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rprojroot: Finding files in project subdirectories
The rprojroot package solves a seemingly trivial but annoying problem that occurs sooner or later in any largish project: How to find files in subdirectories? Ideally, file paths are relative to the project root.
Unfortunately, we cannot always be sure about the current working directory: For instance, in RStudio it’s sometimes:
the project root (when running R scripts),
a subdirectory (when building vignettes),
again the project root (when executing chunks of a vignette).
## [1] "vignettes"
In some cases, it’s even outside the project root.
This vignette starts with a very brief summary that helps you get started, followed by a longer description of the features.
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may 2017 by hallucigenia
Git Large File Storage
Git Large File Storage (LFS) replaces large files such as audio samples, videos, datasets, and graphics with text pointers inside Git, while storing the file contents on a remote server like GitHub.com or GitHub Enterprise.
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october 2015 by hallucigenia
Free Mercurial and Git Client for Windows and Mac | Atlassian SourceTree
SourceTree is a free Mercurial and Git Client for Windows and Mac that provides a graphical interface for your Hg and Git repositories.
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june 2015 by hallucigenia
Git Client SmartGit
SmartGit is a Git client for Windows, Mac and Linux. It is free for non-commercial use, provides a graphical access to Git or Mercurial repositories and can access Subversion repositories.
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june 2015 by hallucigenia
jimhester/lintr · GitHub

Put the file syntastic/lintr.vim in syntastic/syntax_checkers/r. If you are using pathogen this directory is ~/.vim/bundles/syntastic/syntax_checkers/r.

You will also need to add the following lines to your .vimrc.

let g:syntastic_enable_r_lintr_checker = 1
let g:syntastic_r_checkers = 1

You can also configure what linters are used. e.g. using a different line
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october 2014 by hallucigenia
Online LaTeX Editor ShareLaTeX
Online LaTeX editor for collaborative editing, great for Maths or Sciences. You don't need to install LaTeX so it's great for beginners too.
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january 2014 by hallucigenia
An interesting little program that might be useful for collaborating on papers in future. uses Markdown, and handles version control...
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january 2014 by hallucigenia
Tools | new tools for new science
"The Stochastic Pi Machine language (SPiM) is a programming language for modelling and simulating complex biological processes in a modular way. The language is based on a computational formalism known as the pi-calculus, and the simulation algorithm is based on standard kinetic theory of physical chemistry. The language features a simple graphical notation for modelling interactions between biological processes, and can be used to model large systems incrementally, by directly composing simpler models of subsystems."

Interesting; Now the question is: is it worth running if I can't use it on my Linux box, and can it handle compound poisson processes?
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january 2013 by hallucigenia

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