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L’Histoire d’un album de B.D.
Le Boit des Vierges, aka The Virgin Woods
french  comic  furry  european  fantasy  history 
march 2010 by hackwolf
Ambling in a Second Life: Edo
Intricately simulated Edo during Tokugawa period
secondlife  japan  history  edo 
april 2008 by hackwolf
Village Front Page
Agent-based modeling of settlement patterns in small-scale agrarian societies.
simulation  modeling  agents  archaeology  history  culture 
february 2008 by hackwolf
Sketches of Japanese manners and customs
Published in 1867, the last year of the Tokugawa period.
books  japan  japanese  culture  history  meiji  edo  tokugawa 
december 2007 by hackwolf
The Smart Set: Scent of a Führer - October 24, 2007
Hitler was a raw food vegan, and might have done better in the war if he was a carnivore or omnivore. Who knew?
history  hitler  nazi  ww2  medicine  medical  IBS  rawfood  vegetarian 
november 2007 by hackwolf
Dangerous Knowledge
Documentary on Cantor, Boltzmann, Godel, and Turing, all of whom committed suicide.
documentary  video  youtube  science  turing  computation  history  bbc 
october 2007 by hackwolf
Sleepy City | urban photography
UrbEx in the power station at Niagra, amazing photos and a sweet infiltration.
niagra  urban  exploration  urbex  adventure  history  industrial  architecture 
january 2007 by hackwolf
ArsDigita: An Alternate Perspective
another take on arsdigita. who didn't love them, back in '99?
startup  business  management  history  thebubble 
october 2006 by hackwolf
Click here
The journals of the royal society online
history  books  science 
september 2006 by hackwolf

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