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Oak and Mistletoe by HildyJ
After a life dominated by a strange form of sickness, Thorin is sent to the Shire to seek a cure only Bilbo Baggins can offer.
fanfic  TheHobbit  Bilbo/Thorin  au  illness  insanity  family  domestic  ocs  food  fluff  angst  ao3  words:50.000-75.000 
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Clarity of Vision series by mithen
In a Middle-Earth where Erebor never fell, a shadow remains in the heart of the Lonely Mountain. Bilbo Baggins finds himself drawn reluctantly into a quest that will lead him across the continent--from Bree to Lake Evendim to the icy North and beyond--with a party of five dwarves searching for an artifact that will cure the ailing King Thrór.
fanfic  TheHobbit  LotR  Bilbo/Thorin  au  series  THISTHISTHIS  illness  insanity  ensemble  injury  miscommunication  established.relationship  marriage  grief  character.death  depression  ao3  words:>100.000  alien.culture  cuddling  suicidal.thoughts  family  author:mithen  angst 
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Minimum Height Requirement by Drag0nst0rm
Somewhere in the multiverse, there's a universe where letting his children dress up in capes and follow him into vigilantism seems like a good idea.

Bruce is determined that it isn't going to be this one . . . Despite his children's repeated attempts to convince him otherwise.

(Or: "When you're eighteen, you can do what you want. Until then, no capes.")
fanfic  batman  au  gen(ish)  ensemble  family  Dick/Barbara  injury  major.character.death  grief  disability  ao3  food  angst  fluff  illness  miscommunication  words:50.000-75.000  cuddling 
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Drawn into Something series by nonymos
Things Eddie Brock flirts with on a regular basis: death, insanity, his ex, his ex’s new boyfriend, and also the alien symbiote that lives inside his body. Not bad for a loser with no game, really.
fanfic  Venom  Eddie/Venom  gore  alien.biology  injury  tentacles  negotiation.kink  dub-con  roleplay  dirty.talk  knife.play  ao3  series  cunnilingus  het  moresome  threesome  Anne/Dan  outside.PoV  cannibalism  humiliation  marriage  food  bdsm  d/s  pain.play  crossover  illness  cuddling  depression  polyamory  medical.kink  bondage  words:75.000-100.000  miscommunication  various.pairings  avengers  shower.sex  alien.culture  sounding  breathe.play 
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Till the End of the World by kawauso
After ten years of working as Giorno's bodyguard, Mista realizes that he's falling in love. It might be too late.


Where Giorno Was During Stone Ocean
fanfic  Jojo'sBizarreAdventure  Giorno/Mista  ao3  words:10.000-20.000  Fugo  Polnareff  abuse  illness  negotiation.kink  cuddling  family  ocs 
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Timeless by Crimson1
A voice in the Speed Force reaches Barry in his Timeless state to convince him to come home. Barry misses that voice once he’s back in real-time, but he has to set things right and save as many lives as he can.

While that means Iris will be with Eddie instead of him, he can’t mourn her. She’ll always be dear to him, but he wants her to be happy above all, and he has seen every timeline and knows the life and love he will get to have instead. He just needs to keep fighting to finish his calculations in time to defeat Eobard and return to his loved ones for good.

Thankfully, a certain thief brings clarity like no one else can.

AU season 1 with Barry from pre-season 4.1 returning from the Speed Force to the moment he woke up from his original coma.
fanfic  Flash  Barry_Allen/Leonard_Snart  ensemble  illness  ao3  words:50.000-75.000  fix-it  Iris/Eddie 
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like hollywood stars by skittidyne
Here's the setting: Two gods of death never walk into a bar together.

(( or: oikawa is a god of violent ends, and iwaizumi is a god of mercy killings, and they meet only rarely ))

|| The circumstances of their meetings are dark, but their developing relationship is gentle.
fanfic  haikyuu  Oikawa/Iwaizumi  au  dark  character.death  ao3  words:5.000-10.000  suicide  illness  injury  food 
may 2019 by hatinjacket
Making Contact by dgalerab
Bokuto Koutarou is only good at talking about one thing: volleyball. Akaashi Keiji is too harsh for most people's tastes.

They meet in the middle somewhere.
fanfic  haikyuu  Akaashi/Bokuto  ao3  words:20.000-50.000  family  illness  fluff  angst  jealousy 
march 2019 by hatinjacket
Book & Bell by SeriousMistakes (TruckThat)
An AU where Kurogane is (mostly) the son of a small-town baker and Fai is... not. Also featuring wizards, raisin muffins, curses, an abandoned house, and a series of terrible mistakes.
fanfic  Tsubasa  Kurogane/Fai  au  domestic  amnesia  illness  character.death  grief  marriage  ao3  words:20.000-50.000  food 
march 2019 by hatinjacket
The Two Winds and the Silver Bible by drcalvin
In a time now gone, there lived once a boy of great honesty and a convict with a frozen heart. Years apart, in different towns, they both met persons of hidden greatness and were gifted marvelous things, so that they might change their fates.

