Facebook automatic algorithm video
Mary Ellen on Twitter: "shoutout to that time facebook automatically put together this video from my photos and created a work of art my own efforts can never surpass https://t.co/FddbxZNw0B" / Twitter
6 days ago
False Knees #254
"Sometimes you just wake up sad"
Animal comics
comics  webcomics  encouragement 
26 days ago
It Isn’t a Sin to Be Weak - ensign
Limitations and inadequacies are not sins and do not keep us from being clean and worthy of the Spirit.
church  encouragement 
4 weeks ago
In a Huff, Google Style
By John Gruber on Daring Fireball
RSS-starred  BazQux 
6 weeks ago
Tweet on free rendering book
The 3rd edition of "Physically Based Rendering" is now freely available online! http://www.pbr-book.org/
7 weeks ago
FAQ: Where can I buy cases?
Where to buy blank cases for your game collection via The Cover Project
gaming  video-games 
10 weeks ago
Which Is Better, Rewards or Punishments? Neither - The New York Times
Rewards and punishments are conditional, but our love and positive regard for our kids should be unconditional. Here’s how to change the conversation and the behavior.
psychology  encouragement 
september 2018
Tool for using Twine/Yarn in Unity
new tool: Merino, free open-source game narrative design tool that lets you write and playtest Yarn scripts in the Unity Editor... info / download: https://github.com/radiatoryang/merino https://twitter.com/radiatoryang/status/1034196468582600704/photo/1
august 2018
Yes You Can And Neither Can They. - CHRIS ADDISON
Great post about how you can't judge your own work in the same way as you judge others' work, presented with a metaphor on the two ways to enter a theater
encouragement  art 
august 2018
Below the Surface - Archeologische vondsten Noord/Zuidlijn Amsterdam
Really cool archaeology website showing centuries of objects found in the excavations of the North/South metro line in Amsterdam
art  design  great-read  visualization 
august 2018
PNG Crusher
Check out our brand new tool, the PNG Crusher!

Upload a PNG and we'll make it the smallest filesize possible, as well as removing data that can cause it to display incorrectly. Great for posting #pixelart online or using in games!

TRY IT NOW: https://lospec.com/png-crusher/ https://twitter.com/LospecOfficial/status/1027974975700062208/photo/1
art  tech 
august 2018
Tweet on image post ratios
SUFFER NO MORE WITH WEIRD CROPPING, HERE ARE TWITTERS OFFICIAL IMAGE RATIOS! https://twitter.com/kophing_/status/1028000217654652928/photo/1
tech  art 
august 2018
In Life's Test, Not All the Problems Make Sense | Meridian Magazine
"If a participant in this Test feels like he must understand the intent behind every question he encounters, this exam will frustrate him. The Teacher sees things in ways different from the way we see them."
church  encouragement 
august 2018
Relying on the Savior during My Chronic Illness | LDS.org Blog
"It was like God had pressed a pause button on my life, my hopes, my dreams."
"I felt very strongly that this trial wasn’t some fluke that was interrupting my plan of happiness. This was the plan of happiness Heavenly Father had for me."
church  encouragement 
august 2018
One Question That Puts Life in Perspective | LDS.org Blog
Story about deciding to be a teacher.
"I need to act!" and "Will this matter in 1,000 years?"
encouragement  church 
august 2018
Be 100 Percent Responsible - Lynn G. Robbins - BYU Speeches
Includes story about teaching responsibility using a bonus in the distribution center for a seminar
church  encouragement 
august 2018
Multi-scale Multi-physics Heart Simulator UT-Heart - YouTube
Awesome heart visualization from the Computer Animation Festival at SIGGRAPH 2015
visualization  simulation  tech 
july 2018
Catholic and a Half: Mark Swapp
Touching tribute to my friend Mark Swapp
church  encouragement 
june 2018
Effective Networking in the Games Industry (Introduction)
Great networking tips from Darius Kazemi, including GDC tips
GDC  game-dev  encouragement 
june 2018
Spider-man into the Spiderverse shaders
Okay. The models, animation, a movie about Miles? Awesome. But this? This is fucking genius to me.

No artificial camera lens blur. Instead, depth of field is suggested by using chromatic aberration on out-of-focus subjects. Paired with the halftone shader they made... DUUUUDE https://twitter.com/coalsavoie/status/1004393798464622592/photo/1
animation  shader  game-dev 
june 2018
Twitter thread for smart kids
Hey, friend. Were you a smart kid who always heard about how smart you were and are now not feeling so smart? Are you, in fact, feeling fairly shitty about yourself? This thread is for you.
june 2018
Review: ICEY (Switch eShop)
By on Nintendo Life | Latest Updates
RSS-starred  BazQux 
june 2018
Tweet by @eightbitsamurai on hand exercises
hey all, i lost a week of my damn life to hand and wrist pain and am only just now feeling 100%. If you do a lot with your hands, be it art, writing, programming, music, etc, please take care of your hands and wrists. Check out these exercises and do them regularly!!! https://twitter.com/eightbitsamurai/status/1003330333037621248/photo/1
june 2018
Don't Call Yourself A Programmer, And Other Career Advice | Kalzumeus Software
“Read ad. Send in resume. Go to job interview. Receive offer.” is the exception, not the typical case, for getting employment
encouragement  tech 
june 2018
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