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Tenon-ui | Home page
“These are the documentation pages of Tenon-UI: Tenon’s accessible React components library.”
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Jaws does not enter application mode when focus is moved inside a container with role="application" · Issue #93 · FreedomScientific/VFO-standards-support
“When focus is programmatically moved to an element inside a container with role=‘application’, JAWS does not enter application mode. Tabbing to the next element inside the container will then enter application mode.”

And then there was this reply from Léonie:
“I think this is expected behaviour. When focus is moved using JS, Jaws will be in Virtual Cursor mode. Triggering applications mode from within virtual mode would be quite problematic in other circumstances.”
jaws  accessibility  applicationmode  application  modes  screenreaders  github  2018 
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Re: screen readers and punctuation from Léonie Watson on 2019-02-13 (w3c-wai-ig@w3.org from January to March 2019)
(Léonie on how screen-reader users interact to hear unusual characters:)
“The short answer is that you can’t write content that works with all screen readers, so it’s better not to try.

“It’s also worth mentioning that the Deque article misses an important point. When it says that screen readers do not announce certain symbols. That is usually only the case when reading content in chunks (like paragraphs or sentences).

“For example, a screen reader may not announce the dash in 5th - 10th May, when reading this sentence as a whole, but it will when reading the text in smaller chunks like one character at a time.

“What tends to happen, is that if a screen reader user senses something doesn’t quite make sense as they read it, they’ll tend to look a little more closely at it. That’s when they find the dash.

“Where a screen reader doesn’t speak an asterisk as a marker for a required field, that can be mitigated in different ways - like using the required attribute on the field in question. This is good practice in any case of course.”
tink  w3  2019  screenreaders  characters  accessibility  a11y 
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Short note on making your mark (more accessible) | TPG – Digital Accessibility Solutions
This blog post from Steve goes over some CSS that one can use to make highlighted portions of text accessible, namely—

mark::before, mark::after {
content:" [highlight start] ";
clip-path: inset(100%);
clip: rect(1px, 1px, 1px, 1px);
height: 1px;
width: 1px;
overflow: hidden;
position: absolute;
white-space: nowrap;

mark::after {
content:" [highlight end] ";
tpg  accessibility  a11y  2018  highlighting  mark  del  strike 
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Shortish note on JAWS support for regions | TPG – Digital Accessibility Solutions
(It looks like JAWS no longer announces all landmark regions by default:)

“JAWS has a ‘Web Verbosity Level: Low/Medium/High’ You can view/set this by opening the Settings Center and expanding the ‘Web/HTML/PDF’ tree item and selecting the ‘Reading’ item. The default verbosity level is ‘Medium’ If you press the ‘Medium…’ button the configuration dialog will be displayed.

“What you will note is that at the default ‘medium’ verbosity, only a subset of the landmark regions are checked, thus only these regions will be announced. Note this does not mean that the user cannot navigate to the unchecked regions using the region navigation keys: R/Shift+R; it means that when navigated to the content of the region will be announced without denoting the regions start and end.”
jaws  2018  tpg  landmarks  aria  accessibility  a11y 
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Unexpected keyboard focus of inactive tab in a tablist · Issue #132 · FreedomScientific/VFO-standards-support
“When interacting with an ARIA Tab widget, it’s common to set the currently active tab to have a tabindex=0 and to set the inactive tabs to have a tabindex=-1. When testing various different implementations of Tab widgets, it was noticed that if navigating by the virtual cursor, and then hitting the Tab key, keyboard focus would be set to the first tab in the tablist, regardless of whether or not it was the currently active tab / the tab with the tabindex=0.

“Removing the possibility that incorrect JavaScript/focus management could be to blame, a reduced test case continues to display this behavior across browsers.”
jaws  bugs  tabs  tablists  aria  accessibility  a11j  2019  github 
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WCAG 2.1 at a Glance | Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) | W3C
(This is actually pretty good.)
“This page provides a paraphrased summary of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1.”
wcag  accessibility  a11y  2019 
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'Stop telling me I'm speeding in my wheelchair!' - BBC Ideas
“The BBC’s Ellis Palmer, activist Tanni Grey-Thompson and YouTuber Lucy Edwards on how to talk about disability without being awkward.”