But time passes; honest boys grow into harsh men, while old convicts slip between the cracks and emerge reforged and renewed. And who knows what could happen when such men collide?

[Magical AU inspired by the style of folk-tales and childhood stories for Valvertfic fest]

Bonus side story With Nightingales in Your Hair by Miss M (missm) [ https://archiveofourown.org/works/900956 ] detailing more what happened with Fantine.
fanfic  Les.Miserables  au  gen(ish)  Jean_Valjean  ao3  Javert  words:20.000-50.000  injury  suicidal.thoughts  ocs  Fantine  illness  transformation 
august 2018 by hatinjacket
A Silent Dog and Still Water by Misfit_McCoward
For a prompt from Fascinationex: “ninja are meant to be able bodied, but plenty of them grow to experience chronic injuries and illnesses due to the nature of their work. exposure to poisons and dodgy joints are common, for example. a lot of medicine and man hours go into keeping good ninja in working order -- but when a ninja becomes a missing-nin, she starts having to deal with these problems independently. and that's when problems arise.”

In Mist, you fought until you couldn’t, and then you got a desk job. Unfortunately “desk job” doesn’t translate well into “missing-nin.”
fanfic  naruto  ocs  gen  illness  abuse  torture  insanity  injury  character.death  ao3  disability 
may 2018 by hatinjacket
The Revolutionary by astolat
“I never went down,” Ratchet said.

||Whoa this got intense in some places. A Ratchet-centric fic where the doctor gets confronted with the horrors of what happens when people are considered disposable.

Great world building for Ratchet's background. Him being a doctor gave the horrifying reveals even more of an oomph.
fanfic  transformers  gen(ish)  Ratchet  alien.biology  injury  body.horror  ao3  author:astolat  torture  slavery  abuse  grief  words:20.000-50.000  euthanasia  illness 
december 2017 by hatinjacket
Gifts, Stolen and Received by nagia
"My step-daughter is the Goblin Queen."

I had a sudden urge not only to tell Irene Williams to get out of my office, but to nail cold-forged horseshoes over every door and window in my home. I thought lovingly about cold iron and salt, but my stomach thought lovingly about deep dish pizza and buffalo wings.

Those aren't free. Neither is rent. And I can't just magic up a roof to cover my head.

||Harry reluctantly takes a case. Jareth makes bargains.
fanfic  dresdenfiles  crossover  Labyrinth  het  words:10.000-20.000  ao3  illness  family  abuse  amnesia  Jareth/Sarah 
september 2017 by hatinjacket
Future of the Past series by PengyChan
Certain to get the death sentence, the Phantom asks for one thing in exchange of all the information the police may want from him: his identity, and a name to call his own before he dies. And the Mood Matrix just may be the key to recover his lost memories.
fanfic  AceAttorney  Blackquill/Phantom  injury  amnesia  scars  series  ensemble  character.death  gore  amputation  prosthetic  Trucy/Pearl  angst  ao3  words:>100.000  ocs  transformation  abuse  grief  fanart  illness  torture 
august 2017 by hatinjacket
Scenes from a Disaster Zone by wobblycompetencies
Julian's actions on Cardassia have bargained-for consequences, and Garak grapples with ghosts.
fanfic  st:ds9  Garak/Bashir  illness  established.relationship  alien.culture  fanart  ocs  ao3  words:5.000-10.000 
july 2017 by hatinjacket
painted blind by nasri
The last time Bilbo stepped foot in Aberdeen it was with a broken heart and a bachelor’s degree. All things considered, this time isn’t so different.
fanfic  TheHobbit  Bilbo/Thorin  au  character.death  grief  transformation  Frodo  family  domestic  illness  ao3  words:20.000-50.000 
may 2017 by hatinjacket
Truth and Measure series by Telanu
Andy doesn't leave Miranda in Paris, and learns that a single decision can change your life. But the main thing about decisions? You don't get to stop with one.
fanfic  devilwearsprada  femslash  Andrea/Miranda  het  family  pregnancy  abortion  divorce  infidelity  jealousy  clothes.kink  ao3  ensemble  ocs  cunnilingus  dirty.talk  phone.sex  negotiation.kink  massage  domestic  cuddling  series  masturbation  outside.PoV  established.relationship  illness  words:>100.000 
april 2017 by hatinjacket
Cartography for Amateurs by jibrailis; fanart by paperflower
Arthur is frustrated to be back in the small town he grew up in after losing his job in New York. He runs into Eames who he didn't leave town on the best of terms with. After a few stilted meetings Eames surprises Arthur by inviting him on a cross country trip thrown by Dom and Mal as a last hoorah before they get married.
fanfic  inception  Arthur/Eames  au  Mal/Cobb  marriage  pregnancy  injury  illness  lj  author:jibrailis  Ariadne/Yusuf  fanart  words:20.000-50.000 
april 2017 by hatinjacket
Abominable Things series by The_Dancing_Walrus
'When it started, when the first Kaiju staggered through the breach half the world was sent scrambling for an answer or a solution. When the second one made landfall it got desperate, it got dirty.

The Shatterdomes were built around what worked. And the Jaeger program wasn’t created with brave, upstanding volunteers.'

