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An Ordinary Session by volta_arovet
Takeo has been to many therapists. This session goes a bit differently.
fanfic  natsume's.book.of.friends  gen  outside.PoV  ocs  ao3  words:<5.000 
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ribs by ohmygodwhy
The first thing Zuko tells him during their first lesson after the whole Sun Warrior ruins ordeal, is “Fire comes from the breath.”

a lesson in learning, and re-learning.
fanfic  avatar.the.last.airbender  scars  abuse  ao3  words:<5.000 
2 days ago by hatinjacket
the smallest things by taizi
In which Takashi comes into the Fujiwaras' lives much earlier on.
fanfic  natsume's.book.of.friends  ao3  author:taizi  gen  family  au  kidfic 
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east, west, home's best by taizi
You can never have too many brothers, Ron decides, for the very first time in his life. And there's always room in the Burrow for another Weasley, even if only an honorary one.
fanfic  hp  gen  family  ao3  words:<5.000  author:taizi  abuse 
2 days ago by hatinjacket
Day After Day by LemonadeGarden
Bruce Wayne has a routine. A schedule that is never disrupted. The schedule is good for him. Keeps him on his toes. Keeps him disciplined. Everything is carefully arranged, and nothing ever goes wrong.

That is, before he finds a little boy crying in a circus.

After that, nothing goes according to the plan.
fanfic  batman  gen  family  depression  words:<5.000  ao3 
2 days ago by hatinjacket
Not All Those Who Wander by Xparrot
The god Kunlun is as old as the mountain range that bears his name, if not older. Or so the villagers say. He was here before any people were, as eternal as the mountains — moreso, in truth. The mountains might change, but Kunlun remains Kunlun.
fanfic  guardian(tv)  Shen/Zhao  angst  injury  au  ao3  words:20.000-50.000  author:xparrot 
5 days ago by hatinjacket
By the Numbers by ill go with that then (Linelenagain)
“So they must know you pretty well, to get you so many gifts you like,” Tensei prompts. “They must be paying a lot of attention.”

Impossibly, Hizashi turns an even darker shade of red. “That doesn’t mean that they like me. They could just be friendly and shy.”

Kayama grins. “Do you want them to like you?”

Shouta would like to know that, too.
fanfic  My.Hero.Academia  Aizawa/Yamada  fluff  ao3  words:5.000-10.000 
5 days ago by hatinjacket
like religion by WerewolvesAreReal
Natsume would like to make it clear that this is all the dog's fault.
(OR: how to become a god, by accident).
fanfic  natsume's.book.of.friends  transformation  gen  ao3  words:5.000-10.000  ensemble  ocs 
5 days ago by hatinjacket
Arkenrocks by Cimila
The thing Gandalf neglected to mention when he assured Thorin Oakenshield and Company that Bilbo Baggins of Bag End would be the perfect thief for their mission was this:

A Hobbit wouldn't be able to tell a diamond from a pearl, or from an Arkenstone - no matter how hard they try.

This leads to some confusion, on Bilbos part. And some frustration, again on Bilbos part.

(What sort of a description was 'heart of the mountain', anyway? A useless one, that's what.)
fanfic  TheHobbit  gen  Bilbo_Baggins  crack  humor  fix-it  ao3  words:5.000-10.000 
5 days ago by hatinjacket
you'll go the same way by LullabyKnell
A man appears at the gates of Malfoy Manor.

Draco Malfoy isn't the average first choice for a hero sent back in time to save the world. Narcissa Malfoy, slightly surprised to see the grown man her eleven-year-old son could be, isn't the average first choice for his Horcrux-hunting partner either. Honestly, they're supposed to be on the other side in all this business.

