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WargishBoromirFan - Flower of Ishvala
Before the Ciil War, Ishval was a paradise in the eyes of its children. Now, with a little help from some familiar faces and a mystery from Drachma, two Ishvalan orphans must try to become the change that will bring a new form of paradise to Amestris.
fandom:Wolf's_Rain  fandom:Fullmetal_Alchemist  year:2019  Rating:General-Audiences  gen  crossover  unfinished  words:6.000-6.500  ff_net 
12 weeks ago by hear-the-rain
sandersonsister - He's Who?
Mello had never wanted to know about his parents but now, now that he knew the chances of his survival were lowering drastically, he thought it might be time. Searching for them didn't eexactly turn out as he expected.
fandom:Death_Note  fandom:Yuri_on_Ice  Rating:General-Audiences  gen  death!fic  canon-compliant  melancholy  family  heartbreaking  words:4.000-4.500  complete  podfic_maybelist  head-canon  crossover  !fav-fics 
september 2019 by hear-the-rain
heeroluva - Not a Romance Novel
Hearing the sound of approaching horses, Bucky stops cutting wood and swings his axe over his shoulder easily, giviing a whistle to let the children know to make themselves scarce until he tells them otherwise.
fandom:Game_of_Thrones  fandom:Marvel_universe  fandom:Captain_America  year:2019  Rating:Teen-and-Up  pairing:Bucky/Sansa  het  dimension-travel  post-series  podfic_wishlist  words:1.500-2.000  complete  crossover 
august 2019 by hear-the-rain
codename_bewareofthefangirl - When The Stars Collide series
Now, Aomine'd had the time to learn a lot of things about Oikawa during those months thye had lived together.

Or, Oikawa wants to watch the shooting stars and Aomine has to stop him from killing himself in the process. Awkward romance ensues.
fandom:Kuroko_no_basket  fandom:Haikyuu!!  year:2019  Rating:Not-Rated  pairing:Aomine/Oikawa  roommates  confessions  comedy  first-kiss  fluff  chosen-family  series  WIP  words:10.000-15.000  crossover  AU-school 
june 2019 by hear-the-rain
3_idiots - Coco Tiger
Aomine and Sousuke have fluffy vermin in their homes.

And are CONVINCED there are two old, crazy cat ladies living across the hall from them.
fandom:Kuroko_no_basket  fandom:Free!  year:2019  Rating:Teen-and-Up  pairing:Aomine/Kagami  pairing:Makoto/Sousuke  fluff  comedy  different-sport  AU-modern  words:15.000-20.000  complete  crossover 
june 2019 by hear-the-rain
Karasuno Volleygays (ToBeOrNotToBeAGryffindor) - Aces High
Akaashi found his volunteer job boring with one exception. When he found said exception opening up to him, he knew he was beaten and he wasn't even mad about it.
fandom:Haikyuu!!  fandom:Daiya_no_A  year:2019  Rating:Teen-and-Up  pairing:Akaashi/Furuya  fluff  first-kiss  podfic_maybelist  one-shot  words:2.500-3.000  complete  crossover 
february 2019 by hear-the-rain
ummmmm (sumhowe_sailing) - The Inspection
Set in teh "Of All the Gim-Jahk Joints" verse - qhile wandering around EOS 10, Peter meets someone interesting in the kitchen.
fandom:EOS_10  fandom:The_Penumbra_Podcast  year:2018  Rating:General-Audiences  gen  podfic_wishlist  friendships  words:1.000-1.500  comedy  complete  crossover 
october 2018 by hear-the-rain
emblems - stripped down
You know, Oikawa says, I had a lot of the same problems you did, at first. I thought I could pilot a Jaeger well even if I wasn't great at drifting. But then Iwaizumi taught me that a Jaeger is only as strong as the bond between pilots–not the strength of the pilots alone.

Kageyama can't drift with anyone-but then Iwaizumi Hagime gets injured, leaving the /Grand Kind/ short one pilot.
fandom:Haikyuu!!  year:2018  Rating:Teen-and-Up  pairing:Kageyama/Oikawa  pre-relationship  words:1.000-1.500  fusion  crossover 
january 2018 by hear-the-rain
MindYourMind - Angel of Music and Ice
Times are changing at the Ice Castle Opera. Chorus singer and dancer Yuuri Katsuki watches with bated breath. He knows the mysterious Opera Ghost, Victor Nikiforov, will brook no cheek from new management. His best ally becomes new patron Yuri Plisetsky.

