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800 CEO READ's Editor's Choice review of The Founder's Mentality
Their new book is a departure in the sense that they turn their attention, for the first time, from external strategy to internal, but it continues their now fifteen year bent of focusing on companies’ roots in the process of helping them in periods of growth, turning it in this latest effort to what they call “the founder’s mentality.”
thefoundersmentality  2016front  hbspnews  800ceoread 
june 2016 by hbrinthenews
800-CEO-READ Business Book Awards Longlist includes Getting Beyond Better
"...perhaps the most optimistic books on our future are those that focus on social entrepreneurship (Getting Beyond Better)..."
gettingbeyondbetter  2016front  bestof2015  hbspnews  800ceoread 
november 2015 by hbrinthenews
800 CEO READ review of True Story
An original take on using story to convey your brand promises, True Story will provide you with the answer.
hbspnews  truestory  2014front  800ceoread 
july 2013 by hbrinthenews
800 CEO READ review of The End of Competitive Advantage
he End of Competitive Advantage fits beautifully into the ongoing discussion about what defines successful companies today, and what will continue to in the future.
hbspnews  2013front  800ceoread  theendofcompetitiveadvantage 
june 2013 by hbrinthenews
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