Product visualization platform | Augment
The augmented reality platform for product visualization

Easily deploy mobile augmented reality solutions
for eCommerce, field sales, education and more.
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4 hours ago
Rosetta addresses the needs of global typography. Together with our collaborators we create original fonts for a polyphonic world.
foundry  typography  commercial  fonts  type-tester 
Mismatch – Stories About Inclusive Design
Mismatch.design is a community and a digital magazine dedicated to advancing inclusive design.
accessibility  inclusion  a11y  articles  resources  social-design 
4 days ago
Inclusiveness in illustration
WordPress.com: Designing an inclusive illustration brand

Quick scenario: You're on your phone, going through the onboarding flow for a new app you just downloaded. Helpful illustrations appear, guiding and educating you through the process. Now hold up: are the characters in these illustrations diverse or mainly white? Do they seem to be young tech-oriented millennials, mostly men?
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4 days ago
Forensic Architecture - Home
Forensic Architecture is an independent research agency based at Goldsmiths, University of London.
Our interdisciplinary team of investigators includes architects, scholars, artists, filmmakers, software developers, investigative journalists, archaeologists, lawyers, and scientists.

Our evidence is presented in political and legal forums, truth commissions, courts, and human rights reports.

We also undertake historical and theoretical examinations of the history and present status of forensic practices in articulating notions of public truth.
architecture  forensic  activism  politics  humanrights  investigastion  simulations 
7 days ago
What Web Can Do Today
What Web Can Do Today
Can I rely on the Web Platform features to build my app?
An overview of the device integration HTML5 APIs
browser  web  mobile  api  pwa  checklist  onlinetool 
7 days ago
Apple Keynote utilities | christian holz

Every download on this page comes as is. I'll try to respond to bug reports, but unfortunately won't be able to handle support requests in most cases. In case of feedback or suggestions, please message me on twitter (@cholz). I won't be able to respond to requests via email.
keynote  presentation  plugins  Illustrator  vector  animation  SVG 
11 days ago
Welsh Rarebits — Stuff & Nonsense
Website design and a consistent brand experience for Welsh Rarebits

After a previous attempt at redesigning failed to deliver either a compelling website design or a consistent experience of their brand, Welsh Rarebits asked me to step in a few weeks before their annual members’ meeting.
Webdesign  workflow  showcase  examples  Design 
12 days ago
Axis-Praxis: Variable Fonts in the browser
Discover 30+ variable fonts. Experiment with the typographic controls in the right panel on this default layout, or choose a typeface specimen from the left column. Every textbox is fully editable: change font, font size, alignment, line-spacing as well as the variation sliders. And type your own text, of course.
typography  VariableFonts  showcase  fonts  linkcollection 
12 days ago
Zitationsregeln | Portal Wissenschaftliches Schreiben
mit Übungsaufgaben
Grundlegend: Eine Belegstelle muss eindeutig auffindbar sein. Man muss also sicherstellen, dass genau das Buch oder die Zeitschrift in der jeweiligen Auflage wiedergefunden und die Zitation (im Kontext) nachgelesen werden kann. Daher sind vollständige Angaben unerlässlich. Das mag banal klingen, ist in manchen Fällen jedoch gar nicht so einfach.
citation  writing  exposé  diploma  science  german  rules 
13 days ago
Das Schreiblabor
Erst das Schreiben von eigenen Texten macht Lektüre, gesammelte Daten, Forschungsergebnisse und Ideen zu "Wissen". Mit dieser Grundidee macht das Schreiblabor seit nunmehr 25 Jahren die schwierige, oft einsame Tätigkeit Schreiben zum Thema. Studierenden, Forschenden und Lehrenden bieten wir ein Forum, um Schreibprojekte durchzusprechen, Schreibanforderungen zu klären, Schreibprozesse besser zu verstehen, Schreibaktivitäten zu planen und Schreibblockaden zu durchbrechen.

Studierende finden im Peer Learning Team ausgebildete Kommiliton/innen, die sie beim Verfassen ihrer Studienarbeiten unterstützen.

Doktorand/innen und PostDocs bieten wir individuelle Schreibberatung und Austauschmöglichkeiten im Rahmen von Workshops.

Lehrende unterstützen wir bei der Entwicklung von schreibintensiven Lehrver-anstaltungen und von Konzepten zum Begleiten und Betreuen von Studien- und Qualifikationsarbeiten.
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13 days ago
Static Site Boilerplate - A better workflow for building modern static websites
A better workflow for building modern static websites. Automated build processes, a local development server, production minification and optimizations, and the latest standards for static websites.
boilerplate  webdevelopment  static  website  download 
14 days ago
Milanote: Your new creative hub
Imagine the possibilities
Milanote is a tool for planning creative projects.
Collect your thoughts
Milanote is a place to put it all together. See your ideas, notes and research side by side.
Explore your options
Milanote's fast & tactile interface makes it easy to experiment, play, generate ideas and explore creative possibilities.
Figure it out
Gradually add structure as you start to see patterns and connections. Milanote lets your work evolve naturally.
Capture your team's ideas
Your team's best ideas are scattered across hundreds of messages, emails and notes. Don't let them scroll past and be lost forever. Save them in Milanote and start planning something great.
productivity  notes  app  onlinetool  teamwork 
14 days ago
Centre for Visibility Design
When a typeface is illegible the reader will always notice; when a typeface is legible no one gives it any thought. We strive to produce new knowledge that can provide the tools to create the most legible typography or pictogram.

