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Web-based admin; usermin is a user-oriented module for file manipulation.
linux  tools  software  sysadmin  administration  opensource  web  unix  todo  admin  webmin 
july 2009 by hackwolf
Tag and save for later. With (allegedly) good iPhone client.
web  toread  tools  cache  web2.0 
august 2008 by hackwolf
Six Apart - TypeKey
Another unified identity system for blogs and journals. where does this fit with openid?
authentication  identity  tools  web  livejournal  security  openid 
april 2008 by hackwolf
Collection: Design Patterns
Not really design patterns, but UI design elements to steal.
userinterface  web  webdesign  reference  UI  design  designelements 
october 2007 by hackwolf
Home | Galaxy Zoo
Identify galaxies for fun and SCIENCE!
astronomy  fun  community  web  mechanicalturk 
july 2007 by hackwolf
start - Watij
Web Application Testing in Java - requires Java 5 and only works in Windows with IE, but it might do the trick.
testing  java  web  tools  junit 
november 2006 by hackwolf
Page Break properties
IE6 suxx0r5 internet explorer css
ie6  web  development  css 
september 2006 by hackwolf

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