But it cannot be denied that they're very efficient, especially given their quest is relegated to Narcissa's free time and Draco is relegated to a guest wing bedroom so his father and younger self don't interfere. Nor can it be denied that if the Dark Lord isn't going to show them loyalty and victory, then... well... Family First, after all.

||Depending on how you interpret the ending might include character death.
fanfic  hp  Draco_Malfoy  gen  fix-it  au  Narcissa_Malfoy  family  ao3  character.study  author:lullabyknell  words:10.000-20.000 
5 days ago by hatinjacket
the one where Trucy accidentally finds out y Rodimiss
In her grandfather's things, Trucy finds a birth certificate that is not hers.
fanfic  AceAttorney  gen  Trucy  Apollo  family  ao3  words:5.000-10.000 
5 days ago by hatinjacket
Stones and Ripples by out_there
Considering that it appeared to be run by a man with no consideration of paperwork, bureaucracy or meticulous thinking, Torchwood Three was the most logical place to hide.
fanfic  torchwood  ao3  author:out_there  Ianto_Jones  character.study  Jack_Harkness  words:10.000-20.000  gen(ish)  angst  injury  ocs 
5 days ago by hatinjacket
My Love Should Be Heard And Not Seen by lurknomoar
Cecil Palmer is the best phone sex operator in the small company called Night Vale. One night, a slightly tipsy and very lonely scientist dials his number, and gets far more than he bargained for - a late night conversation about advanced biochemistry, a brand new fetish for surreal horror, a surprisingly reasonable internship program, some newts, and slowly, strangely, the love of his life.
fanfic  Carlos/Cecil  night.vale  ao3  au  words:20.000-50.000  d/s  dirty.talk  masturbation  public.sex  bdsm  bondage  breathe.play  voyagerism  exhibitionism  humiliation  tentacles  alien.biology 
13 days ago by hatinjacket
Taking Turns With the Washing Up by TiamatsChild
Everybody helps with the washing up except the cook. That’s the way it works.
fanfic  one.piece  gen  domestic  ao3  words:<5.000  ensemble  character.study 
18 days ago by hatinjacket
Ore wa Roger kaizokudesu (it used to mean something) by stereden
Buggy is many things. Selfish. Greedy. Cowardly. To name only a few of them. He knows he’s not the smartest knife in the bunch, but he makes do, and he’s not a half-bad captain, all things told (he hopes).

But people always forget that before being the captain of his own crew, Buggy was a cabin-brat under the greatest Pirate the seas have ever seen.

And then Sengoku announces that Gol D Ace will be executed for being his father's son.
fanfic  one.piece  gen  words:<5.000  ao3 
18 days ago by hatinjacket
Till the End of the World by kawauso
After ten years of working as Giorno's bodyguard, Mista realizes that he's falling in love. It might be too late.


Where Giorno Was During Stone Ocean
fanfic  Jojo'sBizarreAdventure  Giorno/Mista  ao3  words:10.000-20.000  Fugo  Polnareff  abuse  illness  negotiation.kink  cuddling  family  ocs 
18 days ago by hatinjacket
Timeless by Crimson1
A voice in the Speed Force reaches Barry in his Timeless state to convince him to come home. Barry misses that voice once he’s back in real-time, but he has to set things right and save as many lives as he can.

While that means Iris will be with Eddie instead of him, he can’t mourn her. She’ll always be dear to him, but he wants her to be happy above all, and he has seen every timeline and knows the life and love he will get to have instead. He just needs to keep fighting to finish his calculations in time to defeat Eobard and return to his loved ones for good.

Thankfully, a certain thief brings clarity like no one else can.

AU season 1 with Barry from pre-season 4.1 returning from the Speed Force to the moment he woke up from his original coma.
fanfic  Flash  Barry_Allen/Leonard_Snart  ensemble  illness  ao3  words:50.000-75.000  fix-it  Iris/Eddie 
18 days ago by hatinjacket
Those Who Follow the Righteous Path by Margo Kim
Valjean and Javert are old and changed and carry the past with them nevertheless. This is not always a bad thing.

Or: two old men try kink for the first time.
fanfic  Les.Miserables  Javert/Valjean  bondage  established.relationship  author:margo_kim  bdsm  negotiation.kink  cuddling  ao3  words:5.000-10.000  d/s 
28 days ago by hatinjacket
Mr. and Mrs. Baggins by LullabyKnell
Bilbo Baggins hated Lobelia Bracegirdle long before he'd ever met her. And in turn, Lobelia Bracegirdle, being the ambitious and overachieving sort that she was, absolutely, totally, wouldn't-have-spit-on-him-if-he-were-on-fire despised Bilbo Baggins long before she'd ever met him too.

