Wemf Mach Basic: Welche Zeitungen Leser verlieren, welche zulegen - Medien
Welche Zeitungen Leser verlieren, welche zulegen
Die NZZ verliert jeden siebten Leser. «Tages-Anzeiger», «Blick» und erstmals auch «20 Minuten» büssen stark an Reichweite ein. Ähnlich steht es um die Sonntagspresse. Bei den Magazinen glänzen «Migusto» und WoZ mit einem Leserplus. Die Wemf-Zahlen in interaktiven Charts.
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15 hours ago
Design Systems articles on building and maintaining design systems
A Figma publication for design systems creators, designers, developers, and managers
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7 days ago
Images done right: Web graphics, good to the last byte — Martian Chronicles, Evil Martians’ team blog
Start taking graphics on the web seriously and boost your applications’ performance by learning the essentials about image formats, both modern and old-school. Dig into SVGs and adopt the latest and greatest tools to optimize your graphical content: both vector and raster. Study the theory behind digital images and how humans perceive them—to improve the experience for your users.
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7 days ago
Blog | Killer Visual Strategies
Updates and News From the Team at Killer Visual Strategies
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9 days ago
Ecommerce website UX design consultant advice | Matt Isherwood
Hello I'm Matt,
An evidence-based UX consultant specialising in ecommerce
Design to sell
You can read my articles on the design details of ecommerce sites (from landing pages to filters).

Learn about the second edition of my Amazon-bestselling book Designing Ecommerce Websites—the only with guidelines for how to design online stores that convert.

Research smarter
Browse through my articles on the practicalities of running cheap and effective research into what your users are really doing.

I've made a site where you can buy a bunch of time-saving templates for the planning and reporting side of UX design. It also contains free guides to research methods.
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9 days ago
Evidence-based UX design methods – learn user needs
Evidence-Based Design Methods
Free guides covering 24 different methods you can use to gather evidence on user behaviour, so you can avoid doing UX design by guesswork.
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9 days ago
Optimizing images for the web - an in-depth guide - DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻
Unoptimized (non-minified) images are one of the main causes of poor website performance, mainly on the initial (first) load. Depending on the resolution and image quality, you might end up with images that take up more than 70% of your total website size.

It's very easy for unoptimized images to end up on a production site and slow down its initial load considerably. Inexperienced devs usually aren't aware of this potential problem. They also aren't aware of a wide range of tools and approaches for optimizing images.

This article aims to cover most of the tools and approaches for optimizing images for the web.
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9 days ago
WCi – Where can I….
WCi™ zeigt öffentliche Toiletten welche durch Gemeinden und Städte zur Verfügung gestellt werden.
WCi™ shows public toilets provided by municipalities and cities.
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14 days ago
GoodUI ideas and A/B tested patterns for higher conversion rates and growth | GoodUI
Receive new UI patterns or leaked experiments from companies such as Amazon, Netflix, Airbnb, Etsy, Google, and Booking.com, etc. as we discover them. We're obsessed with learning what works better (or worse).
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15 days ago
The Art of Ecommerce — Sidesupply
Insights into building a direct to consumer brand or online e-commerce business.
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15 days ago
uirpint - Get Printable Mockups and Sketchpads
If you love to draw your idea on paper and want some good sketchpad templates to speed up your creative process.
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15 days ago
Take a Tour of a Freshippo Supermarket and Experience 'New Retail' | Alizila.com
Freshippo, also known as Hema, is Alibaba’s grocery chain leveraging New Retail to converge online and offline shopping.
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21 days ago
Adobe XD Platform - Home
Welcome to the world of XD plugin creation
Automate complex workflows, and integrate with other apps and services
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24 days ago
A scalable star rating widget using CSS
A scalable star rating widget using CSS
This page shows how to implement a scalable star rating widget, as shown in the demonstration below. The widget scales to the surrounding text size with stars that never appear pixellated, regardless of the widget size or the visitor’s screen resolution. The widget is created purely using CSS, and does not require JavaScript.
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25 days ago
100,000 AI-Generated Faces – Free to use!
We are happy to share with you a massive free resource of 100k faces, generated from scratch using AI.
This project showcases a glimpse into the technology we are building to create media on-demand.
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28 days ago
Mimic – XD HERO
Everthing XD: Plugins, Assets, Tutorials and Trainings for Adobe XD ecosystem.
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28 days ago
Prototyping, animation & design tool. All-in-one. What makes Drama different? Drama's handy 3-in-1 functionality uniquely integrates design, animation and prototyping into a single familiar tool. No more frustrating switching between apps or learning new stuff.
And by delivering advanced features such as Magic Move, Time Travel, 3D layers, Drivers and Magic Drag, Drama is truly the one-stop solution for your design needs.
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5 weeks ago
Quant-UX - Prototype, Test and Learn - 2.0.0
Prototype, Test and Learn
Understand your users and create the perfect user experience!
Design in minutes
Create your prototypes by simply adding screens, components and animations. All prototypes are fully functional. You can enter data, interact with the UI elements and add logic flows.
Test with real users
Once your design is ready, simply share a link with your testers. They can test the design remotely, even on their smartphones by simply scanning a QR-code.
Analyse and Learn
The user interaction during a test is recorded and analyzed. Quant-UX will extract all relevant information visualize them in form of beautiful charts and heatmaps.
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5 weeks ago
Downloads - Creative Commons
The following SVG, EPS, and PNG files should be used for print publications. Please see our policies page for more information about how our logos may be used. CC logos and trademarks should always be downloaded from this page to ensure high quality. Downloads from other sites may not conform to our standards and may result in improper display or use of our protected logos and trademarks.

