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London Walks "London's best guided walks" Time Out - London Walks
London Walks – Guided London Walks – Guided Walking Tours of London –
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6 weeks ago by hankins
Churchill War Rooms | Imperial War Museums
Discover the life and legacy of Winston Churchill in the bunker and museum hidden beneath the streets of Westminster where he ran WW2.
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6 weeks ago by hankins
Temple Bar - The Detroit I Love
The Temple Bar is one of the most diverse and welcoming bars in the city. Most nights you'll find George behind the bar ready to tell you some great stories about growing up in Cass Corridor. You can expect several monthly dance parties which feature some of Detroit's best DJs.
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9 weeks ago by hankins
The original Spice Bus from 1997 movie Spice World - Buses for Rent in Greater London
16 May, 2019 - Entire home/flat for £86. This is the original Spice Bus that fans will know and love from the movie Spice World but with an interior makeover. Working with some incredible...
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may 2019 by hankins
Luna on Instagram: “Because everyday is taco day. We open for lunch/Margarita Monday at 11 am!”
96 Likes, 2 Comments - Luna (@lunadowntown) on Instagram: “Because everyday is taco day. We open for lunch/Margarita Monday at 11 am!”
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february 2019 by hankins
Hollywood duo hit town - Get Surrey
HOLLYWOOD has arrived in Godalming as Jude Law and Cameron Diaz take a romantic stroll down a transformed Church Street.
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january 2019 by hankins
White Horse | Shere | Chef and Brewer
The White Horse country pub is located in the idyllic Surrey village of Shere and was it a 15th century farmhouse and was once reputedly, a smugglers’ pub.
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january 2019 by hankins
Pizza in Its Purest Form: The Story of Lucali : videos
I live in NYC and have been to Lucali, and it's absolutely fantastic. While the pizza is great (easily the most delicious and fresh basil I've ever had), there is better pizza in NYC (e.g. Di Fara, Rubirosa, Emily). However, their five-cheese calzone is one of the greatest things I've ever eaten in my life. It's just indescribably amazing, and as you eat it your first thought will be when you can return to Lucali to eat the calzone again.

I've seen a bunch of videos and interviews featuring Mark Iacono, and he seems like a down-to-earth, friendly guy.


[–]Hfy_addict 4 points 6 hours ago 
Dude. The calzone.

I'll order pick-up for parties and everyone always leaves talking about the calzone. Douse it in the amazing sauce... hnnngggg


[–]NewYorkBourne 1 point 5 hours ago 
Also try Luigi’s in South Slope. Great slice!!!


[–]RedAero [score hidden] 20 minutes ago 
there is better pizza in NYC (e.g. Di Fara

I fucking knew it. Nothing beats DiFara.

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march 2018 by hankins
Bixby Bridge
I descended a dusty gravel ridge…
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november 2013 by hankins
Where to Buy Real Kyoto Knives: Shigeharu vs Aritsugu Knives | OpenKyoto
The place that sticks with me, though, is a humble shop further south. The 72-year-old, Kyoto-born owner seems to mostly sharpen knives, and his inventory is relatively inexpensive. He (and his wife) were extremely hospitable–gave us coffee, asked us to point out on his world map where we were from, etc. (He became especially animated when I inquired about water stones.) I don’t recall the exact location, but his website is http://www.hayakawa.ws/hamonoten/ .
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november 2013 by hankins
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