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CustomerExperiencMagazine.com UK features :Three Rules for Making a Company Truly Great"
» The next wave of innovation: delivering exceptional experiences | Relaunched and rejuvenated the Customer Experience Magazine is packed full of all the latest news, reviews and cutting edge case studies from the world of customer experience.
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lifehacker.com covers "The Two Most Important Words"
"Thank you." It's such a simple thing to say, yet incredibly powerful, especially in the office. If you're a supervisor or in a similar leadership position, a show of appreciation for your team can be even more motivating and loyalty-building than money.
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CNBC Squawk Box features Jeff Sonnefeld talking about "What CEOs Really Think of Their Boards"
Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, Yale School of Management, discusses the latest results of a study about the relationship between business leaders and their corporate boards.
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