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Two Factor Auth List
Probably should start using two factor authentication too…at least my passwords are pretty secure.
security  twofactor  password  privacy  authentication 
august 2014 by hagure
Untitled (http://www.theblockbot.com/)
Dunno if you know a/b it, but been seeing this passed around in the Ferguson WOC groups
socialmedia  twitter  tools  harassment  privacy  from twitter
august 2014 by hagure
Macintosh Security Site
Security for Mac Platform MacOS X Security Firewalls Desktop Network Security secure mac os x Virus Encrpytion PGP macosx // for you whitehats out there
reference  mac  software  osx  tool  geek  privacy  security  network  macintosh  firewall  documentation  networking  sysadmin  hack 
september 2008 by hagure
UCLA Student Gets Tazered (Youtube)
I meant to make a post of this when it first happened... its a pretty fucked up tale
Politics  privacy  security  video  terror  america  fuck.yeah  linkroll 
august 2007 by hagure
Urban Legends Reference Pages: Crime (Cell Phone Security)
How NOT to get stuck with big bills if your cell is stolen
security  cellphone  crime  mobile  privacy  tips  howto  linkroll 
may 2006 by hagure

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