Will Yuri, now a rich gentleman, remember Yuuri, the little innkeeper's boy? Must Yuuri choose between pleasing his mentor and reconnecting with his childhood friend?
fandom:Yuri_on_Ice  fandom:Phantom_of_the_Opera  year:2017  Rating:Teen-and-Up  pairing:Yuuri/Yuri  pairing:Yuuri/Victor  AU  time-era!fic  slow-build  dark!fic  minor-character-death  manipulation  anxiety  abuse  mental_health_issues  mental-instability  mental-abuse  violence  stalking  aged-up-characters  fusion  open-ending  words:60.000-70.000  complete  crossover 
may 2017 by hear-the-rain
metisket - There May Be Some Collateral Damage
Ichigo's been ordered to go undercover at a magic school to bodyguard a kid named Harry Potter, and this would be fine, except that he's about as good at body guarding as he is at magic. And he considers it a goody day, magic-wise, if he hasn't set anything on fire.
fandom:Bleach  fandom:Harry_Potter  year:2017  Rating:Teen-and-Up  gen  podfic_wishlist  words:60.000-70.000  comedy  crossover 
march 2017 by hear-the-rain
aozu - oh baby, baby, how was I supposed to know
Dragon Age: Origins AU.
The main task for the remaining Grey Wardens is to recruit their old allies for the fight against the blight. A dog, a cat (almost, -phew-) and a golem is -not- on the agenda.
fandom:Daiya_no_A  fandom:Dragon_Age  year:2017  Rating:Teen-and-Up  pairing:Furuya/Miyuki  gen  pre-relationship  AU  one-shot  words:5.500-6.000  comedy  complete  fusion  crossover 
january 2017 by hear-the-rain
SilverDagger - Sea Glass
Seeking solitude after a long day, Cynthia runs into an almost-stranger atop the Shatterdome roof and stumbles into a conversation about the nature of monsters.
fandom:Claymore  fandom:Pacific_Rim  year:2017  Rating:Teen-and-Up  gen  introspection  friendships  female-friendships  female-pov  second-person-POV  femslash  podfic_maybelist  words:2.000-2.500  fusion  crossover 
january 2017 by hear-the-rain
paranthelion - Provocation Expert
Kei doesn't understand why everybody's so worked up about Quidditch, or why the captain of the Ravenclaw team has taken an interest in him, but he's not going to let any of it get to him.
fandom:Haikyuu!!  year:2016  Rating:Mature  pairing:Kuroo/Tsukishima  AU  getting-together  friends-to-lovers  slow-build  fluff  angst  friendships  fandom:Harry_Potter  words:45.000-50.000  fusion  crossover 
december 2016 by hear-the-rain
catthegreat - Hitsuzen
Makoto stumbles across a small shop on a side street in Tokyo. The gorgeous shopkeeper and his helper keep Makoto coming back, but this is no ordinary shop. It exists to grant wishes.

MakoRin Week 2015 Day 2: Fate
fandom:Free!  fandom:xxxHOLIC  year:2016  Rating:Teen-and-Up  words:10.000-15.000  pairing:Rin/Makoto  fusion  crossover 
october 2016 by hear-the-rain
GoblinCatKC (kc-anathema) - City Chase
Batman meets the Ninja Turtles. None of them are happy about it. Worse, he finds out how hard it is to chase down one turtle across the whole damn city.
fandom:TMNT  crossover  gen  canon-compliant  one-shot  year:2016  words:8.500-9.000  podfic_maybelist  complete  fandom:DCU 
may 2016 by hear-the-rain
robottrash - lightning above and a fire below me
They hear what everyone's saying now, that they're just like Seirin, with Sawamura and his unpredictable passes, and Miyuki, the boy who should have been a Miracle. Miyuki thinks the only miracle is that he hasn't punched more people in the face than Aomine, not that he's keeping count.
