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Business Insider reviews First 90 Days
"The First 90 Days" is a guide for executives in new leadership roles."
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august 2015 by hbrinthenews
The Economist covers The First 90 Days
"One of the bestselling business books of all time is “The First 90 Days”, by Michael Watkins..."
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february 2015 by hbrinthenews
The First 90 Days featured on Chicago Daily Herald
The first few months on a new job create lasting impressions. So make those first few months really count. Show up every day trying to impress -- by your professionalism, hard work and dedication. Here are some things you think about.
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Publishers Weekly covers HBRP, Conscious Capitalism, First 90 Days
The president of the United States gets 100 days to prove himself; you get 90,” saysMichael D. Watkins in the introduction to the tenth anniversary edition of The First 90 Days. Some might argue that publishers get even less.
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june 2013 by hbrinthenews
CEO Talk Radio featured The First 90 Days
Play Now Your Next Move YOUR NEXT MOVE: Author Michael Watkins explains that all leaders – no matter how seasoned – need guidance through the professional changes that define a career.  In fact, transitions into new roles are the crucibles
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june 2013 by hbrinthenews

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