In which the Drift is developed in the dark, using whatever experimental subjects come to hand. And Hannibal and Will Graham do whatever they need to in order to survive.
fanfic  Hannibal  crossover  pacific.rim  abuse  bonding  ao3  series  Mako_Mori  self.harm  scars  injury  marking  Sasha_Kaidonovsky  illness  cuddling  Beverly_Katz  words:20.000-50.000  author:The_Dancing_Walrus 
march 2017 by hatinjacket
Not an Island by fourleggedfish
In the Classic episode "Immunity Syndrome," Spock felt the death of 400 Vulcans on a nearby ship so strongly that McCoy had to escort him off of the bridge. When the Narada destroyed Vulcan, billions died. There have to be long-term, serious consequences to that for the surviving Vulcans, and especially for Spock, who shipped off with the Enterprise almost right away. It just might take a while to show.
fanfic  Star_trek  Kirk/Spock  Leonard"Bones"McCoy  ao3  bonding  illness  injury  ptsd  non/dub-con  alien.biology  Sarek  angst  miscommunication  Sybok  suicidal.thoughts  words:>100.000 
march 2017 by hatinjacket
Sensates by starkaryen
Will Graham is consulting for the FBI on the case of the Minnesota Shrike, but things complicate and everything goes wrong. When he kills Garret Jacob Hobbs, something happens to him and he starts having hallucinations with the known serial killer Hannibal Lecter, who has been imprisoned on the Baltimore State Hospital For The Criminally Insane for three years.
Or, at least, Will thinks they’re hallucinations.
fanfic  Hannibal  Will/Hannibal  ao3  injury  illness  marking  bonding  domestic  cannibalism  ensemble  music  animals  scars  cuddling  shaving  abuse  words:>100.000 
february 2017 by hatinjacket
you are receding by tinsnip
"I could've ended up like Sarina, but I was lucky--my DNA re-sequencing didn't have any unintended side effects."

But what if it did?

Inspired by a viewing of season 7 episode 5, "Chrysalis", and the classic science fiction story Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes.
fanfic  st:ds9  gen  Julian_Bashir  illness  words:5.000-10.000  author:tinsnip  au  ao3 
february 2017 by hatinjacket
Jeeves and the Hole in Time by Mice
Bertie and Jeeves set out for a walk in Hyde Park one day as Bertie attempts to escape yet another beazel. They end up in an entirely unexpected place. Whether or not they manage to maintain their sanity is an open question.
fanfic  wodehouse  Wooster/Jeeves  ocs  ao3  marriage  cuddling  homophobia  bondage  angst  grief  injury  illness  au  words:>100.000  music  family 
february 2017 by hatinjacket
Everything Stays by Nicnac
Ice King doesn't really know what's up with this lady that just up and moved into his castle, but he's pretty sure she's into him.
fanfic  adventure.time  Ice.King/Betty  het  illness  ao3  family  words:5.000-10.000  amnesia 
december 2016 by hatinjacket
Our Name is Legion series by SanctusCecidit
A bureaucratic error results in Medic having the most ridiculously awful week of his entire existence, and making a terrible, life-altering discovery.

Part 1 and 2 are the main story with 3 and 4 being sequels that focus on different characters.
fanfic  tf2  gen(ish)  series  words:>100.000  heavy/medic  homophobia  ensemble  bromance  major.character.death  injury  character.death  torture  transformation  illness  tentacles  gender  grief  suicidal.thoughts  drug.abuse  Scout/Miss.Pauling 
october 2016 by hatinjacket
Children by Valmouth
The first time Gordon sees Robin, though, he almost has a heart attack. It’s the first time he ever seriously considers arresting the Batman.
fanfic  batman  Bruce/Gordon  ao3  author:Valmouth  Gordon/oc  jealousy  family  illness  words:10.000-20.000 
july 2016 by hatinjacket
Stranger by zuzeca
The last member of a doomed spaceship crew, Wikus crash lands on an alien planet.
fanfic  district.9  au  character.death  grief  alien.biology  ao3  alien.culture  injury  illness  cuddling  masturbation  voyagerism  ocs  unrequited  marriage  transformation  pregnancy 
june 2016 by hatinjacket
Literally Speaking by halotolerant
“So you’ve never been with a man before?” Keith is prompting ‘Will’.

“Uh, no.” There’s a sound like Will is sucking his lips in, like he’s really uncertain. Good actor, he must be, and wasted on this in a sense - but then this does pay. 'Virgin Hole Boy Chronicles' is in its fourth year of production and subscriptions are up annually.

And Hannibal? Hannibal’s vids account for over half the streaming revenue alone.