Our findings can help optimize challenging legibility situations, including text on traffic and road signs, type and pictograms on medicine packaging, small point sizes in newspapers or any other reading situation where letters and words can be difficult to perceive.

Our approach is based on combining methods from psychophysics with research-by-design. Psychophysics is a well-established field of research within psychology that investigates the relationships between physical stimuli (the design) and perception. We use our practical knowledge of design to make appropriate changes to the stimuli and employ methods of statistical analysis to measure the effect of these design changes on perceptual performance.

To ensure the relevance of the findings for design users and the scientific validity of the experiments, we have designers define the research questions and develop the test material, while psychologists and vision scientists create the experimental paradigm and analyse the resulting data.

We work with both normally sighted and low-vision readers and are committed to creating a universal design that can improve everyday life for all.
usability  reading  fonts  research  typography  blind  low-vision 
14 days ago
Custom samples - Free shipping - Sticker Mule
Sample pack for €1
Each pack contains stickers, labels, magnets and a transfer sticker. Free shipping.
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16 days ago
Art Direction for the Web online ansehen | Vimeo On Demand auf Vimeo
NB: When you buy this video course direct from me, I will also send you a free copy of my upcoming ‘Art Direction for the Web’ eBook (ePub, PDF), all the HTML/CSS example files, plus PDF worksheets for this course.

This first hour-long Art Direction for the Web video course includes advice on:
- Introduction/overview
- Understanding art direction
- Brand values and art direction
- Deciding your design principles
- Audience personas and user stories
- Designing a customer journey
- Deciding how you want people to feel
- Art-directing experiences
- Conclusion and next steps
If you’re an experienced art director or designer who works in print, this course will help you understand how to take your talent to the web. It’s also for web designers and developers who want to understand art direction and how to make it work for digital products and websites. This course is also aimed at developers who want to learn the design principles designers use every day so they can apply to sites on any platform.
I also made this course for me because I’m weary of seeing websites which feel soulless and look identical to each other. I hope this course can help change that.
tutorial  art-direction  companionSite  AndyClarke  video  book  smashingmagazine  web 
22 days ago
What is Tailwind? - Tailwind CSS
Tailwind is a utility-first CSS framework for rapidly building custom user interfaces.
Tailwind is different from frameworks like Bootstrap, Foundation, or Bulma in that it's not a UI kit.

It doesn't have a default theme, and there are no built-in UI components.

On the flip side, it also has no opinion about how your site should look and doesn't impose design decisions that you have to fight to undo.

If you're looking for a framework that comes with a menu of predesigned widgets to build your site with, Tailwind might not be the right framework for you.

But if you want a huge head start implementing a custom design with its own identity, Tailwind might be just what you're looking for.
framework  css  webdevelopment  webdev  coding 
23 days ago
Contrast – Guide
There are an estimated 285 million people in the world who are visually impaired. This number includes anyone from legally blind, to those with less than 20/20 vision.
This short guide will help you achieve the accessibility standards outlined in the WCAG 2.0, specifically with foreground and background color when it comes to text.
color  a11y  accessibility  contrast  guide  WCAG  app  macOS 
23 days ago
Free vector illustrations – Ouch.pics
Free illustrations to class up your project
illustration  free  SVG  vector  icon8  Ouch! 
4 weeks ago
The iOS Design Guidelines - Ivo Mynttinen / User Interface Designer
Designing iOS apps can be difficult sometimes, but finding correct and up-to-date information about all of Apples’ devices shouldn’t be. These design guidelines will help any designer who’s building neat things for iOS get started within seconds.
styleguide  apple  iOS  icons  resolution 
5 weeks ago
20 Flat File Systeme Im Test | CMSstash
Mit einem Flat File CMS lassen sich schnell und einfach Webseiten bauen. Diese Übersicht stellt die besten CMS ohne Datenbank vor und gibt Empfehlungen, welche Flat File Systeme zur geplanten Website passen
flat-file  CMS  OpenSource  article  linkcollection  comparison  german 
5 weeks ago
#1 WordPress Page Builder Plugin - WPBakery Page Builder
WPBakery Page Builder plugin for WordPress – take full control over your site. Build any layout you can imagine with intuitive drag and drop builder – no programming knowledge required.
wordpress  extensions  builder  Editor  CMS 
5 weeks ago
Create a Website - Free Website Builder - Visual Composer for WordPress
Visual Composer is the Best Website Editor for WordPress. All You Need to Create a Beautiful Website.
wordpress  Editor  free  builder  CMS 
5 weeks ago
Grav - A Modern Flat-File CMS | Grav
Grav is a modern open source flat-file CMS
cms  OpenSource  markdown  php  flat-file 
5 weeks ago
Wordpress Themes Generator | WP Themes Visual Builder
Start your site from scratch or save time by using the drag & drop prebuilt blocks and templates. Visually design your theme without writing code.
wordpress  themes  generator  responsive  Muse  alternative 
5 weeks ago
Hadron - A new era for design and development
A new era for design and development.
Hadron is a development environment for designers and developers who work together towards the same goal, moving ideas forward and learning from each other along the way.
web  development  Prototyping  Webdesign  responsivedesign 
6 weeks ago
The Best Prototyping Tools for 2018
Can’t decide on the best prototyping tools? We researched the top 7 prototyping tools to uncover their best use. When evaluating a prototyping tool, consider the following criteria:

