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Reuters features HBR Group
"Are you willing to be daring? And how can you experiment in a meaningful way? Josh Macht, group publisher at the Harvard Business Review reveals three lessons he’s learned about agility."
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Reuters covers "How I Did It: Blockbuster’s Former CEO on Sparring with an Activist Shareholder"
Picked up by Christian Science Monitor, West Austrailian, CNBC, MSN News, Yahoo!, Globe and Mail, Chicago Tribune
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Reuters covers "Did eBay Just Prove That Paid Search Ads Don't Work?"
Picked up by CBSNews.com, Yahoo! Finance, CNBC, Baltimore Sun, Hartford Courant, and many others.
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Conscious Capitalism reviewed by Reuters
Economists who say firms should pursue just profit have it wrong. That’s what a co-founder of Whole Foods and a business professor claim in “Conscious Capitalism”. Their touchy-feely free-market utopia sounds great, but pitfalls aplenty await companies that embrace their vision.
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HBR/HB.org Twitter survey on Reuters
Another Cause For Concern At Twitter Headquarters | Industries | Reuters
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HBR Mattel article noted in Reuters article
Mattel Had Morale, Creative Issues Before Bratz - CEO - NYTimes.com
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