Will must know that he’s here on Hannibal’s approval, that he’s nothing compared to the star. Reason to be nervous indeed.
fanfic  Hannibal  au  Will/Hannibal  ao3  author:halotolerant  rimming  domestic  illness  shower.sex  cuddling  food  negotiation.kink  dirty.talk  pegging  bondage  public.sex  voyagerism  virginity  words:20.000-50.000  animals  jealousy 
may 2016 by hatinjacket
Loose Ends by binz, shiplizard
Tying up loose ends is part of Hendricks' job. Sometimes that's not even a euphemism for murder. But this is going to take a personal touch, and Hendricks might get a little tied up in it.
fanfic  dresdenfiles  gen  Hendricks  Maggie_Dresden  illness  Charity_Carpenter  language  Mouse  ao3  author:shiplizard  words:<5.000 
march 2016 by hatinjacket
The Happy Ones Are Near by prufrock
The year is 1968. Howard Stark's genius son is a missing person sitting in Detective Nick Fury's case file, Steve Rogers has just been invalided back from Vietnam, and "Father" Obadiah Stane is collecting members for his family.

This fic came out of conversations with glasscaskets along the theme "but what if the Avengers were all in a creepy cult in the 60s?"
fanfic  avengers  au  ensemble  character.death  injury  drug.abuse  pregnancy  abortion  ao3  dub-con  marriage  family  illness  cuddling  author:rageprufrock  words:20.000-50.000 
march 2016 by hatinjacket
Homesick by margo_kim
Five years after they've reclaimed Erebor, Thorin is sick of home, Bilbo is just sick, and neither is handling the situation ideally.
fanfic  TheHobbit  Bilbo/Thorin  illness  angst  author:margo_kim  ao3  WIP 
august 2015 by hatinjacket
I'll build a house inside of you by magdaliny
Natalia lives with sixteen other girls. They're all around the same age. It's an experiment, she hears the adults say. They're trying to determine the time-cost efficacy of raising assets. Rearing the blood of the Soldat. They want to replicate her father's perfection. Father is special: he's the only one who can come out of the machines intact. Everyone else loses something of themselves between the halo and the tank.
Kate Bishop/Natasha Romanov

per victoria.p: AU where Natasha is still raised in the Red Room and trained by the Winter Soldier, but he's a father figure for her. He breaks his programming enough to escape with her to America, where they start over again. Lovely

||One fix-it element took me out of the story a little but I got over it quickly. Natasha deserves nice things.
via:jenna_marianne  fanfic  captainamerica  avengers  Natasha_Romanov  au  Bucky_Barnes  injury  illness  ocs  scars  ao3  family  femslash  Steve_Rogers  Natasha/Kate_Bishop  words:10.000-20.000  kidfic  amnesia  torture  cuddling 
august 2015 by hatinjacket
War Bride by Speranza
"Rodney's my desert island guy," he says finally, because it's the simplest, truest thing he can say: if there's one person he gets to keep with him, he chooses McKay. It's as simple as that. //

+ john introduces rodney to his brother and wife.
fanfic  sga  mckay/sheppard  ao3  author:cesperanza  homophobia  divorce  family  established.relationship  words:5.000-10.000  jealousy  illness  via:blueMeridian 
june 2015 by hatinjacket
he has raised me from the pit and set me high by coloredink, fanart by pangaeastarseed
"If I were still a cop, nobody would have called it brave," Will replied. "Then I would've just been doing my job."

"But you're no longer an officer of the law," Dr. Lecter said, though the words didn't have the force of a rebuttal. "I'm curious; what brought you from law enforcement to ministry?"
fanfic  Hannibal  Will/Hannibal  author:coloredink  food  gore  fanart  domestic  rimming  illness  au  Jack_Crawford  Freddie_Lounds  ao3  cannibalism  words:20.000-50.000 
april 2015 by hatinjacket
The Mathematician's Answer by ConstanceComment
whereby Newt dies in the handshake with Hermann, leaving Hermann to experience a more literal meaning of the phrase ghost drift. A love letter to the men whose names start with H.

Mind the tags.
fanfic  pacific.rim  Newt/Hermann  Hermann_Gottlieb  gore  angst  major.character.death  grief  illness  Wei_triplets  ao3  gen(ish)  words:10.000-20.000  Herc_Hansen  Hermann/Vanessa 
march 2015 by hatinjacket
For Ruby by Sanorace
Ruby is a modern troll. She wants more than just the traditional courtship ritual of getting hit on the head with a rock and Detritus will give her anything to prove his love. He makes a promise to bring her a beautiful rock every day. He shows devotion that extends long after marriage and love that endures through his entire life.
fanfic  discworld  Detritus/Ruby  established.relationship  illness  Cheery_Littlebottom  ao3  Vimes/Sybil  alien.biology  het  Dorfl  words:20.000-50.000 
january 2015 by hatinjacket
Ghost: A Romance in Six Seasons by Skull_Bearer
Six seasons of a romance, the passing of time in an idyll. The last months of a dying man and the haunting of a quiet ghost.
fanfic  pacific.rim  Newt/Hermann  au  major.character.death  illness  ao3  words:10.000-20.000  fanart  author:skull_bearer 
november 2014 by hatinjacket
Designations Congruent with Things by cleanwhiteroom
Drs. Geiszler and Gottlieb deal with the complexities of the post-drift psychological state in a fine-ass, mature blaze of physics puns, banter, poorly prepared meals, questionable wardrobe choices, and science. A story of cognitive dissonance and emotional devotion.
fanfic  pacific.rim  Newt/Hermann  bonding  Mako/Raleigh  illness  ao3  words:>100.000  injury  ocs  family  fanart  gen(ish)  character.death  tattoos  podfic  music  grief  cuddling  deleted 
october 2014 by hatinjacket
The Better Angels series by Underground
Post-Savoureux. Will fights back.