The SVG and EPS vector files are recommended for use in print materials — The standard screen resolution files will appear blurry or jagged if used in print. There are links to large format, high quality PNG versions of each graphic for web, print, presentations, and video.
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5 weeks ago
Startseite | Deutsche UNESCO-Kommission
Die Deutsche UNESCO-Kommission ist eine Mittlerorganisation der Auswärtigen Kultur- und Bildungspolitik der Bundesrepublik Deutschland. Sie wirkt als Bindeglied zwischen Staat und Zivilgesellschaft sowie als nationale Verbindungsstelle in allen Arbeitsbereichen der UNESCO. Ihre Arbeitsschwerpunkte sind die Förderung hochwertiger und chancengerechter Bildung sowie Schutz, Erhalt und nachhaltige Entwicklung des Kultur- und Naturerbes.
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5 weeks ago
Was ist OER? | in 90 Sekunden erklärt | OERinfo – Informationsstelle OER
Open Educational Resources (OER) sind Bildungsmaterialien jeglicher Art und in jedem Medium, die unter einer offenen Lizenz veröffentlicht werden. Eine solche offene Lizenz ermöglicht den kostenlosen Zugang sowie die kostenlose Nutzung, Bearbeitung und Weiterverbreitung durch Andere ohne oder mit geringfügigen Einschränkungen. Open Educational Resources können einzelne Materialien aber auch komplette Kurse oder Bücher umfassen. Jedes Medium kann verwendet werden. Lehrpläne, Kursmaterialien, Lehrbücher, Streaming-Videos, Multimediaanwendungen, Podcasts – all diese Ressourcen sind OER, wenn sie unter einer offenen Lizenz veröffentlicht werden. (Quelle: UNESCO Definition)
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5 weeks ago
Responsive Design in Adobe XD - YouTube
Envato Tuts+
Am 02.01.2019 veröffentlicht
In Adobe XD it’s important to illustrate how your layouts are going to behave responsively. In this course, you’ll learn how to best use XD’s toolsets to efficiently create responsive design mockups. Let’s begin!
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6 weeks ago
Designing rich experiences for first-time device setup and data consumption. — CAROLINE W.
At Fitbit, our team worked on onboarding experience and data visualization. The latter includes redesigning the dashboard and activity log page. Our projects ranged from designing Fitbit’s desktop client — Fitbit Connect, to redesigning the dashboard and activity log pages on the web and mobile apps.
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6 weeks ago
Data Populator
A plugin for Sketch and Adobe XD CC to populate your design mockups with meaningful data. Goodbye Lorem Ipsum. Hello JSON.
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6 weeks ago
Airtable for Adobe XD – Airtable - Support
Airtable for Adobe XD
The Airtable for Adobe XD plugin allows you to iterate on your designs using real content from your Airtable bases. If you've got an Airtable base containing UI copy, translations, product images, or other relevant text and images, you can connect Adobe XD with Airtable to download your information from Airtable directly into your wireframes and mockups.
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6 weeks ago
Sample Data for AdobeXD Repeat Grid
AdobeXD is awesome, right. Especially the Repeat Grid feature and possibility to populate it with real data from .txt. What I miss though is something that will generate the data for me in .txt as it's quite tedious to do row by row manually. I think guys from Adobe are working on this feature and it will be integrated in the app. Until that, feel free to use this little handy web app.
This app is serverless so all the functionality and generation of .txt is done on the client side.
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6 weeks ago
Palettes | Flat UI Colors 🎨 280 handpicked colors ready for COPY & PASTE
🎨 280 handpicked colors Flat UI Colors 2 features 13 more color palettes. Collaborating with 13 designers around the world, a total set of 280 colors are on your command for COPY / PASTE for your next project, design, presentation.
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6 weeks ago
Bootstrap Grid System Guide: Examples, Tutorials, and Tricks - Designmodo
Bootstrap grid is at the core of the framework. It underlies everything. It is the heart and soul of the boilerplate and the main reason we choose it in the first place. In one word, it is where everything begins. If you want to embrace the power of the Bootstrap, you need to know it inside and out.
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6 weeks ago
Mit Blendle kannst du Artikel aus allen deinen Lieblingszeitungen und -zeitschriften lesen. Ohne Abo. Klick deine Lieblingstitel an und teste kostenlos.
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6 weeks ago
Twine / An open-source tool for telling interactive, nonlinear stories
Twine is an open-source tool for telling interactive, nonlinear stories.

