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HBR in NYT Sunday Book Review
cites Adrian Wooldridge's quote about New Yorker generating more management fads than HBR
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december 2008 by hbrinthenews
HBR: 2007 List item in Chronicle of Higher Ed
Linda Stone's idea of "continuous partial attention"
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december 2008 by hbrinthenews
HBR: Cisco Sees the Future on Yahoo! India
re-run of Economist article "Desperately Seeking a Cash Cure"
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november 2008 by hbrinthenews
HBR: When Your Colleague is a Saboteur in Gannett Newswire Story
In the fictional office of '30 Rock,' Tracy, Jenna, Kenneth, Frank and Pete run to Liz Lemon with every problem under the sun. This makes for great entertainment when the whiny characters on this NBC comedy program squawk and squeal about, well, you name it and they drop it at Liz's feet to fix. But to emulate such tactics in your own career would be disastrous.
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november 2008 by hbrinthenews
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