fandom:Kuroko_no_basket  crossover  pairing:Aomine/Miyuki  podfic_wishlist  words:10.000-15.000  Rating:Teen-and-Up  year:2015  fandom:Daiya_no_A  crossover-ships  different-sport 
april 2016 by hear-the-rain
sumaru - rabbit
Tokyo Ghoul AU. For Onoda's sake, practice has made Imaizumi very, very good at certain things.
fandom:Yowamushi_Pedal  fandom:Tokyo_Ghoul  pairing:Imaizumi/Onoda  crossover  fusion  Rating:Teen-and-Up  blood  gore  vomit  AU  words:1.000-1.500  podfic_maybelist  year:2016 
march 2016 by hear-the-rain
Karasuno Volleygays (ToBeOrNotToBeAGryffindor) - A Forever Kind of Thing
Sugawara Koushi travels to Tokyo to see some old friends and can't take his eyes off of a guy he sees at the bar. Also Suga is shameless, and Miyuki Kazuya kind of likes it.
fandom:Daiya_no_A  fandom:Haikyuu!!  crossover  pairing:Suga/Miyuki  rating:Mature  canon-compliant  words:10.000-15.000  year:2016 
march 2016 by hear-the-rain
waldorph - You Can Hear It In the Silence
When CAPTAIN AMERICA walks into the precinct, Jake staples his finger and doesn't realize it for like, six hours. He can only be happy that Scully and Hitchcock leave every day they can at 4:48pm so that they couldn't bring shame upon the family. (redan poddad av andra)
fandom:Marvel_universe  fandom:Brooklyn_Nine-Nine  crossover  crack!fic  blanket-permission  year:2016  already-podficced  comedy 
february 2016 by hear-the-rain
Baylor, oselle - Birthright Verse
A Faculty AU. After the aliens are defeated is when their problems really begin. A story that -still- knocks the air out of me when I read it. I liked the movie well enough but this fic I hold so close to my heart, and probably always will.
fandom:The_Faculty  fandom:X-Files  fandom:Try_Seventeen  fandom:Men_In_Black  crossover  AU  death!fic  angst  grief/mourning  aliens  alcohol-abuse  mental_health_issues  road-trips  hurt/comfort  murder  drug-use  sex-work  pairing:Multiple  violence  suicide-attempt  bullying  brain-washing  torture  tissue-warning  year:2016  gen  het  words:140.000-160.000  !fav-fics 
january 2016 by hear-the-rain
ficasim - Come and Go and Come
Lavi dreams. "You were in a blue yukata and I was lost in the crowd. Away from the crowd. You found me wandering about a quiet temple, maybe one you resided in. You were upset. Because I left– No. Because I trespassed? Maybe. It was too hot to swim in the sea of humans. Too much burning neon and not enough burning stars. Please let me enjoy the view a little longer, I tried to put what used to be my smile on my face."
fandom:D.Gray-man  Rating:General-Audiences  multiple-universes  paralell-universes  words:500-1.000  stream-of-conciousness  magical-realism  crossover  year:2016  pairing:Kanda/Lavi 
january 2016 by hear-the-rain
L33o - For the Glory of Humanity
And when they stand there, before the massive, inky form of the King, they grieve for their lost friends one last time.
fandom:Homestuck  crossover  Rating:General-Audiences  death!fic  suicidal-thoughts  violence  gen  words:0-500  year:2016  fandom:Attack_on_Titan  suicidal-ideation  second-person-POV 
january 2016 by hear-the-rain
buttfulmavinness - The Change of One & The Power of Many - Preview
Hide's dream is to become a Hero and save the day. But his body lacks power, and he cannot become one, not without help. Suzuya is changing from a Villain to a Hero, thanks to the Hero Association. Despite being surrounded by people, only few take time to help him settle in to his new life. Preview to a (possibly) longer future fic.
gen  Rating:General-Audiences  year:2016  words:1.000-1.500  crossover  fandom:Tokyo_Ghoul  fandom:One_Punch_Man  podfic_wishlist 
january 2016 by hear-the-rain
aozu - Gravitation
Two peas in a pod? What about three? College AU where Furuya, Haru and Suna are flatmates. They get along surprisingly well. Miyuki/Furuya established relationship, Makoto/Haru pre-relationship. Suna/Books.