Against all odds and their feuding families, they get married.

But it's not that kind of love story.
fanfic  TheHobbit  LotR  au  Bilbo/Lobelia  asexuality  humor  crack  ao3  words:10.000-20.000  het  author:lullabyknell  ocs  injury 
4 weeks ago by hatinjacket
The Loneliest Whale In the World by Starlingthefool
wtf is this kayama, he texts, pausing the video she sent him.



Every responsible adult was once a twenty-something that had no damn idea what they were doing with their life. Scenes from a life before anyone would have trusted Aizawa, Yamada, and Kayama with rooms full of impressionable youth.
fanfic  My.Hero.Academia  author:starlingthefool  Midnight  cuddling  words:<5.000  ao3  Aizawa/Yamada 
4 weeks ago by hatinjacket
whatever you can still betray by midnightluck
"I'm not paranoid!" Haruta hisses, eyes darting everywhere. "Ace is either the best liar I've ever met, or--well, he's not, because if he was I wouldn't suspect anything, but I do, I suspect he's a spy!"

The Life and Times Of Portgas D Ace, Totally A Marine Spy
fanfic  one.piece  gen  Ace  words:5.000-10.000  humor  miscommunication  ao3 
4 weeks ago by hatinjacket
like hollywood stars by skittidyne
Here's the setting: Two gods of death never walk into a bar together.

(( or: oikawa is a god of violent ends, and iwaizumi is a god of mercy killings, and they meet only rarely ))

|| The circumstances of their meetings are dark, but their developing relationship is gentle.
fanfic  haikyuu  Oikawa/Iwaizumi  au  dark  character.death  ao3  words:5.000-10.000  suicide  illness  injury  food 
5 weeks ago by hatinjacket
The Happy Pig by emungere
An AU in which Gojyo and Hakkai don't meet until much, much later.
fanfic  saiyuki  au  author:emungere  ao3  words:10.000-20.000  food  ocs  injury  scars  Sanzo 
7 weeks ago by hatinjacket
Home from the Sea, Home from the Hill by emungere
Hakkai is weird.

This, Gojyo feels, is something that people tend to forget. Even Sanzo seems to take Hakkai at face value more often than not, and Hakkai's face always shows the same value. Gojyo knows better.
fanfic  saiyuki  hakkai/gojyo  words:10.000-20.000  collars  jealousy  ao3  domestic  scars  author:emungere 
7 weeks ago by hatinjacket
The Flat Next Door by Tassos
After an attack on 4 Privet Dr, Harry and the Dursleys are relocated to a London flat. Still reeling from his losses, Harry finds a friend in his muggle neighbor, Rupert Giles.
fanfic  BtVS  crossover  hp  Harry_Potter  author:tassos  gen  Rupert_Giles  ao3  words:10.000-20.000 
7 weeks ago by hatinjacket
In the Garden by emungere
Gills flared open and closed at the creature's neck, and opalescent webs stretched wide between long, tapered fingers and toes. His skin looked eerily smooth, and it gleamed in the faint moonlight, completely hairless below the neck. His eyes were wide, dark red, and flecked with gold, with only a small oval of pupil in the center. When he blinked, a white membrane slid across his eyes just before the lids closed.
fanfic  saiyuki  Hakkai/Gojyo  ao3  words:5.000-10.000  au  alien.biology 
7 weeks ago by hatinjacket
So Little, So Much by Lady_Ganesh
"So," Gojyo said. "When the fuck were you going to tell me? Were you gonna wait until I'd killed somebody?"

Spoilers following Shot 4 of Saiyuki Reload Blast, with speculation for February 2015's Zero-Sum chapter. Thanks to Indelicateink for looking this over for me.
fanfic  saiyuki  Hakkai/Gojyo  transformation  ao3  cuddling  words:<5.000 
7 weeks ago by hatinjacket
it's the light (it's the obstacle that casts it) by Handful_of_Silence
It's like having a curtain pulled back on something he wasn't expecting to see. A surprise punch-and-judy at an up-scale restaurant, a lobster thermidor when he's ordered an ale.

Crowley's gleefully trying to wrap his head around the fact that Aziraphale is speaking Polari. Because of course he is.

