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Forbes coverage of The Founder's Mentality
"Chieh Huang, cofounder and CEO of Boxed–on our list of the next billion-dollar startups–shares what he reads at 30,000 feet:

'In a good book, I look for people who have made a ton of mistakes, so I can learn from them. One of the observations in The Founder’s Mentality [by Chris Zook and James Allen] is that founder-led companies in general perform better on the stock market."
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Forbes recommends The Founder's Mentality for Summer Reading
"Summer is here, and everyone needs a business book or two to read. I’m recommending The Founder’s Mentality – How To Overcome the Predictable Crises of Growth by two very senior partners and strategy practice heads at Bain & Company — Chris Zook and James Allen."
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Forbes reviews Matchmakers
"...a worthwhile, and short, read for anyone who wonders about the key drivers in different types of business. Knowing what type of business a company is operating is important both for CEOs and investors."
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july 2016 by hbrinthenews

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