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The Advertiser (Australia) reviews An Everyone Culture
If you want to stay on the cutting edge of how our culture thinks about work, you might browse Rob Kegan and Lisa Lahey's latest book, An Everyone Culture: Becoming a Deliberately Developmental Organisation, which will urge you to measure the meaning of your work not by how much you like or value it, but by how much it makes you grow up, and past the edge of your current limits.
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november 2016 by hbrinthenews
CHOICE reviews An Everyone Culture
Kegan and Lahey (Harvard Univ.) incorporate adult-developmental theory to enhance organizational profitability, improve honesty in communications, reduce political maneuvering, and increase solutions to intractable problems.
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june 2016 by hbrinthenews
Forbes reviews An Everyone Culture
"Their jottings and anecdotes draw you in, to join them in peering over the edge of what might just be a management revolution."
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may 2016 by hbrinthenews

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