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Digital or Print? AR Books Deliver the Best of Both Worlds
By blending the physical world with layers of digital information, augmented reality (AR) can give new life and relevance to analog media like books, maps, and historical documents. With accessible AR creation tools, we no longer need to debate the relative values of “print or digital” books—instead we can get to work creating new hybrid connected books that enrich the best parts print media with dynamic digital content.

Books and print media have been the nexus of information and communication across cultures and time. Often noted as the pinnacle of human technology, the Gutenberg printing press has faced waves of technologists claiming that VHS, CD-ROM, Jazz Drives, Kindles, etc. will be the end of paper books. It never happened.

Despite digital’s intense impact on the industry, even the internet couldn’t break print. Far from a threat to analog media, augmented reality and spatial computing present new opportunities to enhance books with moments of targeted, connected, interactivity.
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11 weeks ago by gwippich
Add AR Effects to Products & Places with Tracked Images
Layering contextually relevant information in 3D space with augmented reality (AR) helps designers dive deeper into an idea, even when they run out of room on the page. Tracked images, or image markers, anchor content to a unique image, like QR codes or brand marks. From animated business cards to wine bottles that open portals into new worlds, tracked images are one of the most delightful and widely shared examples that showcase the impact of connected augmented reality experiences.

With traditional game engine workflows (like Unity and Unreal) tracked images require specialized development tools and databases. In the Torch visual design environment, you can build AR apps using tracked images in minutes, code-free, using only an iPad or iPhone.
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april 2019 by gwippich
Mozilla Mixed Reality | Home
If you’re working in webVR, you’ll want to check out Firefox Reality, a new browser for virtual reality devices such as Viveport, Oculus and Google Daydream.

Launched by Mozilla last September, it's available now from these device’s app stores, and is designed to move seamlessly between the 2D web and the immersive web. Among these features is the ability to search the web using your voice, via your device headset. The browser is being built in the open, and you can follow along via its Github page. Also check out the VR app Hologram, further down on our list.
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march 2019 by gwippich
Augmented Reality and the Browser — An App Experiment - Mozilla Hacks - the Web developer blog
We all want to build the next (or perhaps the first) great Augmented Reality app. But there be dragons! The space is new and not well defined. There aren’t any AR apps that people use every day to serve as starting points or examples. Your new ideas have to compete against an already very high quality bar of traditional 2d apps. And building a new app can be expensive, especially for native app environments. This makes AR apps still somewhat uncharted territory, requiring a higher initial investment of time, talent and treasure.
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february 2019 by gwippich
Product visualization platform | Augment
The augmented reality platform for product visualization

Easily deploy mobile augmented reality solutions
for eCommerce, field sales, education and more.
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january 2019 by gwippich
Introducing Shopify AR: Augmented Reality Shopping for Your Store
Shopify AR Makes Shopping in Augmented Reality a Reality for Small Businesses

Augmented reality (AR) has the potential to revolutionize mobile shopping by bringing products to life in front of you through 3D models that you can size up, examine from all angles, and even place in the environment around you.

At Shopify, we’re committed to making the incredible business potential unlocked by augmented reality more accessible for small businesses. That’s why we’ve built a services marketplace to help our merchants create 3D models of their products.
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september 2018 by gwippich
wiARframe | AR Prototyping
AR prototyping for designers like you
Augmented Reality needs great content, great content comes from great designers. Designers need a supportive community and the right tools...
That's what we build at wiARframe.
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august 2018 by gwippich

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