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Susan Bowen: Overlapping Multiple Exposure Panoramas with · Lomography
One of the biggest inspirations in my own photography is Susan Bowen. Her ability to capture breathtaking panoramas is nothing short of amazing. Each piece has it's own subject and personality and brings panoramas to a level hardly ever seen before. Susan Bowen is a photographer you need to get
holga  photography 
10 weeks ago by hankins
Understanding Film Flaws - Carmencita Film Lab

You might occasionally notice that a specific part of your image is unfocused or blurred. This will be hard to miss because the effect is so unusual and peculiar. This blurred part of your image typically occurs when the film is not laying perfectly flat when you take your photo (this is usually a failure of the pressure plate on the camera or the advancing mechanism is a bit loose). This effect is especially common with the Contax 645.

Unfortunately, t...
contax  film  photography  camerarepair  camera 
10 weeks ago by hankins
Pricing Yourself: You Are So Worth ItPostfilm | Brand Identity Design
You can say you’re $1,000, or $3,000 or $5,000, but pricing yourself doesn’t matter if your client doesn’t understand why you are the way you are.
pricing  photography  business  sales 
february 2019 by hankins
Dan Winters: Professional Photographer Magazine
“I really think the strongest ally (above any technique) any photographer can have is the ability to really look at something and formulate an opinion about it.
photography  art 
november 2016 by hankins
Shutter Actuation Count using gPhoto2
killall PTPCamera

gphoto2 --get-config /main/status/shuttercounter
photography  camera 
may 2016 by hankins
Survival Guide Interview with Artist Rep Maren Levinson on Vimeo
John Keatley interviews artist rep Maren Levinson, founder of Redeye Represents about the state of the photography industry, and what it takes to make it as a commercial artist today. This 5 minute interview is one of the many industry interviews we did for the Survival Guide workshop. A one of a kind workshop experience, teaching artists to survive in unfamiliar territory. To find out more, visit keatleyphoto.com/survival-guide/. To find out more about Redeye visit redeyereps.com.
Thank you to our wonderful sponsor and partner, BlackRapid for making this possible. blackrapid.com.
business  photography 
may 2015 by hankins
Paranoid Dictator's Communist-Era Bunkers Now a National Nuisance | Raw File | Wired.com
“I’m telling a story about a country and I’m using bunkers as metaphors,” says Galjaard. “Albania is an Eastern country but it wants to be part of the West. It has one foot in each, and the split is sort of unnatural. Albanians still have not found their identity so they struggle with the past, but also struggle with the future. And future for them is being part of Western Europe.”
photography  essay 
march 2013 by hankins
RPL vs. ncps | Laurence Kim Photographer
Richard Photo Lab vs North Coast Photographic Services
film  post-processing  photography 
october 2012 by hankins
Digital Wedding Forum - View Single Post - Playboy mag uses our photo without permission or credit (back of centerfold)
You have 90 days from the day that the image is created to register the image as unpublished (even if the image is published within those 90 days). So what all of us can (and should) do to protect ourselves and our work is to register everything we shoot every three months. That's four times a year which really isn't a big deal.

I use Lightroom now and one catalog for everything I shoot. Once every three months, I can do gather ever image created within the past three months and export out small jpegs, burn to disk and ship it off with my $35 fee. How hard is that? If you don't use Lightroom, any catalog program will work.
copyright  photography  business  legal 
february 2012 by hankins
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