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The First 90 Days featured on Chicago Daily Herald
The first few months on a new job create lasting impressions. So make those first few months really count. Show up every day trying to impress -- by your professionalism, hard work and dedication. Here are some things you think about.
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july 2013 by hbrinthenews
Conquering the Chaos featured on Quartz
Many multinational companies are quite pleased with their performance in India. That’s because they have set quite a low bar for success. To most, the fact that their business in India is meeting budget or growing at double-digit rates is significant. But that isn’t success. Companies can be growing at double-digit rates and meeting budgets, and still be...
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june 2013 by hbrinthenews
Inc.com piece picked up by the Austin American Statesman
I just dumped (and donated) 300 books. But the rest you'll have to pry from my cold, dead fingers.Two weeks ago, I dumped more than 300 business books.
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june 2013 by hbrinthenews
The Progress Principle and Playing to Win featured on Inc.com
I just dumped (and donated) 300 books. But the rest you'll have to pry from my cold, dead fingers.
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june 2013 by hbrinthenews
Buyers Meeting Point review of The End of Competitive Advantage
The End of Competitive Advantage is full of the case-examples and current events that make such a book simultaneously more readable and more credible
2013front  theendofcompetitiveadvantage 
june 2013 by hbrinthenews
Publishers Weekly covers HBRP, Conscious Capitalism, First 90 Days
The president of the United States gets 100 days to prove himself; you get 90,” saysMichael D. Watkins in the introduction to the tenth anniversary edition of The First 90 Days. Some might argue that publishers get even less.
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june 2013 by hbrinthenews
CEO Talk Radio featured The First 90 Days
Play Now Your Next Move YOUR NEXT MOVE: Author Michael Watkins explains that all leaders – no matter how seasoned – need guidance through the professional changes that define a career.  In fact, transitions into new roles are the crucibles
ceotalkradio  2013front  first90days 
june 2013 by hbrinthenews
800 CEO READ review of The End of Competitive Advantage
he End of Competitive Advantage fits beautifully into the ongoing discussion about what defines successful companies today, and what will continue to in the future.
hbspnews  2013front  800ceoread  theendofcompetitiveadvantage 
june 2013 by hbrinthenews
Forbes.com names Keeping Up with the Quants a "Summer Must Read"
Everyone needs to unplug from the office now and then; you’ll get stale –or worse, burn out –if you don’t. But this summer, you don’t have to completely disengage from all things marketing just because you’re relaxing at the beach. Why? Because there are a handful of new business books [...]
forbes  keepingupwiththequants  hbspnews  2013front  bestof2013 
june 2013 by hbrinthenews
Conquering the Chaos featured on WNYC's Brian Lehrer
Ravi Venkatesan, former chairman of Microsoft India and the author of Conquering the Chaos: Win in India, Win Everywhere (Harvard ...
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june 2013 by hbrinthenews
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