Or: The Patron Saint of London's LGBT Community is real, and he lives in Soho.
fanfic  goodomens  homophobia  ao3  Aziraphale/Crowley  words:5.000-10.000  ocs  injury  crossdressing 
7 weeks ago by hatinjacket
Proof by AlphaCygni
Enabran Tain has retired, and Garak has been second-in-command of the Obsidian Order for over three years. His next assignment is the interrogation of Cardassia’s newest detainee, a Federation doctor charged with espionage.

AU in which Garak was never exiled. Set during early season 3.
fanfic  st:ds9  au  words:75.000-100.000  Garak/Bashir  torture  ao3  Garak/Parmak  injury  ocs  Enabran_Tain  angst  alien.culture  character.study  family 
7 weeks ago by hatinjacket
Tea for two and two for tea by tinsnip
"Now, tell me, Doctor: when does the phrase 'coffee, tea, or me' enter into things?"
He paused in the act of pouring, staring at Garak, whose expression was innocent. That didn't, of course, mean anything.
fanfic  st:ds9  author:tinsnip  gen  ao3  words:<5.000  Garak  Julian_Bashir  alien.culture 
7 weeks ago by hatinjacket
how big the hourglass, how deep the sand by Handful_of_Silence
After the Apocalypse, and with characteristic slowness, both Crowley and Aziraphale think there might be something they need to sit down and talk about.

And then Aziraphale disappears.
fanfic  goodomens  Aziraphale/Crowley  torture  angst  domestic  ao3  words:20.000-50.000  injury  self.harm  gore  ocs 
7 weeks ago by hatinjacket
Complicated series by NyxEtoile
After the events of the Season One finale Sherlock and Watson have been muddling through. A heat wave and a serial murder change all that. The puzzle wakes Sherlock from the daze he's been in, but also brings up demons they've been ignoring.
fanfic  elementary  het  Sherlock/Joan  series  ao3  words:50.000-75.000  injury  ocs  Moriarty 
7 weeks ago by hatinjacket
Shiver by Yuu_chi
Oikawa was always the brave one. Hajime just followed two paces behind.
fanfic  haikyuu  Oikawa/Iwaizumi  injury  angst  ao3  words:10.000-20.000 
7 weeks ago by hatinjacket
Strife at Methodist Ladies' by Lefaym
Missing calculus prep, a mathematics master who doesn't believe in women attending university, and a first former who is intent upon escaping from detention -- what is Elizabeth MacMillan to do?
fanfic  miss.fishers.murder.mysteries  gen  Phryne_Fisher  Elizabeth_MacMillian  ao3  words:<5.000  yuletide:2015  ocs 
10 weeks ago by hatinjacket
in defense of our overgrown garden by carafin
In which Ushijima tries very hard to be a good neighbour to the new tenants next door.
fanfic  haikyuu  humor  outside.PoV  Ushijima  Oikawa/Iwaizumi  ao3  words:<5.000  gen(ish) 
10 weeks ago by hatinjacket
the courtship ritual of the hercules beetle by kittebasu (chanyeol)
Tooru is pretty sure he could manage the mating habits of a mosquito. It’s the mating habits of people he can’t seem to get right.
fanfic  haikyuu  Oikawa/Iwaizumi  ao3  words:50.000-75.000  domestic  family  injury  ocs  homophobia  cuddling 
10 weeks ago by hatinjacket
Thirty Years and Change (the Games of the XXXIII Olympiad) by sunsmasher
It’s July 10th, 2024, and Oikawa Tooru is an Olympian. His smiling face airs on an NHK promo every 45 seconds. He’s captain of the national men’s volleyball team, reigning star of the professional leagues, and he hasn't spoken to Iwaizumi Hajime in two years.

He has, however, sent Iwaizumi tickets for the 2024 Los Angeles Summer Games.

“So go,” says Matsukawa's voice. “It’s only a few weeks. You’ve got a whole city to hide in if it gets awkward, and if it doesn’t get awkward, well…”

It’s like watching the future reconfigure, like being in high school again, watching team after team fall to Oikawa’s faultless planning and shameless charm.

“I’ll get to watch a whole lot of volleyball,” Hajime says, and resigns himself to fate and/or Oikawa Tooru.

