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ESET Mobile Security for Android Puts Antivirus, Antispam, Anti-Theft, and System Monitoring All in One Sleek App [App Of The Day]
Android: ESET Mobile Security is a full suite of security and privacy tools rolled into one app. Full-phone antivirus and malware scanning, call/SMS/MMS blacklisting, and a host of anti-theft features are all accessible from the main screen. As if that weren't enough, the app also has built-in system monitoring functions to show you every running process along with its resource usage. The app's in beta at the moment, but it runs as smooth as it looks—and it's free. More »
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june 2011 by hanicker
SuperOneClick Roots Virtually Every Android Phone Out There [Downloads]
Windows only: We recently featured Universal Androot, an app that rooted many Android phones, but had a few limitations (and Google's already killing it with a patch). Windows program SuperOneClick is the easiest, most universal rooting app we've seen yet. More »
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october 2010 by hanicker
SmartBar Combines the Best Android Utilities into One Menu Bar App [Downloads]
Android: There are a lot of popular utilities for Android, from task killers, app switchers and beyond. Smartbar combines multiple useful utilities into one simple app and puts them in your menu bar for quick access. More »
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august 2010 by hanicker
Enable the Android Market When Trying Out Android on Your PC [Android]
We recently showed you how to test drive Android on your PC, but you only have access to the OS or directly installed apps. Here's how to enable the Android Market so you can test the full Android experience on your desktop. More »
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july 2010 by hanicker
Wallet-Friendly Magnifying Cards Take Better Closeup Cameraphone Pics [Stuff We Like]
Smartphone cameras have come a long way, but still aren't perfect in every situation. Reader David writes in with a tip on how to keep your closeup photos clear for just a few dollars—without any DIY work beforehand. More »
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april 2010 by hanicker
Remote-Start Your Car with a $10 Cellphone [Weekend Project]
Hardware enthusiast Dave Hacks read about the Viper SmartStart system, capable of remote starting your car from anywhere, all for $500. He loved the idea, but not the price, so he rolled up his sleeves and made his own on the cheap.
After looking into the system, I soon stumbled onto the fact that the system is ridiculously expensive, as is everything that has to do with the Goddamned iPhone newer technology. Further research on the subject yielded little hope, as all other systems were out of my budget (cheap as hell).
He details the step-by-step process in great detail on his blog in three parts. The project as a whole cost him $71.03, and while it certainly requires some time and know-how on your part, the end result is pretty cool.

Remote Start using Cell Phone: Part 1; Part 2; Part 3 [Dave Hacks via Jalopnik]
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february 2010 by hanicker

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