||Hannibal and Will play a game of cat and mouse. Constantly shifting power dynamics and glorious plot. I'm in love while also being a little terrified.
fanfic  Hannibal  Will_Graham  gen(ish)  Hannibal_Lecter  cannibalism  angst  horror  ensemble  major.character.death  gore  injury  series  words:>100.000  Hannibal/Alana  jealousy  insanity  animals  grief  self.harm  ao3  THISTHISTHIS  scars  disability  character.death  food  illness  drug.abuse  WIP 
august 2014 by hatinjacket
"Cake and Other Sins" by Indybaggins
AU. Sherlock and John meet as competing bakers on The Great British Bake Off. There’s intense baking, lush recipes and enticing food. Mycroft, guilt, past sins in chocolate and gingerbread. And love. That too.
fanfic  sherlockbbc  incest  Sherlock/Mycroft  food  Sherlock/John  eating.disorder  suicidal.thoughts  drug.abuse  food.porn  ensemble  injury  abuse  scars  unrequited  disability  ao3  underage  illness  public.sex  au  masturbation  voyagerism  dancing  dub-con  marking  Sherlock/John/Mycroft  threesome  cuddling  words:>100.000 
august 2014 by hatinjacket
Come Around Again (Only Want to Say Goodbye) by hito
Hannibal is locked up in the Baltimore Asylum for the Criminally Insane. Supposedly he's in maximum security but he pretty much just breaks out and leaves any time it suits him.

And it suits him to break out whenever he thinks Will needs him.

I mean, they forgot Will's birthday! Come on, wouldn't you?
fanfic  Hannibal  Will/Hannibal  crack  Jack_Crawford  illness  Beverly_Katz  cannibalism  Chilton  humor  ao3  words:5.000-10.000 
july 2014 by hatinjacket
The Velveteen Rabbit by Mallory Ortberg
“What is REAL?” asked the Rabbit one day, when they were lying side by side near the nursery fender. “Does it mean having things that buzz inside you and a stick-out handle?”

“Real isn’t how you are made,” said the Skin Horse. “It’s a thing that happens to you. When a child loves you for a long, long time, not just to play with, but REALLY loves you, then you become Real.”

“Does it hurt?” asked the Rabbit.

“Sometimes,” said the Skin Horse, for he was always truthful. “When you are Real you don’t mind being hurt.”

“Can you hurt something else,” asked the Rabbit, “when you get Real?”
fanfic  gen  horror  character.death  au  words:<5.000  VelveteenRabbit  other  illness 
march 2014 by hatinjacket
At Bay by honeylocusttree
Dean Winchester is a functioning schizophrenic. Except when he's not. (AU)

Remix for Sam's PoV by Shannon_doll http://shannon-doll.livejournal.com/107624.html?view=2189672
fanfic  spn  Dean_Winchester  gen  illness  Sam_Winchester  lj  Castiel  Uriel  Alistair  self.harm  words:5.000-10.000 
march 2014 by hatinjacket
Down the Rabbit Hole series by amandajean
He went to sleep in an asylum; he woke up in a reality not his own. Will's either gone down the rabbit hole of his own unstable mind, or he's ended up someplace else entirely. (The non-opaque summary: Will wakes up in a universe where he and Hannibal are dating.)
fanfic  Hannibal  Will/Hannibal  scars  illness  ensemble  ao3  shower.sex  animals  au  series  cannibalism  author:amandajean  words:50.000-75.000 
march 2014 by hatinjacket
Electric Pink Hand Grenade by BeautifulFiction
"If Sherlock's brain is a hard drive, then these attacks are an electro-magnetic pulse." Sherlock Holmes does not do anything by half, not even a migraine.
fanfic  sherlockbbc  Sherlock/John  illness  cuddling  Mycroft_Holmes  Lestrade  injury  ao3  words:50.000-75.000 
january 2014 by hatinjacket
A Valiant Effort by Sarah1281
Valjean overcame some truly incredible odds to arrive at Arras in time to exonerate Champmathieu but sometimes people would rather just accept a convenient fiction instead of an awkward reality. Well, he tried.
fanfic  Les.Miserables  au  Jean_Valjean  Javert  Cosette  Fantine  gen  words:50.000-75.000  ocs  illness  character.death  grief  family  ao3 
november 2013 by hatinjacket
The Two of Us are Dying by DJ_the_writer
I really wanted to do a comprehensive backstory for Charles, so I did it. Lots of flashbacks, retellings, and mental health issues.

|| Charles is mentally fucked up. He has known this for years, but now it's starting to be a problem.

