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Jump Seat 02 - Step Van Seat - 10" Wide in Black Vinyl
Suburban Seating & Safety offers a wide variety of universal jump seats for your delivery trucks so you can maximize the monetary value of your routes. We carry
sprinter  jump  seat  seating  van  upfitting  interior  jumpseat 
november 2017 by hackwolf
Patent US20060194893 - Hydrophobation of melamine foam - Google Patents
Melamine foams exhibiting a very low level of water absorption and low residual formaldehyde are provided. The foams may be prepared by repeatedly soaking a melamine foam with an aqueous polysiloxane emulsion and squeezing out the emulsion, followed by a drying step and then a high-temperature annealing step.
melamine  foam  patent  treatment  polysiloxane  hydrophobic  HMF  insulation  materials  van  fabrication 
november 2017 by hackwolf
1000-Lb Steel Double Dirt Bike Hitch Mount Carrier Rack Lifetime Warranty
This hitch mounted dirtbike motorcycle carrier is the perfect solution to transport TWO motorcycle dirtbikes. The motorcycle carrier has a 1000lb weight capacity and Lifetime Warranty.
hitch  carrier  hitchcarrier  moto  motorcycle  rv  van  transport  travel 
october 2017 by hackwolf
DIY Bed Lift (Happijac alternative)
I've been stuck on the idea of a bed lift for as long as I've been wanting to build an RV. One of the first RV conversions that really struck a chord with me was the Aussie Stealthsprinter ( http://ww
rv  sprinter  van  bed  interior  lift  cablelift  roof 
september 2017 by hackwolf
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