You don't need to write any code to create a simple story with Twine, but you can extend your stories with variables, conditional logic, images, CSS, and JavaScript when you're ready.
Twine publishes directly to HTML, so you can post your work nearly anywhere. Anything you create with it is completely free to use any way you like, including for commercial purposes.
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6 weeks ago
Subpixel Text Encoding - msarnoff.org
Each pixel on your monitor is actually composed of three sub-pixels: one red, one green, and one blue. On an LCD monitor, subpixels are usually three thin strips in a row (though on some monitors, they may be three bars arranged vertically).

For some time, manufacturers have developed ways to smooth the appearance of text and shapes by taking advantage of this increased resolution; Wikipedia can explain it much better than I can.
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8 weeks ago
MintPress News
MintPress News is an independent watchdog journalism organization that provides issue-based original reporting, in-depth investigations, and thoughtful analysis of the most pressing topics facing our nation.

We focus our coverage on issues relating to the effects of special interest groups, big business and lobbying efforts and how they shape policies at home and abroad, including American foreign policy. Through the lens of social justice and human rights, we report on how these dynamics drive our foreign affairs and impact the world, and examine the effects they have on our democracy and freedoms as defined by the constitution.
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8 weeks ago
Custom fonts in iOS apps, Global settings and localizations
Apple has opted to use a new system font named “San Francisco” for iPhones, iPads, and Macs running iOS 9 and OS X 10.11.
And in iOS 11 apple changes the Arabic fonts and that was so bad by the way.
So your client/ product or your brand maybe using a custom font to express their branding or something
This tutorial is for applying the custom font to your iOS app, and set it a global appearance, and localize your font so you can use different fonts for different languages.
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8 weeks ago
Paaatterns! for Free
Free collection of beautiful patterns for all vector formats
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9 weeks ago
Humaaans: Mix-&-Match illustration library
Mix-&-match illustrations of people with a design library
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9 weeks ago
The CO₂ emissions for flying to DMK
This site was created without funding from or affiliation to any organisation or company. It’s an independent project spawned from pure personal curiosity. It was built in early 2019 in Stockholm, Sweden. The scientific research we’ve used is listed below. If you know of more recent research you are welcome to submit it here.
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9 weeks ago
WORTWUCHS | Literaturlexikon
Schön, dass es Dich auf Wortwuchs verschlagen hat. Wortwuchs ist ein Literaturlexikon und Nachschlagewerk für Deutsch- und Germanistikfragen aller Art. Außerdem veranschaulichen wir Grammatik und Rechtschreibung.
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10 weeks ago
Programming Fonts - Test Drive
Programming Fonts
The most complete resource for the best monospace coding fonts.
