kind of guy. He may, however, be a hot bee keeper kind of guy.
fandom:Supernatural  Rating:General-Audiences  year:2019  pairing:Dean/Castiel  gen  comedy  AU-mundane  pre-relationship  fluff  words:1.500-2.000 
february 2019 by hear-the-rain
ewuo - Tiny Hands, Heavy Crown
The gentle curls of his hair brush against the silver crown, glittering with rubies to match his eyes. He looks so much like you, and yet, completely different all the same.
fandom:Homestuck  year:2019  Rating:General-Audiences  gen  family  fluff  AU-royalty  podfic_wishlist  one-shot  words:500-1.000  complete 
february 2019 by hear-the-rain
hollyandvice (hiasobi_writes) - The Christmas Gala
Izuku goes to a Christmas Gala only to get the insurance agency off his back. No one told him his ex was going to be there.
fandom:My_Hero_Academia  year:2019  Rating:Teen-and-Up  pairing:Katsuki/Izuku  gen  friendships  self-harm  podfic_maybelist  words:2.000-2.500 
february 2019 by hear-the-rain
Kasplode - I Could Never Know A World Without You.
/"Stay back, Deku"/
Izuku doesn't listen. That decision leads to his death.
In a twist of fate that entwines him irrevocably with Katsuki, it turns out their time together isn't over yet.

(OR: the bodysharing wonder duo AU where Izuku is kidnapped along with Katsuki, and the combination of unprecedented quirks leads to unexpected results.)
fandom:My_Hero_Academia  year:2019  Rating:Mature  pairing:Katsuki/Izuku  gen  canon-divergence  temporary-character-death  hurt/comfort  child-abuse  dissociation  PTSD  panic-attacks  bodysharing  slow-build  happy-ending  WIP  words:50.000-60.000 
february 2019 by hear-the-rain
Metallic_Sweet - How Now Brown Cow
Gather 'round, children, and let me tell you
The once promising story of the Winchester bulls...

Or: in which Dean and Sam are bulls, Castiel is a pony, and the entirety of Supernatual to the beginning of Season 7 takes place on a farm.
fandom:Supernatural  year:2019  Rating:General-Audiences  gen  crack!fic  animal-transformation  canon-compliant  podfic_maybelist  words:2.000-2.500  comedy 
january 2019 by hear-the-rain
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