“Hey, when you get there, can you bag a gymnast for me?” Hanamaki asks, and Matsukawa squawks.
fanfic  haikyuu  Oikawa/Iwaizumi  Akaashi/Bokuto  established.relationship  ao3  words:10.000-20.000  injury  kidfic  Kageyama/Hinata  miscommunication 
10 weeks ago by hatinjacket
I Won't Give In, We'll be Dead in the Eyes by Icie
Not once in his twenty five years of life did Iwaizumi Hajime consider that he would have to work after his death. Post-mortem employment prospects aren't high on anyone's priority list, and he had better things to consider while he was still breathing. But now he's drawn his last, he finds himself with a new job, a new best friend named Oikawa Tooru, and a pain that never seems to fade.
fanfic  haikyuu  Oikawa/Iwaizumi  angst  suicide  major.character.death  amnesia  injury  ao3  words:20.000-50.000  character.death  grief  depression 
10 weeks ago by hatinjacket
Tous Les Chemins by Edgedancer
A photo without context, a few careless words, an embellished article.

Thus was born the idea, so patently false it would have fit better in a politician's speech, that Yuuri hated Viktor.
fanfic  yuri.on.ice  yuuri/viktor  miscommunication  ao3  words:10.000-20.000  au  ensemble  humor  animals  dancing 
10 weeks ago by hatinjacket
Katsudon by azriona
Hiroko doesn’t need to see to coat pork cutlets in egg and panko. She has made this dish for her family for over thirty years; she’ll make it another thirty, if she’s lucky.

Now she makes it for Yuuri and Victor as they fly home from Barcelona, with silver around their necks and gold around their fingers.
fanfic  yuri.on.ice  family  food  character.death  het  pregnancy  words:5.000-10.000  ao3  Hiroko/Toshiya  yuuri/viktor  outside.PoV  established.relationship  marriage  ensemble 
10 weeks ago by hatinjacket
ravioli, ravioli, won't you be my husbandioli series by jaegermighty
“We should get married!” says Liv.

“Yeah, we should!” Ravi replies.

Wait. Back up.


Start menu, level one: Liv eats the brain of a fifteen year old.
fanfic  izombie  Liv/Ravi  het  series  words:20.000-50.000  ust  marriage  ocs  family  established.relationship  miscommunication  ao3  dirty.talk 
11 weeks ago by hatinjacket
darlin', your head's not right by aruariandance
Oikawa teases Iwaizumi about a childhood promise he made to marry him when they were older, except suddenly it's not really a joke at all.
fanfic  haikyuu  Oikawa/Iwaizumi  marriage  domestic  fluff  family  ao3  words:10.000-20.000 
11 weeks ago by hatinjacket
such surpassing brightness by Handful_of_Silence
The revelation that Aziraphale might have been in love with him for thousands of years is surprising. The fact that literal books have been written on the subject comes as even more of a shock.
fanfic  goodomens  Aziraphale/Crowley  humor  words:5.000-10.000  rpf  ao3  ocs  tattoos  jealousy 
11 weeks ago by hatinjacket
get religion quick (cause you're looking divine) by brinnanza
So it was fine. Even if Crowley couldn’t love him, he clearly liked him well enough, and that was almost the same thing.
fanfic  goodomens  Aziraphale/Crowley  miscommunication  humor  words:<5.000  ao3 
11 weeks ago by hatinjacket
Girl Trouble by PhoenixGFawkes
Kageyama is annoyed by the boys that approach her to ask her out (she’s not interested), to offer to carry her books for her (she can handle it) or give her flowers (what would she want them for?). Hinata says that she’d like it if a boy once did any of that stuff for her, but she’s a dumbass who doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

When that boy for Hinata shows up, though, Kageyama isn’t annoyed.

She’s furious.
fanfic  haikyuu  Hinata/Kageyama  Genderbender  jealousy  femslash  het  humor  injury  words:20.000-50.000  ocs  ensemble  cuddling 
march 2019 by hatinjacket
Bitter by silvercistern
He accepted his classmate's chocolates gracefully, then declared his lack of interest with as much dignity as he could muster. She deserved the courtesy. At least she'd acknowledged that Valentine's Day was all about her, and not about him in the slightest.