(This post offers some pretty great tips around icky phrases like “suffers from,” “wheelchair bound,” and others.)
accessibility  disabilities  bbc  video  microaggressions  2019  suffers  canonical 
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Who to follow - The A11Y Project
via: @ericwbailey “Here’s some cool [accessibility] people to follow, if you’re looking for a place to start.”
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Announcing “Access,” a Short Film About Accessibility
“That’s where Cory Joseph came in. I met him through a friend in the Portland accessibility community. I told Cory that I wanted to follow him around for a day with a camera. I wanted to show what his experience was like, and I wanted him to do all the talking. He was up for it, so that began a series of interviews and shoots around Portland that spanned more than a year. (It turns out ‘a day’ on film was captured over the course of six separate shoots.) I ended up using a small fraction of the footage I captured, but that’s normal for a documentary. At least I was getting the right stuff.”
accessibility  vimeo  documentaries  2019 
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Added underlines to links in toots by aardrian · Pull Request #9898 · tootsuite/mastodon
Here’s that Mastodon pull request / issue where you suggested about a potential link color that could work if they had wanted links to be differentiated from the surrounding text through color alone.
mastodon  accessibility  a11y  color  coloralone  wcag  2019 
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Announcing a11y.reviews | Adrian Roselli
“Today if you want to identify if a tool, platform, service, resource, etc. is accessible you have to ask the broader community for its feedback. This does not scale.

“The goal of the site is to let us, the community, both find and share our accessibility experience with assorted resources. Do you want to do online surveys but don’t know what to use or avoid? Check a11y.reviews. Have you spent time using a commenting platform for your blog and have a good experience with its accessibility? Leave feedback at a11y.reviews.”
aardrian  accessibility  a11y  2019  adrianroselli 
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In a Children’s Theater Program, Drama Over a Peanut Allergy - The New York Times
“On Dec. 31, the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination concluded that Sam was right. The Shakespeare group may have not only illegally discriminated against Mason, the commission said, but also retaliated against Sam for speaking up. Two years earlier, in June 2016, the United States Department of Justice had reached a similar conclusion, saying that the theater violated the Americans With Disabilities Act by failing to make reasonable modifications to accommodate Mason.

“The Massachusetts commission has ordered the Shakespeare group to settle with the families by Feb. 5 or face a public hearing and possible sanctions, said Mary Vargas, the lawyer who represents the two families.”
allergies  food  foodallergies  nytimes  ada  accessibility  2019 
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JAWS 18.0.2945 Latest Update Plus What's New
(On JAWS’s new focus-hightlight jobbie:)
“The following is a list of improvements made between the JAWS 18 April 2017 release and the May 2017 update.

“Beginning with this update, JAWS now visually highlights text in Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 as you navigate using the Virtual Cursor. As JAWS reads, the current text being read is highlighted so a sighted user such as a parent, teacher, developer, or tester can easily follow the text visually. JAWS visual tracking is available in Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, PDF documents opened in Adobe Reader, and Microsoft Mail. It is enabled by default in these specific applications.

“Note that when navigating by line on pages in the web browser, JAWS highlights the virtual line and not the actual line as it appears on the web page.

“While the default settings for the highlight should work well for many users, you can also customize the appearance of the visual highlight including the color, style, transparency, thickness, and spacing. For example, the default color is Lime Green while the default style is Block, which places a solid rectangle around the highlighted text.

“However, you may prefer a different color, style, and more transparency for the highlight. To change these Settings, open Settings Center while focused in one of the supported applications, expand the new Visual Settings group, select Highlight Virtual PC Cursor, and then press F6 to move to the pane where you can configure visual tracking settings.”
jaws  jaws18  2017  accessibility  focus  a11y 
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In IE11 double focus bug (accessibility related) by gtibrett · Pull Request #13155 · FortAwesome/Font-Awesome
“The issue is that without adding focusable=‘false’ IE will create a double tab stop on the svg when navigating by keyboard. FA is already injecting aria-hidden to make the icons accessible to screen reader users, but, without the focusable=‘false’, they remain inaccessible to keyboard only users.”
ie  svg  focusable  fontawesome  icons  2019  accessibility  a11y 
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This is “a free web app to take the pain out of transcribing recorded interviews.”
accessibility  video  transcriptions  transcripts  2019  a11y 
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"Fixing" Lists | scottohara.me
This post goes over some CSS options for forcing VoiceOver to announce list semantics to a list that you’ve set list-style-type to “none.”
list-style-type  accessibility  a11y  voiceover  scottohara  2019 
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Sara Soueidan on Twitter: "#TIL that removing list bullets with `list-style: none` removes <ul/ol> semantics in VoiceOver. Adding zero-width space fixes this; so this is yet another thing to add to our base #CSS files. #a11y https://t.co/NOpyZneSYc via @s
“#TIL that removing list bullets with list-style: none removes
semantics in VoiceOver.
“Adding zero-width space fixes this; so this is yet another thing to add to our base #CSS files. #a11y”
accessibility  lists  ul  ol  2019  twitter  SaraSoueidan  voiceover 
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Conference, March 11-15: CSUN 2019 | TPG – Digital Accessibility Solutions
“The following is a listing and a brief description of the presentations that will be given by TPG employees during CSUN.”
csun  csun2019  conferences  schedules  2019  accessibility  tpg  work 
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Interview: Game Accessibility Specialist and Advocate Ian Hamilton on CVAA
“[CVAA] doesn’t affect games directly. It affects advanced communication services (text chat, voice chat, video chat) across all industries, including those in games. So it is only relevant to games that include chat functionality, and only relevant to the chat functionality, not to gameplay.