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10 weeks ago
Isometric | Download free isometric illustrations
Free isometric illustrations for designers,
startups and companies
This is a collection of free, beautiful, SVG isometric illustrations, that you can use in your website, app or in any project. Search and click to download.
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10 weeks ago
A micro-animations library
Animated icons in Lottie Framework and After Effects for immediate implementation to your apps or websites.
animations  microinteraction  library  Lottie  Aftereffects  icons  free 
10 weeks ago
Hire the Top WordPress Developers - Vetted by Codeable
Hire the best WordPress freelancers. Vetted by us, perfect for you.
The only WordPress exclusive freelancer platform that connects thousands of customers with the top WordPress freelance experts to work on projects of any size.
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10 weeks ago
Royalty-free Archiv-Video-Footage- und Musikbibliothek | Pond5
Exklusives Footage.
Inspirierende Videos. Endlose Kreativität.
Entdecke die weltweit größte Sammlung von Royalty-free Archiv-Video-Footage mit Musik, Motion Graphics und mehr, um Deine Videoprojekte zu verfeinern.
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10 weeks ago
Introducing Drama
Drama is a Mac app for designing animations and prototyping user interaction. It allows you to create an entire structure of interconnected Scenes with transitions between them and then run a simulation of such prototype.
It also allows you to create detailed animations on each Scene with control over every attribute of every layer, including exact timing of the changes.
Workspace & Scenes
The central part of document window is a Workspace in which you interact with Scenes, Layers, and Transitions.
animation  ux-design  uidesign  software  beta  Prototyping  interfacedesign 
11 weeks ago
Schneier on Security
I am a public-interest technologist, working at the intersection of security, technology, and people. I've been writing about security issues on my blog since 2004, and in my monthly newsletter since 1998. I'm a fellow and lecturer at Harvard's Kennedy School and a board member of EFF. This personal website expresses the opinions of neither of those organizations.
security  blog  technology  EFF  activism  encoding 
11 weeks ago
PsyConversion — 101 Behavior Patterns für bessere UX
101 Behavior Patterns für eine bessere User Experience und höhere Conversion-Rate im E-Commerce
Wissenschaftliche Top-Erkenntnisse einfach und praxisnah aufbereitet. Das neue Standardwerk für E-Commerce-Optimierer.
eCommerce  shopping  behavior  patterns  UX  german  conversion  companionSite 
11 weeks ago
barrierefrei-publizieren.de – Die Webseite zum Buch »Barrierefreie PDF-Dokumente erstellen« / dpunkt.verlag
Ausschreibungen zur Erstellung von Layouts und Druckvorlagen, insbesondere durch öffentliche Auftraggeber*innen enthalten immer öfter die Forderung nach zusätzlicher Lieferung barrierefreier PDFs. Allerdings fehlt vielen Beteiligten in den Produktionsprozessen das entsprechende Wissen, um diese Anforderung erfüllen zu können.

Teil eins des Buches erläutert die Grundlagen barrierefreier PDF-Dokumente, relevanten gesetzlichen Bestimmungen sowie Anforderungen an Inhalte und Dokumente. Zahlreiche Praxisbeispiele zeigen schon hier die Probleme von Nutzer*innen mit Einschränkungen und welche Unterstützung barrierefreie PDFs leisten können.

