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CHOICE reviews Creating Great Choices
“…a refreshing and novel twist on the underlying cognitive processes of great decision-making…sound and wonderfully articulated.”
choice  creatinggreatchoices  2018front  hbspnews 
november 2017 by hbrinthenews
CHOICE reviews Smart Collaboration
" a practical, research-grounded book on collaboration..."
smartcollaboration  2017front  hbspnews  choice 
february 2017 by hbrinthenews
CHOICE reviews Managing in the Gray
"The practical examples and the author’s ability to explain the philosophic underpinnings of these questions in digestible bites make this an appealing, readable guide for managers and business students struggling with the complexities of “gray area” problems."
managinginthegray  2017front  hbspnews  choice 
november 2016 by hbrinthenews
CHOICE reviews Good Charts
an elegant volume illustrated with appealing graphic images that, taken together with the text, provide a user's manual to “dataviz"... a comprehensive and attractive introduction to the subject. Berinato perhaps understates this accomplishment with the rather quaint title of the text. He’s accomplished much more than that!
goodcharts  2017back  hbspnews  choice 
august 2016 by hbrinthenews
CHOICE reviews An Everyone Culture
Kegan and Lahey (Harvard Univ.) incorporate adult-developmental theory to enhance organizational profitability, improve honesty in communications, reduce political maneuvering, and increase solutions to intractable problems.
choice  2016front  aneveryoneculture  hbspnews 
june 2016 by hbrinthenews
CHOICE reviews Getting Beyond Better
The authors include many practical and theoretical questions to address. All organizations should grapple with these questions, but they may have special importance for social entrepreneurs.
choice  2016back  hbspnews  gettingbeyondbetter 
june 2016 by hbrinthenews
CHOICE reviews Disrupting Digital Business
“This important, technical book by a guru in the field is a fine contribution to the understanding of the transformation of organizations into digital enterprises.”
disruptingdigitalbusiness  choice  2016back  hbspnews 
july 2015 by hbrinthenews

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