“It must be possible to locate, navigate to, and operate the chat functionality, so any UI/info needed to do this is also covered. This technically includes accessibility of manuals, help websites etc that relate to comms functionality, but those are pretty unlikely to exist.”
cvaa  games  ianhamilton  2019  accessibility  a11y 
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Tables, Tequila and Beer by steve faulkner on CodePen
(More from Steve on simple tables not needing scope="col" or scope="row" as long as they have <th> elements in the right spots:)
“Modern browsers expose the correct semantics for th elements in both column and row headers in simple data tables. This information is used by screen readers to convey correct header and data cell relationships to users.”
tables  col  scope  stevefaulkner  row  accessibility  a11y  2019 
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W3C is Coming to Your A11Y Tools - 24 Accessibility
“You can think of this ACT rules collection as WCAG Failure Techniques written for accessibility testers rather than for content authors.”
w3c  testing  accessibility  a11y  2019  auditing 
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Tables and Beers - 24 Accessibility
This post from Steve Faulkner makes a good case that most simple tables don’t necessarily need scope=“col” and scope=“row” as long as the table uses <th> for those.
tables  accessibility  a11y  scope  th  row  col  via:stevefaulkner  2018 
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iOS Accessibility Properties: How They Relate to WCAG, and How to Correctly Use Them - 24 Accessibility
(On grouping switch buttons on iOS so that they don’t create an extra tap stop for VoiceOver users—)
“In an app, you have a Switch that allows the user to select between a light theme and a dark theme. Next to the Switch is the text ‘Dark Theme.’ This text serves as the name of the control. An Accessibility Label is added to the Switch that matches the visible text next to the Switch: ‘Dark Theme.’

“While this is an acceptable layout for a sighted user, a non-sighted user will receive repeated information! First, VoiceOver will focus on the text ‘Dark Theme,’ then if the user swipes to the next element, VoiceOver will focus on the Switch and say vDark Theme, Switch Button, Off. Double Tap to Toggle Switch.’ They receive the same ‘Dark Theme’ statement twice!

“One fix for this could be to make the text not focusable by VoiceOver. But wait! If we do this, then sighted VoiceOver users will be confused regarding the text value and wonder why it cannot be focused!

“Instead, it is best practice to group the control’s name in a focusable container including the control itself. The view’s Accessibility Label can be the visible text, and when VoiceOver activates the view, you can use an Accessibility Action to update the Switch.”
voiceover  switch  buttons  ios  accessibility  a11y  2019 
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Managing Protected Applications | Webroot
This page goes over how you can set Webroot so that certain applications have full system access, such as NVDA.
webroot  nvda  windows  windows10  accessibility  a11y  2019 
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Selecting Text, Cut, Copy, and Paste from the Keyboard
This post goes over how to select, copy, and paste text using JAWS (including within web browsers).
jaws  screenreaders  accessibility  keyboard  2019  tutorials  copy  paste  select 
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'It's very much a matter of dignity': Tammy Duckworth pushes through rule requiring airlines to disclose how many wheelchairs they break - Chicago Tribune
“Beginning as early as January, airline passengers will be able to search the U.S. Department of Transportation website to determine an airlines’ record of handling wheelchairs and other mobility devices.”
travel  wheelchairs  chicagotribune  2018  accessibility  airlines 
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Cheat Sheet - Dragon Naturally Speaking Commands for Web Testing - Web Accessibility, Assistive Technology, Section 508 & WCAG 2.0 Compliance - BarrierBreak, Mumbai, India
via @Barrierbreak: “Using Dragon NaturallySpeaking for browsing could be easy task but using dragon for web testing needs some hands on with commands commonly used. Here is a blog post from @jayshu183 “Cheat Sheet-Dragon Naturally Speaking Commands for Web Testing’”
(via: https://twitter.com/Barrierbreak/status/1080521604919103488)
dragon  quickreference  a11y  accessibility  2019 
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See-Eat-Through is tableware that visually impaired people can perceive
“A jug and a set of glasses are marked with similar strips of colour that, thanks to light refraction, make clear drinks visible.