In Teil zwei geht es um die praktischen Umsetzung in Adobe InDesign und Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint und LibreOffice. Im Anschluss wird auf die Prüfung der Datenqualität und nachträgliche Änderungen an PDF-Dokumenten eingegangen. Hierfür stehen Arbeitsdaten als begleitende Materialien zur Verfügung. So lernen die Leser*innen auf der Basis fundierter Kenntnisse, barrierefreie PDF-Dokumente in den Standardapplikationen zu erstellen.
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11 weeks ago
PDF-AKTUELL von Stephan Jaeggi
PrePress-Consulting wurde 1992 von Stephan Jaeggi in Binningen/Basel (Schweiz) gegründet. In den ersten Jahren wurde ein breites Spektrum an Beratungsdienstleistungen im Bereich der Druckvorstufe angeboten. Schwerpunkte waren u.a. Layout-Programme, PostScript-Belichter, Datenkonvertierung und Database-Publishing. 1996 beschloss Stephan Jaeggi, sich in Zukunft auf die Anwendungen des Portable Document Formats (PDF) in der Druckproduktion zu konzentrieren. Anfänglich ging es vor allem um die digitale Publikation von Druckprodukten (z.B. Jahres-CD von Zeitschriften, Online-Archive). Ab 1998 wurde PDF als Austauschformat für digitale Druckvorlagen immer wichtiger. Später wurde PDF auch zum bevorzugten Datenformat von Ausgabeworkflowsystemen für CTP-Belichter und Digitaldruck. PrePress-Consulting bietet heute Dienstleistungen rund um das Thema PDF in der Druckproduktion an. Neben Druckereien und Druckvorstufen-Dienstleistern, Werbeagenturen und Verlagen, interessieren sich heute vermehrt auch Drucksachen-Auftraggeber für die Standardisierung ihrer digitalen Druckvorlagen. So hat PrePress-Consulting z.B. Novartis Pharma bei der globalen Einführung von PDF/X-4 für alle Druckvorlagen von Pharma-Verpackungen erfolgreich unterstützt. Neben Beratungen gibt Stephan Jaeggi sein Know-How auch in vielen Seminaren sowie in diversen Publikationen weiter. Die wichtigste Publikation ist der kostenlose Newsletter PDF-AKTUELL, den Stephan Jaeggi seit 1999 herausgibt!
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11 weeks ago
ghent output Suite 5.0
An Easy Way to Test your PDF Workflow
The Ghent Output Suite was created for people processing PDF files in the graphic arts industry, to help determine whether their workflows are behaving as expected. These patches can be used by end users of graphic arts equipment as well as developers of applications that handle PDF files.

Use the Patches Together
The Suite is distributed as a series of PDF patches. Each patch is numbered and contains several related tests. The patches can be used individually but the suite will probably work best when the patches are grouped together (as PDF files would normally be grouped together within a workflow). This is because some problems will only appear when certain patches are processed together. It is also likely that both application and RIP settings will have a significant effect on the results.

The patches test real world issues that can be found in a production environment. Because the patches have been built to easily and unambiguously reveal normally subtle effects, the results may seem extreme. This should be taken into account when evaluating the results of any tests based on these patches.

Ghent PDF Output Suite 5.0

In version 5.0 additional patches have been added to test ICCbased objects allowed in PDF/X-4 (ISO 15930-7) in order to test device independent workflows. We have abstained from using ICC based blending spaces in isolated transparency groups since their processing is not clearly defined in PDF 1.6 (base of PDF/X-4).

The patches from the Ghent PDF Output Suite V4.0 are also included in the package. The patches are devided into three categories:

CMYK: test patches using DeviceCMYK color only.
SPOT: test patches using DeviceCMYK and a spot color.
CMS: test patches using ICCbased colors and testing color management.
PDF  testing  publishing  standards  workflow  print  productivity 
11 weeks ago
How I designed and built my UX design portfolio from scratch
There are lots of awesome guidelines for creating UX portfolios on Medium. Instead of providing similar guides again, I’d like to structure mine as a case study so that you can see how I applied those guidelines in practice. I’ll cover:
How I learned from other’s portfolios
Why I decided to code it myself
How I designed my portfolio with my users in mind (who are recruiters and designers looking for candidates for their design teams)
How I quickly gathered feedback and iterated on my design
How I made it personal to show my own personality, and to make it stand out (Make sure you read this!! It’s a lot of fun!!).
Feel free to pick the sections that are the most helpful for you. Let’s get started!
portfolio  ux-design  Inspiration  article  storytelling 
11 weeks ago
Digital or Print? AR Books Deliver the Best of Both Worlds
By blending the physical world with layers of digital information, augmented reality (AR) can give new life and relevance to analog media like books, maps, and historical documents. With accessible AR creation tools, we no longer need to debate the relative values of “print or digital” books—instead we can get to work creating new hybrid connected books that enrich the best parts print media with dynamic digital content.