Sequels: To Live and Die in Los Angeles http://capslokdethklok.livejournal.com/1533548.html

The King in Metal http://capslokdethklok.livejournal.com/1595038.html
fanfic  metalocalypse  ensemble  character.study  insanity  illness  self.harm  gen  character.death  family  ocs  torture  lj  amnesia  depression  drug.abuse  tattoos  marking  branding  animals  scars  injury  series  outside.PoV  Ofdensen/oc  het  gore  Charles_Ofdensen  words:>100.000  mind.control  major.character.death  language.kink  ptsd 
november 2013 by hatinjacket
The Native by StarTrekFanWriter
The story of how Sarek lost a loved one, was sent to Earth, slowly learned how to interact with those strange humans, and found love again.
fanfic  Star_trek  Sarek/Amanda  Sybok  Sarek/oc  major.character.death  bonding  non/dub-con  mating.heat  ff.net  ocs  unrequited  alien.culture  family  domestic  kidfic  alien.biology  illness  het  negotiation.kink  massage  marking  marriage  character.death  injury  brain.washing  pregnancy 
november 2013 by hatinjacket
The Adventure of the House That Was Not Empty by ancientreader
An au where Sherlock and John did not meet before the great game. When Moran tries to kill Sherlock, he makes the mistake of setting up his rifle in the home of John Watson.

|| So far ancientreader has posted two stories on ao3 and I really enjoyed both of them. The author is superb at writing quiet moments full of meaning. I hope to read more of their work.
fanfic  sherlockbbc  Sherlock/John  Moran  John/Mary  grief  Mycroft_Holmes  au  words:<5.000  author:ancientreader  ao3  illness 
november 2013 by hatinjacket
Ni'Var by WerewolvesAreReal
Humans have daemons. Vulcans have katras. Spock, born of both, has neither. Which he's fine with. Really. Meanwhile, James Kirk is a little curious about this whole daemon business, because how the hell can he have two souls - ?
fanfic  Star_trek  crossover  his.dark.materials  Kirk/Spock  illness  Christopher_Pike  family  Sarek/Amanda  injury  Leonard"Bones"McCoy  alien.culture  Sybok  mind.control  ocs  ao3  words:10.000-20.000  Winona/George 
november 2013 by hatinjacket
Toil Until the Old Colours Fade by drcalvin
After his leap into the Seine, Javert finds himself back in Montreuil-sur-Mer on the morning of his first appointment with M. Madeleine. He soon discovers that while his choices can change the outcome of things, nothing can stop death from delivering him back to that same morning.

Now he has to defeat the game of fate or keep returning to 1820, eternally dying without finding peace.
fanfic  Les.Miserables  Javert/Valjean  suicide  Javert  character.study  grief  illness  major.character.death  suicidal.thoughts  homophobia  family  character.death  ensemble  established.relationship  injury  angst  ao3  words:75.000-100.000  THISTHISTHIS  abuse  public.sex 
november 2013 by hatinjacket
Three Days (or The One Where Javert and Valjean Take a Road Trip Through France and Raise a Child) by zamwessell (greencarnation)
Javert calls what he thinks is Valjean's bluff about needing three days to find the child Cosette and intercede for her. The Inspector comes along for the ride -- and gets much more than he bargained for, in the process.
fanfic  Les.Miserables  Javert/Valjean  kidfic  Cosette  illness  ao3  author:zamwessell  hate.sex  established.relationship  family  fix-it  words:20.000-50.000  M.Thenardier 
october 2013 by hatinjacket
Hatarake, Kentauros aka Gallop! by Esuto Emu
After the passing of the Equal Opportunity Employment Act, everyone has equal rights in the workplace. Unfortunately, there are still many logistical difficulties yet to be overcome. Like, how's a centaur supposed to sit at a desk made for humans, anyway?
manga  fluff  gen(ish)  illness  discontinued  other 
september 2013 by hatinjacket
Slumbers Deep and Dreams of Gold by mithen
Various snippets taking place during and after the events of The Hobbit.

My favorites are
The Scent of Sun-Warmed Stone: Hobbit and Dwarf taboos come up when the company goes skinny dipping

Daisies, Poppies, and One Red Rose: In which Bilbo is a sweetie, there is lots of symbolism, and Thorin is oblivious.

The Sleeping Dragon: On the doorstep Thorin confesses his fear to Bilbo that he will succumb to gold sickness like his grandfather. Hits right in the feels.

The Last Guardian: Dwalin and the remaining members of Thorin's Company travel to Rivendell to bid farewell to their burglar. Mix of feels and badass Dwalin.
fanfic  TheHobbit  author:mithen  Bilbo/Thorin  Dwalin  Gandalf  Ori  illness  character.death  grief  major.character.death  Fili  Kili  ao3 
september 2013 by hatinjacket
Disconnect by LadyYateXel and tinsnip
Inspired by a conversation that Lady Yate-Xel and Tinsnip had re: a Deep Dish Nine version of "The Wire," namely: what if Elim Garak's wire was a neat little drug addiction?