“There is also a set of cutlery with tactile markings that make them easier to identify.”
plates  cups  glasses  2018  accessibility  a11y 
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Makoto Ueki on Twitter: "My CSUN talk with @Ryladog “Think You Know Accessibility Stats?” has been scheduled on Thursday, March 14, 2019 - 3:20 PM. This is gonna be like a entertainment show TV program. You’ll enjoy Japanese snacks and candies. Hope
“My CSUN talk with @Ryladog ‘Think You Know Accessibility Stats?’ has been scheduled on Thursday, March 14, 2019 - 3:20 PM. This is gonna be like a entertainment show TV program. You’ll enjoy Japanese snacks and candies. Hope to see you there :-)”
makoto  csun  csun2019  accessibility  mak_en  2019 
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(379) This is how I read, write, and use my iPhone 7 with voiceover completely blind! - YouTube
This is actually a pretty great demo of VoiceOver for beginners. (Second 292 seems to be a pretty good starting point.)
voiceover  iphone  accessibility  a11y  2016  video 
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Airline Fined for Separate Disabled-Accessible Website - Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP
“Offering a separate website for those with disabilities does not comply with the U.S. Department of Transportation’s (DOT) website accessibility requirements, the agency made clear with a $200,000 fine to the Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS).”
airlines  travel  accessibility  a11y  ada  2018 
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Herbi HocusFocus
“The Herbi HocusFocus app makes it easier to see where keyboard focus is on the screen.
“To install the app on a computer with Windows 10, download the app from the Microsoft Store, Herbi HocusFocus at the Microsoft Store. For computers running Windows 7 or Windows 8, click Install Herbi HocusFocus.”
accessibility  a11y  focus  testing  ie  windows  software  2018 
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How to use the Magnifier on iPhone and iPad | iMore
This is a pretty darn good quick reference on iOS’s magnifier feature.
magnifier  accessibility  a11y  ios  imore  2016 
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Inclusive Design For Accessible Presentations — Smashing Magazine
(This post offers a pretty good set of pointers on creating accessible presentation slides—)
“People up the back will appreciate every extra pixel you add to your font size. People with vision impairments will appreciate the larger text too — they’ve got a better chance of being able to read it.

“Go big or go home. This goes for all text, even ‘less important’ stuff like data labels, graph axes and legends, image captions, footnotes, URLs, and references.”
presentations  slides  conferences  accessibility  a11y  2018  smashingmagazine 
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Steve Faulkner on Twitter: "Focus the dialog element instead of the first focusable item https://t.co/ZcU0HbiskJ"
So Steve starts out by saying, “Focus the dialog element instead of the first focusable item

But then he went on to say that “this is about providing a fallback for cases where the first focusable is not appropriate.”
dialogs  accessibility  a11y  2018  stevefaulkner  twitter 
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Tips for making your iOS app accessible – WatirMelon
(Among other bits, this page covers form tabbing, UIWebViews, and UIPageControl.)
“When you have multiple horizontal pages in a UIPageControl, the page indicators are the dots that appear at the bottom of the control that indicate which page you are on as you swipe left/right through the pages. VoiceOver uses the swipe left/right gestures for navigation so a VoiceOver user won’t be able to switch between your pages unless they use the page indicators.