Books and print media have been the nexus of information and communication across cultures and time. Often noted as the pinnacle of human technology, the Gutenberg printing press has faced waves of technologists claiming that VHS, CD-ROM, Jazz Drives, Kindles, etc. will be the end of paper books. It never happened.

Despite digital’s intense impact on the industry, even the internet couldn’t break print. Far from a threat to analog media, augmented reality and spatial computing present new opportunities to enhance books with moments of targeted, connected, interactivity.
Torch  ar  augmented-reality  books  article  Inspiration  iOS 
11 weeks ago
Tofu Creative Studio - UI/UX, Branding & Design
We help companies create brands and design solutions.
Done with care and passion.
Agency  Malaysia  trends  Inspiration  vector  animation 
11 weeks ago
How we used UI/UX to confront the climate crisis - Prototypr
When we started this project, we had one goal in mind: to tell a compelling story about an unsettling and difficult subject in a palatable and engaging way. We wanted people to fully immerse into a subject — one that genuinely inspires them to dive deep — all without feeling intimidated.
We had a strong inclination towards climate change because of all the things going on in the world today, it’s the one issue everyone can relate to. It’s a global emergency that transcends our differences as humans — everyone and everything is affected. No sides taken.
Humans. Animals. Microbes. Everything.
ecological  politics  climate  crisis  vector  Parallax  animation  animals  trends  Inspiration 
11 weeks ago
Der neue WordPress Block-Editor "Gutenberg" - Gutenberg Fibel
Mit der WordPress Version 5.0 wird ein neuer Editor Einzug halten. Unter dem Codenamen Gutenberg wird der neue Block-Editor seit Anfang 2017 entwickelt. Die gesamte Oberfläche wurde überarbeitet und die Art, wie Inhalte in WordPress erstellt werden, ändert sich grundlegend. Am 6. Dezember 2018 wurde WordPress 5.0 veröffentlicht. Die Gutenberg Fibel hilft dir dabei, dich im neuen Editor zurecht zu finden.
wordpress  gutenberg  portal  tips  Editor  CMS  german 
11 weeks ago
Web Accessibility Guidebook for Developers
In the process of implementing accessibility compliance (Section 508, WCAG 2.0 and WAI-ARIA) for KendoReact, our suite of native UI components for React, we learned a lot about both fundamental and advanced accessibility topics. With this article, our goal is to introduce fellow engineers, regardless of level, to web accessibility and share our practical knowledge and best practices.
accessibility  a11y  article  webdevelopment  Webdesign 
july 2019
Design Ethics Vs Dark Side UX
Design itself is a persuasive technique. So there should be no surprise when some of us go over the board with the intensity of persuasion we are ready to throw at people. Dark patterns are just an implication of the reality of the design job. Dark patterns are a shame but they are there for a reason. To get rid of dark UX, we need to eradicate that reason first.
darkpatterns  ux  ux-design  persuasion  article 
july 2019
Trademark symbols ™ (type TM and ® text signs on keyboard)
Trademark (also called trade mark) TM, Registered and Service Mark (or servicemark) signs are meaningful popular computer symbols. You can type trademark and registered symbols right from your keyboard
symbol  trademark  keyboard  brand  shortcuts 
july 2019
Learn and Master Adobe XD | Let's XD
In addition to this month’s update, check out what shipped in May, including linked assets for design systems, resizable components with overrides, keyboard & gamepad triggers, artboard guides, the polygon tool, and additional text transformations.
resources  Adobe  XD  Tutorials  free  Prototyping 
june 2019
Seenachtfest Rapperswil-Jona 2018 - Home
Herzlich willkommen!
Die Stadt Rapperswil-Jona und Rapperswil Zürichsee Tourismus heissen Sie am diesjährigen Seenachtfest vom 10. bis 12. August 2018 in Rapperswil-Jona herzlich willkommen. Seien Sie unser Gast! Wir hoffen, dass Sie sich in unserer Stadt am Zürichsee wohlfühlen.

