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Sunlight Labs
Prototype tech ideas to improve transparency in government
government  data  transparency  foia 
december 2007 by hackwolf
Many Eyes
Data visualization tool from IBM
data  visualization  gis  maps 
december 2007 by hackwolf
NIDIS Public Community
National Drought Information System - federal portal for US drought information & forecasts
drought  weather  data  geospatial  geography  gis  maps  government  NIDIS  environment 
november 2007 by hackwolf
Table of Contents
A bunch of geospatial data for the Great Basin and such areas
greatbasin  west  geospatial  metadata  data  gis 
july 2007 by hackwolf
Intelligent Enterprise Magazine - Celko
Database design pattern for representing hierarchical data in a relational database.
sql  data  database  datamodels  rdbms  schema  patterns 
july 2007 by hackwolf
The OpenJUMP Blog - Helping Others Leap Into Open Source GIS: The Quarter Million Dollar Shapefile...
Information is power and the government of Santa Clara only wants the rich to have it, even when the poor paid for it.
gis  geology  geospatial  data  government  outrageous 
december 2006 by hackwolf
GOS - Geospatial One Stop
government clearinghouse for geospatial data
data  gis  maps  government 
may 2006 by hackwolf

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