fandom:Free!  fandom:Daiya_no_A  fandom:Ore_Monogatari!!  crossover  Rating:Teen-and-Up  fluff  pairing:Miyuki/Furuya  platonic  WIP  year:2015  AU  gen  pre-relationship  words:20.000-25.000  pairing:Haruka/Makoto  comedy  AU-school 
september 2015 by hear-the-rain
EzzyDean - Sunshine, Sparkles, and Claws
Kagami is the responsible one in their friendship. That alone should be enough to send him screaming for the hills. Unfortunately he's pretty sure they'd just follow him and then he'd be stuck in the middle of nowhere with two sparkling idiots.
fandom:Kuroko_no_basket  fandom:Free!  crossover  pairing:Kagami/Kise/Kisumi  polyamory  fluff  Rating:Teen-and-Up  year:2015  words:500-1.000  pre-relationship  crossover-ships  slice-of-life  comedy 
july 2015 by hear-the-rain
evocates - strung-out old stars
As the Ainur made the Second Music to reform the world - a world now called Terra by some, Earth by others - Eru Ilúvatar took the souls of all those who had ever lived and remade them into the Race of Men. Most reborn in this way don't remember Arda. But some do. This is part of the tale of two such souls.
RPS  fandom:The_Hobbit  crossover  reincarnation  pairing:Thorin/Thranduil  pairing:Richard_Armitage/Lee_Pace  words:10.000-15.000  Rating:Teen-and-Up  fandom:RPF  podfic_maybelist  AU 
december 2014 by hear-the-rain
PunkHazard - At the Old Ball Game
Elementary/Sleepy Hollow crossover. Abbie and Joan drag their sit-in-the-mud English partners to a baseball game and have a chance encounter.
fandom:Elementary  fandom:Sleepy_Hollow  gen  crossover  words:1.500-2.000  Rating:General-Audiences  podfic_wishlist 
november 2014 by hear-the-rain
wizardcity - horizon aurora
There was once a boy with no heart, crown on his head and there was another boy, one with hair like sunshine and stars in his eyes. (One day, they learnt to fight monsters together).
fandom:Haikyuu!!  fandom:Pacific_Rim  crossover  fusion  pairing:Hinata/Kageyama  Rating:Teen-and-Up  words:20.000-25.000  violence  year:2014  tissue-warning  death!fic  minor-character-death  slash 
october 2014 by hear-the-rain
PunkHazard - Atlantica - Ch 1/3
Atlantica Company specializes in bootleg transportation, one of the biggest to operate out of New York City. Based in Chinatown, Stacker Pentcost and his team understand that what they do is all business-- nothing is personal until Wilford, owner of the exclusive Snowpiercer speakeasy, makes it personal.
fandom:Pacific_Rim  AU  words:20.000-25.000  year:2014  historical-AU  pairing:Stacker/Wei  withdrawal  fandom:Snowpiercer  crossover  organized-crime  non-con-drug-use  from delicious
august 2014 by hear-the-rain
kythen - Waiting for Sunrise
Puella Magi Madoka Magica!AU. Mikasa tries and tries and tries again but it's never any use. Eren's fate just gets worse with every fresh start and she's just so tired of it all.
fandom:Madoka_Magica  fusion  crossover  death!fic  time-loop  words:10.000-15.000  year:2014  fandom:Attack_on_Titan  gen  from delicious
august 2014 by hear-the-rain
junko - Teamwork for Hire
After the defeat of Aizen, Ichgo has lost his superpowers but not his skills so he's been hiring himself out to any sports team looking for a strong player. When Nagisa Hazuki approaches Ichigo to join the Iwatobi High School Swim Club, something piques Ichigo's interest...
crossover  fandom:Bleach  words:10.000-15.000  child-abuse  fandom:Free!  fluff  year:2014  rating:General-Audiences  gen  heartwarming  slash  comedy  from delicious
january 2014 by hear-the-rain
Luce Red - Twice the River, Spirited Away/Hikaru no Go crossover
Chihiro goes looking for Haku. Hikaru finds Sai. This fic is SOOO GOOD! All characters fit, a ridiculously good fusion of characters and atmosphere.
