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Harvard Gazette mentions HBR's involvement in Hubweek
"Kicking off the day on Wednesday, Bozoma St. John, chief marketing officer for global talent and media company Endeavor, will join Harvard Business Review’s Amy Bernstein to discuss business, opportunity, and what she has learned working for some of the most recognizable brands in the world.

Later that day, the Business Review’s editor-in-chief, Adi Ignatius, will moderate a panel focused on the intersection of ethics and technology. Joining the panel will be computer scientist and entrepreneur Rana el Kaliouby and Harvard’s James Bryant Conant University Professor and Director of the Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics Danielle Allen."
2019  hbr.org  hubweek  harvardgazette  HBRintheNews  hbspnews 
22 days ago by hbrinthenews
The Motley Fool covers Women at Work
"Why listen? This podcast provides unique insights from experts and studies while taking a journalistic approach to the question of what it means to be a working woman in the U.S. today."
2018  HBRintheNews  hbspnews  themotleyfool 
september 2018 by hbrinthenews
The Goop Podcast covers HBR podcasts
Sarah Jessica Parker: "What do you listen to?" Gwyneth Paltrow: "I listen to nerdy...like there's a good Harvard Business Review podcast that I like a lot."
2018  HBRintheNews  thegooppodcast  hbspnews  podcast 
august 2018 by hbrinthenews
Digital Context Next covers HBR Group
"In our work at Harvard Business Review, we’re look at engagement – and experimentation to understand that engagement better – through several different lenses:.. "
2018  digitalcontextnext  HBRintheNews  hoch 
may 2018 by hbrinthenews
Slate features HBSP
"HBS Publishing is a more exotic endeavor—a full-fledged multimedia and academic publishing company that’s related to a traditional, sleepy university press sort of the way an iPhone X is related to an old Nokia Candy Bar handset."
2018  HBRintheNews  hbspnews  slate 
may 2018 by hbrinthenews
Reuters features HBR Group
"Are you willing to be daring? And how can you experiment in a meaningful way? Josh Macht, group publisher at the Harvard Business Review reveals three lessons he’s learned about agility."
2018  HBRintheNews  reuters  macht 
may 2018 by hbrinthenews
Folio covers HBR Group
Maureen Hoch is named one of Folio's Top Women in Media for 2018.
2018  HBRintheNews  folio  hbspnews  hoch 
may 2018 by hbrinthenews
Longreads mentions HBR Group
"“If I’m going to make an argument, I’m always going to back it up with studies. I think that’s why the Harvard Business Review is so important. I’m not just making an argument; I’m making an argument that’s backed up by research... "
2018  HBRintheNews  longreads 
may 2018 by hbrinthenews
SPD covers HBR Group
HBR was awarded "Cover of the Day" for its March/April 2018 issue on March 27, 2018.
2018  HBRintheNews  spd 
may 2018 by hbrinthenews
FIPP covers HBR Group
"Maureen Hoch, editor of Harvard Business Review’s HBR.org on Monday provided insight into the experimental work HBR has been doing with new media formats in the past year to reach and engage audiences, including subscribers, in new ways."
2018  HBRintheNews  hoch 
may 2018 by hbrinthenews
Journalism.co.uk covers HBR Group
"Maureen Hoch, editor, Harvard Business Review, explains how the publisher has been using emerging formats to get closer to audiences"
2018  HBRintheNews  journalism.co.uk  hoch 
may 2018 by hbrinthenews
Multibriefs: Exlusive mentions HBR Group
"Authoritative, quality sites, such as Harvard Business Review and The Economist, are actually seeing increases in social shares."
2018  HBRintheNews  multibriefs 
may 2018 by hbrinthenews
Inside Higher Ed mentions HBR Group
"One really positive trend from the report is that shares of high-quality content from authoritative sources like The New York Times and Harvard Business Review are increasing."
2018  HBRintheNews  insidehighered 
may 2018 by hbrinthenews
Ragan.com mentions HBR Group
"While the New York Times and Washington Post are two of the top publications read by the C-suite, articles on Harvard Business Review got more engagement than either... "
2018  HBRintheNews  ragan 
may 2018 by hbrinthenews
SPD nominates HBR Group
"The finalists for our prestigious Magazine of the Year and Brand of the Year awards include:"
2018  HBRintheNews  spd 
may 2018 by hbrinthenews
Digiday mentions HBR Group
"If you carry Airbnb, if you have a copy of Harvard Business Review or The Economist, it says something about the nature of who you are."
2018  HBRintheNews  digi 
may 2018 by hbrinthenews
NiemanLab mentions HBR Group
For sites like Harvard Business Review, The New York Times, and The Economist, the social picture has actually improved over the last year: Seven of HBR’s most-shared articles, for example, were published in 2017.
2018  HBRintheNews  NiemanLab 
may 2018 by hbrinthenews
Digiday covers HBR Group
Digiday nominates HBR Group for Best Use of a Podcast (HBR IdeaCast) and Best Email Newsletter ("The Insider")
2018  HBRintheNews  hbspnews  Digiday 
may 2018 by hbrinthenews
HR Magazine covers HBR Group
"Speaking at a Harvard Business Review ‘HBR Live: Building a Workforce of the Future’ talk, Cappelli gave a history of the evolution of performance management, including the recent move by several organisations to dispense with annual appraisals entirely."
2018  HBRintheNews  HRMagazine 
may 2018 by hbrinthenews
Fast Comp any covers HBR podcasts
"Quick: Fire up your podcast player, because podcasts don’t get more timely than this. Harvard Business Review just launched a six-episode series all about gender and the workplace."
2018  HBRintheNews  FastCompany  Carmichael 
may 2018 by hbrinthenews
Publishers Daily from MediaPost covers HBR Podcasts
"Coming off the success of its flagship podcast IdeaCast, Harvard Business Review is set to launch two new series."
2018  HBRintheNews  MediaPost  publishersdaily  Carmichael 
may 2018 by hbrinthenews
NewsWhip covers HBRGroup
"HBR actually edges out the New York Times in terms of average engagements on their articles, at just over 4,500, more than two times that of any other publisher."
2018  HBRintheNews  newswhip 
may 2018 by hbrinthenews
Content Marketing Institute covers HBR Group
In this Harvard Business Review-hosted webinar on continuous value improvement in health care presented by Dr. Kedar S. Mate, the doctor speaks as a voiceover while the PowerPoint presentation is displayed on the screen.
2018  HBRintheNews  contentmarketinginstitute 
may 2018 by hbrinthenews
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