“Page indicators aren’t automatically accessible, you must do two things. First set the accessibility trait to UIAccessibilityTraitAdjustable and then implement a accessibilityIncrement and accessibilityDecrement which changes the pages. This means a VoiceOver user can focus on the element and use slider up/down from the top of the screen to navigate pages.”
ios  accessibility  uipagecontrol  2013  a11y  uiwebview 
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Deborah Edwards-Onoro on Twitter: "Another reason why you shouldn't rely completely on autocaptions for your videos: in first 10 seconds of WooCommerce video, "what is room commerce?" #a11y #accessibility"
via @redcrew: “Another reason why you shouldn’t rely completely on autocaptions for your videos: in first 10 seconds of WooCommerce video, ‘what is room commerce?’”
youtube  captions  autocaptions  video  a11y  accessibility  2018  redcrew  twitter 
november 2018 by handcoding
Trying to explain reduce motion to designers who don’t have a vestibular disorder | Revert to Saved: A blog about design, gaming and technology
“In part, I can understand why. Vestibular issues are weird. I never used to have one, and now I do. I’ve no idea where it came from. It also makes little logical sense to people. They think I’m lying that I get triggered by animations because I also write about videogames. But here’s the thing: I’m fine with racing games, just as I’m fine with roller-coasters. Whatever’s going on in my head manifests when 1) too much of my focus is taken over by a screen, and; 2) whatever’s happening on the screen is outside of my control.”
animation  vestibular  a11y  accessibility  2018 
november 2018 by handcoding
Part 4. Alternative Text for Images: Hootsuite Announces Support
“This is my fourth post about alternative text for Buffer and Hootsuite, applications that allow you to manage and schedule your social media posts.

“I’m happy to share news that Hootsuite now supports alternative text for images in their Composer.”
hootsuite  alttext  accessibility  a11y  2018 
november 2018 by handcoding
Your skip links are broken - Axess Lab
(On problems with skip links with TalkBack on Android:)
“For some reason, Android doesn’t trigger the CSS focus event with TalkBack. This is the reason skip links never show up visually on Android, since they are programmed to show up when they receive focus. This is a bug reported to Google, so hopefully they’ll fix it soon.

“But shouldn’t it still be possible to use the link, even though it’s visually hidden? Sadly, that’s not possible. If you click on a hidden link with TalkBack, the link will not be activated. So, we guess that Google will need to fix this focus issue before skip links will work at all on Android.”
android  skiplinks  ios  2018  accessibility  a11y  talkback 
november 2018 by handcoding
YouTube Video Series About Captioning | Information Technology Systems & Services
“Learn about the importance of captions, how to caption, and captioning best practices in 4 short videos.

“Jessica Kellgren-Fozard, a Deaf YouTube presenter, released a series of videos on captioning. They are:

“• How to get 80% more views! - Captions and why they are useful
“This 11 minute video explains what captions are and why they’re useful.

“• How To Caption Your Videos On YouTube
“Get a quick breakdown of how to add captions to YouTube videos in this 6 minute video.

“• Don’t Do This! - How to do captions right!
“Learn what should and shouldn’t be included in captions in this 15 minute video.

“• The Secret Language of Captions DECODED
“Want to find out about the secret world of captions and get a few YouTube tricks? This 8 minute video can help.”
youtube  captions  captioning  2018  video  accessibility  a11y  tutorials 
november 2018 by handcoding
VoiceOver for OSX Keyboard Shortcuts | Screen Reader Keyboard Shortcuts and Gestures
This looks like a decent-ish quick reference for VoiceOver’s keyboard shortcuts.
keyboard  shortcuts  2018  mac  osx  macos  accessibility  a11y 
november 2018 by handcoding
Bruce Lawson's personal site  : Screenreader support for text-level semantics
“Most [screen readers] capable of reporting these things on demand, but do not as standard. So you don’t hear the text/font characteristics being announced as you read, but you can query a character/word etc. to discover its characteristics. This is based on the visual presentation of the text though, rather than through any recognition of the elements themselves (which as @SelenIT2 notes, are not mapped to the acc API).”
screenreaders  del  ins  em  strong  2018  accessibility  a11y 
october 2018 by handcoding
Visibility on Twitter: "Did You Know? Multi-word hashtags can be difficult to understand with a screen-reader if the words aren't capitalised. Putting a capital letter at the beginning of each word makes them easier for everyone to read, including people
“Did You Know? Multi-word hashtags can be difficult to understand with a screen-reader if the words aren’t capitalised. Putting a capital letter at the beginning of each word makes them easier for everyone to read, including people with a visual impairment. #WednesdayWisdom”
hashtags  twitter  accessibility  canonical  a11y  2018 
october 2018 by handcoding
Classic Editor | WordPress.org
“Classic Editor restores the previous WordPress editor and the Edit Post screen and makes it possible to use the plugins that extend it, add old-style meta boxes, or otherwise depend on the previous editor.