words:15.000-20.000  fandom:Hikaru_no_Go  year:2012  rating:General-Audiences  gen  fusion  crossover  fandom:Studio-Ghibli 
may 2012 by hear-the-rain
Fannish Behavior
What happens when Dean is late for family night…

I don't even watch Glee but this never fails to put a smile on my face.
crossover  crack!fic  media  fandom:Supernatural  year:2012  comedy 
april 2012 by hear-the-rain
AvocadoLove - Rampage, a Stargate: SG-1/Avatar crossover
There isn't a facility on any planet that can hold the Fire Prince and the World's Greatest Earthbender. Avatar/Stargate SG1 xover
fandom:SG-1  crossover  one-shot  gen  fandom:AtLA  year:2012  rating:General-Audiences  comedy  complete 
february 2012 by hear-the-rain
creeno - 28:06:42:12, SPN/Donnie Darko crossover
Summary: Jim needs them to help him choose

Warnings: Well, spoiled the entirety of Donnie Darko and everything up to s3 for SPN. Eh. Mentions of pedophilia. One freaky ass bunny.
fandom:Donnie_Darko  fandom:Supernatural  gen  crossover  creepy  year:2011  rating:Mature 
september 2011 by hear-the-rain
T&B; kinkmeme - Critique in Pink
Tiger & Bunny/The Incredibles Crossover, Saitou vs Edna Mode

Set sometime before the start of T&B; and after the end of the Incredibles. I'm not making any attempt to try and figure out timelines beyond that. MST3K Mantra – It's just a show, don't think too hard about it.
kinkmeme_fill  crack!fic  crossover  meme_fill  head-canon  fandom:Tiger_and_Bunny  year:2011  rating:General-Audiences  gen  comedy  complete 
august 2011 by hear-the-rain
Derry - Take A Long Line (SPN/Numb3rs x-over)
This fic shows what competent FBI agents would make of the inconsistencies in the
Winchester FBI file. Also, I can never get enough psychoanalyzing the Winchesters.
fandom:Numb3rs  gen  fandom:Supernatural  year:2009  rating:General-Audiences  crossover 
february 2009 by hear-the-rain
srs bsns - How I Met the Yellow-Eyed Demon Who Killed Your Mother
Even though it's been Joss-ed to the moon and back by now, it still never fails to make me smile and laugh :)
fandom:How_I_met_your_mother  pairing:Sam/Ruby  crack!fic  fandom:Supernatural  year:2008  rating:Mature  het  crossover 
december 2008 by hear-the-rain
rionaleonhart - Fox River State Penitentiary Blues
SPN/Prison Break crossover. When Operation Folsom Prison Blues goes horribly wrong, Sam and Dean Winchester find themselves in Fox River State Penitentiary. Fortunately, Sam's new cellmate has a plan.
fandom:Prison_Break  crossover  gen  fandom:Supernatural  year:2008  rating:Teen-and-Up  comedy 
august 2008 by hear-the-rain
innie_darling: Bones of Shelbyville
"Jeez, Sammy, what happened to you?" "I was just walking down the street and this old lady came out of nowhere and started chucking cats at me," Sam sniffles
words:4.000-4.500  pairing:Dean/OFC  fandom:The_Simpsons  crack!fic  pre-series  fandom:Supernatural  pre-canon  year:2008  rating:Mature  gen  het  comedy  crossover 
june 2008 by hear-the-rain
the-funnmonkey - Brixxx's birthday fic (Top Gear/Supernatural)
TG have a go at being hunters. Ambitious....but rubbish.