Because if any of these girls had taken the time to actually get to know him, they’d quickly realize something even more important than his lack of interest in girls.

And that was that Akaashi hated sweets
fanfic  haikyuu  Akaashi/Bokuto  ao3  words:10.000-20.000  food 
march 2019 by hatinjacket
Corpora Permutavere by silvercistern
“Akaaaaashi, you gotta make a wish after you blow them out!” Bokuto was leaning across the table so far that the candle flames danced in his eyes, turning them to molten metal. And while Akaashi found himself appreciating his teammate’s birthday fervor in a way that was soft, foreign, and somewhat unexpected, Bokuto should still have known that this level of spectacle was neither Akaashi’s preference, nor something he was entirely comfortable with.

Under such pressure, he blew out the candles. Then, as requested, made a wish.

I wish Bokuto-san understood the perspective of someone other than himself.

Bokuto and Akaashi switch bodies. It goes as well as you might expect.
fanfic  haikyuu  Akaashi/Bokuto  words:20.000-50.000  ao3 
march 2019 by hatinjacket
Making Contact by dgalerab
Bokuto Koutarou is only good at talking about one thing: volleyball. Akaashi Keiji is too harsh for most people's tastes.

They meet in the middle somewhere.
fanfic  haikyuu  Akaashi/Bokuto  ao3  words:20.000-50.000  family  illness  fluff  angst  jealousy 
march 2019 by hatinjacket
Karma by dgalerab
Akaashi pulls a muscle and Bokuto offers to help him with yoga. Akaashi knows a bad idea when he sees it, and he really only agrees because he's suddenly acquired a deeply rooted desire to see Bokuto do yoga.

For multiple reasons.
fanfic  haikyuu  Akaashi/Bokuto  family  ao3  words:5.000-10.000  ocs  cuddling  Kenma/Kuroo 
march 2019 by hatinjacket
Venom and Vulnerability darkmagicalgirl
Kyoutani Kentarou has a problem, the kind that begins with a fairy and ends with him under a curse that turns him into a fighting beast whenever he gets too upset. With nowhere else to turn, he goes to the Grand King of the demons for help, and accidentally gets a lot more than he bargained for in the process. He's drawn into a palace full of paranatural plants, atypical architectures, and a half-demon courtier who just happens to despise everything about him. (Smut skippable)
fanfic  haikyuu  au  Kyoutani/Yahaba  ao3  words:20.000-50.000  transformation  marking  torture  pain.play  injury 
march 2019 by hatinjacket
the middle man by iosaturnalia
Oikawa and Iwaizumi, like any other virile young straight men their age, enjoy having sex together. With the same women, as in. Or something to that effect.


"Iwaizumi looked for buried irritation within him, and found nothing. 'No. Not really, no. It’s not a big deal, if you’re sharing sexual partners.'

Matsukawa began spluttering violently, waving his hands around vigorously. 'You’re- you’re sharing what-'"
fanfic  haikyuu  Oikawa/Iwaizumi  threesome  ocs  het  phone.sex  masturbation  cum.play  dirty.talk  ao3  words:10.000-20.000  ust  cunnilingus 
march 2019 by hatinjacket
the hedgehog's dilemma by drunkonwriting
So when he comes to Karasuno, Tobio expects more of the same. He won't make the same mistakes again, but he doubts anyone on the team will like him—Tobio's grown used to his solitary existence, to the point where he can't imagine what it's like to have people around all the time, people who actually want to spend time with him outside of school or practice. He's resigned himself to being alone, because no one in his life has ever decided they want to get to know him or spend time with him or even like him as more than a casual acquaintance. Tobio's tried time and time again to change that and failed over and over—he doubts it's going to change anytime soon.
But when he sees that orange-haired shrimp staring at him from the gym doors, eyes wide and betrayed, he feels a vague sense of premonition.