Fidelity: How powerful is the tool for visual and interaction design?
Consistency: What features ensure design consistency in your work?
Accuracy: Do the elements you’re working with reflect the “source of truth” in your organization?
Collaboration: Can you collaborate with stakeholders or co-design with other designers?
Developer Handoff: How does the tool generate specifications and assets for developers?
Let’s get started.
Prototyping  tools  comparison  linkcollection  IAD  2018 
6 weeks ago
A design tool that is also a developer tool. Introducing profiles in Hadron.
There is a lot of discussion about how design should evolve. On the one hand we believe that it needs to be simple and fast, just like it’s today with any vector-based tool, but on the other hand, we want it to be powerful and do complex things:
We want to create and work alongside developers, and not just design disposable static assets.
We want to have the advantages and limits of the medium, and not be limited by the tool.
We want to speak a common language, one that allows sharing seamlessly across teams and tools.
The answer to all that can’t be other but moving design into the medium we design for: the Web.
design  code  Prototyping  onlinetool  development  workflow 
6 weeks ago
Measuring the Filter Bubble: How Google is influencing what you click
Over the years, there has been considerable discussion of Google's "filter bubble" problem. Put simply, it's the manipulation of your search results based on your personal data. In practice this means links are moved up or down or added to your Google search results, necessitating the filtering of other search results altogether. These editorialized results are informed by the personal information Google has on you (like your search, browsing, and purchase history), and puts you in a bubble based on what Google's algorithms think you're most likely to click on.

The filter bubble is particularly pernicious when searching for political topics. That's because undecided and inquisitive voters turn to search engines to conduct basic research on candidates and issues in the critical time when they are forming their opinions on them. If they’re getting information that is swayed to one side because of their personal filter bubbles, then this can have a significant effect on political outcomes in aggregate.
privacy  search  data  anonymity  filter  bubble  Google  DuckDuckGo 
6 weeks ago
Onboarding in augmented reality mobile application – Inborn Experience (UX in AR/VR) – Medium
Onboarding in augmented reality mobile application

Volodymyr KurbatovFollow
Dec 11, 2017
Cases study of all ARKit apps on App Store. Almost all.
After releasing ARKit, amount of augmented reality applications in App Store started growing exponentially. Before on App Store were tens of apps that were more or less useful. Now there are a lot of applications that are great and even more of them useless. An amount of new user growing respectively.
Using first time application with augmented reality is so exciting and obscure that it’s tough for the first-time user to understand and get value. There is some learning curve. With current best practices, gestures and interactions are natural and intuitive. The only thing that left for creators of AR apps only use them. We should try to make onboarding process as maximum flawless.
To find out for myself basic steps and main pain points I tested a massive amount of AR applications from App Store. Some of them are awful. Some of them are so great that I kept them on my home screen. Some of them I was not even able to get started.
After realizing how bad, and bumpy can be onboarding process for new users, I decided to prepare a case study of every step. After defining best practices, we’ll have a chance to focus more on apps and be sure that our users will understand and figure out how to use AR.
I added here tons of screenshots. Some of them show good approaches. Some of them are bad examples. I don’t want to promote, or slander particular developers or apps. Even if one onboarding step isn’t right, the app can be great, or vice versa. So I’m not going to mention here names of apps and will not include links to App Store.
onboarding  landingpage  ar  vr  userexperience  article  comparison  examples 
6 weeks ago
Leap Motion
Leap Motion’s natural and intuitive technology is used by over 300,000 developers worldwide to create new realities for people to live, work, and play.
hardware  motion  gesture  vr  ar  virtual-reality  tracking 
6 weeks ago
Montage - fast and easy prototyping tool
Fast, easy prototyping for everyone
Rapid app prototyping with a user-generated library of components. No design skills needed.
Prototyping  onlinetool  free  components  community  app 
6 weeks ago
Be My Eyes - Bringing sight to blind and low-vision people
How it works
Every day, sighted volunteers lend their eyes to solve tasks big and small to help blind and low-vision people lead more independent lives.
app  blind  low-vision  accessibility  seeing  volunteer  video-call  inclusion 
6 weeks ago
Adobe generator syntax ‘cheatsheet’ • iamsteve
I’m always looking up the Adobe generator syntax and yet I never bookmark it. I feel like it would be a valuable resource to clearly show. Something I think the Adobe documentation lacks. This could be the reason I haven’t bookmarked it.
adobe-generator  Photoshop  cheatsheet  article 
7 weeks ago
Mailchimp Alternativen: 5 Newsletter Tools die locker mithalten
Weltweit ist Mailchimp einer der ganz großen Newsletter Anbieter. Seit 2001 gibt es die Firma mit dem Affen im Logo inzwischen und mehr als 15 Millionen Nutzer zählen zum Anwenderkreis.