“By default it will hide all traces of the new Block editor and the Gutenberg editor including the Dashboard widget asking the users to try it.”
(via: https://twitter.com/LeonieWatson/status/1057295095651844096)
gutenberg  wordpress  plugins  2018  accessibility 
october 2018 by handcoding
Disable Gutenberg | WordPress.org
“The all-in-one, COMPLETE solution handling Gutenberg.
“Hide ALL traces of Gutenberg and replace with the Classic Editor.
“Restores the original Edit Post screen (TinyMCE, meta boxes, et al).”
(via: https://twitter.com/SteveALee/status/1057311534886633473)
wordpress  gutenberg  plugins  accessibility  2018  a11y 
october 2018 by handcoding
Accessibility Checklist for SFWA Spaces - SFWA
via @KyraFreestar: “I also have plans to learn (and borrow) from @sfwa’s accessibility checklist for event spaces—with much thanks to all those who put in the work to create it.”
(via: https://twitter.com/KyraFreestar/status/1050436590340689920)
via:KyraFreestar  twitter  2018  conferences  accessibility  a11y  disabilities 
october 2018 by handcoding
I have resigned as the WordPress accessibility team lead. Here is why. - Rian Rietveld
“After several years of working on WordPress and accessibility and being part of the accessibility team, I have taken the very difficult decision to leave the WordPress accessibility team. I owe it to the team to explain why I have made this decision and how I hope things can improve for the future.

“The last year, especially the last few weeks have been too politically complicated for me. It’s better that someone else takes the lead now.”
rianrietveld  wordpress  accessibility  a11y  2018 
october 2018 by handcoding
Jonathon Owen on Twitter: "This is also a good point. Putting text over an image isn't just ugly or hard to read—it's an accessibility problem.… "
(Oh, so now he cares about accessibility?)
“This is also a good point. Putting text over an image isn’t just ugly or hard to read—it’s an accessibility problem.”
accessibility  images  twitter  2018  ArrantPedantry 
october 2018 by handcoding
Shut up JAWS | TPG – Digital Accessibility Solutions
“One of the tasks I perform regularly is to test web content using screen readers. It can be somewhat annoying to be capturing data in a desktop application while testing in a browser, as the screen reader is chattering away on every application, while I am only interested in how it works with web content in the browser.”
jaws  nvda  screenreaders  accessibility  a11y 
september 2018 by handcoding
Major New Features in JAWS Inspect | TPG – Digital Accessibility Solutions
“For those familiar with the Say All feature in JAWS, this new report essentially runs the Say All command on a web page and gives you back an easy-to-use, linear text version of the JAWS speech.”
jaws  jawsinspect  2018  tpg  work  accessibility  a11y 
september 2018 by handcoding
SwitchingFromJawsToNVDA · nvaccess/nvda-community Wiki
(Perhaps one might also be able to use this to go in the opposite direction?)
“The purpose of this guide is to assist users of JAWS (Job Access With Speech), a commercial screen reader by Freedom Scientific to switch to the open source screen reader NVDA (NonVisual Desktop Access) with ease. It assumes prior knowledge of JAWS and that you are proficient in its use.”
jaws  nvda  2018  screenreaders  accessibility  a11y 
september 2018 by handcoding
WAI at W3C on Twitter: "European Standard EN 301 549 “#Accessibility requirements for ICT products and services” adopted #WCAG 2.1 for web content, electronic documents, and non-web software, inc. native mobile apps. Info in blog post: https://t.co/Oq
“European Standard EN 301 549 ‘#Accessibility requirements for ICT products and services’ adopted #WCAG 2.1 for web content, electronic documents, and non-web software, inc. native mobile apps. Info in blog post”
europe  accessibility  a11y  2018  twitter  w3c  wcag 
september 2018 by handcoding
:focus-within - CSS: Cascading Style Sheets | MDN
“The :focus-within CSS pseudo-class represents an element that has received focus or contains an element that has received focus. In other words, it represents an element that is itself matched by the :focus pseudo-class or has a descendant that is matched by :focus. (This includes descendants in shadow trees.)

“/* Selects a when one of its descendants is focused */
background: cyan;

“This selector is useful, to take a common example, for highlighting an entire
container when the user focuses on one of its fields.”
focus-within  css  focus  2018  mdn  a11y  accessibility 
september 2018 by handcoding
About txt.fyi
(Perhaps this could be good for posting alt text?)
“Write something, hit publish, and it’s live.

“There’s no tracking, ad-tech, webfonts, analytics, javascript, cookies, databases, user accounts, comments, friending, likes, follower counts or other quantifiers of social capital. The only practical way for anyone to find out about a posting is if the author links to it elsewhere.