tobio's never had someone of his own before.
fanfic  haikyuu  Kageyama/Hinata  ao3  words:10.000-20.000  miscommunication 
march 2019 by hatinjacket
Book & Bell by SeriousMistakes (TruckThat)
An AU where Kurogane is (mostly) the son of a small-town baker and Fai is... not. Also featuring wizards, raisin muffins, curses, an abandoned house, and a series of terrible mistakes.
fanfic  Tsubasa  Kurogane/Fai  au  domestic  amnesia  illness  character.death  grief  marriage  ao3  words:20.000-50.000  food 
march 2019 by hatinjacket
To be First, To Be Best bykittebasu (chanyeol)
Hajime is apparently something of a masochist, and as he stares down at the tie-dyed AREA51 T-shirt in his hands, he thinks "I'm totally in love with this asshole, aren't I?"
fanfic  haikyuu  Oikawa/Iwaizumi  jealousy  het  ocs  Iwaizumi/oc  domestic  cuddling  food  ao3  miscommunication  ust  words:20.000-50.000 
march 2019 by hatinjacket
Just Hear Me Out by loveclouds
To stimulate Japan's low birthrates and take most of the guesswork out of dating, a beeper system was biologically in people's wrists, an aidible confirmation to show romantic compatibilty.

Iwaizumi's beeper has been going off for Oikawa since they were kids. Oikawa's has only ever been silent.
fanfic  haikyuu  Oikawa/Iwaizumi  ao3  words:5.000-10.000  bonding  magical.realism  fluff  angst  animals  marriage  established.relationship 
february 2019 by hatinjacket
(sing with me) A Song of Conquest and Fate by Hyeyu
When Seijou receives a missive from Aobajousai to discuss a potential peace, its emperor Oikawa Tooru could not have foreseen the series of events that would follow.
fanfic  haikyuu  au  Oikawa/Iwaizumi  words:20.000-50.000  ao3  injury  scars  Matsukawa/Hanamaki 
february 2019 by hatinjacket
You Belong With Me by ria_green
Iwaizumi dates men who are not Oikawa, and Oikawa goes a little crazy.

That time when Iwaizumi dated every athlete in the anime sports multiverse except his best friend.
fanfic  haikyuu  crossover  Oikawa/Iwaizumi  various.pairings  jealousy  humor  words:20.000-50.000  ao3  marking 
february 2019 by hatinjacket
In April by hiuythn
Tooru dates people and it takes Hajime a while to figure out why he hates it. Like six years.
fanfic  haikyuu  Oikawa/Iwaizumi  jealousy  miscommunication  het  domestic  ao3  ocs  words:20.000-50.000  family 
february 2019 by hatinjacket
well, maybe i'm a crook by aruariandance
The thing is-- Hinata is in love with Kageyama and everyone knows it, including Kageyama.

|| Kageyama struggling and feeling insecure about being loved
fanfic  haikyuu  words:5.000-10.000  angst  cuddling  ao3  family 
february 2019 by hatinjacket
Jump into the Fire by norio
“Yeah? I eat a lot of meat.”

“You’re a rabbit.”

“But meat is really good."
fanfic  haikyuu  au  Akaashi/Bokuto  ao3  animals  mythology  author:norio  grief  cuddling  words:10.000-20.000 
january 2019 by hatinjacket
Short Street to Kicklebury by notbecauseofvictories
There was an Understanding.

The Understanding was: Her Grace, Lady Sybil Deidre Olgivanna Ramkin, had, on the twelfth of May, married Captain Samantha Vimes of the Ankh-Morpork Watch. It was a very lovely ceremony. There had been cake.
fanfic  discworld  Vimes/Sybil  Genderbender  femslash  marriage  ao3  domestic  words:<5.000 
january 2019 by hatinjacket
Curiosity and the Cat by laughingpineapple
The 'killed' bit will come later. There is still time. The present calls for negotiations, first meetings and one glaring oversight.
fanfic  gen  ghost.trick  Yomiel  Sissel  ao3  words:<5.000  yuletide:2014  humor 
january 2019 by hatinjacket
one in a hundred by norio
Though he has no proof, Bokuto suspects dating would be a lot easier if Akaashi stopped trying to break up with him. (4,080 words)
fanfic  haikyuu  Akaashi/Bokuto  ao3  words:<5.000  miscommunication  author:norio  via:theodosia21 
january 2019 by hatinjacket
First Day by thesnadger
Soos has been working at the Mystery Shack for more than ten years, but today he steps into the Mr. Mystery suit and dons the fez for the first time. It's intimidating, but Stan has some advice.
fanfic  gravity.falls  Soos  Grunkle.Stan  gen  ao3  words:<5.000 
december 2018 by hatinjacket
linear time is fake; you can only trust your fists by queenieofaces
Jotaro looks at his Stand in the fluorescent light of a hospital room in Cairo, eyes bleary with exhaustion, pulse pounding in his ears, and thinks, Evil spirit, once more.