Freuen Sie sich auf das grösste Stadtfest der Region mit Programm-Höhepunkten wie die grandiosen Feuerwerke, die Flugshows der Schweizer Luftwaffe oder Musikstars wie Hecht, Stefanie Heinzmann, Baschi, Marc Sway oder Nickless auf der Radio Zürisee Bühne. Die Rapperswiler Altstadt und der Seequai ver­wandeln sich in eine Festmeile für Jung und Alt, für Gross und Klein. Für alle.

Das Seenachtfest Rapperswil-Jona lebt von mehreren Hundert ehrenamtlichen Helfern. Zahlreiche lokale Vereine setzen sich mit viel Herzblut für ein unvergessliches Festerlebnis ein – Ihnen gehört ein ganz grosser Dank.
SVG  animation  sprite  hack  menu  icon 
june 2019
User flow design inspiration
User flow videos & screenshots to inspire you when you're stuck
patterns  pageflow  Videos  Inspiration  user-flow  screenshot 
june 2019
UI Movement - The best UI design inspiration, every day
UI Movement started out as a newsletter that featured the best UI designs every day. The main real difference between UI Movement and other design inspiration sites, is that we focus exclusively on UI designs.
The concept cought on when UI Movement was launched on Product Hunt and was upvoted more than 1,000 times. It's since grown to 25,528 subscribers who are mainly designers, developers, and product people.
Since the original, simple newsletter format, UI Movement has been updated to make for easier browsing and filtering. Each new design is tagged so that you can easily find the most popular design animations for whatever design element you're interested in. For example, here you can see the most popular map design animations.
The designs on the site are submitted by the community and curated by myself.
UI Movement is build with Django on the back end. It's hosted on Digital Ocean.
guidesign  uidesign  ui  animation  transition  Inspiration  portal  linkcollection 
june 2019
SVG To RaphaelJS Converter - Ready.Set.Raphael. Beta 2
The fastest and easiest way to get your SVGs rolling...
converter  onlinetool  SVG  svg-icons  vector  beta 
june 2019
Association of Zoos & Aquariums | AZA.org
The Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of zoos and aquariums in the areas of conservation, education, science, and recreation. AZA represents more than 230 institutions in the United States and overseas, which collectively draw more than 195 million visitors every year. These institutions meet the highest standards in animal care and provide a fun, safe, and educational family experience. In addition, they dedicate millions of dollars to support scientific research, conservation, and education programs.
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june 2019
Create Professional Science Figures in Minutes.
Browse thousands of pre-made icons and templates from more than 30 fields of life sciences.
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may 2019
Interaction for Designers | How To Make Things People Love
Ever have an app or website leave you wanting to do something that’s just not offered? How about one that leaves you frustrated, confused, and even feeling stupid? It’s not your fault. These are the signs of bad design.
Good digital products result from good design, and good design is so much more than just making things pretty. It’s about knowing the right thing to do when. It’s about process.
Interaction for Designers, by Brian Boyl, takes the reader through the process of creating engaging digital products. With over two hundred images it provides clear examples every step of the way.
This site is a companion to the book and is packed with additional content, discussions, and a detailed practicum to lead you along your path to…
…make things people love.
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may 2019
Seamless transition from design to code | Yotako
Your tool to translate design into code.
development  coding  Adobe  XD  Prototyping  onlinetool  design-to-code 
may 2019
Practical design knowledge from experts in UX, Data, IoT - Free Ebooks - O'Reilly Media
Expertise in UX design, design for the IoT, data-informed design, and more
Enhance your design skills with these free ebooks from experts in UX, Data, IoT, and more.
OReilly  free  PDF  sample  Webdesign  webdevelopment  download 