“But it is legible, no-nonsense static hypertext, good for short stories, not-short-enough tweets and adventures and all your numbers station or internet dead drop needs. Here you can scream into the void and know the form of your voice is out there forever.

“Search engines are instructed not to index posts and I’ll do my best to make sure this isn’t used as a tool by spammers or other abusers. Nonetheless, posting will be turned off if anything bad grows out of it.

“Use basic Markdown to format posts: #header, BOLD, _italic_, code, >quote, and hyperlinks in the format link. Try !hacker and !professor and !timestamp too.”

(via: https://twitter.com/jbenton/status/1039563498014031872)
alttext  twitter  accessibility  a11y  2018  text  alt  pasteboards  pastie  recommendations  via:jbenton 
september 2018 by handcoding
CSS generated content not included in accessible name calculation - Microsoft Edge Development
Steve Faulkner filed this bug in September 2018—apparently “CSS generated content not included in accessible name calculation”
css  generated  generatedcontent  bugs  accessibility  a11y  edge  2018 
september 2018 by handcoding
Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 | TPG – Digital Accessibility Solutions
This post goes over the new success criteria in WCAG 2.1.

(This basically just quotes the existing mumbo-jumbo from the spec, though, so this might be less than useful.)
wcag  2.1  tpg  work  accessibility  a11j  2018 
september 2018 by handcoding
Accessible Activism Checklist
“Disabled folks are everywhere, but so often left behind in activist action. Improve your organization and activities with The Accessible Activism Checklist, a handy document full of full tips and resources that cover all sorts of accessibility concerns.

“When you make your activism accessible to disabled folks, you create a better space for everyone!”
checklists  conferences  accessibility  a11y  2018 
september 2018 by handcoding
Ian Hamilton on Twitter: "#gamedev #indiedev PSA: reminder that if you're providing any communication services (text chat, voice chat or video chat) in a game launching for the US market from Jan 1st, CVAA legislation requires each service and UI used to
“#gamedev #indiedev PSA: reminder that if you’re providing any communication services (text chat, voice chat or video chat) in a game launching for the US market from Jan 1st, CVAA legislation requires each service and UI used to navigate to / operate it to meet these criteria”
games  cvaa  accessibility  2018  twitter  ianhamilton_ 
september 2018 by handcoding
The details and summary elements | scottohara.me
“Outside of Internet Explorer (which will never support the elements) and Edge (where development for these elements had started in May of 2017, but there’s yet to be any reported progress…) browser implementation of details and summary is otherwise pretty great!”
scottohara  2018  details  summary  accessibility  a11y 
september 2018 by handcoding
zeldman on Twitter: "“Removing the :focus outline is like removing the wheelchair ramp from a school because it doesn’t fit the aesthetic.” David Gilbertson, cited by @MinaMarkham. #inclusivedesign #a11y #AEACHI"
“‘Removing the :focus outline is like removing the wheelchair ramp from a school because it doesn’t fit the aesthetic.’ David Gilbertson, cited by @MinaMarkham. #inclusivedesign #a11y #AEACHI”
focus  accessibility  outline  2018  zeldman  twitter 
august 2018 by handcoding
Combobox role on the input element
This isn’t a bad example of a combobox that’s set up as an <input> field that’s set to role=“combobox”. And what’s also nice is that the options shown are checkboxes—neat!
juicystudio  combobox  aria  accessibility  examples  2018 
august 2018 by handcoding
494175 - Make <video> and <audio> controls keyboard navigable
“This bug is about making the media controls (which appear on mouse over) keyboard accessible. This will require defining a keystroke to invoke the controls HUD, and making sure that the control elements have tabindex=0 and are keyboard operable; and that they expose accessibility information.”
firefox  video  audio  accessibility  a11y  bugzilla  2018 
august 2018 by handcoding
Twitter Accessibility on Twitter: "People using https://t.co/U2EN7X2uwS can now add image descriptions, also known as alternative text, when composing a Tweet. We’re excited to add this feature so images on Twitter are more accessible for everyone! Turn
“People using https://mobile.twitter.com can now add image descriptions, also known as alternative text, when composing a Tweet. We’re excited to add this feature so images on Twitter are more accessible for everyone! Turn on image descriptions in your Twitter accessibility settings.”
alttext  twitter  accessibility  a11y  2018 
august 2018 by handcoding
Twitter Accessibility on Twitter: "People using https://t.co/U2EN7X2uwS can now add image descriptions, also known as alternative text, when composing a Tweet. We’re excited to add this feature so images on Twitter are more accessible for everyone! Turn
“People using mobile.twitter.com can now add image descriptions, also known as alternative text, when composing a Tweet. We’re excited to add this feature so images on Twitter are more accessible for everyone! Turn on image descriptions in your Twitter accessibility settings.”
twitter  accessibility  alttext  2018 
august 2018 by handcoding
Nicolas Steenhout on Twitter: "Flight attendant from @united insists my 65 pounds service dog must fit at my feet and not in the aisle for the entire 4 hour flight. She says I should have purchased another seat if I wanted more space for my “pet”. WTF
(Looks like Nic had a pretty bad time on United.)
“Flight attendant from @united insists my 65 pounds service dog must fit at my feet and not in the aisle for the entire 4 hour flight. She says I should have purchased another seat if I wanted more space for my ‘pet’. WTF? ACAA anyone? Pilot intervened, thank god.”
united  servicedogs  accessibility  2018  vavroom  twitter  a11y  travel 
august 2018 by handcoding
Nutrition Cards for Accessible Components A11Y Expectations
(These are basically quick-reference cards.)
“A11Y Nutrition Cards is an attempt to digest and simplify the accessibility expectations when it comes to component authoring. Based on the WAI ARIA Authoring Practices Guide.”
accessibility  quickreference  a11y  2018 
august 2018 by handcoding
Accessibility inspector - Firefox Developer Tools | MDN
This page goes over how to use the accessibility inspector in Firefox 61+.
accessibility  a11y  firefox  2018 
august 2018 by handcoding
macos - Disabling the "keep pressed" function of OS X sticky keys - Ask Different
(On using StickyKeys in macOS:)
“I believe you have to press it 3 times to release it.