Aber nur weil Mailchimp so verbreitet ist, heißt das noch lange nicht, dass es genau der richtige Anbieter für Sie ist. Deswegen sehen wir uns jetzt einmal wer mit Mailchimp glücklich werden könnte und wer nicht.
MailChimp  newsletter  alternative  german  linkcollection  comparison  marketing 
7 weeks ago
How to Use Firefox Reality on the Oculus Go VR Headset | The Firefox Frontier
Virtual reality headsets are one of the hottest gifts of the season, but without an internet browser built for virtual reality the experience could fall flat. Enter, Firefox Reality, an internet browser made for headsets like the Oculus Go.
If you receive a virtual reality headset this season, you might be wondering how to use Firefox Reality on the Oculus Go. WebVR is still its infancy, whereas the internet is like a Millennial.
How will VR affect basic internet functions? Will “clicking” be a thing? The developers took all of these factors into account when building Firefox Reality.
Some companies make you pay for great VR experiences. Firefox Reality is free to download and gives access to immersive pages, games and even tools to create your own virtual project.
Firefox  OculusGo  VR  virtual-reality  browser  headset 
7 weeks ago
Voice User Interfaces (VUI) — The Ultimate Designer’s Guide
Our voices are diverse, complex, and variable. Voice commands are even more daunting to process — even between people, let alone computers. The way we frame our thoughts, the way we culturally communicate, the way we use slang and infer meaning… all of these nuances influence the interpretation and comprehensibility of our words.
So, how are designers and engineers tackling this challenge? How can we cultivate trust between user and AI? This is where VUIs come into play.
Voice User Interfaces (VUI) are the primary or supplementary visual, auditory, and tactile interfaces that enable voice interaction between people and devices. Simply stated, a VUI can be anything from a light that blinks when it hears your voice to an automobile’s entertainment console. Keep in mind, a VUI does not need to have a visual interface — it can be completely auditory or tactile (ex. a vibration).
voice-ui  interactiondesign  ux  userexperience  audio  linkcollection  Inspiration 
8 weeks ago
Trends 2018 - Awwwards
A contemporary Landscape
for Digital Thinkers
trends  2018  linkcollection  companionSite  Awwwards  Inspiration 
8 weeks ago
Vision API – Analyse von Bildinhalten  |  Cloud Vision API  |  Google Cloud
Cloud Vision
Mit unseren leistungsstarken, vortrainierten API-Modellen Informationen aus Ihren Bildern gewinnen oder benutzerdefinierte Vision-Modelle mit AutoML Vision trainieren
Leistungsstarke Bildanalyse
Cloud Vision bietet die Flexibilität, vortrainierte Modelle über eine API zu nutzen als auch benutzerdefinierte Modelle mit AutoML Vision zu erstellen.
Mit der Cloud Vision API können Entwickler den Inhalt eines Bildes verstehen, indem sie über eine nutzerfreundliche REST-API leistungsstarke Modelle für maschinelles Lernen verwenden. Die API ordnet Bilder Tausenden von Kategorien zu (z. B. "Segelboot"), erfasst einzelne Objekte und Gesichter und liest gedruckte Wörter in den Bildern. Sie können damit Metadaten zu Ihrem Bildkatalog erstellen, unangemessene Inhalte moderieren oder mithilfe der Sentimentanalyse für Bilder neue Marketingszenarien erschließen.

AutoML Vision Beta ermöglicht es Entwicklern mit geringen Kenntnissen über maschinelles Lernen, qualitativ hochwertige benutzerdefinierte Modelle zu trainieren. Nachdem die Bilder hochgeladen und mit Labels versehen wurden, trainiert AutoML ein Modell, das nach Bedarf angepasst werden kann. AutoML Vision bietet eine höhere Modellgenauigkeit und macht eine schnellere Erstellung eines produktionsreifen Modells möglich.
Mit der Cloud Vision API können Entwickler den Inhalt eines Bildes verstehen, indem sie über eine nutzerfreundliche REST-API leistungsstarke Modelle für maschinelles Lernen verwenden. Die API ordnet Bilder Tausenden von Kategorien zu (z. B. "Segelboot"), erfasst einzelne Objekte und Gesichter und liest gedruckte Wörter in den Bildern. Sie können damit Metadaten zu Ihrem Bildkatalog erstellen, unangemessene Inhalte moderieren oder mithilfe der Sentimentanalyse für Bilder neue Marketingszenarien erschließen.

