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Wireless Networking Case Study
BYU–Hawaii conducted a competitive bakeoff between Cisco’s latest version of Clean Access, Impulse Point’s Safe-Connect, and Avenda’s eTIPS identity-based policy platform. 
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april 2011 by hawaii
Verizon sets sights on Hawaii for 4G
Honolulu, Kahului, and Lahaina are among the 140 new markets in which Verizon Wireless plans to roll out its 4G LTE network, company officials announced today.
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january 2011 by hawaii
Hawaii Builds Broadband Coverage Maps
Visitors to the site will be able to view broadband coverage throughout the state. The DCCA is continuing to collect and verify data related to availability, speed, and location of broadband services in Hawaii.
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december 2010 by hawaii
Want Fast Internet? Don’t Live In the Sticks
Delaware, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts have some of the fastest Internet access speeds in the country, according to a new survey by the Communications Workers of America, while Hawaii, Alaska, Montana and Wyoming have the slowest.
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august 2009 by hawaii
Tsunami 'could annihilate data cables'
Scientists believe that 70 per cent of Australia's undersea cable capacity would be destroyed in a single stroke if a tsunami similar to the one that devastated coastal Thailand and Sri Lanka in 2004 were to strike Hawaii.
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may 2009 by hawaii
PIPE Network undersea cable to boost Australian broadband
Australians are set for faster, cheaper internet access with the announcement of a $200 million submarine cable link to Guam.
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may 2009 by hawaii
Narrowband on the Decline in the U.S.
Hawaii had a 95 percent increase in broadband penetration this quarter, but the state only has a 5.7 percent penetration rate overall for broadband -- so there is still a lot more room for high-speed broadband growth.
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