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officer: office documents from R
"The officer package lets R users manipulate Word (.docx) and PowerPoint (*.pptx) documents. In short, one can add images, tables and text into documents from R. An initial document can be provided, contents, styles and properties of the original document will then be available."
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november 2017 by hallucigenia
From LaTeX to Word | Elizabeth Sweeney
A recent submission to Human Brain Mapping required us to change a document from .tex to .doc.  This is not a rant about journals submissions in .doc format, but is instead a few tips for making the process a little less painful.  Thanks to John Muschelli and Leonardo Collado Tores for help with this! Use Pandoc…
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january 2015 by hallucigenia
bibtex - pandoc converting tex to docx with references - not enclosed in parentheses / brackets - TeX - LaTeX Stack Exchange
I am trying to convert a pretty basic latex file to docx format using pandoc and am having a slight issue with the in-text citation not being enclosed in parentheses ()
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january 2015 by hallucigenia
An interesting little program that might be useful for collaborating on papers in future. uses Markdown, and handles version control...
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january 2014 by hallucigenia

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