AutoML Vision Beta ermöglicht es Entwicklern mit geringen Kenntnissen über maschinelles Lernen, qualitativ hochwertige benutzerdefinierte Modelle zu trainieren. Nachdem die Bilder hochgeladen und mit Labels versehen wurden, trainiert AutoML ein Modell, das nach Bedarf angepasst werden kann. AutoML Vision bietet eine höhere Modellgenauigkeit und macht eine schnellere Erstellung eines produktionsreifen Modells möglich.
image  analysis  api  ai  Google  cloud 
8 weeks ago
AI Experiments | Experiments with Google
AI Experiments is a showcase for simple experiments that make it easier for anyone to start exploring machine learning, through pictures, drawings, language, music, and more.
learning  fun  ai  experiment  Google  Inspiration 
8 weeks ago
AI UX: 7 Principles of Designing Good AI Products
One thing we can learn from the latest fatal Tesla accident: AI and machine learning products need very careful designing. In this article, I will go through the seven basic AI UX principles products should follow.
With the arrival of AI products, we enter a new era where machines start to behave differently. They not only perform our orders, but they do things by themselves. This will change how people react, how we behave and what we expect from these products. As designers, we aim to create useful, easy-to-understand products in order to bring clarity to this shady new world of machine learning. Most importantly, we want to use the power of AI to make people’s lives easier and more joyful.
AI  designprinciples  productdesign  machine-learning  article  Prototyping 
9 weeks ago
What is conversation design? - Conversation design
Conversation design is a design language based on human conversation (similar to how material design is a design language based on pen and paper). The more an interface leverages human conversation, the less users have to be taught how to use it. It’s a synthesis of several design disciplines, including voice user interface design, interaction design, visual design, motion design, audio design, and UX writing.

The role of a conversation designer is like that of an architect, mapping out what users can do in a space, while considering both the user’s needs and the technological constraints. They curate the conversation, defining the flow and its underlying logic in a detailed design specification that represents the complete user experience. They partner with stakeholders and developers to iterate on the designs and bring the experience to life.
voice-ui  conversation  userexperience  Google  sound  audio  UX 
9 weeks ago
Alexa Design Guide | Alexa Design Guide
Alexa Design Guide
When we communicate with each other, we use a series of nonverbal, verbal, and visual signs— sometimes on their own, sometimes in concert together. This can be as simple as an “mmhm” to let someone know we're listening to them or layered with body language, such as lively hand gestures. As Alexa has developed, so too has her ability to communicate in these same robust ways. Alexa uses any available nonverbal, verbal, and visual means to communicate, whether it's audio cues, her voice, a light ring, or a screen. As Alexa is integrated across a range of devices with different capabilities, her ability to communicate has only become richer because of it.
voice-ui  audio  ux  userexperience  sound  Alexa  Amazon  devices  conversation 
9 weeks ago
Web Audio Visualizations WebGL (ThreeJs) /Canvas - a Collection by Ion D. Filho on CodePen
Web Audio Visualizations WebGL (ThreeJs) /Canvas
Experimenting visualizations with Audio WebGL (ThreeJs) /Canvas
audio  visualization  linkcollection  examples  WebGL  ThreeJS  canvas  Codepen 
9 weeks ago
Degreeless.design - Everything I Learned in Design School
This is (almost) everything I learned in design school in one website. Getting a design degree is not a waste of time. In fact, it's one of the best decisions I've ever made. However, most people aren't as lucky to have the sort of professors I did. Some people don't have the access, the ability, or the time to go to school for this stuff. And frankly, that 10-week design intensive is not going to make you a fantastic designer right out of the gate. You need something more.

You have to be self-sufficient. You have to be hungry to learn.

That's why this website exists. This is a list of everything I've found useful in my journey of learning design, and an ongoing list of things I think you should read. This is for budding UX, UI, Interaction, or whatever other title designers.
resources  Inspiration  education  designprinciples  designthinking  linkcollection  basics 
9 weeks ago
Willkommen im Garten | CMS Garden
Alle relevanten Open-Source-Content-Management-Systeme
Welches ist das beste CMS, welches CMS passt zu Ihnen? Haben Sie auch schon recherchiert und alles, was Sie herausgefunden haben, ist, dass jedes Content-Management-System behauptet, das beste zu sein, das am einfachsten zu bedienende, das modernste und jeweils mit unerschöpflichen Möglichkeiten?