Set in the alternate universe of Deep Dish Nine.
fanfic  st:ds9  Garak/Bashir  au  deep.dish.nine  angst  drug.abuse  author:tinsnip  fanart  illness  author:LadyYateXel  words:20.000-50.000  ao3 
august 2013 by hatinjacket
What Lies Beneath by xtricks
Fanfic with tentacle sex is usually very straight forward. You have a person or persons who unexpectedly encounter an individual or creature with tentacles that wants to shove them into orifices. All that tends to vary is the level of consent and when the person(s) entwined in the tendrils start to enjoy it.

So far I've found three stories that play with this trope.

The first is a gen tentacle sex fic. Yes, you heard me right. Gen.
The Arms of London Bridge by takadainmate http://sherlockbbc.livejournal.com/544724.html

Then there is an adorable tentacle sex threesome fic. Jack and Ianto are whisked away to the 38th century by the rift. Jack is working on getting them back, but in the months since they arrived, they've made friends, gotten jobs, etc. One night they invite one of Ianto's co-workers for a threesome. The alien is just a darling. (Note: Nir is not an original alien by ceefax. He originally popped up in a Star Trek novel by Diane Duane. See http://twstoryfinder.livejournal.com/1182503.html)
Stranded by Ceefax http://www.whofic.com/viewstory.php?sid=21007&warning=Adult

The last rec is the one linked in the header. What Lies Beneath got me emotionally involved in the alien sex. Seriously, I was tearing up the first time I read it. There is a mystery, character build-up, and a truly alien (in both senses of the word) oc that was still sympathetic. The first two are fun, but this is definitely the best of the three.
fanfic  torchwood  Jack/Ianto  transformation  ocs  Owen_Harper  illness  Gwen_Cooper  tentacles  Toshiko_Sato  other  established.relationship  injury  words:20.000-50.000  threesome  alien.biology  gore  disability  alien.culture  major.character.death  suicidal.thoughts  grief  suicide 
august 2013 by hatinjacket
The Bushwick Avenue Stomp by agatestones
Things that could cause Harvey Specter to be unreachable for three days included: running off to Vegas to get married (maybe), a secret ops mission to Afghanistan, a horrible sensory-deprivation tank accident, or open-heart surgery.

"Oh my god, you are dying," Mike blurted.

(The story opens near the end of season 2.)
fanfic  suits  Harvey/Mike  family  Mike/Rachel  ocs  injury  Louis_Litt  grief  Jessica_Pearson  divorce  character.death  Donna(Suits)  author:agatestones  words:20.000-50.000  ao3  illness  public.sex 
august 2013 by hatinjacket
Lunch and Other Obscenities by rheanna
Nyota liked her roommate just fine until she met her. Orion and human definitions on what is obscene clash.
fanfic  Star_trek  gen  Uhura  gaila  alien.culture  food  lj  words:5.000-10.000  fanart  Spock  illness  THISTHISTHIS 
july 2013 by hatinjacket
Intentions series by KeelieThompson1
When Sherlock was sixteen, he lost his virginity and got his neighbor pregnant. Eleven years later, after arresting Ms. Watson for murder, he discovers she kept the child.
fanfic  sherlockbbc  au  gen  Sherlock_Holmes  kidfic  John_Watson  family  Mycroft_Holmes  abuse  series  ao3  injury  ocs  mrs.hudson  cuddling  Molly_Hooper  words:>100.000  fanart  Lestrade  pregnancy  drug.abuse  illness  character.death  scars  Sally_Donovan  discontinued 
july 2013 by hatinjacket
Family Values by chimosa
Hannibal Lecter has made himself a family, but Abigail and Will are only his playthings, when it comes right down to it.

The second time she called Hannibal Lecter fifty past midnight, she nearly dropped her phone.

Blood will do that, Abigail thought as she pressed the phone to her ear, mindful of her slippery fingers.

|| While away at college, Abigail struggles to find her voice as a budding serial killer. Will's brain is cooking itself and the only one "helping" is Hannibal. Lecter of course is in the middle of it all, manipulating everyone. One happy family.
fanfic  Hannibal  gen(ish)  Abigail_Hobbs  major.character.death  Will_Graham  illness  brain.washing  Hannibal_Lecter  family  character.death  insanity  bondage  Jack_Crawford  cannibalism  ao3  words:10.000-20.000 
july 2013 by hatinjacket
Risk Factor by BrokenSolitude
Charles Ofdensen has always had everything, or so he thought. But if something insufferably good came between him and Dethklok, which would he choose?

Contains show level gore (read graphic, brief, and generally cartoonish)

|| Something you will notice in the first few chapters is that it contains a mary sue. Before you hit the back button, there are a few things you should know. 1) It is used as set up, the status quo changes by chapter 10. 2)Do you think Offdensen would accept anything less than perfection in an assistant? 3) She falls into the category of a little too perfect rather than holier than thou. 4) It's a bit of a plot point.

