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Just Hear Me Out by loveclouds
To stimulate Japan's low birthrates and take most of the guesswork out of dating, a beeper system was biologically in people's wrists, an aidible confirmation to show romantic compatibilty.

Iwaizumi's beeper has been going off for Oikawa since they were kids. Oikawa's has only ever been silent.
fanfic  haikyuu  Oikawa/Iwaizumi  ao3  words:5.000-10.000  bonding  magical.realism  fluff  angst  animals  marriage  established.relationship 
february 2019 by hatinjacket
Barrier Methods by robotsdance
Ned and Chuck were grateful for the endless number of ways to be intimate without having sex. That being said, they were also big fans of their ever-expanding list of ways to have sex without touching.
fanfic  pushingdaisies  established.relationship  ned/chuck  het  sex.toys  cuddling  negotiation.kink  ao3  dirty.talk  masturbation  magical.realism  bondage  clothes.kink  cum.play  pegging  roleplay  Emerson_Cod  tattoos  words:5.000-10.000 
june 2018 by hatinjacket
Broken Hearts and Other Renovations by lavvyan
Danny's grandma always said a person's heart was their home. He doesn't understand she didn't mean that literally until he asks why she's taken Grandpa's picture down and she doesn't know what he's talking about.

Danny tries to fix all the things that are wrong with Steve, starting with the groundwater in Steve's foundations.
fanfic  h5-0  steve/danny  magical.realism  family  ao3  words:<5.000  via:shadowkeeper 
february 2018 by hatinjacket
deus ex machina by coloredink
"What the hell?" said Katz. "Is that--"

"Yeah, I know, it's kinda flashy." Will shut the car door behind him and patted his pockets for the little fob to lock the car.

"Isn't that Hannibal Lecter's car?"

The car beeped to indicate it was locked. "Yeah, I guess so." Will walked away, toward the field, Katz on his heels. "I needed a new car."

"So you bought the cannibal car?"


You asked for it: the one where Hannibal is a murderous self-driving car.
fanfic  Hannibal  author:coloredink  words:20.000-50.000  magical.realism  character.death  Will_Graham  gen(ish)  Hannibal_Lecter  ao3  Alana_Bloom  injury 
december 2017 by hatinjacket
love like a dark cloud full of rain by coloredink
"The other kids were always taking their hearts out," said Will. "The usual games, I'll show you mine if you show me yours. But mine didn't seem to work that way. It never seemed to want to come out."


Let it be a fairy tale. Once upon a time, there was a boy who was careless with his heart...
fanfic  Hannibal  Will/Hannibal  magical.realism  cannibalism  ao3  words:<5.000  author:coloredink  injury 
april 2017 by hatinjacket
Fabergé egg by Ka_she_who_lurks
In a world where everyone has a one-word description of how they will die on their skin, most people who make it their business to save lives have one or two or a handful of marks in gold on theirs, because screw destiny.
Your fated death is marked in red. A death that has already happened bleeds in black, including the ones where the doctors manage to revieve you afterwards. A death prevented, however, dissapears from your skin and turns up in gold of the one who saved you.

Saitama ends up with every life he saves written on his skin.
It's a bit of a hassle, at times.
fanfic  Saitama/Genos  one.punch.man  magical.realism  marking  ao3  words:<5.000  suicidal.thoughts 
october 2016 by hatinjacket
Flowers In a Thunderstorm by plumedy
“Because you don’t want to.” Lionel studies his face more closely and concludes, a trifle self-consciously, “You’re terrified of hurting me.”

“That’s not how my powers work.”

“That’s how everyone’s powers work. I’ve been trying to explain this to you from the beginning.”
fanfic  king's.speech  gen  magical.realism  ao3  yuletide:2015  words:<5.000 
july 2016 by hatinjacket
Menders and Makers by stitchy
In a magical analogue of Android!Lock, Former Surgeon John Watson repurposes his skills to become Mender to a living Doll Sherlock, who leads an unusual life of crime solving. The story is told in a mix of fic, comic, and John's own note keeping.
fanfic  sherlockbbc  fancomic  Sherlock/John  au  injury  Moriarty  Mummy_Holmes  ao3  miscommunication  magical.realism  words:5.000-10.000 
april 2015 by hatinjacket
we go wherever we please by stitchy
John is invalided home from Afghanistan, but instead of developing a limp- he becomes invisible.

"You can see me?”
“I see everything,” he claims.
fanfic  sherlockbbc  Sherlock/John  au  magical.realism  ao3  words:10.000-20.000 
march 2015 by hatinjacket
The Midas Touch by flawedamythyst
John Watson has a medical condition that means everyone he sleeps with is instantly healed of all illness and injury. This causes complications when Sherlock breaks his arm, and even more complications when Sherlock falls in love with him.

Yes, this is a story where John has a literal magic healing cock. It's a lot less cracky than you're probably imagining.

Warning: Contains complex issues of sexual consent, although not between Sherlock and John.
fanfic  sherlockbbc  Sherlock/John  au  John/oc  dub-con  superpowers.in.the.real.world.kink  ao3  author:flawedamythyst  injury  words:20.000-50.000  magical.realism 
february 2015 by hatinjacket
With Eyes Wide Open by cleflink
In which souls are deceptively easy to see and no one can quite figure out what the deal is with Sherlock and John.
fanfic  sherlockbbc  Sherlock/John  Lestrade  outside.PoV  mrs.hudson  Anderson  injury  ao3  magical.realism  Mycroft_Holmes  bondage  Molly_Hooper  words:5.000-10.000 
july 2014 by hatinjacket
Visit Caves of Every Beast by onawingandaswear
“Nonetheless, I believe a serial murderer with a taste for human flesh will be considered more intriguing than a single severed head.”