Im CMS-Garden hat Ihr Irrweg ein Ende: Alle relevanten Open-Source-CMS sind hier versammelt. Vergleichen Sie und entscheiden Sie. Die hier versammelten Informationen kommen direkt von uns: von den Communities. Wir laden Sie herzlich ein, diese noch zu verbessern. Willkommen im Garten, in dem alle Pflanzen friedlich beieinander wachsen!
CMS  german  comparison  portal  webdevelopment 
9 weeks ago
The Short History of Website Building [Infographic] - Designmodo
Website design has come a long way in a relatively short time. From zeros and ones to lines of code to intuitive website builders, designing for the web has become more accessible.
But how did it all evolve?
From significant advancements – such as the birth of HTML in 1990 – to elements that we can all connect with (remember Flash), the history of website builders is linked to the development of the web as a whole.
Here’s a look at that history in infographic format. (It’s pretty amazing to think of how far we’ve come since 1990.)
history  infographic  visualization  Webdesign  website 
9 weeks ago
How creating Design Principles helped us become a better design group
How creating Design Principles helped us become a better design group
And, why you should have them too.
design-system  design-priciples  article  userexperience  ux-design 
9 weeks ago
How to Create Responsive SVG Images
In this tutorial I’ll explain how to create responsive SVG images; more specifically, I’ll explain how to create SVG logos, icons, and images, which change depending on the screen they’re displayed with.
responsive  images  SVG  icons  logos  tutorial  Adi-Purdila  Webdesign 
9 weeks ago
Quick GIFs with PixelSquid - PixelSquid Blog
Welcome back to Tutorials with PixelSquid! Hopefully, you’ve had the chance to read the last tutorial put together by one of our talented graphic designers, Kate (if not, then go go go). One of the great things about PixelSquid is that it makes it possible for non-designers (like me) to get creative in Photoshop – PixelSquid’s Photoshop Extension tool makes artistic execution easy. I had a recent task to create a quick graphic for a PixelSquid sale that also demonstrated the capabilities of the objects and plugin. A simple solution was to create a GIF with the world ‘SALE.’
Photoshop  GIF  PixelSquid  animation  tutorial  blog 
9 weeks ago
Implementing a variable font with fallback web fonts – Zeichenschatz
With variable fonts, more typographic richness and influence is coming to the web and this at a relatively low file size. You want to benefit from that in your next web project, but still, you don’t want to bet everything on this new technique? This article will show you how to integrate a variable font in your website and use classic web fonts as a fallback.
examples  css  variable-fonts  webfonts  typography  Webdesign 
9 weeks ago
Climate Change and Technology Define the Rural Future - The Atlantic
In the opening scene of Blade Runner 2049, a flying craft navigates California over an endless expanse of solar farms and tessellated plastic fields on its way to a desolate farmstead. Watching it, I was struck by the dazzling futuristic spectacle, but also surprised to see the countryside at all in a science-fiction film.

Often in speculative fiction, the future belongs to the city alone. Rural areas are conspicuously ignored, as if urbanization will expand inexorably. When the countryside does appear, it mostly offers stark contrast to the technologically advanced metropolis. A lost arcadia, rural life falls into desolate ruin, populated only by scavengers and exiles.

We have had a century, at least, of visions of future cities. They come now as greenwashing corporate sales pitches and escapist fantasies. Shorn of its radical edge, cyberpunk has largely become a form of retro-futurist nostalgia. Even when civilization is obliterated in fiction, the stories offer reassuringly simple tales of adversity and heroism, in contrast to the intractable problems of the present. With notable exceptions (Afrofuturism is one), the countryside upon which all cities are reliant is largely disregarded.
nature  climate-change  pollution  environment  article  Blade-Runner  future 
10 weeks ago
The ultimate guide to proper use of animation in UX
Nowadays it’s hard to impress or even surprise with an interface animation. It shows interactions between screens, explains how to use the application or simply directs a user’s attention. While exploring the articles about animation, I found out that almost all of them describe only specific use cases or general facts about animation, but I haven’t come across any article where all rules concerning animation of interfaces would be clearly and practically described. Well, in this article I won’t write anything new, I just want to collect all the main principles & rules in one place, so that other designers who want to start animating interfaces don’t have to search for additional information.
animation  animations  uidesign  userexperience  bestpractices  article  motion 
10 weeks ago
Mobiclean Pro Software
Code Cleanup Program for Published Mobirise* Pages.

The Swiss Army Knife for Mobirise Sites!

MobiClean PRO is the Ultimate Add-On Tool for Mobirise that not only removes all those backlinks to Mobirise but does much much more to enhance your site page.

For Mobirise V3.x.x and V4.x.x 
An easy to use program that will easily and quickly remove hidden Mobirise links in the output html from the Mobirise Program and a lot, lot more!

Simply publish your pages to a local folder and run mobiclean and all the hidden links are replaced with your chosen alternatives.
Mobirise  code-cleaner  software  windows  Webdesign 
october 2018
Bootstrap Studio - The Revolutionary Web Design Tool
Bootstrap Studio is a powerful desktop app for designing and prototyping websites.

