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Globe & Mail covers Creating Great Choices
Creating Great Choices was one of the top ten business books for 2017
2017front  creatinggreatchoices  globeandmail 
december 2017 by hbrinthenews
The Globe and Mail reviews Managing in the Gray
"A fascinating book... clearly written and each question is addressed both philosophically and practically. It may not make Donald Trump’s reading list, but perhaps you should consider it for yours."
managinginthegray  2017front  hbspnews  globeandmail 
september 2016 by hbrinthenews
The Globe and Mail covers Why Should Anyone Work Here?
British academics Rob Goffee and Gareth Jones, in Why Should Anyone Work Here?, share six statements that can serve as a tool to assess how much your organization values your individuality.
globeandmail  whyshouldanyoneworkhere  2016front  hbspnews 
november 2015 by hbrinthenews
The Globe and Mail reviews No One Understands You
"It’s clearly written, based on research, with lots of examples."
nooneunderstandsyou  2015front  hbspnews  globeandmail 
may 2015 by hbrinthenews
The Globe and Mail mentions The Alliance
an insightful look at the new employer-employee relationship...
thealliance  2015front  hbspnews  canada  globeandmail 
january 2015 by hbrinthenews
The Globe and Mail features The New Capitalist Manifesto as a Best of 2013
Umair Haque’s The New Capitalist Manifesto is worth reading; primarily, because ​in it, he undertakes an exploration of a new (and in many people’s minds, a badly needed) form of capitalism
thenewcapitalistmanifesto  hbspnews  globeandmail  bestof2013  canada 
december 2013 by hbrinthenews
Reuters covers "How I Did It: Blockbuster’s Former CEO on Sparring with an Activist Shareholder"
Picked up by Christian Science Monitor, West Austrailian, CNBC, MSN News, Yahoo!, Globe and Mail, Chicago Tribune
cnbc  chicagotribune  April2011  hbspnews  reuters  2011  globeandmail  hbr  christiansciencemonitor 
november 2013 by hbrinthenews
The Globe and Mail covers "Please Stop Complaining About How Busy You Are"
Meredith Fineman said in a Harvard Business Review article that as we continuously try to “outdo” each other with the level of stress in our lives, we’re risking our sanity and our health.
2013  hbspnews  globeandmail  HBR.org 
september 2013 by hbrinthenews
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