A kinda crossover, but lacking any of the characters from SPN (except for the cars if you count them as characters which I sort of do).
words:7.000-7.500  fusion  fandom:Top_Gear  crack!fic  gen  fandom:Supernatural  year:2008  rating:Teen-and-Up  comedy  crossover 
may 2008 by hear-the-rain
ijemanja: Addams Family/Angel fic: Her Beauty and Her Terror (Wednesday/Harmony)
Harmony/Wednesday Summary: Amanda Buckman moved to California, changed her name, and became a vampire. Wednesday can't help but approve.
words:1.500-2.000  fandom:Addams_Family  crack!fic  femslash  fandom:Angel  year:2008  pairing:Wednesday_Addams/Harmony  rating:Teen-and-Up  comedy  crossover 
may 2008 by hear-the-rain
phaballa: Found My Salvation in Starbucks | Supernatural/CWRPS | Jensen/Coffee
"Eric says, 'and everyone got Raptured. I mean, aside from us and the cast of One Tree Hill, so you know, not enough to run a network.' 'Oh, that fucking figures. So Jared gets Raptured, but fucking Chad is still here?' That's just great, Jensen thinks."
pairing:Jensen/Coffee  fandom:Supernatural  crack!fic  RPF  year:2008  rating:Teen-and-Up  object-sexuality  comedy  crossover 
april 2008 by hear-the-rain
gekizetsu - My Supernatural Smackdown
Sam is hurt, Dean worries and lies, Cox rants, and JD just wants everyone to love him, especially after the vampires show up.
words:5.500-6.000  fandom:Supernatural  fandom:Scrubs  gen  year:2008  rating:Teen-and-Up  comedy  crossover 
april 2008 by hear-the-rain
flawsrevenge - Heritage Verse
"S2 Dark Angel, AU Supernatural. Not all Manticore children were test tube babies after all." (Dark Angel meets Supernatural meets The Deep End of the Ocean.) A verse where Alec is Dean and Mary is alive.
gen  AU  fandom:Supernatural  fandom:Dark_Angel  year:2008  masterlist  rating:Teen-and-Up  crossover 
april 2008 by hear-the-rain
lyl-devil: Familia Infortunium - DA/SPN
Summary: A voice from the past changes everything in Terminal City.
Spoilers: DA – after Freak Nation, SPN – mid-season 3-ish.
gen  fandom:Supernatural  fandom:Dark_Angel  post-series  post-canon  year:2008  rating:Teen-and-Up  crossover 
april 2008 by hear-the-rain
dellavie - Why Wasn't I Notified?
Summary: It seems Priestly isn't the only one who doesn't know what the hell's going on
*Set before Jus in Bello.
words:9.500-10.000  fandom:Ten_Inch_Heroes  fandom:Supernatural  gen  year:2008  rating:Teen-and-Up  comedy  crossover 
april 2008 by hear-the-rain
hoosabrat: If Kripke wasn't Kripke...
posted at supernatural_tv a what if Kripke wasn't Supernaturals creator, the comments are too funny for words!
fandom:Supernatural  crossover  crack!fic  year:2008  rating:General-Audiences  comedy 
march 2008 by hear-the-rain
ignipes: MCR/SPN Fic: Holy Water Like Cheap Whiskey (7/8)
links inside, an amazing read even if you don't like My Chemical Romance (or ever even heard of them)
fandom:Supernatural  unfinished  RPF  gen  fandom:Bandom  year:2008  rating:Teen-and-Up  crossover 
february 2008 by hear-the-rain
mute90 - Skywalker, SPN/Star Wars crossover
They say no more trouble until they get home but Winchester's are as bad with rules as they are good with weapons. (So awesome I can't even begin to describe!)
one-shot  fandom:Supernatural  fandom:Star_Wars  gen  year:2008  rating:Teen-and-Up  comedy  complete  crossover 
february 2008 by hear-the-rain
ladyjanelly: The Space He Invades (seq to Ridin' the Storm Out)
Sequel to Ridin' the storm out'.
That first winter, after the world goes to hell. Common and uncommon challenges.
gen  AU  fandom:Dark_Angel  fandom:Supernatural  year:2008  rating:Teen-and-Up  crossover 
january 2008 by hear-the-rain
ladyjanelly: Today's Tom Sawyer, ch 1/2
AU from Devil's Trap for SPN and the Pilot from DA, but only for Ben
The side of his face twitches at how wrong it is for there to be a freakin' bar-code on a child's neck. The warning in his head escalates to a code-red.
gen  AU  fandom:Dark_Angel  fandom:Supernatural  year:2008  hurt/comfort  rating:Teen-and-Up  crossover 
january 2008 by hear-the-rain
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