Bootstrap Studio is an app for creating beautiful websites. It comes with a large number of built-in components, which you can drag and drop to assemble responsive web pages. It is built on top of the hugely popular Bootstrap framework, and exports clean and semantic HTML.
webdevelopment  Software  Bootstrap  Editor  HTML5 
october 2018
Brandon Shepherd - Products
We love giving back to the design community. Here are a few free tools we've developed to help our fellow designers do what they do best. 

Logo Lab puts logos to the test. Simply upload a logo, and you’ll be presented with visual experiments that test key factors like scalability, silhouette, and balance. Easily determine where a logo succeeds and where it could use some improvement.

Color Leap is a handcrafted collection of 180 color palettes that showcase colors used throughout 12 distinct eras in history, covering 4000 years.

Font Flipper
Preview 800+ Google Fonts on top of your own designs, without having to download the fonts first. You'll play “Hot or Not” to collect fonts you like, and they will be available to download and use.
onlinetools  logos  colors  Fonts  free  StudioBros 
october 2018
Designing Better Design Documentation – Muzli - Design Inspiration
Designing Better Design Documentation
Eight ways to make documents clearer, better structured, and more appealing

Various documents — reports, briefs, maps, guidelines — usually are the way designers communicate the results of their work to teammates and clients. One doesn’t simply collect all the design data in one place and call it a day. In good documentation, the how is as important as the what.
documentation  grid  workflow  screenshot  article 
october 2018
Resources – Noah Bradley
Art Camp
Learn Together.
Art Camp is a collection of 12-week self-directed online courses designed to give you the best results for the time you put into it.

Watching endless tutorial videos is great, but Art Camp is all about giving you a structure to your education. These are the exact exercises you can use to improve your skills as an artist, no matter where you're at right now. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, these courses will push you to the next level.

If you do these exercises, you will improve. I promise.
Photoshop  Tutorials  resources  art  blog 
october 2018
Really Bad Design Exercises – Matthew Ström – Medium
As we at the Wall Street Journal kick off a new round of hiring¹, I’m reminded of my least favorite practice in design hiring: the Exercise. Why do we put ourselves through it? Why do we put each other through it? What could we possibly gain from it? I’d like to hazard an answer these questions. I also have a strange idea of how to improve the exercise — more on that in a bit.
exercise  hiring  Wallstreet-Journal  Rubik  cube  article 
october 2018
Ist Arbeit verlorene Zeit? Stimmen zu einer zentralen Frage | NEON
Ist Arbeit verlorene Zeit? Antworten auf eine der wichtigsten Fragen unserer Zeit
Früher haben wir gearbeitet, um zu leben. Heute ist das nicht mehr so klar. Antworten auf eine der wichtigsten Fragen unserer Zeit.
work  work-life-balance  philosophy  article  Neon 
october 2018
Interactive Paper
Es ist nicht das erste Mal, dass eine Firma versucht, Papier und Digital zu verschmelzen. Bisher blieb der Erfolg aus und keine Technologie konnte sich durchsetzen. Nun scheint aber eine österreichische Firma auf gutem Weg zu sein. Zumindest leuchtet mir hier das Konzept ein.

Folgender Case:

