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Training + Development Magazine reviews ReOrg and The Founder's Mentality
"... a practical guide for leaders planning to go through the process, offering tips to succeed through various bits of advice, checklists, and the story of a company experiencing some ups and downs."- ReOrg

"Executives can use Zook and Allen's book as a manual for keeping growth strong and navigating effectively through webs of complexity." - The Founder's Mentality
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january 2017 by hbrinthenews
Training and Development magazine reviews Act Like a Leader
"...Act Like a Leader, Think Like a Leader serves as a thoroughly original, practical guide to becoming a better leader."
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january 2016 by hbrinthenews
Winning the Story Wars and There Is an I in Team reviewed in T+D
A review of Winning the Story Wars: Why Those Who Tell—and Live—the Best Stories Will Rule the Future by Jonah Sachs
hbspnews  winningthestorywars  t+d  2013front  thereisaniinteam 
december 2012 by hbrinthenews

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