Star Platinum doesn't defend itself. Jotaro isn't sure why he thought it would.


It is said that stand abilities reflect something of the person they are attached to. What does it say about Jotaro that he is able to use DIO's time stop? He does not know.
fanfic  Jojo'sBizarreAdventure  gen  Jotaro_Kujo  ptsd  character.study  character.death  grief  injury  angst  ao3  words:10.000-20.000 
december 2018 by hatinjacket
queen of swords by Nomette
Lisa Lisa advances into the night, her skirt still smoking with the zombie major’s blood, the air filled with the brimstone stink of death. As of an hour ago, she is a fugitive. Already the airports are closed to her, and at this very moment soldiers are making phone calls to policemen and policemen are waiting in the pre-dawn dark of her bedroom to try and catch her if she returns. But Lisa Lisa will never return to that home.

She is on the way to the Pendleton Estate to retrieve her son.
fanfic  Jojo'sBizarreAdventure  LisaLisa  Erina_Peddleton  family  character.death  grief  character.study  words:5.000-10.000  gen 
december 2018 by hatinjacket
Forty Nights' Wake by shylittleghost
Robert arrives on the Canary Islands with nothing but a steamer trunk filled with another man's possessions.
fanfic  Jojo'sBizarreAdventure  major.character.death  grief  Erina_Pendleton  ao3  Speedwagon  words:10.000-20.000  Jonathan_Joestar  angst  gen(ish) 
december 2018 by hatinjacket
be yourself my ally by imperfectcircle
“That’s all very flattering,” Etta says when Diana has finally run out of steam, “but surely you have more qualified candidates than me?”

“You are of the world of men.” Diana looks a little embarrassed. “But not a man.”

-- Diana and Etta go back to Themyscira.
fanfic  Wonder.Woman  femslash  ao3  Diana/Candy  words:10.000-20.000  cuddling  animals  alien.culture 
december 2018 by hatinjacket
Switch by salainen
Scout eats Merasmus' yogurt. A curse is laid, bodies are switched, shenanigans happen. Perhaps even a lesson is learned, but probably not.
fanfic  tf2  humor  injury  Heavy/Medic  Sniper/Spy  ao3  words:<5.000 
december 2018 by hatinjacket
Perestroika by Oddport
Medic started a friendship with Heavy when he saw how much the man was struggling with English. Neither speaks the other's native tongue.

Then comes Spy who does speak Russian. An off-handed comment about Heavy's reading habits leads to Spy finding out that the Russian has an unexpected intellectual side. The discovery... intrigues him.
fanfic  tf2  Heavy/Spy  jealousy  Heavy/Medic  polyamory  words:10.000-20.000  ao3  language 
december 2018 by hatinjacket
The Sticking Place by La Reine Noire (lareinenoire)
Nobody talks about the Fifth Annual Hunger Games. There are good reasons for this.
fanfic  hunger.games  crossover  rpf  gen  character.death  ao3  words:<5.000  suicide 
december 2018 by hatinjacket
When She Was Bad by lorata
Even the sweetest pup will bite if handled roughly, and Regan is no innocent. The making of a girl who embraced her demons and turned them to her purpose.
fanfic  King.Lear  het  abuse  character.death  torture  injury  character.study  family  daddy.issues  ao3  words:10.000-20.000 
december 2018 by hatinjacket
The Observer Effect by thingswithwings
Carlos suspects, deep down, that this is a crucial aspect of the town's strangeness, the way that people and objects change while watching, while being watched; that he could know everything about Night Vale if he could just know this.
fanfic  Welcome.to.Nightvale  Carlos/Cecil  humor  orgasm.denial  exhibitionism  voyagerism  negotiation.kink  words:5.000-10.000  ao3  author:thingswithwings 
december 2018 by hatinjacket
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