may 2019
Free Web Development & Performance Ebooks - O'Reilly Media
Free Web Development & Performance Ebooks
The Web grows every day. Tools, approaches, and styles change constantly, and keeping up is a challenge. We’ve compiled the best insights from subject matter experts for you in one place, so you can dive deep into the latest of what’s happening in web development.
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may 2019
Aktualisiere mal Dein Weltbild auf den Stand… | Forum - heise online
Tatsächlich hat man in den 1960ger Jahren geglaubt,und einige bis in die 90ger daran festgehalten, dass kann kein gutes Ende nehmen wenn wir so schnell mehr Menschen werden. Aber dann hat man, oder vielmehr die Wissenschaft in den 80gern begonnen zu verstehen. Nachdem beobachtet wurde, dass die Menschen sich überraschenderweise in unseren Regionen eben nicht mehr mehr wurden, hat man untersucht warum das so ist.
comment  heise  statistics  world  population  german  politics  pollution 
may 2019
Entwicklung der Weltbevölkerungszahl von Christi Geburt bis 2017 | Statistik
Die Statistik zeigt die Entwicklung der Weltbevölkerungszahl im Zeitraum von Christi Geburt bis zum Jahr 2017. Im Jahr 2017* lebten rund 7,55 Milliarden Menschen auf der Welt. Siehe auch eine Prognose zur Entwicklung der Weltbevölkerung von 2010 bis 2100.
environment  world  population  statistics  german  chart 
may 2019
Technik und Design - Lernheft
Das Lernheft für Schülerinnen und Schüler enthält Aufgabenstellungen zu 50 Unterrichtsvorhaben mit Hilfestellungen zur Planung, Herstellung, Dokumentation und Beurteilung. Thematische und technologieorientierte Lernwerkstätten ermöglichen den individuellen und differenzierten Einstieg in die verschiedenen Themen bzw. informieren über Materialien, Werkzeuge und Verfahren und liefern Anleitungen zu deren Erprobung. Mit den Technologiekarten können Schülerinnen und Schüler zudem selbstständig Verfahren erlernen. Durch die Verknüpfung des Lernhefts mit der App wird nebst der analogen auch eine digitale Vorgehensweise ermöglicht. Die Lehrmittelreihe «Technik und Design» für Technisches und Textiles Gestalten ist in Zusammenarbeit mit Expertinnen und Experten aus Fachwissenschaft, Didaktik und Praxis entstanden und orientiert sich am Lehrplan 21.
technology  Design  eLearning  Swiss  education  app 
may 2019
Film Analysis – Study "How to Get Away with Murder"
On this page, we explore how the production of “How to Get Away with Murder” utilizes elements of visual style and cinematography–color palettes, lighting, framing, camera movement–and sound to support the tone and mood of the series. Links to film terminology resources are included throughout the text.
film  video  makingof  media  study 
may 2019
Free Website Tools - AddThis
At AddThis, we believe in simplicity. That is why we are providing you with free website tools. No paid plans, no contracts, no pulling out credit cards. Just the simple freedom to use what you want, when you need it.
sharing  onlinetool  free  socialmedia  buttons  Webdesign 
may 2019
unDraw for XD
Bringing illustrations to Adobe XD
Beautiful images for your client and personal design projects, without attribution. A completely different kind of plugin, exclusively on XD.
illustrations  plug-in  Adobe  XD  free  vector  SVG 
may 2019
Coda. A doc as powerful as an app.
A doc as powerful as an app.
Coda is a new doc that grows with your ideas. People have made Coda docs
that do everything from launch products, to scale small businesses, to help
them study for tests. What will you Coda?
productivity  data  collaboration  spreadsheet  workflow  app  projectManagement 
may 2019
Raindrop.io — All in One Bookmarks Manager
All in One Bookmark Manager
For your inspiration, read later, media and stuff
Save Anything from Around the Web
Article, photo, video, presentation, web site screenshot and more.
Organize with Ease
Autosuggested tags, thematic collections, bulk operations and more
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Use the guided search to find exactly what you're looking for
Work Together
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may 2019
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