So if Zoe's perfection annoys you like Legolas' perfection in the Jackson films annoyed me, don't worry. She changes.
fanfic  ocs  drug.abuse  self.harm  brain.washing  injury  ff.net  series  words:>100.000  metalocalypse  character.death  gore  scars  Ofdensen/oc  het  ensemble  illness  roleplay  torture  grief 
july 2013 by hatinjacket
Roll 15 for an Insight Check by morcalivan
Arthur has always known exactly who he was, what was expected of him and the privileges to be gained from it. What he couldn't figure out was where an off-center, too skinny best friend and a crush who seemed to notice everyone but him, fit in.
fanfic  merlin:bbc  au  Arthur/Merlin  bromance  cuddling  ensemble  jealousy  roleplay  lj  via:captainmander  words:20.000-50.000  illness  miscommunication  sexuality  marking  spanking  pre-mature.ejaculation 
june 2013 by hatinjacket
Sansukh by determamfidd
The battle was over, and Thorin Oakenshield awoke, naked and shivering, in the Halls of his Ancestors.

The novelty of being dead fades quickly, and watching over his companions soon fills him with grief and guilt. Oddly, a faint flicker of hope arises in the form of his youngest kinsman, a Dwarf of Durin's line with bright red hair.

(Follows the story of the War of the Ring).
fanfic  TheHobbit  LotR  Gimli/Legolas  major.character.death  Bilbo/Thorin  ensemble  character.death  Thorin  ocs  Gimli  family  character.study  illness  ao3  injury  words:>100.000  grief  tattoos  alien.culture  insanity  mind.control  THISTHISTHIS  language  WIP 
june 2013 by hatinjacket
The Unexpected Key by Desiderii
Miss Sherlock Holmes objects most strenuously to the very idea of finding a husband. Instead of accepting that she must, she sets out to ensure she will never have to.

John Watson, invalided home and recovering from a nasty bout of enteric fever, never thought to find anyone interested in him ever again, let alone someone like Sherlock.

Victorian Era with a rule 63 Sherlock Holmes.
fanfic  sherlockbbc  Sherlock/John  au  het  Genderbender  Victor_Trevor  virginity  Mike_Stamford  marking  Mycroft_Holmes  injury  ao3  illness  Sally/Anderson  Molly_Hooper  infidelity  crossdressing  mrs.hudson  words:50.000-75.000 
june 2013 by hatinjacket
Antimony by jibrailis; fanart by bluelittlepig
Dreamshare goes legal, Arthur goes corporate, Eames goes and (against his better judgement) falls in love.

||Arthur and Eames get amazing back stories, every oc is enjoyable, and the plot is deliciously well rounded.
fanfic  inception  Arthur/Eames  ocs  Ariadne  scars  author:jibrailis  rimming  ao3  fanart  ptsd  Yusuf  illness  Dominic_Cobb  injury  bondage  words:50.000-75.000  THISTHISTHIS 
may 2013 by hatinjacket
Dream a Dream (And What You See Will Be) by Mizzy
Eames has always said Arthur has no imagination and should dream a little bigger. The problem is, Arthur's dreams might be the most dangerous place to be on the planet. And when their latest job forces them to recreate Fantasia, and Arthur's secret past unravels alongside it, Cobb's team might be about to find the answer to the Neverending Story...
fanfic  inception  crossover  NeverendingStory  Ariadne  Eames  Arthur(Inception)  Dominic_Cobb  Yusuf  abuse  Bastion_Bux  ocs  illness  character.death  suicide  horror  Mal_Cobb  words:50.000-75.000  author:mizzy  Arthur/Eames  fanart  angst  ao3 
may 2013 by hatinjacket
Toxic by witling
Eames gets a strange phone call from an out of it sounding Arthur. When he goes to check it out, Arthur claims he doesn't remember calling Eames.

|| Contains a nice little mystery and the creepy parts are effective.
fanfic  inception  Arthur/Eames  Yusuf  ocs  illness  ao3  words:20.000-50.000  insanity  amnesia 
may 2013 by hatinjacket
Saving Sherlock Holmes by earlgreytea68
Sherlock has been a student at Eton for several years now and currently is only a student there because all the money Mycroft gives the place. They are so used to Sherlock being a troublemaker that it has become status quo. This year two things are different. 1) Lestrade, the new tutor, is inclined to use unusual methods and 2) John Watson is living next door.
fanfic  sherlockbbc  Sherlock/John  au  Mycroft/Lestrade  ao3  Sally_Donovan  character.death  ocs  injury  animals  words:>100.000  drug.abuse  family  abuse  illness  Moriarty  cuddling 
may 2013 by hatinjacket
And a Doctor by stillwaters01
It was only when people actually saw John working as a physician that they began to understand: that it wasn’t just about bullets and IEDs and trauma care under fire. That “doctor” actually covered a pretty wide field. And that John was bloody good at covering ground. 5 times Dr. Watson treated others and 1 time he treated himself.
fanfic  sherlockbbc  BAMF!John  John_Watson  illness  Lestrade  injury  Harry_Watson  Sherlock_Holmes  ao3  mrs.hudson  ocs  character.death  Sally_Donovan  gen  words:20.000-50.000 
april 2013 by hatinjacket
Hope by lifeonmars
In the end, John will have died for Hope. The universe has such a charming sense of humour.
fanfic  sherlockbbc  Sherlock/John  illness  Mike_Stamford  author:lifeonmars  ao3  words:<5.000 
march 2013 by hatinjacket
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