ich drucke ein Magazin, ein Buch, ein Lehrmittel
einzelne oder alle Seiten gebe ich mit dem neuen Interactive Paper aus
Der Herstellungsprozess des Prints läuft also wie gewohnt
Die Gestaltung läuft ganz normal über ein Layoutprogi
Im Layout definiere ich aber einen Ort vor, wo ich ein Smartphone drauflegen kann
ausserdem gestalte ich „Buttons“, also Hotspots, über die ich eine Aktion steuern kann
Sobald ich nun mein Smartphone auf der Interactive Page auflege, integriert sich mein Bildschirm in die Seite und ich kann über die Buttons verschiedene Aktionen auf den Bildschirm holen. Interessant: die Buttons werden dabei wireless vom Smartphone mit Strom versorgt, damit sie überhaupt funktionieren.
nfc  interactive  paper  crossmedia  innovation  austria 
october 2018
Dan Witz - 110 paintings - WikiArt.org
Dan Witz has had one of the most sustained careers of any street artist. He is perhaps known best for his witty, trompe l’oeil stickers and silkscreen paste-up posters, such as “Holes” (1996-99), a series of pieces he pasted around Brooklyn that suggested holes in their respective surfaces. In recent years Witz has turned to painting, mining the city of New York for inspiration and combining traditional and digital tools in his intensive processes. He begins with digital photographs, edits them in Photoshop, and then prints the images onto canvas as achromatic underpaintings. Like the Dutch masters, Witz then applies color with traditional glazing techniques, allowing him to create illusions of depth, form, light, and shadow, as in Big Mosh Pit (2007), for which he drew on his experiences as a musician in the 1980s for subject matter.
painter  art  hyper-realism  america  streetart  hardcore 
october 2018
Showcase | Incredible Types
Incredible Types is a curated collection and showcase of outstanding typography and design from around the world. We currently have 426 pieces of inspirational design in our showcase, from 432 creatives and studios from 51 different countries.
typography  showcase  designer  Fonts  Inspiration 
october 2018
Mailchimp Design | Mailchimp
Crafting Mailchimp's new look
As our product has evolved to meet the changing needs of our customers, our brand has also evolved. Mailchimp has a new brand identity and design system.
Mailchimp  corporatedesign  redesign  article  illustration 
october 2018
Web Payments Overview  |  Web Fundamentals  |  Google Developers
Web Payments is an emerging web standard being developed by the W3C to simplify online payments and enable a broader set of players to participate easily in the payments ecosystem on the web. The standards are flexible; they work with various types of payment systems and are intended to work on any browser on any device, payment method, or payment service provider. This flexibility enables development simplicity, deployment consistency, and future compatibility with emerging payment technologies.
payment  browser  api  Google  tutorial 
october 2018
Home - 3D RealityMaps
3D RealityMaps
steht für die Digitalisierung des geografischen Raums – von Landschaften, Städten und Gebäuden. Die Vermessung der Welt mit Flugzeugen und Drohnen schafft ein fotorealistisches Abbild der realen Welt im Internet. Die kartographischen Produkte von 3D RealityMaps können ideal für das Destinationsmarketing, die Outdoor-Navigation, zur 3D Vermessung und für unvergessliche Virtual Reality Erlebnisse eingesetzt werden.
3D  mapping  map  navigation  vr  virtual-reality  animation  german 
october 2018
FlowMapp – Visual Sitemaps and User Flows for better User Experience
Sitemaps and User Flows
for better UX
FlowMapp is online tool for creating visual sitemaps and user flows that helps you to effectively design and plan user experience.
sitemap  planning  user-flow  journey-map  review  onlinetool  ux  userexperience 
october 2018
Home | Solid
Solid empowers users and organizations to separate their data from the applications that use it. It allows people to look at the same data with different apps at the same time. It opens brand new avenues for creativity, problem-solving, and commerce. Learn how it came to be.
web  data  Internet  alternative  OpenSource  Berners-Lee 
october 2018
Content First, Design Second: Prototyping with Words and Adobe XD
With this site, Jackson shows that at it’s core, the web is essentially a medium for us to share messages and stories. He challenges designers to think about words first when designing — anything on top of those words (e.g. animation, interactivity) should help convey the story you’re sharing:
“Instead of starting with a style guide or a Photoshop mockup, start with words on a page.”
With that in mind, this article will look at how we can use words to guide our design process. We’ll start by understanding what ‘content-first’ design is, what content to start with (even if we don’t have any), and how to keep words as the focus.
content  content-first  Prototyping  ux-design  usability  workflow  article 
september 2018
Mobirise Tutorials Übersicht
Hier findet Ihr eine Übersicht meiner Tutorials für Mobirise sowie Beispiele von externen Anwendungen und Skripten. Diese Liste wird mit neuen Tutorials ergänzt.
Tutorials  Mobirise  german  Webdesign  Editor 
september 2018
Social Design
Social Design ist keine technik- oder gewinnorientierte Gestaltung von Produkten und Dienstleistungen, sondern macht sich vielmehr zum Anwalt sozialer Anliegen, die Staat und Markt nur ungenügend bedienen.

Mit den speziellen Kompetenzen der partizipativen Gestaltung werden Lösungen entwickelt, die neue Wege zu sozialen Innovationen und Transformationen eröffnen sowie Gesundheit und Lebensqualität signifikant verbessern.
social  social-design  german  Munich  non-profit 
september 2018
Introducing Shopify AR: Augmented Reality Shopping for Your Store
Shopify AR Makes Shopping in Augmented Reality a Reality for Small Businesses

Augmented reality (AR) has the potential to revolutionize mobile shopping by bringing products to life in front of you through 3D models that you can size up, examine from all angles, and even place in the environment around you.

At Shopify, we’re committed to making the incredible business potential unlocked by augmented reality more accessible for small businesses. That’s why we’ve built a services marketplace to help our merchants create 3D models of their products.
ar  augmented-reality  shopify  eCommerce  3Dmodel 
september 2018
George Orwell’s Six Rules For Great Writing – Personal Growth – Medium
George Orwell’s Six Rules For Great Writing
How to write clearly and effectively
writing  text  literature  copywriting  article  tipps  expert 
september 2018
krpano Panorama Viewer

The krpano Viewer is a small and very flexible high-performance viewer for all kind of panoramic images and interactive virtual tours. The viewer is available as Flash and HTML5 application. The viewer is designed for the usage inside the Browser on Desktop (Windows, Mac, Linux) and on Mobiles/Tablets (iPhone, iPad, Android, ...).

In addition to the krpano Viewer there are the krpano Tools - this are small tools and droplets which are helping to automatically prepare the panoramic images for viewing and making them ready-to-use. Making a pano or a tour is possible just by drag-and-drop.

Convince yourself by viewing the examples and / or by downloading the krpano Viewer and krpano Tools for free and try using them with your own panoramic images.
360°  vr  player  authoring  Editor 
september 2018
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