“First Press - Locks the modifier key, and unlocks it after the next key press
“Second Press - Locks the modifier key for multiple other key presses.
“Third Press - Unlocks the modifier.”
stickeykeys  macos  mac  osx  accessibility  a11y  2011 
august 2018 by handcoding
Marco Zehe on Twitter: "Yes. Checked needs a true check mark somewhere. Selected is something highlighted, like a border around one of several list items, or one tab in a set of tabs, etc.… https://t.co/BkCWELMQqq"
(Marco Zehe on the difference between aria-checked and aria-selected:)
“Checked needs a true check mark somewhere. Selected is something highlighted, like a border around one of several list items, or one tab in a set of tabs, etc.”

(@jcsteh later added:)
“Think of it this way. You can have a listbox containing checkable items, but the highlighted item might not be checked and vice versa. Worth noting though that this distinction is starting to erode, since it's very hard to detach these things on a touch screen.”
aria-checked  aria-selected  2018  aria  accessibility  a11y  MarcoInEnglish  jcsteh 
august 2018 by handcoding
Short note on the accessibility of styled form controls | The Paciello Group – Your Accessibility Partner (WCAG 2.0/508 audits, VPAT, usability and accessible user experience)
(On the accessibility of styled form controls:)
“While I wasn’t expecting all form elements to work perfectly with screen reader and browser combinations, there were some that stood out as having more problems than others. Particularly the progress and meter elements.

“While progress has better accessibility support than meter, the manner in which screen readers announced the elements did not always match up with the browser’s accessibility support. Furthermore, styling these elements actually lead to further issues in how they were exposed to screen readers (to the point that styling each could result in them being completely hidden to screen readers…)”
forms  css  scottohara  2018  paciellogroup  accessibility  a11y 
august 2018 by handcoding
Accessibility Reference  |  Tools for Web Developers  |  Google Developers
This page offers a decent rundown of Chrome’s accessibility pane, including steps on how to view an element’s computed accessibility properties.
chrome  accessibility  2018  computed 
july 2018 by handcoding
Steve Faulkner on Twitter: "As pointed out by @goetsu VO does announce <img> no alt by default,: updated: No screen readers, other than Voice Over, with default settings, announce image file names for non interactive images."
(On whether screen readers will read an image’s filename if its alt attribute is missing—)
“As pointed out by @goetsu VO does announce no alt by default,:
“updated: No screen readers, other than Voice Over, with default settings, announce image file names for non interactive images.”
screenreaders  2018  stevefaulkner  twitter  accessibility  a11y  alt  voiceover 
july 2018 by handcoding
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