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Cosmopolitan mentions Alive at Work
"What you can do: Change the way you think about your nine-to-five, says Daniel M. Cable, author of Alive at Work. Switching up your mind-set will help make your time on the clock more fun and fulfilling."
2018front  aliveatwork  cosmopolitan  hbspnews 
june 2018 by hbrinthenews
SF Review of Books reviews Alive at Work
"...Daniel Cable offers about all the information,insights, and counsel needed to help more people in your organization love what they do."
2018front  sfreviewofbooks  hbspnews  aliveatwork 
june 2018 by hbrinthenews
SF review of Books reviews The Mind of the Leader
"I congratulate them [Jacqueline and Rasmus] on The Mind of the Leader, a brilliant achievement. Bravo!"
sfreviewofbooks  2018front  themindoftheleader  hbspnews 
june 2018 by hbrinthenews
Quartz at Work covers Reinforcements
"This article was adapted from the book Reinforcements: How to Get People to Help You."
2018front  reinforcements  quartz  hbspnews 
june 2018 by hbrinthenews
Forbes covers Never Stop Learning
The framework, based on the most recent behavior science, is the core of Staats’ new book Never Stop Learning: Stay Relevant, Reinvent Yourself, and Thrive. He explains how to overcome the challenges to our own learning.
2018front  neverstoplearning  forbes  hbspnews 
june 2018 by hbrinthenews
Big Think covers Human + Machine
"Using AI to help you find new jobs based on your current skills is just one way to adapt to this new technology. Paul's incredible new book is Human + Machine: Reimagining Work in the Age of AI."
2018front  human+machine  hbspnews  bigthink 
may 2018 by hbrinthenews
Forbes covers Alive at Work
"The risk of focusing on strengths is it becomes an excuse for not pushing ourselves when really we should be learning new skills."
2018front  aliveatwork  hbspnews  forbes 
may 2018 by hbrinthenews
Business Insider covers Alive at Wrok
"If you care about improving the quality of life at work, you'll enjoy this lively, data-driven book."
2018front  aliveatwork  hbspnews  businessinsider 
may 2018 by hbrinthenews
Forbes covers Alive at Work
"Here, Cable talks about why people have lost their zest for work, the trend for happiness directors and the root causes of the global leadership crisis."
2018front  aliveatwork  hbspnews  forbes 
may 2018 by hbrinthenews
Sheer Luxe covers Alive at Work
"If this sounds all too familiar, keep reading. SL spoke to Dan Cable to discover his four-step plan for feeling happier, more motivated and truly alive in your job…"
2018front  aliveatwork  hbspnews  sheerluxe 
may 2018 by hbrinthenews
AP covers Human + Machine
"I've written a book on this called "Human Plus Machine", is that from the work and research we do we see a future where humans are, you know, empowered by machines and working with machines, that this enhances our productivity and really, you know, creates new jobs, new industries, new industry sectors and new jobs and we have a lot of research showing why we believe this is to be true."
human+machine  ap  hbspnews  2018front 
may 2018 by hbrinthenews
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