Will clucks his tongue, cloudy eyes staring intently in the wrong direction.

“Ah, but Frankenstein’s Monster will always trump a sophisticated cannibal.”
fanfic  Hannibal  Will/Hannibal  crack  magical.realism  ao3  words:<5.000  author:onawingandaswear 
march 2014 by hatinjacket
Obscutiry by UrbanHymnal
Because words were magic, because they only would come out when they had the right feel and sound, he couldn’t say simple things like: Dad, leave Harry alone for once or Hey, Amy, do you fancy coming out to dinner with me?
fanfic  sherlockbbc  Sherlock/John  disability  magical.realism  Lestrade  Harry_Watson  Mycroft_Holmes  ao3  language  suicidal.thoughts  character.death  au  words:5.000-10.000  injury 
november 2013 by hatinjacket
This Tornado Loves You by ladderax (allnuthatchforest)
Eames is a tornado and Arthur is a volcano. Literally. Well, Eames is a man who sometimes turns into a tornado. Arthur is doomed to permanently become a volcano on his 30th birthday. A little crack, a little angst.

|| If you look past how cracky the initial concept is, this is beautiful and a little sad.
fanfic  inception  Arthur/Eames  angst  crack  transformation  alien.biology  Yusuf  Ariadne  ao3  words:5.000-10.000  au  magical.realism 
july 2013 by hatinjacket
Five People Who Flinched From Phil and the One Person Who Never Did by infiniteeight
Just because everyone is telepathic doesn't mean they want to hear you. Just because you can't hear them, doesn't mean you can't make a connection.
fanfic  avengers  Coulson/Clint  magical.realism  ao3  ocs  Nick_Fury  virginity  Natasha_Romanov  via:shadowkeeper  words:5.000-10.000  dirty.talk 
july 2013 by hatinjacket
The Hollow Man by artificer
“You don’t understand,” Will protests, though the fire has left his voice. “I’m hollow inside.”

They speak so often in metaphor—of teacups, of mongooses and snakes, of ways out of dark places. It never occurs to Hannibal that Will might be speaking literally.

||An amazing dark fairy tale.
fanfic  Hannibal  dark  horror  gore  magical.realism  Will/Hannibal  ao3  character.death  words:<5.000 
june 2013 by hatinjacket
Upon Waking by joolabee
It sets on slow: John can only be awake while Sherlock sleeps, and vice versa. Their lives are codependent, but never meeting. Like a set of scales.
fanfic  sherlockbbc  Sherlock/John  magical.realism  Lestrade  somnophilia  angst  ao3  author:joolabee  mrs.hudson  words:<5.000 
june 2013 by hatinjacket
Left by lifeonmars
John Watson is left-handed.

He’s tried not to let it affect his life, but as any Lefty knows, that’s almost impossible.

|| A well crafted world that shows the best and worst of having a Knack.
fanfic  sherlockbbc  Sherlock/John  au  magical.realism  Mycroft_Holmes  injury  Moriarty  ao3  Molly_Hooper  mrs.hudson  words:20.000-50.000  author:lifeonmars 
march 2013 by hatinjacket
These Dreams Which Walk Among Us by TardisIsTheOnlyWayToTravel
John is the Personification of Britain. Sherlock is Intrepid Adventuring. Greg is the poor bastard who deserves a raise for putting up with them.

(Mycroft is, of course, the British Government.)
fanfic  gen  Lestrade  anthromorphic.persona  Sherlock_Holmes  sherlockbbc  John_Watson  Sally_Donovan  Moriarty  words:<5.000  ao3  Mycroft_Holmes  outside.PoV  magical.realism 
january 2013 by hatinjacket
La Adelita by eruthros
My grandmother was born on the back of a horse. My grandmother was born with her naked breasts pressed against the wool and the buttons of a División del Norte uniform, with her thighs scraped red by the hair of the horse, with her long hair caught in the bridle. My grandmother was born to the happy songs of her soldier, to the raised arms of the peasants as they rode through villages, to the tears and anger of her distant mother.

My grandmother was born in a revolutionary camp.

|| Zero knowledge of the source needed to adore this fic. I first came across it years ago in sophinisba's amazing podfic which you can download here: http://sophinisba.dreamwidth.org/312710.html

If you have the time, I strongly recommend checking it out.
fanfic  LikeChocolateforWater  yuletide:2009  gen  THISTHISTHIS  podfic  magical.realism  words:<5.000  ao3 
january 2013 by hatinjacket
Special Delivery by lavvyan
John has to give people the little things they need. It's a very awkward compulsion to have, especially when one lives in London, and his flat looks like several shops have exploded in it. He can use the supplies, though, and it's an interesting way to meet people, but then he starts running into the same bloke again and again. Coincidence? Or is fate trying to tell him something?
fanfic  sherlockbbc  Sherlock/John  magical.realism  au  ao3  crossover  discontinued  author:lavvyan 
january 2013 by hatinjacket
Touchstone by machshefa
It a world where dreams and wishes manifest themselves on skin, Sherlock's flesh has been blank most of his life.

alt link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/477582?view_full_work=true
fanfic  sherlockbbc  Sherlock/John  Mycroft_Holmes  Moriarty  lj  words:5.000-10.000  magical.realism  injury  ao3 
december 2011 by hatinjacket

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