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Introduction to Network Analysis with R
"Over a wide range of fields network analysis has become an increasingly popular tool for scholars to deal with the complexity of the interrelationships between actors of all sorts. The promise of network analysis is the placement of significance on the relationships between actors, rather than seeing actors as isolated entities. The emphasis on complexity, along with the creation of a variety of algorithms to measure various aspects of networks, makes network analysis a central tool for digital...
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november 2017 by hallucigenia
Introducing tidygraph
I’m very pleased to announce that my new package tidygraph is now available on CRAN. As the name suggests, tidygraph is an entry into the tidyverse that provides a tidy framework for all things relational (networks/graphs, trees, etc.). tidygraph is a relatively big package in terms of exported functions (280 exported symbols) so all functions will not be covered in this release note. I will however provide an overview of all the areas that tidygraphtouches upon so you should have a pretty good grasp on what the package can do for you.
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july 2017 by hallucigenia
Ecology: Network Models | Statistical and Applied Mathematical Sciences Institute (SAMSI)
Ecological data are often encapsulated as modular units, whether they are genes, individuals, species, communities, habitats, or ecosystem components, in both space and time. Network analysis is an interdisciplinary approach to modeling the modular units through their connectivity.
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december 2014 by hallucigenia

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